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It s A One Two Finish For Taylor Siebel In The 40 000 Stephen Silver Grand Prix Winner of the 40 000 Stephen Silver Grand Prix Taylor Siebel Photograph by Alden Corrigan Media Saturday was a special day at Menlo Charity Horse Show from the Leadline class to the 40 000 Stephen Silver Grand Prix there truly was something for everyone even a surprise marriage proposal In addition to a full day of equestrian competition two wonderful horses were celebrated and retired from competitive life Hunter Siebel s Hunter Pure Abundance and Rhys Farms Jumper Camerone Retirement Celebrations Menlo Charity Horse Show was delighted to celebrate the retirement of 17 year old Pure Abundance from competitive life Pure Abundance was adorned with a rose apple and carrot garland as Hunter led him onto the Grass Derby Field followed by Trainer Archie Cox and Stacey Siebel Pure Abundance was my Junior Hunter for six years and his barn name is Piper he has the biggest personality and we have had many accomplishments over the years We were Champion at Washington National Horse Show Capital Challenge and Reserve Champion at Devon with a score of 90 to name a few We were also successful at many Hunter Siebel Pure Abundance Photograph by Alden Corrigan Media

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Archie Cox Pure Abundance Hunter Stacey Siebel Photograph by Alden Corrigan Media California Shows He has just been amazing Hunter proudly stated An award will be presented to the Large Junior Hunter s 15 17 Champion in perpetuity at Menlo in memory of his retirement Piper will come back home with us and enjoy his time with our two older western horses and another couple of retirement horses He is going to enjoy his time living out in a paddock We chose Menlo for this moment as it is our home show and the last show we competed in together before I left for Stanford It is a perfect ending Pure Abundance retirement cookies Photograph by Alden Corrigan Media Pure Abundance s retirement garland Photograph by Alden Corrigan Media During a break in the 40 000 Stephen Silver Grand Prix another celebration took place the retirement of 15 yearold Camerone owned by Catherine Harvey of Rhys Farms Camerone unfortunately gained a rear suspensory injury in the middle of last year and after rehab and recovery instead of finding another job for him the decision was made to give back to the horse that had given so much by letting him retire to pasture Camerone will head to Oregon to his new home at Wild Turkey Farm Horse Show Manager Phil DeVita presenting owner Catherine Harvey with the retirement garland Photograph by Alden Corrigan Media

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me confidence I had to go in first in the second qualifier we had entered with Ben I had no worries going into the ring I knew we may have one or two down but we would safely get to the finish I will miss him a great deal he was such an amazing horse Camerone leaving the show ring for the last time Photograph by Alden Corrigan Media Lindsay Archer Camerone Photograph by Alden Corrigan Media Lindsay Archer explained passionately why this wonderful horse meant so much to her Ben is a wonderful horse and very stoic it was hard to find out that he was injured as he had never let us see even one bad step it was terrible learning that he had been covering up the injury he would never say no or let us see he was hurt but I think he had been for a little while We found out about the injury properly last September and he has been rehabbing and swimming since then he now gets to retire sound and healthy Ben is an incredible horse I have brought along some young horses to the grand prix level but they were inexpensive horses that I got the best out of them that I could they were never going grand prix horses When I got the opportunity to ride him and entered in our very first class and won and the first time we jumped a grand prix he won he is an incredible horse we were always on the same page He took me to jump in the World Cup Qualifiers in 2016 and he gave Camerone s retirement garland and saddle Photograph by Alden Corrigan Media

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Matt Lindsay Archer with Catherine Harvey Photograph by Alden Corrigan Media 40 000 Stephen Silver Grand Prix 2018 marks the second year that Stephen Silver has sponsored the 40 000 Grand Prix bearing his name Growing up in the area as a family we attended the Menlo Charity Horse Show since its founding says Stephen Silver Chairman and CEO of Stephen Silver the leading Silicon Valley jewelry and watch retailer in the Rosewood Sand Hill Hotel The show is part of the fabric of the community and like our business is committed to philanthropy in the area We have been a sponsor for eight years now and are delighted to have the opportunity again this year to sponsor the Grand Prix which has always been my favorite event Bernado Cabral set a beautiful jump off course on the grass jumper field The challenging seven fences took riders through a long gallop to a figure eight and a final gallop to the finish The jump off was all about risk and speed Out of the ten clear first rounds going through to the jump off Taylor Siebel put the pedal to the metal and took home the first place with Fellini 131 and second with Evidence both horses owned by Mountain Home Stables Taylor was 4th into the ring with Evidence and having only one double clear in front of her by Leslie Steele and Oh My Goodness riding a clean round and setting a strong time was imperative and a good strategic move to put pressure on the riders that would follow Taylor took full advantage of the long gallops between fences and skimmed the turns to set at time of 40 859 seconds The strategy paid off and the next three riders into the ring pushed on to try to beat the time however all took a rail and their effort was in vain Taylor then entered the ring with Fellini 131 her confident and forward ride allowed her to set a new target speed of 39 225 seconds that was not bested

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Winners of the 40 000 Stephen Silver Grand Prix Fellini 131 Taylor Siebel victory gallop Photograph by Alden Corrigan Media Don certainly enjoys brightening the summer for these young children as they begin their equestrian life and today was no different as the smiles on the young faces showed Fellini 131 Taylor Siebel Photograph by Alden Corrigan Media

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Stephen Silver representatives Siebel Family Trainer Dick Carvin Photograph by Alden Corrigan Media Fellini 131 Taylor Siebel Photograph by Alden Corrigan Media I am from Woodside and Menlo Charity Horse Show is my home event I am so I am very excited When I walked the course it looked like a fun course and I was looking forward to jumping it my horses and I have had a great year together so I was going into the ring feeling really confident and it all turned out well Both horses were amazing and went out there and did a great job as always they blew me away with their talent and how careful they were I ride with Meadow Grove Farms and Dick Carvin was here today helping me and Stephanie Simmons who helps me take care of the horse at home at Mountain Home Stables was also here helping me to prepare I want to thank my parents for always being supportive and helping me to have such a great riding career Taylor explained Evidence Taylor Siebel Photograph by Alden Corrigan Media

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Oh My Goodness Leslie Steele Photograph by Alden Corrigan Media Siebel Family Cheering Taylor on Photograph by Alden Corrigan Media She said YES Congratulations go to Jason Hogue and Courtney Pacheco the very first proposal to take place at MCHS Courtney was brought into the ring on false pretenses to see the scoreboard light up with Will You Marry Me as she turned Jason was there ready to get down on one knee and ask this big question I have been planning this for a while now and had a lot of help I love her with all my heart and I always will Jason said Courtney had no idea that this was going to happen least of all today at MCHS I thought it was a presentation for the horses and was thinking no way I had not done very well this week I cannot have won anything I was so shocked At the end of the day they were the biggest winners of the show PLEASE CLICK HERE TO ACCESS PRESS RELEASE IMAGES Photo Credit Alden Corrigan Media Courtney Pacheco said yes to Jason Hogue Photograph by Alden Corrigan Media