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IS CIP LIN E OSPHOS clodronate injection F O R E V E RY N I U EQ D E The intramuscular bisphosphonate injection for control of clinical signs associated with Navicular Syndrome in horses 4 years of age and older Learn more online www dechra us com www osphos com As with all drugs side effects may occur In field studies and post approval experience the most common side effects reported were signs of discomfort nervousness and colic Other signs reported were renal insufficiency failure anorexia lethargy hypercalcemia behavioral disorders hyperkalemia hyperactivity recumbency hyperthermia injection site reactions muscle tremor urticaria hyperglycemia and fracture In some cases death has been reported as an outcome of these adverse events The safe use of OSPHOS has not been evaluated in horses less than 4 years of age or breeding horses OSPHOS should not be used in pregnant or lactating mares or mares intended for breeding NSAIDs should not be used concurrently with OSPHOS Concurrent use of NSAIDs with OSPHOS may increase the risk of renal toxicity and acute renal failure Use of OSPHOS in patients with conditions affecting renal function or mineral or electrolyte homeostasis is not recommended Refer to the prescribing information for complete details or visit www dechra us com CAUTION Federal law restricts this drug to use by or on the order of licensed veterinarian Freedom of Information Summary Original New Animal Drug Application approved by FDA under NADA 141 427 for OSPHOS April 28 2014 Dechra Veterinary Products US and the Dechra D logo are registered trademarks of Dechra Pharmaceuticals PLC 2019 Dechra Ltd Bisphosphonate For use in horses only Brief Summary For Full Prescribing Information see package insert CAUTION Federal USA law restricts this drug to use by or on the order of a licensed veterinarian DESCRIPTION Clodronate disodium is a non amino chlorocontaining bisphosphonate Chemically clodronate disodium is dichloromethylene diphosphonic acid disodium salt and is manufactured from the tetrahydrate form INDICATION For the control of clinical signs associated with navicular syndrome in horses CONTRAINDICATIONS Horses with hypersensitivity to clodronate disodium should not receive OSPHOS Do not use in horses with impaired renal function or with a history of renal disease WARNINGS Do not use in horses intended for human consumption HUMAN WARNINGS Not for human use Keep this and all drugs out of the reach of children Consult a physician in case of accidental human exposure PRECAUTIONS OSPHOS has been associated with renal toxicity Concurrent administration of other potentially nephrotoxic drugs should be approached with caution and renal function should be monitored Use of bisphosphonates in patients with conditions or diseases affecting renal function is not recommended Horses should be well hydrated prior to and after the administration of OSPHOS due to the potential for adverse renal events Water intake and urine output should be monitored for 3 5 days post treatment and any changes from baseline should elicit further evaluation As a class bisphosphonates may be associated with gastrointestinal and renal toxicity Sensitivity to drug associated adverse reactions varies with the individual patient Renal and gastrointestinal adverse reactions may be associated with plasma concentrations of the drug Bisphosphonates are excreted by the kidney therefore conditions causing renal impairment may increase plasma bisphosphonate concentrations resulting in an increased risk for adverse reactions Concurrent administration of other potentially nephrotoxic drugs should be approached with caution and renal function should be monitored Use of bisphosphonates in patients with conditions or diseases affecting renal function is not recommended Administration of bisphosphonates has been associated with abdominal pain colic discomfort and agitation in horses Clinical signs usually occur shortly after drug administration and may be associated with alterations in intestinal motility In horses treated with OSPHOS these clinical signs usually began within 2 hours of treatment Horses should be monitored for at least 2 hours following administration of OSPHOS Bisphosphonates affect plasma concentrations of some minerals and electrolytes such as calcium magnesium and potassium immediately post treatment with effects lasting up to several hours Caution should be used when administering bisphosphonates to horses with conditions affecting mineral or electrolyte homeostasis e g hyperkalemic periodic paralysis hypocalcemia etc The safe use of OSPHOS has not been evaluated in horses less than 4 years of age The effect of bisphosphonates on the skeleton of growing horses has not been studied however bisphosphonates inhibit osteoclast activity which impacts bone turnover and may affect bone growth Bisphosphonates should not be used in pregnant or lactating mares or mares intended for breeding The safe use of OSPHOS has not been evaluated in breeding horses or pregnant or lactating mares Bisphosphonates are incorporated into the bone matrix from where they are gradually released over periods of months to years The extent of bisphosphonate incorporation into adult bone and hence the amount available for release back into the systemic circulation is directly related to the total dose and duration of bisphosphonate use Bisphosphonates have been shown to cause fetal developmental abnormalities in laboratory animals The uptake of bisphosphonates into fetal bone may be greater than into maternal bone creating a possible risk for skeletal or other abnormalities in the fetus Many drugs including bisphosphonates may be excreted in milk and may be absorbed by nursing animals Increased bone fragility has been observed in animals treated with bisphosphonates at high doses or for long periods of time Bisphosphonates inhibit bone resorption and decrease bone turnover which may lead to an inability to repair micro damage within the bone In humans atypical femur fractures have been reported in patients on long term bisphosphonate therapy however a causal relationship has not been established ADVERSE REACTIONS The most common adverse reactions reported in the field study were clinical signs of discomfort or nervousness colic and or pawing Other signs reported were lip licking yawning head shaking injection site swelling and hives pruritus POST APPROVAL EXPERIENCE December 2018 The following adverse events are based on post approval adverse drug experience reporting Not all adverse events are reported to FDA CVM It is not always possible to reliably estimate the adverse event frequency or establish a causal relationship to product exposure using these data The following adverse events are listed in decreasing order of reporting frequency renal failure polyuria polydipsia abdominal pain anorexia lethargy hypercalcemia behavioral disorder discomfort hyperkalemia hyperactivity recumbency hyperthermia injection site reactions muscle tremor urticaria hyperglycemia and fracture In some cases death has been reported as an outcome of the adverse events listed above INFORMATION FOR HORSE OWNERS Owners should be advised to NOT administer NSAIDs Ensure horses have access to adequate water before and after administration of OSPHOS Observe their horse for at least 2 hours post treatment for signs of colic agitation and or abnormal behavior If a horse appears uncomfortable nervous or experiences cramping post treatment hand walk the horse for 15 minutes If signs do not resolve contact the veterinarian Monitor water intake and urine output for 3 5 days posttreatment Contact their veterinarian if the horse displays abnormal clinical signs such as changes in drinking and urination appetite and attitude Manufactured for Dechra Veterinary Products 7015 College Blvd Suite 525 Overland Park KS 66211 866 933 2472 2019 Dechra Ltd OSPHOS is a registered trademark of Dechra Ltd All rights reserved Approved by FDA under NADA 141 427

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The Competitive CON T EN T S Contributing Writers SABRINA BRASHARES JENNIFER WOOD MEDIA INC LINDSAY BROCK JENNIFER WOOD MEDIA INC SIMONA DIALE ESTHER HAHN JACKIE MCFARLANE EQSOL Equestrian 2020 M A RCH A PRIL Contributing Photographers CAPTURED MOMENT PHOTOGRAPHY ALDEN CORRIGAN MEDIA CLARA BONAMI TRICIA BOOKER USHJA LINDSAY BROWN ELEGANT EQUUS SPENCER R BRUCE SPORTFOT BONAGA COMMUNICATIONS GETTY IMAGES GRANDPIX PHOTOGRAPHY DAVID GREER AMY MCCOOL DAVID MENDOZA III SERENA MUNROE KATHY RUSSEL PHOTOGRAPHY ANDREW RYBACK Creative Director LORNA LOWRIE Publisher Executive Editor LORNA LOWRIE The Competitive Equestrian Equestrian Communications USA LLC editor TheCompetitiveEquestrian com Lindsay Brown Elegant Equus On the Cover Alden Corrigan Media Content 6 The Specialists John French Finds His Niche Alongside Kent Farrington By Esther Hahn 26 Darragh Kenny Saves The Best For Last In The 213 300 CSI4 W Longines FEI Jumping World Cup Wellington Presented By Canadian Pacific 38 World Cup Week Wellington CSI4 W CSI2 Gallery By Alden Corrigan Media 65 Better Together Rebecca Bruce and Ned Glynn Navigate Love and Horses By Esther Hahn 76 Team USA Earns A Storybook Ending In The Longines FEI Jumping Nations Cup Of The United States Of America 82 Longines FEI Jumping Nations Cup Palm Beach Masters Series CSI5 W CSI2 Gallery By Alden Corrigan Media LENS ENVY 124 Lindsay Brown Elegant Equus Photography TCE LIFE 140 Bruce Munro Field Of Light At Sensorio 2020 by Equestrian Communications USA LLC all rights reserved This publication may not be reproduced or quoted in whole or in part by any means printed or electronic without the written consent of the publisher Submissions Magazines will gladly consider all articles news letters and photographs for publication but assumes no responsibility for unsolicited material Submissions may be edited Letters are assumed publishable unless we are advised otherwise All submissions should meet our ad deadline to facilitate inclusion in next issue 4 152 Step Behind The Gates Of The Paso Robles Horse Park 164 Laura Owens And Jan Black Nobody Told Me 170 IRHA Open Futurity For the Love of the Horse By Simona Diale 176 Marilyn Little and RF Scandalous Victorious in 50K MARS Eventing Showcase Cross Country Gallery By Alden Corrigan Media 192 McLain Ward Scores Brilliant Victory in Fidelity Investments Grand Prix CSI5 By Lindsay Brock and Sabrina Brashares for Jennifer Wood Media Inc 210 Green Grass Fields And International Aspirations At Blenheim EquiSports By Jackie McFarland EqSol TCE ________________ TheCompetitiveEquestrian March April 2020

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IS HEART Taylor Harris Insurances Services Worldwide Equine Insurance Specialists THIShorseinsurance com 800 291 4774 Photo Alden Corrigan Media

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I ll be at that show you ll be at that show and we can just meet T o see Kent Farrington ringside at the Winter Equestrian Festival s hunter arenas is a curious sight Farrington a mainstay on the international show jumping podium hasn t shown in the hunter ring since the time of his early riding career That was a time in transition for French After 32 years in California he had relocated to Seattle Wash in May 2019 where his partner Carlos Sosa enjoyed the changing seasons and where French could train out of Lauren Crooks farm in nearby Snohomish At closer inspection Farrington s presence isn t part of a plot to re enter as competitor in the land of standing martingales and shadbelly tailcoats But it is to watch his own horses compete under the expert guidance of leading hunter rider and trainer John French French and Sosa were settling into their new city already with a house and with a plan to escape to Thermal Calif during the winters when French heard from Farrington But with the timing French didn t immediately jump at the opportunity A new direction When Kent contacted me I believe in September I told him No I just moved to Washington and I m living here now remembered French But then he said How about we just meet anyway at the Washington International Horse Show I ll be at that show you ll be at that show and we can just meet When Kent heard that I had left California he reached out to me said French when contacted by phone to discuss his new partnership with Farrington He called me and said I heard you re not in California anymore Would you want to come and work together with me and ride my hunters John French Fabriano Alden Corrigan Media

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Kent Farrington Gazelle Sportfot

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2017 Aachen Kent Farrington Gazelle Getty Images

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Farrington on his part had known French for years ever since Farrington was a young professional sourcing horses to sell in California I thought it was interesting that John had moved to Seattle said Farrington on a separate call to discuss his growing involvement in the Hunter discipline I wondered how that was going to go for him A rider of his caliber should be riding with the best and competing with the best This thought process prompted Farrington to ask French to come to Wellington Fla for the winter season to develop and compete Farrington s hunter horses Although not too widely publicized Farrington isn t new to importing and selling hunter prospects But the partnership with French would be different The horses for French to ride wouldn t need to be sold quickly They were for French

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to develop with a longer term vision of building out a specialized hunter program for French under the Kent Farrington LLC umbrella I was hoping that by having good horses to ride John would also attract owners that could support his hunter riding explained Farrington I think Hunters is one of the unique things we have in America That s how we start in horses and it s also a way for people to be involved in horses who don t have the time or desire to do the Jumpers I think the discipline is a really important part of the American Hunter Jumper world And supporting the hunter industry and keeping it at a high level is beneficial for the overall growth of the sport in America Kent Farrington Creedance Sportfot

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John French Chagall Sportfot

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Taking chances When French and Farrington met at the Washington International Horse Show French was reminded of Farrington s business acumen The proposition was an interesting one and French returned home from the Indoors circuit to contemplate the offer Thermal was approaching and I didn t have many people going said French I knew I was going to have to do a lot of catch riding to cover the expenses of being down there I just thought I d rather not do so much catch riding anymore I d rather know the horses that I m working with to really spend the time to know them And that s exactly what Kent wanted me to do with his horses The job offer was to ride Farrington s hunters and to help promote the horses for future sales And as the position would be within Farrington s operation French would be free of the various administrative tasks such as staffing and logistical issues that are a timeconsuming aspect of owning a horse business

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John French Montage Sportfot

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John French Babylon Sportfot I don t show as much as I did Before I would sometimes ride 40 50 trips a day and now I get to actually work with the horses In November around the Thanksgiving holiday French traveled to Farrington s Wellington base to see the facilities and to further discuss the terms By the trip s end French agreed to give the partnership a try The success in the ring was immediate Beginning with Week 3 of the Winter Equestrian Festival French and Farrington s hunters have consistently won classes ending each week s efforts with champion or reserve champion honors So far it s been great said French I don t show as much as I did Before I would sometimes ride 40 to 50 trips a day and now I get to actually work with the horses There were five hunters awaiting French when he arrived at Farrington s Recently imported from Europe they had never done hunters prior and French spent the first few weeks in Wellington turning them into show ready competitors The first group to make their hunter debuts under French are Lucky Strike Babylon Montage and Chagall They are all geldings either bay or chestnut and sired by fairly obscure stallions like Legolas Crumbie and Sandro s Adel It s a departure from the show jumping horses that Farrington sources but as a true connoisseur of horses there s a method to his selection I look for a stylish jumper an eye catching horse that has great appeal Farrington revealed about his process for finding hunter prospects A good mover is probably the last of the required qualifications although it is a bonus I m more drawn to the jumping side of things I spend a lot of time in Europe and spend a lot of time looking at horses particularly young horses It s an easy thing for me to do and I enjoy good horses at whatever job they do TCE TheCompetitiveEquestrian march april 2020 15

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John French Quotation 3 USHJA Green Hunter Champion Alden Corrigan Media Kent really takes an interest in the hunters too I keep a lot of young horses in Europe both hunters and jumpers Farrington added When I see something really talented that I like I buy it But it s more cost effective to produce them up to a certain level in Europe There s no point in bringing over a green horse when they can get the same mileage in Europe for a couple of years for a fraction of the cost The learning curve When French arrived in Florida he held some reservations about the new partnership He worried that he would be on his own with the hunters while Farrington would be busy with the show jumping side of the business Instead to French s satisfaction the hunter project has become a true collaboration between the two horsemen 16 Kent really takes an interest in the hunters too French said If he s not able to be there to see me go or to school them we ll take videos Then at the end of the day I ll go to his barn and we watch the footage on the big screen and talk about how to improve the horses Farrington leased the barn next door to his property for French and the hunters And there are a variety of rings available for French s use in addition to receiving riding help from Farrington and his assistant Claudio Baroni Claudio is amazing on the ground revealed French With one of the horses we spent a lot of time lunging him and longlining him to work on his canter That s been amazing for me to see how much working from the ground can help TCE TheCompetitiveEquestrian march april 2020

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John French Center Court Alden Corrigan Media

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Kent Farrington Austria 2 Alden Corrigan Media

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Bryan Baldwin Tammy Williams presenting the WCHR Hunter Spectacular Style of Riding Award to John French Tricia Booker USHJA

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On French s part his method to hunterize a European import is to ride the horse loosely and softly He doesn t put too much pressure or leg off the ground at fences to encourage a slower jump and he utilizes pole work to teach skills like landing on a specific lead I think some of the horses from Europe aren t used to being left alone French explained At first they don t really know how to canter without it being manufactured and really pulled together every stride They re not strong enough to go in a real hunter way A lot of it is getting them stronger behind so that they can canter super slow and relaxed without having to be forced up into the bridle and over flexed The unexpected partnership between the top jumper rider and the top hunter rider is quickly gaining interest from the casual observer to the professional participant A consummate entrepreneur Farrington s addition of a hunter vertical works to diversify his business opening the door to a new clientele of buyers owners and riders There s been a lot of interest in the horses said French People are asking about purchasing but Kent says that we aren t in a hurry He knows that he has good horses and that they re only going to get better so we don t need to sell them right away And it s nice for me that the horses aren t going to be gone and out from underneath me as soon as I get them After the winter circuit Farrington and French will travel to separate locations for the summer season before reuniting during Indoors Although their show schedules will differ they ll be in close contact with Farrington staying involved and invested in his new venture Despite this keen interest in hunters Farrington remains firmly behind the scenes I m probably too far gone and accustomed to riding in my own style to ever show in the Hunters again Farrington said lightheartedly I m not really geared toward the hunter style of going so I ll leave that to John Boss John French Alden Corrigan Media

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MORE BUCKETS LICKED CLEA N Get more from your horse feed SafeChoice feeds don t just taste great they also provide MORE AMINO ACIDS for MORE TOPLINE SUPPORT More at NUTRENAWORLD COM SAFECHOICE 2019 Cargill Incorporated All rights reserved

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I reland s Darragh Kenny laid it all on the line besting a three horse jump off to win the 213 300 CSI4 W Longines FEI Jumping World Cup Wellington Presented by Canadian Pacific The penultimate east coast qualifier for the Longines FEI Jumping World Cup Final in Las Vegas took place under idyllic conditions on Sunday at scenic Deeridge Farms in Wellington Last to go on course Kenny followed a pathfinding Devin Ryan USA and Eddie Blue on 39 seconds and a flat out Cassio Rivetti BRA aboard Bacara d Archonfosse who stopped the clock at 38 29 Opting for his own plan Kenny added a stride to the second to last oxer but did one less to the final fence The decision secured him a dominant win on a time of 36 70 seconds with the 10 year old gelding Classic Dream He s such an incredible horse because he s so simple to ride He just wants to jump the jumps clear said a delighted Kenny I could take a really big risk at the double because I knew that he would back up and jump it quite well he explained I think that helped me with my horse he has a different stride than the other two Darragh Kenny Classic Dream with left to right Keith Creel Ginger Creel Joan Jacobs Lou Jacobs Malu Arrambide

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Darragh Kenny Classic Dream

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The technical first round track designed by Ireland s Alan Wade proved a significant challenge to many of the 40 starters in the field I do believe that the triple bar to the grey oxer dictated the whole course for a lot of riders and created trouble later on because they were well opened up Wade reflected I think there were a lot of riders that feel that if they got a second shot they would go clear Third to go in the order Devin Ryan became the first competitor to solve Wade s puzzle The course designer did his job and he created faults everywhere Ryan said adding that the event was Eddie Blue s first big show of the season For sure we ve been a pair for a long time and he has a great brain Ryan said of his mount When you come to big venues like this with a lot of atmosphere and beautiful jumps a horse like that really shines

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Devin Ryan Eddie Blue

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Riding his partner of only six months Bacara d Archonfosse Cassio Rivetti said that he hoped his second place finish would help to secure his spot on the Brazilian team at the Longines FEI Jumping Nations Cup USA CSIO5 at Deeridge Farms I don t know if I m still on the team but for sure she ll be the fifth horse We ll see what the chef d equipe decides said Rivetti whose performance also moved him into second place in the Longines FEI Jumping World Cup North American Western Sub League Cassio Rivetti BRA Bacara d Archonfosse

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1 As part of the Longines FEI Jumping World Cup North American League the start list for the qualifier boasted many of the top international names in the sport including Beezie Madden USA and Karl Cook USA the two current leaders of the North American Eastern and Western Sub Leagues respectively and World No 1 in the Longines Rankings Martin Fuchs of Switzerland I m just delighted at the quality of the sport and the riders and horses that are coming to the event said Lou Jacobs Series Co Founder alongside siblings Charlie Jacobs and Katie Jacobs Robinson We re trying to continually reinvent ourselves and become better each year It s well on its way 1 Nicki Shahinian Simpson Akuna Mattata 10 000 CSI4 W Palm Beach Masters Warm Up 2 Emily Moffitt GBR Tipsy du Terral NetJets Speed Challenge CSI4 W 3 Sergio Alvarez Moya ESP Charmeur 72 900 CSI4 W Candy Tribble Qualifier 4 Rich Fellers Steelbi Bruins Tour Welcome CSI2 2

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For Kenny who co owns Classic Dream with Ann Thompson victory in the Longines FEI Jumping World Cup Wellington Presented by Canadian Pacific is a harbinger of good things to come I always felt Classic Dream was a top grand prix horse and that he could go to the highest level I think he s only starting to show that now Kenny said I think in the future he ll be one of the best horses in the world The 2020 Palm Beach Masters Series at Deeridge Farms continues February 11 16 2020 with Longines FEI Jumping Nations Cup Week CSIO5 CSI2 featuring the Longines FEI Jumping Nations Cup USA the only qualifier in the country for Nations Cup Finals in Barcelona Spain Results 213 300 Longines FEI Jumping World Cup Wellington Presented by Canadian Pacific 1 Darragh Kenny IRL Classic Dream 0 36 70 2 Cassio Rivetti BRA Bacara d Archonfosse 0 38 29 3 Devin Ryan USA Eddie Blue 0 39 00

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CSI4 W Jog Alex Granato Carlchen W

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Winner of the 213 300 CSI4 W Longines FEI Jumping World Cup Wellington Darragh Kenny IRL Classic Dream

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Winner of the 213 300 CSI4 W Longines FEI Jumping World Cup Wellington Darragh Kenny IRL Classic Dream

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Winner of the 72 900 CSI4 W Candy Tribble Qualifier Sergio Alvarez Moya Charmeur

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Page 44

Winner of the 36 600 CSI4 W Turkish Airlines Classic Nicole Shahinian Simpson Akuna Mattata

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Page 46

Winner of the 10 000 CSI2 Bruins Tour Welcome Rich Fellers Steelbi

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1 Longines World Ranking Martin Fuchs The Sinner

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Jessica Springsteen RMF Zecilie Classic Dream his groom Aoife Gibbons

Page 51

High heels Zoe Conter Dolitaire Chavannaise

Page 52

Best standards ever

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McLain Ward HH Azur Hannah Selleck Barla Quentin Judge HH Conrad

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Charlie Jacobs Cassinja S Karl Cook Caillou 24

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Orange is the new black

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Lee McKeever Karl Cook

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Laura Kraut Confu

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CONNECTING RIDERS WITH THE BEST OPPORTUNITIES Learn More Photo KTB Creative Group www eventclinics com

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Introducing Delivering Order online Stable Staples corroshop com Your online destination for grooming supplies horse care products supplements and other essential Stable Staples TCE25 at checkout to save 25 on your first Corro order Follow us Instagram corrostories facebook com corrostories

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Better Together Rebecca Bruce and Ned Glynn Navigate Love and Horses Mr and Mrs Edward Glynn Photo David Mendoza lll

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W hen Ned Glynn met Rebecca Bruce on a blind date one early summer evening in 2018 he was in the mindset that he didn t want to look for love in the equestrian industry But the Northern Californiabased trainer was persuaded by a colleague Jill Hamilton to take the opportunity to meet Bruce a trainer and rider from Santa Barbara Calif Jill called and said she had a friend trying ponies at Jill s barn in the Bay Area and that I should reach out for a date Glynn remembered Jill kept asking for about a month and what finally convinced me is when she said I promise you need to do this and at the very least you ll come out of this with a good friend Jill kept asking for about a month and what finally convinced me is when she said I promise you need to do this and at the very least you ll come out of this with a good friend

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Sunnybrook Elite Riding Club Photo Spenser R Bruce All of Glynn s reservations quickly disappeared when he and Bruce immediately connected over shared interests and experiences And by the evening s end following dinner at the iconic Ferry Building and a ballgame at the Giants stadium the burgeoning romance was sealed with a kiss I called for an Uber for Becca after the game said Glynn I was nervous but I knew I really liked her so I told myself that when there were three minutes left before the Uber arrived I would kiss her So I kissed her and then the Uber got lost and we had 20 more minutes together Perhaps it was those 20 additional minutes that decided their fate It was a true Bay Area love story from the evening s quintessentially San Francisco activities to an Uber playing fairy godmother And by spring the following year Glynn proposed to Bruce and they married eight months later on November 16 TCE TheCompetitiveEquestrian march april 2020 67

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Life in parallel The similarities that brought Glynn and Bruce together stretch beyond their current day lives as trainers and farm owners The two also grew up in the sport finding success in the saddle while honing their horsemanship values from early ages For Glynn he first became interested in riding at the age of 12 after following his sister to lessons for years prior Born in Oakland Calif Glynn has lived much of his life in his current town of Petaluma 45 minutes north of the city I started riding when I was about 12 as a three day event rider Glynn said My parents bought me my first horse out of the newspaper and he came with a month of training with John Charlebois It was chance that Glynn landed under the tutelage of the well known Hunter Jumper trainer Charlebois which ultimately changed the course of Glynn s riding discipline direction In addition to time with Charlebois Glynn learned early horsemanship lessons from Betty Kilham like keeping an open mind to take different approaches with different horses And for the substantive portion of Glynn s junior career he trained with Duncan and Gry McFarlane To diversify his equine education before turning professional Glynn completed an apprenticeship with course designer Linda Allen in the time leading up to the 1996 Olympics and the World Cup Final Glynn also apprenticed with veterinarian J D Wheat He really inspired and shaped me in terms of how soundness translates into the wellbeing and performance of horses Glynn said of the well known equine surgeon As a supplement to his horse knowledge Glynn studied economics at UC Davis to gain a business background He coached the equestrian team while he was there and he began his first equine business of taking horses off the track to retrain and sell After graduating I spent a year driving my own horse across the country to ride with different trainers like Hap Hansen and Candice King and to show at various venues Glynn remembered I showed all the way from Colorado to the Hampton Classic With this comprehensive education Glynn then drove his horse home and began his business Sonoma Valley Stables SVS in October 1995 Two years later he and his family purchased the property where he lives and trains It s 25 years and counting that SVS has been in existence Great day at the office Ned Glynn Cobalt Blue R Alden Corrigan Media

Page 69

Born instincts Rebecca and Dollar Girl at Sonoma Horse Park GrandPix Photography In similar fashion Bruce also didn t come from a horse family But from an early age she felt a strong pull toward horses When kids come for their first lessons to my barn I can see that horses are either in their blood or not Bruce said From the very start I always wanted to go on pony rides and to be near to horses Bruce began taking lessons at the age of 6 in her hometown of Santa Barbara and two years later her parents bought her a pony She rode locally for another couple of years before starting on the A show circuit at the age of 10 That s when we built Sunnybrook our family s farm in Carpinteria said Bruce It started out as my own private facility and I would keep my horses at home and trail ride to my lessons I started commuting to Los Angeles for lessons after we bought my first fancy Hunter and my trainer in Santa Barbara was retiring Bruce continued Commuting the two and a half hours to Azusa to Mary Gatti was supposed to be a temporary situation to get my Hunter going and to sell him But the program was a really good fit for me so I rode there for the rest of my junior career While training at Gatti s Rainbow Canyon Ranch Bruce landed invaluable opportunities to grow as a rider At the age of 12 Bruce became a working student for both Gatti and her assistant Patrick Spanton eventually earning Bruce the nickname of the human lunge line And she went on to find success at the national level in all three rings qualifying her Hunter catch rides for Indoors and Devon winning and placing in regional and national Equitation finals and winning the Huntington Beach Grand Prix three times and counting Alongside the competing and catch riding Bruce started her business Sunnybrook when she was just 14 First she taught up down lessons at her private farm and marketed her own sales horses with one of the first horse sales sites on the Internet which she designed and created Then when a nearby horse facility closed Bruce s friends that stabled there moved to board and train with Bruce Even as a junior Bruce discovered a talent to teach imparting the wisdom she learned from her time with a comprehensive list of trainers that included Gatti Karen Healey Rob Gage and Don Stewart It was a good fit for everybody and they didn t leave said Bruce That s how Sunnybrook started

Page 70

Winning together GrandPix Photography A new partnership There s no better place for two horse professionals to marry than in a barn Bruce and Glynn did exactly that at the Barn at Tyge William Cellars in Sonoma Calif Hamilton officiated the ceremony alongside an Irish pastor and Glynn s daughter Avery Glynn served as maid of honor The couple said their vows surrounded by family close friends and long term clients before dancing the night away to the live band Hip Service It was a picture perfect event that marked the beginning of a new union But as much as the couple s future was sealed romantically questions remained as to how they would juggle their two training businesses separated by an hour s flight from Santa Barbara to Oakland And while some wondered if Glynn and Bruce would combine their two businesses they have decided to keep their barns as separate entities We have so many similarities in that we both started our professional careers on farms that we own with our families Glynn said providing insight Both sets of our parents are still involved with our barns and are living on the properties We love our families our farms our clients and 70 our roots We want the best of both worlds to be together as much as possible and to help each other but to also design the two businesses we want which are private training programs in two of the most beautiful places in the world Sunnybrook is a boutique operation added Bruce It s a smaller facility and I have a really solid goal oriented group of riders I have a nice balance of teaching clients while still focusing on my personal riding goals Both Glynn and Bruce credit their long term staff for continuing the consistency and high level of care at their facilities as they step into a new season of balancing their personal lives with their professional ones SVS and Sunnybrook have kept their own identities with the help of the assistant trainers Kylee Arbuckle Heather Roades and Tracy Mirabelli at SVS and Shane Lezcano at Sunnybrook Our staff is like our family said Bruce And we re finding a nice balance where Ned and I can complement each other s program without disrupting the already well established roles and routines TCE TheCompetitiveEquestrian march april 2020

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Rebecca and Avery Glynn Alden Corrigan Media TCE TheCompetitiveEquestrian march april 2020 71

Page 72

As separate as the businesses remain Bruce and Glynn do look for ways to enhance the other s by offering training or riding services when the opportunity arises For example Bruce can provide invaluable insight into Pony and Medal Finals from her years of experience as both competitor and coach and Glynn brings his comprehensive knowledge of horse care and management to the table One area of business that has combined is in sales Bruce is an asset to the well established sales program at SVS with her innate ability to market horses And Sunnybrook serves as an ideal location for sales horses to go to market to the Southern California buyer While the future will take shape as it comes both Glynn and Bruce are excited to grow their businesses in this separate yet together fashion The barn family has extended with SVS and Sunnybrook stabling near each other at the shows that overlap in schedule And out of the tack the two sets of clients have the option to partake in shared social activities clinics and events One event on the horizon is the Sonoma Valley Stables Charity Derby Weekend June 25 to 27 an opportunity for Bruce s clients to enjoy the SVS property There is one constant in it all the passion between Glynn and Bruce not only for each other but for their horses their clients their families and their businesses Together they work to strengthen what they already have creating their own unique partnership of two strong individuals Sonoma Valley Stables Clara Bonomi 72 TCE TheCompetitiveEquestrian march april 2020

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Ned and Becca Work hard play hard Alden Corrigan Media

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mm e r u i S n r V u o e r Y mo nt d n e M O N R E T V Sp SUMMER FESTIVAL HORSE SHOW June 30 August 9 2020 Usef 4 Star Jumpers Usef Premier Hunters State Of The Art Kruse Cushion Ride Footing Featured Classes Week 6 Finale Features 30 000 Grand Prix Every Saturday Weeks 1 5 10 000 Jumper Welcome Each Week 5 000 3 3 Hunter Derby Every Thursday Weeks 1 5 WCHR Qualifying Week 3 Equitation Tuesday Each Week 50 000 Grand Prix 15 000 3 3 Hunter Derby 10 000 Open Jumper Awards distributed to the top three riders in the overall standings Vermont Summer Festival www vt summerfestival com info vt summerfestival com Tel 802 489 4945 Photo and Ad Design by Jump Media www jumpmediallc com

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Page 77

TEAM USA EARNS A STORYBOOK ENDING IN THE LONGINES FEI JUMPING NATIONS CUP OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA PHOTOS BY KATHY RUSSELL PHOTOGRAPHY Team USA wins the 230 000 Longines FEI Jumping Nations Cup USA at the Palm Beach Masters Series From left to right Lou Jacobs Joan Jacobs representing the Palm Beach Masters Series Margie Engle Laura Kraut Chef d Equipe Robert Ridland Beezie Madden Jessica Springsteen Mr Mike Mikula Longines Representative Mr Mark Samuel FEI First Vice President

Page 78

Beezie Madden USA Darry Lou 230 000 Longines FEI Jumping Nations Cup USA WATCH NOW 2020 FEI NATIONS CUP BEEZIE MADDEN Team USA earned a dramatic victory on home soil to take the 230 000 CSIO5 Longines FEI Jumping Nations Cup USA Sunday at the Palm Beach Master Series According to U S Chef d Equipe Robert Ridland the win which came down to a winner take all jump off between America s Beezie Madden and Great Britain s Alexandra Thornton was entirely pre planned 78 Things might have gone according to plan in the end but after Round 1 a win was hardly assured for Ridland s squad which included Madden on Darry Lou Laura Kraut on Confu Margie Engle on Royce and Jessica Springsteen on RMF Zecilie At the close of Round 1 the team was just one of three nations sitting on a score of 8 with Ireland leading on zero and Great Britain in second on 4 I actually thought that all of us that had faults in the first round had a bit of unlucky rails said Springsteen who knocked a pole at Jump 10 in Round 1 For the second round I didn t want to change my plan too much I just felt like I needed a little more space back to that vertical Other than that Zecilie jumped amazing in both rounds so I was really thrilled with her According to Course Designer Alan Wade IRL the true test of the track was meant to be its height not its technicality I had a discussion with my assistants to keep the 1 60m height and the distances maybe We did script it that way Ridland joked I told Laura wouldn t be as tricky as you might have in the Grand Kraut we don t want Beezie Madden going in the Prix said Wade who made two fences higher moving second round That was exactly what the script was TCE TheCompetitiveEquestrian march april 2020

Page 79

Laura Kraut USA Confu 230 000 Longines FEI Jumping Nations Cup USA into Round 2 This class to me was probably the most important class I ve designed this year It was basically up to the athletes and they provided a great afternoon of sport It was an honor to design the course An unexpected moment occurred midway through Round 1 when veteran team member Engle s horse Royce completed his round on 4 faults and then spooked at the end of the ring unseating his rider I didn t really have my reins He darted right and I kind of exited left explained a good humored Engle who was unhurt in the fall Royce hadn t shown for the whole week so he was nice and fresh With the heat I maybe left him a bit too fresh Round 2 with Springsteen leading off to set the tone for her team Next it was up to Kraut the only rider on the squad to earn a clear in the first round Aboard her longtime partner the 13 year old Holsteiner gelding Confu Kraut laid down yet another zero score sparing her teammate Madden from having to jump the second round You hate to be overconfident but I was feeling good Confu was jumping well down here in Florida Kraut said I had an unlucky fence in the CSIO5 Longines Grand Prix the other day and I said to myself Alright that s an omen that you need to do two clear rounds on Sunday That being said it was also hard not to be overconfident when I had a team like this great riders and horses It s probably the most confident that I ve felt in a long time After he ran around the ring for a while he was much quieter in the second round I took my time and I just made sure when I went to that oxer where I had the rail in As Round 2 drew to a close Ireland had slipped down Round 1 that I came out and got a bit straighter to it the standings while two clears by Mexico s riders would ultimately secure the squad third place on 17 Only Engle became the second of two clears midway through Great Britain at a disadvantage with only three athletes TCE TheCompetitiveEquestrian march april 2020 79

Page 80

Margie Engle USA Royce 230 000 Longines FEI Jumping Nations Cup USA competing and no drop score Thornton Emily Moffitt and Amanda Derbyshire could still challenge the U S But after anchor rider Amanda Derbyshire and Cornwall BH knocked an early pole the pressure was on during a two rider jump off that would ultimately determine the class winner True to Ridland s prophesy four time Olympic medalist Madden was selected to lead off for Team USA For sure I didn t want to leave the door too open for Thornton to be faster than me I think my horse Darry Lou actually kind of rises to the occasion when I put a little pressure on him I have to say right from the first jumps in the schooling area he was jumping better than in the first round Madden said He wanted to play a little after Fence 1 and I kind of had to kick him in the belly and be like Let s get down to business here But he really came through Heading for home with the gas pedal down Madden and the 12 year old KWPN stallion soared over the final oxer stopping the clock at 33 11 seconds Next up for Great Britain Thornton made the most of Cornetto K s 80 stride and speed across the ground but her final time of 36 34 seconds would not be enough As the sun began to dip over Deeridge Farms Grass Arena American riders climbed the podium as victors of the Longines FEI Jumping Nations Cup USA earning 100 points and an early lead in the North and Central America and Caribbean division of the Longines FEI Jumping Nations Cup It was incredible The energy was so enthusiastic said Palm Beach Masters Series Co Founder Katie Jacobs Robinson who thanked the riders for the great sport and Wade for his course design Everyone was cheering and happy and it really was just a fabulous event Ridland reflecting on his win conceded that the task ahead of his team was sizeable This is a hard Nations Cup for everybody not just for us These horses aren t in mid season form but the field of play when you looked at the teams last night it would have been just as easy to be fifth for any team out there It was really good jumping This is the pinnacle of the sport the Nations Cup he added This is what the sport is all about TCE TheCompetitiveEquestrian march april 2020

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Jessica Springsteen USA RMF Zecile 230 000 Longines FEI Jumping Nations Cup USA TCE TheCompetitiveEquestrian march april 2020 81

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Page 84

Winner of the 72 900 Suncast Grand Prix Qualifier Beat M ndli Vic des Cerisiers 84 TCE TheCompetitiveEquestrian march april 2020

Page 85

WATCH NOW LONGINES GRAND PRIX MCLAIN WARD Winner of the 213 300 Longines Grand Prix McLain Ward Noche de Ronda TCE TheCompetitiveEquestrian march april 2020 85

Page 86

Job well done high five for Alberto Michan

Page 87

Brooks Hull member of the winning Palm Beach Masters Nations Cup Childrens team with Dustin Durham

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Page 89

Winners of the 3 500 Bainbridge Nations Cup Children 1 20m American Eagles Stephanie Garrett Sara Pezza Brooks Hull Laurel Walker

Page 90

Winners of the 8 000 Palm Beach Masters Nations Cup Juniors Siena Vasan Virginia Bonnie Mimi Gochman not shown Hallie Grimes 90 TCE TheCompetitiveEquestrian march april 2020

Page 91

Jessica Springsteen TCE TheCompetitiveEquestrian march april 2020 91

Page 92

Alexandra Thornton Cornetto K 92 TCE TheCompetitiveEquestrian march april 2020

Page 93

Adrienne Sternlicht Bennys Legacy TCE TheCompetitiveEquestrian march april 2020 93

Page 94

Amanda Derbyshire Cornwall BH

Page 95

Page 96

Margie Engle 96 TCE TheCompetitiveEquestrian march april 2020

Page 97

Ashlee Bond Donatello TCE TheCompetitiveEquestrian march april 2020 97

Page 98

Beezie Madden Darry Lou

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Page 100

The all woman Team Great Britain Amanda Derbyshire Emily Mofittt Alexandra Thornton 100 TCE TheCompetitiveEquestrian march april 2020

Page 101

Eric Lamaze Coco Bongo TCE TheCompetitiveEquestrian march april 2020 101

Page 102

Brian Moggre MTM Vivre le Reve

Page 103

Page 104

Cookie Amanda Derbyshire Luibanta BH

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Page 106


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Page 108

Fist bump for the winner of the 213 300 LONGINES Grand Prix at Deeridge Farms from his biggest fan

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Page 110

Laura Kraut Confu

Page 111

Page 112

Noche De Ronda Lee McKeever 112 TCE TheCompetitiveEquestrian march april 2020

Page 113

Nicolas Pizzaro TCE TheCompetitiveEquestrian march april 2020 113

Page 114

Teamwork makes the dream work Team Mexico supporters

Page 115

The Littles from Team Ireland RMF Zecilie

Page 116

Tiffany Foster Fine Lady

Page 117

Page 118

Violet Lindemann Barnett It s Real Love VD SMIS Z

Page 119

Page 120

Virginia Bonnie Efodea

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Page 123

PRESENTS WORLD RENOWNED FEED SUPPLEMENTS AND COSMETICS FOR TOP PERFORMANCE HORSES We are a Swiss company specialized in the production and sale of feed supplements cosmetic and veterinary products exclusively for horses TWYDIL means superior quality as it has based its development on scientific criteria and has adopted the highest quality standards Global leader for over 50 years Sold in over 70 countries FEI Certified and approved for all Olympic disciplines RCI Compliant for all International Group I races Product can be used without risk during competition Most comprehensive anti doping protocol in the world C A scientific blend specifically formulated for excitable or nervous horses Assists digestive and muscular well being of the horse S UNEQUALED DIGESTIVE CONDITIONER TWYDIL S provides fat fiber and necessary nutrients to sustain gastric health M Twydil M Protect Plus is a powerful fast acting antioxidant that modulates oxidative stress and combats inflammation An excellent choice to address tying up and muscular tonicity For more information contact O The best nutrient optimizer on the market A daily supplement highly concentrated in vitamins minerals amino acids prebiotics and probiotics H Twydil H Hematinic modulates erythropoiesis and preserves the integrity of red blood cells A fast acting antioxidant excellent for improving tissue oxygenation supporting exertion and combating lethargy X Respiratory support during exertion strengthens capillaries and facilitates drainage Powerful antioxidant to support metabolic stresses placed on the lungs Shannon White 859 621 2679 shannonwhite twydil us David Orlando 561 512 4054 davidmorlando outlook com Helene Durand Murphy 561 602 9445 hln durand hotmail fr W WW TW YDIL COM

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LINDSAY BROWN Elegant Equus Two Nickels a Pentax K1000 and Dented Cans Ever wonder where those dented cans go from the super market that cannot be sold or more accurately no one wants to buy something imperfect Well I ll tell you One would say I grew up in poor receiving hand me down cloths and shoes reusing pens and pencils my mom could get from work for school and not being able to participate in any sporting teams or after school activities due to financial restrictions or precisely defined we had no extra money and what we did have barely covered the bills But I would tell you I grew up rich I learned what hard work meant early on in my single digit years I learned the value of friendships and how to maintain the ones that enriched my life and how to enrich others I learned how to ride a horse before I could walk and the horses we were able to own were due to having boarders stabled with us to cover the cost of our backyard pets in addition to the small entrance fees at local horse shows where I would hopefully recover the rest of the money spent on winning classes with paybacks or classes like sit a buck where the financial profit to be gained was always a good one The other part of the we in this was my mom my true inspiration for why photography is so much a part of my life today and the one who introduced me to the love of LENS ENVY horses from the very beginning She saw something in me at a young age when I would grab her film camera and run around taking photos It wasn t until after she had passed that I found my first candid moment I captured of her when I was around 8 years old Looking at that photograph I see now what she saw in me back then When I was 14 I received a birthday gift wrapped in Christmas paper Being an early December birthday this was surprising but when I opened it to reveal the gift my mom said this was a combination of a birthday and Christmas gift and would be all I would be gifted for some time The contents a used but well cared for Pentax K1000 film camera two lenses and a box of film With no more than two nickels to spare at any moment I was shocked at how she could afford such a gift one that I cherish even today and use on occasion My photography career was born and I learned all I could whenever I could However this was not my true passion not until later in college did photography just fall into place Graduating with a bachelor

Page 125

degree in Equine Business Management from Cazenovia College NY with the hopes of operating a Thoroughbred rehab center I did not pursue my education in the classroom with photography I worked for show photographers throughout college but to my mothers dismay rarely did more with my talent behind the camera than make a paycheck The spring of my college senior year changed everything I was offered a position on a photography team photographing local horse shows that summer of 2005 where my equipment would be pre purchased and I would work it off Digital had entered the realm of photography and everything was changing quickly Through the chain of who you know that same year I was hired by the official photographer to photograph the Syracuse Invitational Sporthorse Tournament held in Syracuse NY and the National Horse Show in Wellington FL Since then I have maintained photographing for official photographers of some of the most prestigious horse shows in the country Now in 2019 after all these years doing what I love to do I have started my own Elegant Equus LLC photography by Lindsay offers the same classical horse show coverage that I have been taught by working with the best in the industry over these many years The ability to know what angles best showcase the horse and rider in the classical style which has graced the pages of magazines and barn aisles for many years in addition to finding unique angles to elegantly capture moments between horse and rider is what Elegant Equus will be known for what I hope to be known for The talent and passion that I have for what I see behind my camera is something I can t even begin to describe This was something my mom apparently knew all along when she somehow managed to scrape together enough to buy me my first camera The savings from receiving dented canned goods I am sure played a role in where I am today Those cans bound for factories where they would be opened and disposed of became a life line for the two of us With my mom working at such a place it allowed us the secretive opportunity to pick through what could be salvaged and taken home Boxes and boxes of canned fruit vegetable soup and on a lucky day bags of cereal and sweet treats would be loaded up into her car and driven home This was a means of survival and a means of saving what she could to help fulfill a dream I didn t know I even had all those years ago Lindsay Brown

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Page 129

Page 130

130 TCE TheCompetitiveEquestrian march april 2020

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TCE TheCompetitiveEquestrian march april 2020 131

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Page 134

Page 135

Page 136

136 TCE TheCompetitiveEquestrian march april 2020

Page 137

Classic Elegant Unique words that define the style of equestrian photography that drive Lindsay and her newly formed company Elegant Equus LLC forward Since entering in the field of AA rated Hunter Jumper photography in 2005 Lindsay has worked with the best in the business to learn the classic style of photographing hunters and jumpers Her love of photography began at the age of 14 when she received her first Pentax K1000 Who knew that would lead to a career Graduating with a Bachelor degree in Equine Business Management from Cazenovia Collage NY Lindsay worked her way through college at horse shows photographing whenever she could It was her senior year that changed the career path from barn manager to photographer when she picked up a full time job as a show photographer And the rest they say is history Working for official horse show photographers Lindsay has spent many years photographing the most prestigious shows on the East coast and through this her work has appeared in numerous publications adorned mantles and lined the aisle ways in extravagant barns In addition to this classic style Lindsay enjoys the fun challenge of finding unique ways to capture moments that continue to showcasing both horse and rider at their finest and one of these ways is through her elegant portrait sessions Lindsay currently resides in NY and continues to travel the East Coast for horse shows freelance assignments and portrait sessions www ElegantEquusPhotography com elegantequusphotography TCE TheCompetitiveEquestrian march april 2020 137

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Make your rider s life easier FULL CALENDAR OF NATIONAL AND FEI SHOWS WITH KEY INFORMATION H U N T E R J U M P E R E Q U I TAT I O N Also access rider and horse profiles from the biggest database Download the App

Page 139

elevating your brand beyond the in gate world class service worldwide exposure 561 753 3389 info phelpsmediagroup com event management website development public relations photojournalism marketing social media

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Bruce Munro FIELD OF LIGHT Field of Light photography by Serena Munro BRUCE MUNRO Photograph by David Greer

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Page 143

ABOUT BRUCE MUNRO FIELD OF LIGHT AT SENSORIO Internationally acclaimed artist Bruce Munro has premiered his largest artwork to date an enormous multi acre walk through installation at Sensorio in Paso Robles California Bruce Munro Field of Light at Sensorio is comprised of an array of over 58 800 stemmed spheres lit by fiber optics gently illuminating the landscape in subtle blooms of morphing color that describe the undulating landscape Powered by solar the stunning exhibition captivates visitors inviting them to engage with the landscape and environment through an ethereal light based and sculptural experience

Page 144

THE FUTURE OF SENSORIO Sensorio the intersection of art technology and nature will be a destination for entertainment exploration meditation adventure and delight Sensorio will honor the natural topography of the landscape and offer a wide range of amusing mystical and kinetic experiences The Central California destination launches with the interactive light installation by Bruce Munro with future plans to be announced The installation has hosted in excess of 100 000 visitors to date

Page 145

This new Central California destination has also offered a highly romantic setting for popping the question with Sensorio staff reporting at least 24 marriage proposals on the grounds to date Sensorio the intersection of art technology and nature has been designed as a destination for entertainment exploration meditation adventure and delight honoring the natural topography of the landscape Future attractions at Sensorio will include a hotel and conference center

Page 146

FIELD OF LIGHT AT SENSORIO Covering 15 acres of Paso Robles rolling hills Bruce Munro Field of Light at Sensorio utilizes an array of over 58 800 stemmed spheres lit by fiber optics gently illuminating the landscape in subtle blooms of morphing color through which the public may stroll Since its opening last May the immersive exhibit immediately captured an international audience significantly exceeding all attendance expectations with thousands of visitors arriving from around the globe to experience this remarkable event

Page 147

Page 148

Page 149

Page 150

BRUCE MUNRO FIELD OF LIGHT AT SENSORIO 4380 Highway 46 East Paso Robles CA 93446 info sensoriopaso com

Page 151

Bruce Munro Field of Light at Sensorio is now open Thursday Sunday evenings through June 30 2020 TICKETS www sensorio com

Page 152

Step Behind the Gates of the Paso Robles Horse Park

Page 153


Page 154

154 The Paso Robles Horse Park first opened its gates in 2015 and in five short years the facility and staff have significantly expanded the Central Coast s relevance within the equestrian community for the Paso Robles community that first began with childhood vacations in the region Later she purchased her 260 acre ranch Fox Hollow that she now enjoys as her full time residence The Park started out as the dream of Linda Starkman She has been involved with horses her entire life and actively competed in hunter jumper competitions until the 1980s Since then she remained involved through a breeding and young horse program Linda s intimate knowledge of national and international horse show facilities ignited her desire to bring a quality show facility to the California Central Coast This area is a place that called to her after a lifetime of passion Linda s dream became a reality when the property that is now the Paso Robles Horse Park became available for purchase It took numerous years of viewing properties for her to discover a piece that had all the right elements The property is well situated to meet the needs of local regional and national competitive hunter jumper shows The natural beauty and property s oak tree filled landscape with vast views overlooking the hills of Paso Robles made it an ideal setting for a competitive horse park TCE TheCompetitiveEquestrian march april 2020

Page 155

TCE TheCompetitiveEquestrian march april 2020 155

Page 156

In the initial moments of seeing the Park Linda remembers walking in and sitting on the location of what is now the berm She knew it was the place It turned out exactly how I pictured it would when I first saw it in 2009 she said Today the Park sits on 70 acres and boasts 224 onsite stalls with the ability to accommodate up to 500 temporary stalls In addition there is a 5 000 square foot hay barn and parking for thousands of vehicles There are six sand arenas and a large turf field making the Park well equipped to handle high caliber hunter jumper shows sporting events private parties fundraising events and more A part of Linda s dream always included giving back to the community With the Park came the founding of the Paso Robles Horse Park Foundation The Park Foundation is dedicated to creating opportunity to support the relevance of the horse in today s world and its unique ability to enhance education health and quality of life particularly for the handicapped and underprivileged The Park is one of just a few show management companies that is also a non profit organization The Paso Robles Horse Park is also proud to be a At the Park s Schooling Show Series they raise funds premier event facility on the Central Coast playing for local charity Jack s Helping Hand The organization host to local wine and food events festivals weddings brings out their Little Riders to experience the show world and learn more about horses 156 TCE TheCompetitiveEquestrian march april 2020

Page 157

TCE TheCompetitiveEquestrian march april 2020 157

Page 158

In addition to the schooling shows the annual Back to School Bash is hosted by the Park Foundation to welcome horse lovers of all levels whether it be their first time up close and personal with these incredible animals or if they are an avid rider beginning to navigate the complex world of competition This event truly showcases the Park s commitment to fostering the minds that will be the future of our sport The evolution of Linda s life long dream into a reality is made possible through the support of a hardworking team The Park s staff consists of current and former riders all of whom have a genuine understanding of events riders and horses Linda takes pride in a female led team that is committed to continuing to build on her original vision The high caliber facilities and dedicated staff at the Paso Robles Horse Park will foster competition and exceptional horsemanship for years to come Linda said Amanda Diefenderfer Park Director began riding horses at a very young age Amanda is responsible for developing and implementing strategies for the Park and the events hosted Amanda began at the Park in early 2015 six months before opening the gates Her connection to the show jumping world married perfectly with her industry expertise in marketing and event consulting 2019 was particularly exciting We established the full calendar of events that we want with 11 shows four of which were at top national caliber Within this structure we are excited to enhance show offerings to continually bring more to the show jumping experience Our last show had 350 stalls and 250 horses on property Amanda said Reflecting on a successful and highly ranked show season in 2019 the Park staff expects to grow next year but plans to do so at a pace that allows them to continue to offer a personalized and friendly experience for all competitors For the facility manager Kathy Collins this is a very exciting increase She is dedicated to making sure their shows are centered around family fun We grew up in a generation where showing was a sort of vacation and I don t think that should be lost Kathy said 158 TCE TheCompetitiveEquestrian march april 2020

Page 159

Winner of the 10 000 USHJA National Derby Robert Blanchette Valentina Alden Corrigan Media TCE TheCompetitiveEquestrian march april 2020 159

Page 160

Patrick Seaton Ascot du Temple Alden Corrigan Media 160 TCE TheCompetitiveEquestrian march april 2020

Page 161

The shows at the Paso Robles Horse Park are purposely size managed and the show days reasonable to give competitors the opportunity to enjoy all that Paso Robles has to offer This stunning retreat offers untouched natural beauty 250 wineries a historic grassy square in the heart of downtown surrounded by first class shopping wine tasting and dining entertainment and a wide selection of accommodations Linda echoed the importance of bringing positivity and joy in the horse show world She said the goal of the Park is to remember horses are fun our shows have got to reflect that If it s not fun we re not doing it From children meeting a horse for the first time to Olympic gold medalists everyone is welcomed at the Park Join the Park for all the fun during their 2020 show season Daniel Zilla Venice BF Alden Corrigan Media TCE TheCompetitiveEquestrian march april 2020 161

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Page 163

Page 164

Laura Owens and Jan Black Nobody Told Me L ike many families whose lives are centered around horses adult hunter equitation rider Laura Owens and her mother longtime San Francisco radio news anchor and talk show host Jan Black have spent a lot of time together in the car traveling to barns and horse shows over the last twenty years They ve journeyed around the country with Laura showing horses for their family owned business Quartet Farms LLC On these lengthy trips they pass the time by having deep conversations that only a long car ride can bring about We ve laughed cried celebrated worried comforted and encouraged each other in ways that probably all horse show parents and their kids can totally relate to says Jan We ve also spent a lot of time listening to podcasts in the car says Laura and after hearing so many my mom and I decided to launch our podcast Nobody Told Me We interview people from all walks of life on a variety of topics to discover what nobody told them and they had to learn the hard way We re a mother daughter duo obviously from different Laura Owens Jan Black Captured Moment Photography generations says Jan and it s interesting to see how the questions each of us have for our guests reflect our two generational perspective We ve grown up in different times with different expectations about what our lives should be and different challenges in terms of how we ll achieve our goals Laura says they ve been a bit surprised that many of their guests independently voiced similar nobody told me lessons They show how much we all share in terms of our hopes fears heartaches worries humor and humanity It s a privilege to be able to share that wisdom and insight with our listeners Apple Podcasts named Nobody Told Me one of the Top 25 Most Downloaded New Podcasts of 2018 Their guests over the past 200 plus episodes have included former kidnap victim Elizabeth Smart Olympic gold medal gymnast Nastia Liukin legendary marathon runner Kathrine Switzer space shuttle astronaut Mike Mullane The Wolf of Wall Street Jordan Belfort Millionaire Matchmaker Patti Stanger America s favorite carpenter Ty Pennington and Full House star Andrea Barber Right Laura Owens Jan Black

Page 165

TCE TheCompetitiveEquestrian march april 2020 165

Page 166

From the competitive equestrian world they ve interviewed Kelli Cruciotti and her trainer mom Cindy Alex Granato Josh Dolan Danny Robertshaw and Ron Danta among others Jan and Laura are proud that Nobody Told Me is a media partner with the 2020 Palm Beach Masters Series which features the world s best show jumping riders and horses competing in the World Cup Nations Cup and Palm Beach Open They ve had wonderful conversations with riders about training competing and coping with the ups and downs of a competitive rider s life I think riders experience some of the highest highs and lowest lows in any sport says Laura and I feel they have lessons to share that will benefit everyone Jan says We re always in awe of the wisdom our guests have gained over the years and we love asking them What s your Nobody Told Me lesson What is it that nobody told you and you had to learn on your own People respond very openly when asked about that and their answers are touching and insightful Laura Owens For The Competitive Equestrian Jan and Laura have compiled a list of some of the best nobody told me lessons their guests have shared Nobody Told Me to make mistakes admit them and realize failure is part of success to be resilient and believe you will bounce back from your failures as if you were on a trampoline conflict and anger may be very uncomfortable but often spur you to needed change to realize change is inevitable and it s the only way we grow to say yes to opportunity and eagerly try new things to accept that the path to success for one person is not the same for you to believe in yourself to find and surround yourself with people who believe in you to remove yourself from people who are toxic to you and your goals to reframe the question when you can t find the answer to have a positive mindset and focus on the good things not the bad to find joy all around in colors nature and the smell of roses to be grateful for what you have and the simple fact that you re alive to experience it not to let anyone else define who you are your definition of happiness and success will likely change over time to realize life is hard and everybody doubts themselves at times 166 TCE TheCompetitiveEquestrian march april 2020

Page 167

Laura Owens Jan Black Jan and Laura say they ve often thought about their interview with Mitch Albom the best selling author of Tuesdays With Morrie Jan says Mitch told us his nobody told me lesson is that one day all of your mentors will have passed on and it will be up to you to be the person others seek out for guidance In that spirit we encourage our listeners to ask themselves what their nobody told me lessons are And who should they be sharing those lessons with You can hear Nobody Told Me on Apple Podcasts at Podcast nobody told me id1348535955 On Spotify at Oropen spotify com show 3OxaCfmwqTJ6DFvZMlvoHO on most of your other favorite podcast platforms Check out their websites www nobodytoldmeshow com www quartetfarmsllc com Connect with them on Facebook www facebook com quartetfarmsllc www facebook com nobodytoldmeshow Laura Owens SIG Chester Alden Corrigan Media TCE TheCompetitiveEquestrian march april 2020 167

Page 168

Page 169

Menlo Charity Horse Show Benefiting Vista Center for the Blind and Visually Impaired save the date August 4 9 2020 AT THE BEAUTIFUL MENLO CIRCUS CLUB IN ATHERTON CALIFORNIA MENLOCHARITYHORSESHOW ORG MENLO2020

Page 170

Mirko Midili and Not Black At All Level 4 Open Futurity Co Champions Lukasz Czechowicz and Copyride Level 4 Open Futurity Co Champions

Page 171

2019 Italian Reining Horse Association Futurity Cremona Italy By Simona Diale International Horse Press Photos by Bonaga Communication IRHA Open Futurity For the Love of the Horse The 35th edition of the Italian Reining Horse Association IRHA Futurity offered a total purse of 527 000 euro with over 700 horses making their way to Cremona the Italian city host of the very first IRHA Futurity For the love of the horse the MS Diamonds TX Level 4 and Level 3 Open Futurity Champions chose to share the title Though the 2019 edition of the IRHA Futurity offered a very attractive Elementa 50 000euro added 4 year old Futurity Italian professional Mirko Midili made the decision to leave his 4 year olds at home with the intent of concentrating on his younger horses He knew the level of competition would be high but he also knew that his mount Not Black At All by renowned sire Not Ruff At All had a ton of talent I really wanted to keep my focus on my 3 year olds and this is a pretty tough competition he said about the futurity which is run in two go round qualifiers and seeded finals My horse was good in the qualifiers so I tried to run a correct pattern in the finals and thanks to his huge heart and talent we tied for the highest score The idea of running off for the title never crossed his mind said Midilli It was all about the respect our horses and about wanting to share the title with one of my best friends ukasz Czechowicz Rising star 24 year old Lukasz Czechowicz is head trainer at Roleski Ranch Poland a beautiful training and breeding facility owned by Katarzyna Roleski one of Europe s most active breeders The young Polish professional showed Copyride an own son of Roleska owned Colonels Shining Gun who is standing at stud in Valley View Texas Our horses were unbelievable tonight said Czechowicz Keeping up with the pressure here is not easy and this horse was simply amazing How can you put more pressure Massimiliano Ruggeri Tinselmartin Level 3 Open Co Champions on these young horses we are so fortunate to be able to train and show The Futurity offers 4 levels according to the rider s eligibility which is determined by rider earnings and it was a tie for the win in the Level 3 division as well NRHA Hall of Famer Roberto Cuoghi IRHA and NRHA European Council President was delighted with the choice the champions of both levels made Animal welfare is a priority for us and our riders here showed the world how much respect we have for these great horses he said We are the fourth highest ranking NRHA show in the world behind the NRHA Futurity NRHA Derby and NRBC as far as payout is concerned and the purse is of course attractive yet they were faithful to our motto respect the horse respect the sport After tying to lead the first go round Massimiliano Ruggeri settled for the co championship in the level 3 open division riding Tinselmartin owned by Marino Pilotto along with Mirko Piazzi with Spooks Of Genius owned by Vittorio Rabboni between the reins This mare s athletic ability is incredible he said We started her a little later than the others because we wanted to give her the time to strengthen physically She s always been easy to work with and I love her Just as thrilled with his mount was Piazzi who was quick to credit his horse s ability Mirko Piazzi Spook Of Genius Level 3 Open Co Champions TCE TheCompetitiveEquestrian march april 2020 171

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Giacomo Ronchi Magnetic Master Level 2 Open Champions Bernardelli and Shine Pop light up the Non Pro Futurity While visiting Alessandro Cazzaniga a long time friend who owns a few carefully selected mares Edoardo Bernardelli noticed a month old sorrel foal in the pasture He immediately fell in love with the way the foal moved and once the 29 year old non pro found out how the baby was bred Shine Chic Shine x MM Lollipop he took him home There was something about him that made me want to take him home said Bernardelli I loved the way he was bred and thought he was a great mover from the first time I set my eyes on him and decided that I was going to break and train him myself With only two shows on their curriculum the duo made their way to Cremona and with a little help from Italian Professional Guglielmo Fontana they claimed Europe s most prestigious futurity title Edoardo Bernardelli Shine Pop Level 4 and 3 Non Pro Non Pro Futurity Champions Mattia Nadalini Great Dolomythic Level 1 Open Futurity Champions

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Breeding your own champion makes the win twice as sweet For Gabriele Carrarini it was exactly that his mount Smart N Gold was home bred and the young Italian owns both the sire and the dam Taking home the reserve championship in the Level 4 and 3 divisions as well as the Level 2 Championship on this horse is incredible and this will remain one of the most special days of my life he said Though I didn t break him I took over the reins and have mainly trained him myself I try to go and ride with Max Ruggeri who has been my mentor for the past ten years and I must admit it s been a pretty special show season as I also won the Austrian Futurity with this horse Gabriele Carrarini and CG Smart N Gold Level 2 Non Pro Champions Open Futurity Co Champion Lukasz Czechowicz admires the MS Diamonds TX Futurity Championship Ring The Italian Futurity brings together some of the best reiners as well as reining enthusiasts from around the world and this year counted over 15 nations represented Directly from the Netherlands Sharon De Groot and her own Tinsel Whizington added another title to the string of accolades they ve had in the show pen this year by winning the Level 1 Non Pro division Thrilled with the event was organizer Giancarlo Doardo The prestige of the Italian Futurity grows year after year thanks to the purse offered and to the Italian Championship finals held concurrently he said CremonaFiere is the perfect location for our show attracting a large number of sponsors the back bone of our success along with the riders owners breeders and fans It was a great honor to see our U S sponsors MS Diamonds TX Open Futurity title sponsor and Santa Hill Ranch once again listed among our partners Left Sharon de Groot and Tinsel Whizington Level 1 Non Pro Futurity Champions

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1 000 000 00 Prepare yourself July 29 August 1 2020

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Marilyn Little and RF Scandalous Victorious in 50K MARS Eventing Showcase Cross Country Photo Gallery by Alden Corrigan Media Winner of the 50 000 MARS Eventing Showcase Marilyn Little RF Scandalous

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Victory in the 50 000 MARS Eventing Showcase went to Marilyn Little and RF Scandalous on Sunday February 9 at Equestrian Village at Palm Beach International Equestrian Center PBIEC Little and RF Scandalous vaulted to the lead in the opening dressage phase on Saturday and held it through Sunday s show jumping and cross country phases From a starting field of 40 horse and rider combinations 33 advanced to the morning s show jumping phase held on the beautiful grass derby field Maintaining her lead from dressage Marilyn Little USA and RF Scandalous added four faults in the show jumping phase and stood on 23 4 penalties With a clear round in show jumping Buck Davidson USA and Carlevo moved from fourth place to second and had 28 6 penalties going into cross country Six time Olympian Phillip Dutton USA rode Z to a clear jumping round and sat just behind Davidson in third place following show jumping with 28 7 penalties Heading into the cross country phase which was designed by Capt Mark Phillips 28 combinations contested the track that included a two stride triple brush arrowhead combination a water feature and corners Dutton and Z a 2008 Zangersheide gelding by Asca x Babouche VH Gehucht Z owned by T Tierney S Roosevelt S Lacy A Jones and C Moran tallied a clear round to finish with 28 70 penalties which would land them in third place at the conclusion of the class I think it s obviously very early in the season but it s great to get out in this atmosphere said Dutton Doing the five star dressage test was an advantage for us I tried to go give them a run without stretching them too much at this stage of the year Dutton continued talking about not only his mount Z but his second horse Fernhill Singapore I was really pleased with both horses and tried to keep them well and not stretch them too much I think they had a good experience Another clear round came from Davidson and Carlevo and their score of 28 60 would hold up for second place Carlevo is certainly good at this stuff said Davidson of the 2007 Holsteiner gelding by Eurocommerce Caresino x Levernois owned by Carlevo LLC Show jumping is getting better and the owner and I sat down and thought about maybe selling him but we figured he d be good for these kinds of things He s a nice horse to have in the barn and he s a really sweet horse He s good in all three phases and he was very good this weekend Davidson felt that the MARS Eventing Showcase was a fantastic opportunity to prepare his horses early in their competition season especially with a cross country course that let the riders learn where their horses sit going into a big season of the five star event in Kentucky in April and the Tokyo Olympic Games later this summer I think it was fast enough without kind of going crazy Davidson said of the course It was a unique event that feels a little bit more like a cross country school than it does a big competition I think it is a good thing for the young horses to be able to get this atmosphere and deal with all the other things going on Full credit to Mark Phillips and everybody here that put on a great show The footing was perfect and it was a fun week Little and RF Scandalous ended with 4 80 time penalties on the cross country course but despite that her early lead gave her the buffer to hold onto the victory with a total of 28 20 penalties

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Buck Davidson Carlevo

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I m disappointed that the performance in the cross country wasn t better but this is a three phase event and she also did put in two wonderful performances said Little Although she did have a rail this morning in show jumping the score wasn t indicative of the performance because she s just come so far To me to know what she was dealing with out there on course I have so much respect for her I wish that this afternoon had gone better and yet in sports sometimes we have wonderful days We deserve to have a great placing and it doesn t happen Little continued I was disappointed in the performance this afternoon but the horse still deserves all of the accolades and all of the credit because her heart was so huge It was just a rough day out there But she still came in and she still stood in the stall very proud of herself That is what sports are about It was a highly competitive class with the top four finishers within one point of each other Fourth place went to Elisabeth Halliday Sharp USA on Deniro Z with 29 penalties Little was circumspect about her win acknowledging that while cross country didn t go as planned it was still important for her to come away with victory I ve been so blessed to have the ride on a horse that just goes out there and she tries every time said Little of the 2005 Oldenburg mare Carry Gold x Richardia x Lario owned by Jacqueline B Mars and Phoebe and Michael Manders For me in many ways this is a hometown show It s just really one of the greatest honors of my life to ride a horse for Mrs Mars who I think of as one of the greatest horsewomen this country has ever known and certainly one of the greatest sportsmen and supporters of our national program I m so grateful that Mars Equestrian took on the sponsorship here because I do think it s an important event and a very meaningful one for me I m glad that Scandalous could be the winner of her event It means a lot

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Boyd Martin Long Island T

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Hi five literally Ryan Wood Powell

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Sharon White Cooley on Show

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Charlotte Collier Clifford M Holly Jacks Smither More Inspiration

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Daniela Moguel Cecelia

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188 Joe Meyer Bucaneer TCE TheCompetitiveEquestrian march april 2020

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Props to my horse Hallie Coon Celien TCE TheCompetitiveEquestrian Clayton Fredericks FE Mondey Made march april 2020 189

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Elisabeth Haliday Sharp Deniro Z Cornelia Dorr Sir Patico MH 190 TCE TheCompetitiveEquestrian march april 2020

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McLain Ward Scores Brilliant Victory in Fidelity Investments Grand Prix CSI5 Lindsay Brock and Sabrina Brashares for Jennifer Wood Media Inc Photo Gallery by Alden Corrigan Media Two time U S Olympic team gold medalist McLain Ward charged to a win in the 401 000 Fidelity Investments Grand Prix CSI5 in front of a packed International Arena riding Noche de Ronda during Saturday Night Lights at the 2020 Winter Equestrian Festival on February 8 in Wellington FL

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Winner of the FEI CSI5 401 000 Fidelity Investments Grand Prix McLain Ward Noche De Ronda F orty of the world s best crossed the start timers to Anthony D Ambrosio s and Andy Christiansen s USA first round track with 12 posting perfect rounds to advance to a jump off U S Olympic team silver medalist Kent Farrington and Gazelle sat in the leading position on a time of 39 51 seconds when Ward entered the ring To the roar of a home country crowd Ward and Noche de Ronda broke the timers double clear and the ones to beat in 37 47 seconds That s about all Ronda and I had to give said Ward I think for any of us at that level when you get to go after the one that sets the time you have a bit of an advantage Normally you come out by winning or crashing one or the other It all came off very nice and the horse really performed spectacular Ward got the ride on Noche de Ronda as part of a dream realized for owner Marilla van Beuren Ward owns the 11 year old Oldenburg mare Quintender x Loves Corinth together with her and Bob Russell The mare was only jumping 1 35m with Ward a year ago when some injuries in his string sent her on a plane to the CHIO Aachen Nations Cup where she jumped double clear and paved the way for herself as a top contender for big events Marilla has been in this game and been an avid fan and follower of the sport for many years and it was her dream to own a grand prix horse said Ward We found this mare last year with Maarten Huygens that was produced by Manuel Lecuona MEX It s been a really wonderful story for us and her It s nice sometimes when the good guy wins TCE TheCompetitiveEquestrian march april 2020 193

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Winner of the FEI CSI5 401 000 Fidelity Investments Grand Prix McLain Ward Noche De Ronda

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Kent Farrington Gazelle 196 TCE TheCompetitiveEquestrian march april 2020

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The clear crowd favorite judging by the cheers they sent his way as he cleared the final fence of the jump off Ward admits that nights like this are still a thrill It doesn t get easier the stress doesn t get less but it s a little bit like a drug I love it and it s killing me at the same time he said I m very excited about these nights I m still nervous for the big nights but I really find great pleasure in the fight The victories are nice but the battle and the fight between Kent and I and several others in the end is what gets our blood up Farrington and Gazelle lived up to the 14 year old Belgian Warmblood mare s Kashmir van Schuttershof x Indoctro namesake and showcased their footspeed to finish the runner up I got beat today by a top rider on a horse with a giant stride said Farrington of his second place performance He pulled out all the stops and took a big risk to win and pulled it off It was a good win for McLain I m very happy with my horse I m very unhappy with second joked Farrington When we re going against each other these are the best riders in the world My hat s off to him for a big win Canadian Olympic champion Eric Lamaze rounded out the podium riding Chacco Kid owned by Chacco Kid Group Their time was within a second of Farrington s on a final tally of 39 69 seconds Anthony did a great job with the course tonight said Lamaze He provided some entertainment in the jump off I always say It s how your distances come out of the corner If they come up and they re quick you take them But sometimes they don t come For McLain they were there It was a great class and I m so grateful to have this horse continued Lamaze of his 14 year old Oldenburg gelding Chacco Blue x Come On He s a real fighter and he s careful He ll try his heart out for you When you feel that underneath you you can enter a lot of classes Nicole Shahinian Simpson USA sat in the lead for a time but settled for fourth aboard Akuna Mattata for owner Silver Raven Farms in 40 75 seconds while Paris Sellon USA capped the top five riding Cassandra owned by Willow Grace Farms in 41 15 seconds The USA s Adrienne Sternlicht earned the Martha W Jolicoeur Leading Lady Rider title for the first time in her career during a special award ceremony following the Fidelity Investments Grand Prix CSI5 Her second place finish in the Equinimity WEF Challenge Cup Round 5 earlier in the week combined with a top 10 finish on Saturday night riding Just A Gamble guaranteed her the award Final Results 401 000 Fidelity Investments Grand Prix CSI5 1 NOCHE DE RONDA 2009 Oldenburg mare by Quintender x Loves Corinth MCLAIN WARD USA Bob Russell Marilla van Beuren and McLain Ward 0 0 37 47 2 GAZELLE 2006 Belgian Warmblood mare by Kashmir van Schuttershof x Indoctro KENT FARRINGTON USA Kent Farrington Robin Parsky 0 0 39 51 3 CHACCO KID 2006 Oldenburg gelding by Chacco Blue x Come On ERIC LAMAZE CAN Chacco Kid Group 0 0 39 69 TCE TheCompetitiveEquestrian march april 2020 197

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Eric Lamaze Chacco Kid

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Karl Cook Caillou 24

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Jessica Springsteen Don Juan Van De Donkhoeve

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Adrienne Sternlicht Just A Gamble

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Margie Engle Dicas

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Hyde Moffatt Gisborne VDL

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Paris Sellon Cassandra

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A Part of Horse Show History If there was a book on the history of horse shows Blenheim EquiSports BES would play a significant role Stepping up to be one of the supporters of the sport from Olympic Trials to Pony Hunter Challenges the team at BES has provided a green grass landscape for competitors and their equine partners for over two decades Along with producing multiple Premier outdoor events in the spring summer and fall at desirable southern California destination locations BES loads up several tractor trailers and heads to Las Vegas to present a championship indoor CSI event each November Broadening their horse show horizons members of the BES team have not only managed championship events on site such as the first FEI outdoor CSI A International in the country but they have also played a managing role at GREEN GRASS FIELDS and INTERNATIONAL Making History and Setting the Stage for Success Stories Over the Decades Olympic Trial Course 2000

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more than 20 championship events at locations throughout the world They bring this expansive experience to the table each year as they plan their season of events with a goal to offer a pathwaytosuccess for riders to achieve goals on regional national and international levels are often emulated throughout the sport Stories abound as competitors trainers friends and family experience firsts at Blenheim EquiSports and come back year after year Whether success is bringing along a young hunter or a young jumper earning HOTY points competing in medal finals developing a grand prix horse or rider galloping a Derby course From From March through November the pathways include a keen the first ride to the first in the victory gallop all of these goals focus on young horses and young riders in all disciplines that and more are achieved at BES events ASPIRATIONS at BLENHEIM EQUISPORTS By Jackie McFarland EqSol Click to view

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2000 Olympic Trials Ashlee Bond Todd Minikus competes at Blenheim EquiSports

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circa 2000 Eddie Macken competes at Blenheim EquiSports circa 2000

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2019 Longines FEI World Cup Qualifier Las Vegas Adrienne Sternlicht Bennys Legacy Photograph Andrew Ryback

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The International Pathway FEI BES Always a highlight The Las Vegas National CSI W Blenheim EquiSports annual indoor championship event was chosen as one of only eight stops on the shortened Longines FEI Jumping World Cup North American League Tour Truly a unique venue and horse show experience where horses and riders stay under the same roof with eleven restaurants a spa 64 lane bowling alley 16 screen movie theatre and The riders came to management on the West Coast and asked How can we get with the rest of the sport both on the more at the South Point Hotel Casino Spa This indoor East Coast and in Europe And the answer is with FEI events event not only wraps up the show season for a host of explained Blenheim EquiSports President Robert Ridland It s competitors on both coasts it offers Las Vegas style fun for everyone more complicated but it is where the sport is right now The show jumping scene has changed significantly in North America in the last five years with FEI events becoming more a part of schedules on both coasts BES did not hesitate to add this international aspect to their outdoor season now with two FEI events in the spring and two in the summer Photograph Andrew Ryback

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Stories from the Field Will Simpson After years of hosting international events BES has played a role in thousands of horse and rider stories To highlight just a few of these below are some snippets from riders whose names you may recognize Will Simpson Keri Potter and Jamie Sailor Olympic Gold Medalist Will Simpson is known for his ability to bring out the best in sensitive horses and one of those was an Irish mare named El Campeon s Ado Annie From 2002 through 2004 Simpson won multiple grand prix events FEI World Cup qualifiers and competed in three FEI Jumping World Cup Finals on this fiery chestnut mount Fast forward through winning Team Gold at the 2008 Olympics on Carlsson vom Dach Simpson is still leading victory gallops His latest talented sensitive and scopey partner is Chacco P who has shown his prowess on the grass at Blenheim and beyond Will Simpson and Ado Annie circa 2002 2004 216 TCE TheCompetitiveEquestrian march april 2020

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Will Simpson and Chacco P go for the FEI win in 2018 McCool TCE TheCompetitiveEquestrian march april 2020 217

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Keri Potter and Call Me in the Morning 1st Junior Jumper Classic circa 1992 Keri Potter Keri Potter has a long list of wins under her belt She has been a top Grand Prix contender on multiple mounts over the years taking a break to be a mom and then jumping right back into the winners circle in the last few years One of her recent successes is with a horse owned by Melanie Brooks known as Jiminy Cricket The pair earned their first grand prix and FEI victory CSI2 in Del Mar last year This win was a monumental step in their journey together which started when Potter broke Jimmy as a young horse and brought him along in the Blenheim EquiSports Young Jumper divisions where they clinched a win in the Seven Year Old Young Jumper Championships in 2018 a sixth place finish in the Six Year Old Young Jumper Championships the year before and a close second place finish in the Five YearOld Young Jumper Championships in 2016 Potter has many Blenheim memories I have been showing at Blenheim shows for as long as I can remember I am pretty sure I won my first Junior Jumper classic there on Call Me in the Morning I won my first Futures Class on Montero and then about a year later I also won my first Grand Prix on Montero Keri Potter and Jiminy Cricket Grand Prix of Showpark Captured Moment Photography 218 TCE TheCompetitiveEquestrian march april 2020

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Keri Potter and Jiminy Cricket Captured Moment Photography Keri Potter and Jiminy Cricket Grand Prix of Showpark Captured Moment Photography TCE TheCompetitiveEquestrian march april 2020 219

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Jamie Sailor and Flashdance Captured Moment Photography Jaime Sailor Jamie Sailor is also known for developing horses through the Young Hunter and Young Jumper divisions In her role as Assistant Trainer at Mike Edrick Stables where she was a student before turning professional she adapts to the individual needs of each horse in order to help them reach their full potential Sailor and Feyln Farms Flashdance won the Five Year Old Young Jumper Championships in 2015 and also earned a win on the 2018 FEI CSI 3 Bronze Tour at Blenheim EquiSports in 2018 Not new to the winners circle or to competing at Blenheim Sailor shared a memorable indoor experience from her younger years My first win at a Blenheim show was a special one It was my first time at The Las Vegas National in 2006 We brought my horse What About Bob aka Bob whom my mom and I had basically rescued I had only done a few Children s Jumpers classes that year with another horse but had never taken Bob to an A show He lived at home with us The pressure was on since Mike Edrick my trainer then and now boss wasn t impressed with him with the few lessons I had taken on him Then I won two of the Children s Jumper classes that week These are the stories that bring a smile warm your heart and inspire you to reach for the stars The grass fields and ocean breezes of San Juan Capistrano and Del Mar along with the indoor extravaganza of Las Vegas have set the stage for horses and riders to gain experience and earn accolades for more than two decades With the continued support of those who have grown up on these grounds as well as for those who are just beginning the journey Blenheim EquiSports offer pathways for everyone s success Jamie Sailor and Flashdance McCool

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HAMPTON CLASSIC hamptonclassic com hamptonclassic AU G 23 30

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The Equestrian World Returns to Las Vegas APRIL 15 19 2020 WorldCupLV WorldCupLasVegas com All session tickets on sale now