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Keeping It In The Family The Windy Hill Larry Mayfield 1 20m Horse and Hound Jumper Class Winners of the Windy Hill Larry Mayfield 1 20m Horse Hound Dakoda Mower on Dollar Nick Wells with Maddie Photo Alden Corrigan Media Laura Gerst Trainer and Owner of Windy Hill Equestrian and Dakoda Mower Head Trainer are delighted to not only be sponsors of their annual Windy Hill Larry Mayfield 1 20m Horse and Hound Jumper Class but participants entering five teams Laura Larry Mayfield s daughter and family selected Menlo Charity Horse Show to host this annual event in his memory Larry had been a lifetime exhibitor at MCHS and due to Larry s love for this iconic show the decision was made to run this fun and entertaining event that speaks to Larry s character Three generations of this equestrian family have consistently participated in and attended MCHS Larry himself his daughter Laura and granddaughter Natalie Laura and Dakota explained why Windy Hill Equestrian loves the event they introduced Everyone at our barn likes to take part This year we have multiple teams entered three will have Dakoda as the rider and Natalie Laura s daughter and Maeve Phelan will make up five teams They continued to introduce the hounds on their team Scooter is looking forward to his evening in the limelight and has been on a diet in the run up to the event and Maeve s terrier Billy is also one to watch out for he is really fast This jumping relay race in which the fastest time for the combined Horse Hound course completion wins A team of four consisting of horse and rider plus hound and

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handler complete a course of jumps first the horse and rider jump seven jumps on course they then quickly dismount and race to touch the hand of the hound handler who then races off with their hound to finish the course on foot over a set of smaller dog sized jumps Each team in turn complete the course with penalty points for a knock down or refusal the fastest time wins The Horse Hound a great class and at only a 1 20m Junior and Amateur riders can take part while family and friends can do the Hound leg of the relay It s nice to have the team and camaraderie aspect everyone plays a role and the class is growing every year Laura explained The grooms play a huge part they have to catch and calm the horse as the riders launch themselves from their horses to tag the dog handler a very entertaining part of the class The event is really fun and low key big dogs and little dogs children and adults we adore the event Sixteen teams took part in this year s event and racing around the course and pushing their speed limits to entertain the crowd The class certainly provided some great outtakes for the Menlo Charity Horse Show live streaming by Horse Network The winning team this year consisted of Dakoda Mower on Dollar owned by Kay Boissicat and Nick Wells with the wonderful dog Maddie Kay was delighted with Dollar s efforts in the ring He was amazing absolutely wonderful They were on fire and Dakoda rode him like the wind I only got Dollar in November last year Dakoda Mower Dollar Photo Alden Corrigan Media and he will be my future ride he is a real character and thinks he is a male model and his favorite pastime is pulling down jacket zippers and being a complete lap dog I am thrilled with the win exclaimed Dakoda It is very special for many reasons especially as the class is dedicated to the memory of Laura s father Larry Mayfield and the opportunity to compete with Dollar a great horse and a true competitor Dakoda also explained how he teamed up with their hound and handler partners Nick Wells is a longtime friend and last year s winner Robert Blanchette had Maddie on his team So I made him promise to team up with me this year Natalie Gerst made the evening s event a family affair by taking home the second place prize on her own Eviolita and supported by Michelle Louie and Bilbo Baggins Winning Hound Team Nick Wells Maddie Photo Alden Corrigan Media The Horse Hound Classic is not to be missed and this year you have the opportunity to watch the replay REPLAY

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Caroline Burke Firebreathing Rubber Ducky Photo Alden Corrigan Media Avery Glynn Dot Photo Alden Corrigan Media Watch The Windy Hill Larry Mayfield 1 20m Horse and Hound Jumper Classic Winning Round Natalie Gerst Eviolita Photo Alden Corrigan Media Presley Newton Anton Photo Alden Corrigan Media Tanna Seltzer Ziara LS Photo Alden Corrigan Media Most creative jumping style by dog and handler goes to Caroline Day Lily Photo Alden Corrigan Media PLEASE CLICK HERE TO ACCESS PRESS RELEASE IMAGES Photographs with photo credit to be given to Alden Corrigan Media