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COMPETITIVE EQUESTRIAN September October 2017 Issue 12 THE Indoors Edition Being John French How Guy Thomas is Guiding the Future The Cost of Taking Your Show on the Road

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OSPHOS clodronate injection Bisphosphonate For use in horses only Brief Summary For Full Prescribing Information see package insert CAUTION Federal USA law restricts this drug to use by or on the order of a licensed veterinarian DESCRIPTION Clodronate disodium is a non amino chlorocontaining bisphosphonate Chemically clodronate disodium is dichloromethylene diphosphonic acid disodium salt and is manufactured from the tetrahydrate form INDICATION For the control of clinical signs associated with navicular syndrome in horses CONTRAINDICATIONS Horses with hypersensitivity to clodronate disodium should not receive OSPHOS WARNINGS Do not use in horses intended for human consumption HUMAN WARNINGS Not for human use Keep this and all drugs out of the reach of children Consult a physician in case of accidental human exposure PRECAUTIONS As a class bisphosphonates may be associated with gastrointestinal and renal toxicity Sensitivity to drug associated adverse reactions varies with the individual patient Renal and gastrointestinal adverse reactions may be associated with plasma concentrations of the drug Bisphosphonates are excreted by the kidney therefore conditions causing renal impairment may increase plasma bisphosphonate concentrations resulting in an increased risk for adverse reactions Concurrent administration of other potentially nephrotoxic drugs should be approached with caution and renal function should be monitored Use of bisphosphonates in patients with conditions or diseases affecting renal function is not recommended Administration of bisphosphonates has been associated with abdominal pain colic discomfort and agitation in horses Clinical signs usually occur shortly after drug administration and may be associated with alterations in intestinal motility In horses treated with OSPHOS these clinical signs usually began within 2 hours of treatment Horses should be monitored for at least 2 hours following administration of OSPHOS Easily Administered OSPHOS controls the clinical signs associated with Navicular Syndrome via intramuscular injection Well Tolerated in clinical trials Proven Efficacy at 6 months post treatment No Reconstitution Required Learn more online www dechra us com www osphos com As with all drugs side effects may occur In field studies the most common side effects reported were signs of discomfort or nervousness colic and or pawing OSPHOS should not be used in pregnant or lactating mares or mares intended for breeding Use of OSPHOS in patients with conditions affecting renal function or mineral or electrolyte homeostasis is not recommended Refer to the prescribing information for complete details or visit www dechra us com or call 866 933 2472 CAUTION Federal law restricts this drug to use by or on the order of licensed veterinarian Freedom of Information Summary Original New Animal Drug Application NADA 141 427 for OSPHOS April 28 2014 Dechra Veterinary Products US and the Dechra D logo are registered trademarks of Dechra Pharmaceuticals PLC 2016 Dechra Ltd Bisphosphonates affect plasma concentrations of some minerals and electrolytes such as calcium magnesium and potassium immediately post treatment with effects lasting up to several hours Caution should be used when administering bisphosphonates to horses with conditions affecting mineral or electrolyte homeostasis e g hyperkalemic periodic paralysis hypocalcemia etc The safe use of OSPHOS has not been evaluated in horses less than 4 years of age The effect of bisphosphonates on the skeleton of growing horses has not been studied however bisphosphonates inhibit osteoclast activity which impacts bone turnover and may affect bone growth Bisphosphonates should not be used in pregnant or lactating mares or mares intended for breeding The safe use of OSPHOS has not been evaluated in breeding horses or pregnant or lactating mares Bisphosphonates are incorporated into the bone matrix from where they are gradually released over periods of months to years The extent of bisphosphonate incorporation into adult bone and hence the amount available for release back into the systemic circulation is directly related to the total dose and duration of bisphosphonate use Bisphosphonates have been shown to cause fetal developmental abnormalities in laboratory animals The uptake of bisphosphonates into fetal bone may be greater than into maternal bone creating a possible risk for skeletal or other abnormalities in the fetus Many drugs including bisphosphonates may be excreted in milk and may be absorbed by nursing animals Increased bone fragility has been observed in animals treated with bisphosphonates at high doses or for long periods of time Bisphosphonates inhibit bone resorption and decrease bone turnover which may lead to an inability to repair micro damage within the bone In humans atypical femur fractures have been reported in patients on long term bisphosphonate therapy however a causal relationship has not been established ADVERSE REACTIONS The most common adverse reactions reported in the field study were clinical signs of discomfort or nervousness colic and or pawing Other signs reported were lip licking yawning head shaking injection site swelling and hives pruritus Distributed by Dechra Veterinary Products 7015 College Boulevard Suite 525 Overland Park KS 66211 866 933 2472 2016 Dechra Ltd OSPHOS is a registered trademark of Dechra Ltd All rights reserved NADA 141 427 Approved by FDA

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J U S T LI S T ED EQ U E STRIAN PRO PE RTI E S H O M E S O N ACR E AG E CO U NTRY E STATE S STANWOOD 3 895 000 An unrivaled 40 acre equestrian estate with magnificent water island and Olympic views timeless design and exceptional beauty SINCE 1990 ENUMCLAW 1 649 000 Enumclaw country estate on shy 11 acres that has it all Stunning Rainier vistas lovely NW lodge style main residence caretakers home 10 000 square foot shop garage horse property FALL CITY 2 895 000 Resort living meets equestrian on 11 pristine acres Thoughtfully designed this landmark property offers the ultimate in fine country living includes a guest house and 6 stall barn ELLENSBURG 825 000 Ellensburg country estate features a 5 000 square foot custom home perfectly nestled onto 16 5 level and lush acres huge shop with mother in law apartment and outdoor arena ISSAQUAH 1 298 000 Country living with views of Squak Cougar mountains Stunning 6 48 level acres close to downtown Issaquah I 90 A terrific opportunity in an unbeatable location 206 650 3015 maria mariadanieli com mariadanieli com

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Now in USEF s Learning Center Concussion Safety Resources Did you know that only 25 of equestrians wear a helmet regularly A study released in Neurosurgical Focus in April 2016 documented sports related traumatic brain injuries between 2003 and 2012 They found that of the nearly 5 000 adult sports related TBIs equestrian sports made up over 45 of those hospital admissions In our Learning Center video brought to you by Charles Owen we sat down with Dr Lola Chambless an equestrian and assistant professor of neurosurgery at Vanderbilt University Medical Center to get the facts about concussions in equestrian sports In our video Chambless discusses why it is important to wear a helmet while participating in equestrian activities as the use of equestrian helmets can reduce the risk of TBI by about half She also explains what to do if an equestrian sustains a fall or a blow to the head and how to return to the sport after experiencing one of these head injuries She brings up the example of skiing and snowboarding and how over the past 15 years the increased use of helmets has resulted in a dramatic decrease in traumatic brain injury in those sports In addition to this exclusive video you ll also find a wealth of other resources in the Learning Center including information about concussion signs and concussion safety in sports and more Members of US Equestrian have access to watch this video and more than 40 others in the US Equestrian Learning Center at USequestrian org learn Log in to start learning more now or join at USequestrian org join usef Concussion Checklist It can happen to any equestrian a sudden spook a miscalculation at a jump or any bump on the head might cause a concussion Wearing an appropriate helmet can help prevent such an injury but it s important for everyone parents coaches barn mates and riders themselves to be aware of concussion s warning signs Here s a handy print and save reference list that can help you identify a possible concussion and take the appropriate actions What You Might Notice Can t recall events prior to or after a fall Appears dazed or stunned Whether buying or selling Forgets an instruction or is confused by an assignment Tenhulzen Real Estate is here for you Moves clumsily Answers questions slowly It takes an understanding of the dynamics Loses consciousness even briefly of a specialty horse property That s why Shows mood behavior or personality changes I d like to share my real estate equestrian and training background for finding the perfect fit By discussing property values selling points and preparing your home for sale we ll see a shorter time on the market greater value and best of all a seamless experience Space reserved for something What You Might Experience Headache or pressure in head Nausea or vomiting Balance problems or dizziness Double or blurred vision Sensitivity to light or noise Feeling sluggish hazy foggy or groggy Confusion or concentration memory problems Feeling down or not feeling right What You Should Do If you suspect someone has a concussion take the es an understanding of the dynamics of a specialty horse following steps rty That s why I d like to share my real estate equestrian Remove the rider from the horse and do not allow raining background to finding the perfect fit By discuss him her to remount roperty values selling points and preparing your home Ensure the person is evaluated by an appropriate le we ll see a shorter time on the market greater value It takes best of all a seamless experience Whether ther buying or an understanding of the dynamics of a specialty horse health care professional Do not attempt to judge property That s why I d like to share my real estate equestrian the injury s seriousness yourself g Tenhulzen Real Estate is here for you and training background to finding the perfect fit By discuss Allow the athlete to return to practice ing property values selling points and preparing your home or competition only with permission from the for sale we ll see a shorter time on the market greater value appropriate health care professional and best of all a seamless experience Whether ther buying or selling Tenhulzen Real Estate is here for you For more information please contact Kimberly Crouse Tenhulzen 206 409 0771 e Kimberly TenhulzenRE com www tenhulzenrealestate com 2 Tenhulzen Real Estate 11000 151st Avenue NE Redmond WA 98052 4 Concussion Resources Concussion Safety in Sport at USequestrian org CDC s Heads Up Concussion Resources Want articles like these delivered to your inbox every For more information week Sign up to receive US Equestrian s free digital please contact newsletter Equestrian Weekly On the USequestrian Kimberly Crouse Tenhulzen org home page hover your cursor over Network 206 409 0771 News then click Equestrian Weekly on the dropdown Kimberly TenhulzenRE com menu www tenhulzenrealestate com The Competitive Equestrian Flying Changes September October 2017

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Call Today to discuss your project and request a Free Catalog 866 844 2276 SPECIALTY LUMBER HORSE STALLS FENCING BARN DUTCH DOORS EQUINE HARDWARE LIGHTING ACCENTS FINANCING OPTIONS AVAILABLE 866 844 2276 www barnpros com store

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USHJA International Hunter Derby Program Enhancements Coming in 2018 Star System ranks derbies and Hunt and Go offers new twist on the traditional derby format At the 2017 USHJA International Hunter Derby Championship Welcome Party on Wednesday August 16 the USHJA announced that in 2018 the program which has played an integral role in revitalizing the Hunter discipline will be adding two new components a star ranking system and a new format option the Derby Hunt and Go We ve heard from members that they want to know what to expect from an International Hunter Derby said Ron Danta chair of the International Hunter Derby and Incentive Task Force The star system does just that It tells you what sort of course you can expect how high will the fences be how challenging will it be It isn t limited based on prize money though so you could easily have a 50 000 One Star International Hunter Derby We did this to provide flexibility to show managers to give their exhibitors what they want the remainder of the course may be higher and must offer a minimum of two high options set at 3 9 4 3 Managers are encouraged to allow competitors to hack and hand walk in the ring prior to the Classic Round Arenas must be a minimum of 28 000 square feet The competition will be judged by a minimum of two judges in separate places giving separate scores The new International Hunter Derby Star System is designed to categorize derbies into three levels starting at a One Star and going up to a Three Star Derby A Three Star Derby Classic Round will have at least 100 000 in prize money The Classic Round will have at least 20 percent of the course set at 3 9 while the remainder of the course may be higher and must offer four high options set at 4 4 9 The Three Star Handy Round must have at least 20 percent of the course set at 3 9 while the remainder of the course may be higher and must offer three to four high option fences set at 4 4 9 A One Star Derby will offer a minimum of 10 000 in prize money The Classic Round will have at least 40 percent of the course set at 3 6 while the remainder of the course may be higher and must offer a minimum of two high options set at 3 9 4 3 A OneStar Derby Handy Round must have at least 60 percent of the course set at 3 6 while 503 663 1515 ColumbiaEquine com Columbia Equine Hospital Technology Experience Compassion Columbia Equine Hospital offers a full range of ambulatory in clinic and referral services Your equine athlete or companion will receive quality care from our expert team at our state of the art equine hospital or at your farm We are please to announce that Christy Sandquist DVM will be joining our team this month Scott W Hansen DVM Megan Rioux Forker DVM CVA Greg Schmid DVM Christy Sandquist DVM David Klugh DVM FAVD 27841 SE Orient Dr Gresham OR 97080 6 A Two Star Derby will offer more than 10 000 in prize money The Classic Round will have at least 30 percent of the course set at 3 6 while the remainder of the course may be higher and must offer four high options set at 4 4 6 A Two Star Derby Handy Round must have at least 30 percent of the course set at 3 6 while the remainder of the course may be higher and must offer a minimum of three high options set at 4 4 6 For both Two and Three Star Derbies it is the sole discretion of the manager to permit hacking or hand walking in the ring and the competition arena must be a minimum of 33 600 square feet There will be a minimum of two judging panels each with two judges in separate places giving separate scores Also in 2018 exhibitors will have the opportunity to try the Derby Hunt and Go which offers riders the Derby experience in a shortened format The Hunt and Go concept is something the task force has talked about since the beginning and we re really eager to see it in place said Danta Again we really think about these programs from the manager s perspective so they can produce them in a way that works for their exhibitors In that vein we ve built flexibility into this concept and we look forward to it sparking new energy around the derbies which have been so beneficial to the Hunter discipline In the Hunt and Go exhibitors will complete a typical Classic Hunter Round and then immediately begin a Handy Hunter Round without exiting the arena Competition managers will have the option of adding an additional separate Handy Round which would bring the top 4 6 horses for a final round One of the biggest advantages with the Hunt and Go is that for horses or riders who haven t had an opportunity to the handy round maybe because they re young or new to the derbies they now get to try it out continued Danta It also adds a new level of excitement similar to a Power and Speed class in the Jumpers The Star System and Hunt and Go opportunities will be in effect for the 2018 competition year Click here for the updated 2018 Derby Specifications that provide more information about these new program elements The USHJA extends special thanks to the International Hunter Derby and Incentive Task Force for their leadership in guiding this program Ron Danta chair Colleen McQuay vice chair Jennifer Bliss Elizabeth Boyd Bob Brawley Thomas Brennan Tommi Clark John French Jenny Karazissis Jessie Lang Didi Mackenzie Quinn Partridge Peter Pletcher and Susan Schoellkopf Media Contact Megan Lacy 859 225 6723 mlacy ushja org The Competitive Equestrian Flying Changes September October 2017

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CONGRATULATIONS on your new horse Posie Clayton and Jennifer Siemens purchased the small pony Posie from Joey Pedroni Stables in Petaluma CA Their daughter Zoey will train with Goin Places Riding School in Sherwood OR Carolyn Goin and Joey Pedroni were agents for the sale Donar Donar a 9yo Holsteiner Gelding owned by Radhika Thekkath of Woodinville Wa has been leased to Avery Kalafatas of Ross Ca Beverly Jovais of Chestnut Hill LLC and John Turner and Quinn Partridge of Thumbs Up Farm were the agents on the lease Congratulations announcements are free to place Email message details to mail flyingchanges com or editor thecompetitiveequestrian com or Text Congrats and message to 503 317 4956 MEET OUR NEWEST EQUINE VETERINARIAN Dr Joseph Bergevin Some people were born to care for horses APRIL AD PLACED My grandpa s a vet my dad is a farrier and I grew up on a ranch in central Washington where I competed in high school and collegiate rodeos says Dr Bergevin So it s not surprising that he went on to graduate from veterinary school at Washington State University and did a yearlong equine internship focusing on lameness and surgery at the Texas Equine Hospital Now Dr Bergevin brings his expertise to Pilchuck Veterinary Hospital where he joins our team of equine specialists 360 568 3111 11308 92nd St SE Snohomish WA 98290 pilchuckvet com 8 ACCEPTING NEW FARRIER CLIENTS Over 10 years of experience including work with Dr Mark Revenaugh DVM Apprenticed with Joe McKee Dedicated to ongoing education References available 503 830 9580 Wilsonville Oregon The Competitive Equestrian Flying Changes September October 2017

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Back Problems for You Your Horse Back on Track Back Braces Saddle Pads can help both horses AND riders enjoy a more comfortable ride using Welltex Fabric Back on Track has two Back Brace models to suit your specific needs while helping tight back muscles These Braces not only provide support and compression where needed but they are created using our Therapeutic Welltex material a top product that can help manage pain increase mobility and recover from injury Back on Track Saddle Pads can help your horse s back muscles loosen relax and warm up quickly Many riders experience an increase in suppleness through the back and also report much better responsiveness Top riders worldwide use our Saddle Pads and remark at how much their horses movement has improved Wonderful for horses with cold or sore backs Try Back on Track NOW with a 30 day money back guarantee Visit www Backontrackproducts com to find a dealer near you USA www backontrackproducts com 1 888 758 9836 Canada www botcanada com 1 250 851 0191

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John French Alden Corrigan Media Being John French By Esther Hahn John French at home at Templeton Farm Alden Corrigan Media

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September October 2017 www TheCompetitiveEquestrian com 11

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T he name John French and the phrase Hunter champion are synonymous With a calm cool and collected riding style and buoyed by his uncanny ability to create precise and rhythmic rounds French has captured the title of World Champion Hunter Rider four times in his career and was the winner of the inaugural United States Hunter Jumper Association International Hunter Derby Finals in 2009 riding the flashy gray gelding Rumba As much as French holds court in the Hunter ring he also has extensive experience in international show jumping In the years 2003 and 2004 French competed on multiple FEI Nations Cup teams across Europe for the United States and at the FEI World Cup Jumping Final before being named as a second alternate for the 2004 Athens Olympics But beyond what he does in the saddle at his core French is a horseman He s the first one at the barn and the last one to leave And during his 35 years and counting in the industry he s never shied away from the challenge of change His most recent leap of faith in himself and in his horsemanship has led him to relocate his Waldenbrook Farm from Woodside California to Templeton a few hours south on Highway 101 John French and Millenium 2004 Olympic Trials on Millennium by Zuma Press Inc I m not sure if I have more than five years of showing left French said Probably in five years I ll still be riding but maybe not showing as much I want to start focusing on training an upand coming rider to ride for me and coaching I think it s difficult to do both That s why I want to do this for my next five years and enjoy finishing up my riding years The move signals a new era for French one that is focused on training and competing young horses and on buying and selling top talent It s seemingly the natural culmination for the East Coast native turned international competitor And just like his lofty gap distances to substantial Derby obstacles his next steps outside of the ring will surely be thrilling ones to watch Maryland beginnings French grew up in horse country in Maryland right around the Green Spring Valley where the Maryland Hunt Cup has operated for generations His father Bob was a schoolteacher and his mother Jill was a horse professional who would eventually manage the Columbia Horse Center in Columbia Maryland I think it was just riding cross country me and my dog and going on the trails French said in regards to how he fell in love with riding My dog would follow me over the jumps I d just ride over to my friend s house and we d go on a trail together Nowadays you don t just send your kids off he noted People are so afraid of something happening but back then my mom was just like Yeah go ahead And we were like 10 years old riding half an hour away We had so much freedom back then Although his mom taught lessons and took clients Fox Hunting Eventing and to a handful of shows French s A circuit experience in his junior years was limited Back then I didn t think so much about getting into my mental game and trying to get in the zone he revealed Back then I was sort of the underdog growing up so I was always out just trying to prove myself I think when you become a professional then there s more pressure people are paying you to do it and expecting you to do well That almost puts more pressure on you French felt the shift a when he turned 18 taking a gap year prior to attending college to try his hand at riding as a professional It wasn t soon after that he knew he wouldn t go back to school While his mother supported the decision his father a schoolteacher thought school was very important and would have liked French to have continued college But French followed his heart and when he launched his own business his father helped with the name referring to a favorite book Walden Pond My mother being from England had a very good work ethic said French She was very big on horsemanship because over in England to be a trainer you have to be certified The care and management of horses she taught me so much in that respect Big breaks When first trying his hand in the horse industry French showed a natural ability to develop prospects into champions When I was maybe 20 years old I had a horse and I called him Stanley he said My employer Sara Secor had bought him for only 500 because she wanted him to be this fancy Thorough

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bred s babysitter But then I saw that Stanley moved really well so I started riding him cross country and did some Hunter Trials with him Then I ended up showing him and he was the Virginia Horse Show Association s First Year Green Champion of the Year and he won the Zone Then I found someone to buy him when I moved to New Jersey and he was Second Year Champion in Zone 2 in the New York and New Jersey areas French s winning ways soon caught the attention of both Coasts and an opportunity soon came calling from Northern California Pat Warren and her Four Winds Farm were in search of a new trainer and she reached out to French I had the opportunity to work out of her barn for 14 years French revealed pinpointing the time as the turning point for his career Even when she moved to Arizona she left the barn but she said you could still stay here and run your business out of Four Winds Farm Rumba John French Tish Quirk She really gave me the opportunity to come out to California I had no plans of ever coming out here Right away she bought me a horse Even before I moved she bought me a horse and I was grand champion with her horse Double Big at Harrisburg She helped me jumpstart my career Thoroughbreds were the predominant breed in the Hunter Jumper disciplines at the time French was starting out on his own and when he moved to the Bay Area he rode another Thoroughbred Onwego from a fresh off the track horse to a winner at Indoors in the First Years And while the breed has changed from Thoroughbred to Warmblood French s favorite aspect to the business has remained the same That s what I like doing the most finding these ones he stated Sometimes maybe they ve already started or some of them haven t even done anything yet But I prefer that to buying the top one For me maybe it s how I grew up to make them up and turn them into something French applied the same model in his approach to the Show Jumping arena Interestingly French revealed his once in alifetime horse to be his Jumper Millennium because he was a horse that French started from the beginning In contrast the September October 2017 well known Rumba albeit a wonderful amazing horse had already found some prior success with rider Erin Duffy With Rumba it wasn t like a horse that I had started whereas Millennium I found him in the schooling Jumpers French explained I wasn t really doing the Jumpers I had done some as a junior but I hadn t really done Jumpers for a long time so for me to bring him along and to get as far as I did in the Jumper ring I felt as though I had a special connection with that horse A new domain As shown from French s foray into the Jumpers he s not afraid of change So while many others dream but never do he set out to make changes when his original model of a largely client based show barn was no longer his vision for his business The move is something I ve been wanting to do for a long time he said I wanted to move to a quieter area where I could have some horse property and just a little bit of a more relaxing area not only for me but for the horses as well I wanted to be able to spend more time training my own horses and to bring along horses for other people And the place where I am Templeton Farms really allows me to do that It s just a great place for really young horses with the arenas the trails and the www TheCompetitiveEquestrian com 13

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grass turnouts they can go out for hours each day It s beautiful in the Bay Area but people don t have the land it s too valuable I just wanted to find a place to bring along young horses French knew he needed to pivot after he realized that after long weeks on the road at shows he d return to his barn to then coach clients for the entirety of the days at home which wouldn t allow him the chance to ride his horses and to know them even better In other sports like basketball and football there s the coach and the people who play he said But the people who play aren t coaching at the same time Once you re not riding you learn so much as far as how to become a better coach It s when you can step away and that s what you re focusing on and I m looking forward to concentrating on that But I want a few more years of still riding To showcase an example of a master trainer French pointed to equestrian coach Bernie Traurig I have the most respect for him French said of Traurig He taught me the most He s the best trainer I ve ever worked with he s a real horseman He can not only ride Hunters he s an incredible Jumper rider did Eventing did dressage and now he s still dedicated to teaching and doing his EquestrianCoach com He s always trying to learn and so many times we would just watch videos and slow them down and look at a person s position and this part of the take off and this part he s just a master I must say Templeton Farms Alden Corrigan Media Taking from Traurig s page French also tries to constantly learn from his horses and from his fellow riders I m always watching people s different styles French said Even some of the up and coming riders like Tori Colvin and Augusta Iwasaki I am fascinated by the way Augusta rides and the calmness that she has I ll ask her what is she thinking about when she goes into the ring and the fact that she rides with no doubt in her mind no fear Last week her father told her to do some crazy turn in the handy and I was thinking I would never do that that looks crazy And she goes I ll give it a go When French was younger he would watch champion rider Patty Stovel He and his friends at the barn would also try to emulate top riders jumping styles Growing up we would imitate other riders as kids pretending to ride them I used to have the ability to copy other styles Who knows Maybe now some people are trying to copy my ducking on the side style he added laughing The French connection There s more to copy from French aside from his unique two point like his finesse at catch riding or his ability to coax a beautiful jump out of nearly any horse I think because even as a kid I grew up riding different horses at the barn he revealed as the basis for his catch riding skillfulness

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At the Columbia Horse Center there were like 80 horses there so if a boarder would have a horse I would ask if I could show it and I d see how far I could get with that horse It s fun for me to get on a horse and see how much I can figure out in a short amount of time he noted I ve ridden so many that I can get on one and think Oh this one feels like this other horse so I have to ride it like that horse Its kind of fun just playing around with it And when it comes to his signature gap distance to the jump French explained that he tries to leave a little longer to get a slow high jump Everyone says it s a fine line between brilliant and dangerous he said Sometimes you get the one that doesn t turn out so good It might take a while for a horse to get used to it but I sort of trust them that they re going to leave I don t get worried and hurry them After a while they re not worried either For all the years that French has held a front row seat to the Hunter industry he isn t one to skirt opportunities to give back to a sport that s given him fulfillment for his entire life I think everyone that s been in the industry for a while should give back to the industry and do a little bit of judging he said when asked about his recent licensing A lot of time there are judges that haven t been in the industry for a long time and they are judging It s good to have people who are current and are showing as judges I could sit there all day and it doesn t bore me Maybe it s because as a kid my mom would just take me to the show and she d be schooling all day and I d sit in the stands and try to count the last three strides You know One two three I just started judging but I want to do a little bit more Center Court John French Alden Corrigan Media French is also speaking with Linda Starkman the owner of the Paso Robles Horse Park about doing clinics for the kids in the area and supporting a U S Pony Club on the grounds The fact is that I ve been doing it for this long and I m still enjoying it it s something that I love to do he said about his life with horses Clean changes Approaching French can feel intimidating At a show he s hopping off one horse and onto another mentally preparing for his rounds ahead And when speaking with him he s soft spoken and thoughtful with his responses not afraid to take long pauses But it quickly becomes apparent that he has an incredible sense of humor and is a treasure of the industry s best kept stories and secrets He s also someone that realizes that while the biggest rush for him in riding comes after completing a clear round over a big course it is the challenge to his signature calm cool style that he finds rewarding September October 2017 The nerves before a Jumper round are a bit more than I m used to it s like Oh my gosh this is a little too hyper for me I have to get hyped up and go fast he said So while many would wonder why he would leave the international Jumper path or the client based show barn behind French makes it clear that he continues to live by the best advice he s ever received Try to find out what in life makes you happy When I first started my training business I would try so hard to make people happy I would want my clients to have the best possible day and if something went wrong it would really affect me I think I ve realized you can t make everyone happy But if you can find what makes you happy then everything transfers over Now happily settled in Central California alongside Carlos Sosa his partner of 16 years the couple is finding their next period of happiness by balancing life with the horses with along with enjoying so many places and things to do in their new area www TheCompetitiveEquestrian com 15

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Oakhurst EQUINE VETERINARY SERVICES SPORTS MEDICINE Lameness Pre Purchase Exams PRP IRAP Therapy Class IV Laser DIAGNOSTIC IMAGING Digital Ultrasound Digital Radiology SURGERY MEDICINE REPRODUCTION Mare Services Stallion Services Foaling 24 7 EMERGENCY CLINIC or FARM CALLS ONLINE PHARMACY SEMINARS PREVENTATIVE HEALTH FARM TOURS STALLION SHOWINGS 18715 NE Hwy 240 Newberg OR 97132 oakhurstequine com facebook com oakhurstequine 503 554 0227

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Unlock Your Horse s Potential HHA Laboratory Test Consultation with Veterinarian Corrective Customized Supplement HORSEHAIRANALYSIS COM

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a division of Parker General Insurance Donna and Joe Parker 800 321 5723 EQUINE INS com We are here to answer all of your equine insurance questions PROTECTION FOR THE EQUESTRIAN WHERE EVER YOU ARE Equine Mortality Equine Surgical and Major Medical Insurance Farm and Ranch Commercial Trainer Liability Care Custody Control Workers Compensation Over 50 years of experience providing protection when you need it the most

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Rebecca Bruce and Dollar Girl take the win in the 15 000 GGT Footing Grand Prix Shown from left Freddie Lopez Shane Lezcano Cynthia Brewster Keating of GGT Footing Dean Hendrickson for GGT Footing Dale Harvey West Palms Events and Rebecca Bruce on Dollar Girl Photo by Kristin Lee Photography Thank you to GGT Footing for sponsoring the Huntington Beach Grand Prix It s so exciting to have another win here Especially because we have GGT Footing at home and Tractor Dean takes such wonderful care of us Rebecca Bruce explained Thank you to my entire staff for all you do Lastly thank you to Justin Resnick for finding me Dollar Girl Rebecca Bruce and Dollar Girl take the win in the 15 000 GGT Footing Grand Prix Photo by Kristin Lee Photography GGT Footing Has Three Authorized Arena Consultants and Builders in California Tractor Dean Hendrickson Dave Martin and Danny Austin Accept NO IMITATIONS Call Cynthia Brewster Keating 864 804 8664 Follow Us On Facebook Twitter and Instagram ggt_footing

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MCHS awards committee volunteer Archie Cox trainer of Skyhawk Center Court and owner Kristen Hiller Laura Wasserman with her horse Sky Hawk Dr Darryl K Hoffman MCHS Co Chair Wendy Baum and John French Menlo Charity Horse Show 2107 Gallery Photographs by Drew Altizer and Alden Corrigan Media

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Robert Blanchette s lap of honor included the entire hound course High five for Kristin Hardin in what are sure to be her new lucky boots Mountain Home Stables Sponsor Tent centerpieces A O 18 35 Zone 10 Chamption Catalyst Reserve Belgravia owned and ridden by Lindsay Maxwell R with Jamie Taylor C and Archie Cox L

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Crystal Image Farms Acadamy Award Ann Turley Adams head to the ring Winner of the 2 500 DeLeon Realty Inc 3 3 Junior Hunter Classic Presented by DeLeon Realty Inc Quriosity Aya Clear 24 Just Sayin Mark Miness www TheCompetitiveEquestrian com September October 2017

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Champion Small Pony Hunter Buzzworthy Shiloh Roseboom celebrating in the Pony Palooza tent Mountain Home Stables Sponsor Tent Kaitlyn Van Konynenburg Champion 3 3 Junior Hunter 17 Under Back In Business Avery Glynn Lindsey Maxwell Archie Cox MCHS Championship director s chairs

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Guy Thomas and Peterbilt Baranus Jamie Taylor 26 Winner of the 5 000 China Blue Farm 3 6 AO Classic Brave Jacqueline Attwood Dupont www TheCompetitiveEquestrian com September October 2017

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Winner of the 40 000 Stephen Silver Grand Prix Firestone S Kristin Hardin Winner of the 10 000 Rhys Vineyards Ryman Memorial Speed Class Risk It Carol Right with class sponsor Catherine Harvey L and Menlo Co Chair Suzanne Rischman R September October 2017 www TheCompetitiveEquestrian com 27

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Hunter Siebel Boss receiving The Widget Perpetual Trophy from Lindsay Maxwell Skyhawk Owner Laura Wasserman Green Conformation 3 6 Zone 10 Reserve Champion Grand Hunter Champion Virtue Carleton Brooks L with Green Conformation 3 6 Zone 10 Champion Mallory Square Lexi Wedemeyer R Menlo Charity Horse Show Co Founder and Executive Director Betsy Glikbarg at the Jazz Nigh Gala benefiting Vista Center for the Blind and Visually Impaired

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Congratulations to Sydney Shelby At the HMI Equestrian Classic in Sonoma California Sydney Shelby with Colt 45 and Galileo had a break through performance Thank you Cassie Belmont from Belmont Training Stables Colt 45 owner Cody Mahoney 1st 2 000 Children s Jumper Classic 1 10 1st 1 20 Jr Am Modified Jumpers Division Champion 1st 1 20 Jr Am Modified Jumpers Champion 1 20 mini Prix Almaden Farms Champion 1 10 Classic HMI Sonoma Champion 1 20 Jr Am modified jumpers HMI Sonoma Champion 1 20 Classic Menlo Charity Galileo 1st Dover Saddlery USEF Hunter 1st CPHA Medal 17 Under 3 6 1st CPHA Foundation JR AM 3 3

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Tempest Rain Sheet SRP 81 99 ShireTex 600 denier ripstop Waterproof breathable Available with 200G polyfill Quality hardware Prints Sheep and Horse Sheep Print Horse Print shop shiresequestrian com C D S C e l e b r a t e s 5 0 Ye a r s CDS 50th Anniversary Championship Show and USDF Region 7 Finals Breeders Championship September 21 24 2017 Murieta Equestrian Center Rancho Murieta CA Come Celebrate 50 years of Inspiration Education and Passion This special Championship Show will offer all Horse of the Year classes CDS Young Horse Futurity and special anniversary celebrations parties games and tributes Join Us CDS has something for everyone Education Recognition Competition Amateurs Juniors Trainers TERRY MILLER PHOTO California Dressage Society www california dressage org

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Getting to Know KindredBio Through the Eyes of Co Founder Denise Bevers D enise Bevers is the Co Founder and Chief Operating Officer of KindredBio and an expert in clinical operations medical affairs and scientific communications Denise has over 25 years of pharmaceutical and research experience and has managed dozens of products and development programs from Phase I through Phase IV She was previously at Elan Pharmaceuticals Scripps Clinic and Research Foundation Quintiles and SkyePharma Most recently she was President and Founding Partner of SD Scientific a full service medical affairs and communications company In her spare time she and her husband Lon enjoy traveling music and theater Although in between horses at the moment they are pet parents to Betty a Border Collie and two rescue cats Gladys and Glover What is KindredBio At KindredBio our goal is to bring the very best science and medicine to our animal companions As one of the first veterinary biotech companies in the world we develop breakthrough medications for dogs cats and horses KindredBio s mission is to bring to our animal Denise Bevers KindredBio Founder and Chief Operating Officer Westway Studio family members the same kind of innovative breakthrough medicines that are available to humans Our core strategy is to leverage the billions of dollars that have been invested in human drug development by modifying improving and repurposing pre existing drugs and targets that have already proven to be safe and effective By doing so we believe that instead of the typical 5 to 10 success rate seen with new chemical entities in traditional drug development we can achieve a 50 to 70 success rate Who Is KindredBio Our core team is comprised of some of the top scientists and leaders in the industry For example our Chief Executive Officer Dr Richard Chin is a Harvard trained physician and Rhodes Scholar with a track record of almost a dozen drug approvals and over 50 Investigational New Drug applications to his credit Our Chief Scientific Officer and Executive Vice President of Regulatory Affairs and Quality Dr Steve Sundlof served as the Director of the Center for Veterinary Medicine at the FDA from 1994 to 2008 where he oversaw all veterinary products regulated by the FDA In addition Dr Hangjun Zhan Senior Vice President Biologics Research is a highly regarded protein biochemist and biophysicist with 20 years of drug discovery experience in the biotechnology industry Although our corporate headquarters are located in Burlingame California we hire for talent and not location making KindredBio very much a virtual company We have so many talented people on our team who are located across the country but come together as one cohesive unit because we are driven by our unified passion for developing the best medicines we can for our animal companions and that s due in large part because we are all animal lovers In fact many people on our team are lifelong equestrians including Jenna Hahn our Director of Sales and Marketing who is an avid showjumper Our Director of Veterinary Affairs Dr Valentine Williams DVM MS Diplomate ACVS practiced as a board certified equine surgeon and she and her daughters are very active in showing American Paint Horses She played a key role in bringing TILDREN tiludronate disodium to the market while at Ceva Animal Health Then we have Dr Melinda Poole O Banion DVM an equine internal medicine residency trained specialist who is our Senior Director of Clinical Development and Regulatory Affairs she is both a horse and dog enthusiast she breeds Miniature Australian Shepherds and American Quarter Horses While at Dechra she led the efforts to bring OSPHOS clodronate injection to the market prior to joining KindredBio She also led the development efforts for PRASCEND pergolide mesylate for horses with PPID Why Did You See a Need for KindredBio in the Animal Space Richard and I founded the company because we saw a tremendous similarity between the fields of veterinary medicine and human medicine Drugs that work in humans nearly always work in animals with modification Our pipeline is not limited to only developing blockbuster drugs We re looking to fulfill unmet needs for the veterinarians who treat our dogs cats and horses Our unique approach to drug development allows us to have an expedited efficient approach to the process that saves an extraordinary amount of time and money versus the traditional drug development approach found in human medicine making a very attractive fit in the marketplace

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have limitations Have you ever tried to get a sick cat to eat a pill It s a challenging situation at best Additionally we have a deep pipeline of approximately 20 drugs and biologics under development for dogs cats and horses We are very focused in categories like Equine Gastric Ulcer Syndrome EGUS that affect approximately 90 of racehorses 60 80 of competition horses and 50 of pleasure horses and Equine Metabolic Syndrome EMS that acts much like diabetes in horses and can cause laminitis How Do You Support the Horse Industry We believe very strongly in supporting the veterinarians who care for our best friends We are committed not only in constantly asking them what they need and trying to figure out how to meet it but by supporting their associations such as AAEP American Association of Equine Practitioners and ISELP International Society of Equine Locomotor Pathology These associations are critical to providing the best research and education for our veterinarians In the past year or so we ve also partnered as a sponsor for many of the leading horse shows and equine venues in the country including the World Cup Showjumping Dressage finals in Omaha where we sponsored the on site veterinary hospital Boosting these types of events is our way of giving back to the industry at large and trying to specifically support the veterinarians who ensure that these high level athletes get the specialized care that they need Most recently we were one of the sponsors of the Rolex Central Park Horse Show This event allowed us to partner in such a unique way supporting the different disciplines and top horses from all over the world helping to educate the general public about horses and bringing some focus to our beloved pets all in the beautiful setting of Central Park in New York City Jenna Hahn Director of Sales and Marketing ESI Photography What s in the Pipeline We have two drugs currently under review with the FDA ZIMETATM dipyrone injection comes straight from hearing our equine veterinary partners in the field loudly and clearly Many people are familiar with the use of dipyrone for control of fever in horses as it s widely used in Europe But our equine veterinarians in the US are without this drug unless they have it compounded which can bring about issues with quality and consistency So we developed it as an IV formulation as a direct response to their needs MIRATAZTM mirtazapine transdermal ointment is one of our products made for our feline companions There are no approved veterinary drugs to manage weight loss in cats despite millions of cats needing treatment per year Currently practitioners must rely on off label use of human oral mirtazapine or compounded mirtazapine both of which Valentine Williams DVM MS DACVS Director of Veterinary Affairs center Jeff Kirkbride Photography At the End of the Day KindredBio will Know You ve Made an Impact in the Animal Space When For the past several years our team has been working long and hard on developing these medicines all in the effort to make the best options available to the animals we love because we believe they deserve to have the same cutting edge treatments as people do When we see some of our efforts come to fruition and we can see those treatments helping to improve the lives of dogs cats and horses we ll know for certain we ve made a difference Melinda Poole O Banion DVM Senior Director of Clinical Development and Regulatory Affairs

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TOM MURRAYDRESSAGE Presents FALL DRESSAGE CLINIC FOR EVENTERS HUNTER JUMPERS DRESSAGE RIDERS Tom Murray is a 4 star Gold medal grand prix dressage rider He trains horses and riders from green to Grand Prix Viola Farm Indoor Arena Tom Murray Every second you are either schooling or unschooling your horse Proper flat work will improve any horse s performance George Morris Tom Murray November 4 5 Limited stabling available 175 2 sessions including lunch Auditing is free Email sydnyk2 sbcglobal net for application Viola Farm 28815 S Needy Rd Canby OR 97013 www tommurraydressage com Quality

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Sold North Star Farm renowned Pacific Northwest breeding and training facility and home to Judy Hedreen s Sylvan Farm breeders of Warmblood sport horses for over thirty years North Star Farm Congratulations Judy and thank you for trusting me with the sale And Congratulations to new owners the Klein Carroll family and best wishes in your future ventures Heather Heather Osgood 4th Generation Real Estate Broker Specializing in Equestrian Acreage Estates Across Washington Heather Osgood SothebysRealty com c 206 419 3459 Each Office Is Independently Owned And Operated

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Archie Cox s Brookway Stables set up Alden Corrigan Media E ach year a highly competitive group Californians make the pilgrimage to the East Coast for the Indoor Circuit to go head to head with arguably some of the best horses and riders in the country This bi coastal journey is dramatically different for the West Coast residents than showing on home turf in so many ways And the luxury of a home field advantage is a distant 3 000 miles away It takes a strategic game plan and a significantly larger financial commitment for Californians to attend these iconic events than the East Coast residents who are based closer to these big prestigious shows might imagine the spectacular weather at home to travel across the country with the likelihood of encountering the lightening thunder humidity and rain that most likely awaits them upon arrival That said there are no shows on the West Coast with the rich history and depth of quality found year after year at the Pennsylvania National Washington International or the National Horse Show particularly in the Hunter divisions and Equitation Finals Thus we must encourage our top riders and horses to go outside of their comfort zone and if financially possible strive to compete at the top levels at the most competitive horse shows in this country The first obstacle making it difficult to head East is the beautiful horse shows offering great prize money throughout the state to choose from It can be challenging to convince riders to leave Some may argue the biggest deterrent to heading East is the competition but in reality it takes a significant financial commitment to get there and then to stay there If you fly a horse round trip 38 www TheCompetitiveEquestrian com plus vanning to and from the plane into Harrisburg for example you re looking at around 10 000 per horse If you ship ground in box stalls you can expect to be in the 4 000 round trip range When deciding to spend that much on hauling most of us choose to stay multiple weeks We don t get to go back home on the off week instead we stay at a layover facility Most layovers average 50 day per horse for board then we add shavings feed trainer hotel groom hotel rental car laundry charges haul again etc and those are for non show weeks The cost of showing in California and on the East Coast is very similar but the extra expense of getting there and staying there is what makes it so difficult for so many to make the trip Once the decision is made to head East the scheduling nightmare begins Flights for horses grooms trainers students on a September October 2017

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The Cost of Taking Your Show on the Road A West Coaster s Perspective on Showing Back East By Hope Glynn weekly basis depending on what show we are at Rental cars for grooms rental cars for clients rental cars for trainers there is no one who has the luxury of driving there from home and having their own vehicle Assistants and some of the riders stay the entire time but many trainers fly home in between to help clients at home and to see family which requires weekly flights for many of us Our horses have special needs too Hay has to be pre ordered to be shipped in to the shows as many horses out West are used to timothy grass hay and it is hard to come by on the East Coast The horses have to get prepared to get used to the difference in climate change Trainers start introducing electrolytes fluids and immunity boosters before departure Getting the riders prepared both mentally September October 2017 and physically is another integral part of the trip Riders have been encouraged to get fitter both on and off the horse They need to get to the show a day earlier than they normally do in California based on the specified schooling sessions often in the middle of the night at the one ring indoor shows Add to that night classes creating pressure cooker situations that might cause anxiety that California Hunter and Equitation riders normally don t normally experience while showing against their friends and peers on the West Coast Getting the horses and riders prepared Indoors takes a great deal of work at home from the rider horse trainer grooms and assistants no matter what Coast you live on The trip East from the West Coast does in my opinion create an immense amount of extra planning and financial strain above what most people living on the East Coast realize when they ask me why I don t come East every year Yet never on the West Coast do you get the rush of showing at night in a ring where the pressure and elation is felt like putting in a great round in a medal finals with 150 people or cheering on your team while meeting riders from all across the country and the world who share your passion for riding and horses We West Coasters still need to go East to get those experiences I wish all my horses and riders could experience it at www TheCompetitiveEquestrian com Hope Glynn Alden Corrigan Media least once but it is financially unrealistic Yet whether you can get to any of the other East Coast Fall shows on horseback come and watch in the stands or online because ours is a thrilling sport to watch and be involved in and there is nothing like the feeling of putting it all together at one of these venues 39

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1296 Diamond Mountain Rd Calistoga CA 707 396 7860 diamond mountain stables com Welcome to the DMS team Haley Schwab 2013 PCHA Grand Prix Rookie of the Year 2 time Zone 10 Young Rider Team Silver Medal Graduate of the University of Chicago DMS is based in the destination location of world famous Calistoga the heart of wine country We feature a tight knit group of clients who share tremendous camaraderie and success at all levels We would love to hear from you if you believe that you and your horse would be a valued addition to our team

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The cowboy calcutta Herm s awards and ribbons Winner of the 40 000 Wells Fargo Private Bank Grand Prix Samson II Zazou Hoffman 42 Herm s VIP table Cabana The Competitive Equestrian September 2017

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GIANT STEPS CHARITY CLASSIC GALLERY BY ALDEN CORRIGAN MEDIA Winners of the 20 000 USHJA International Hunter Derby Presented by the Lindemann Barnett Family Papillon Shelly Kerron Co Auctioneer Ned Glynn L R Lindsay Costigan s stand in Kenneth Vinther Zazou Hoffman September 2017 The Competitive Equestrian 43

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Cobalt Blue R Clara Bonomi Matias Fernandez C Hugh Mutch R will strip for charity Patrick Seaton L not so much Kylee Arbuckle Bert Kristin Hardin 44 The Competitive Equestrian September 2017

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Winners of the 10 000 USHJA National Hunter Derby Presented by Townsend Equestrian Spectacular Hugh Mutch Stella Wasserman is all smiles during an impromptu victory gallop jump September 2017 The Competitive Equestrian 45

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Giant Steps Charity Classic Fun Heavenly Patch Of Blue Shiloh Roseboom masters of the victory gallop jump 500 Chestnut Hill Pony Hunter Classic winner Stella Wasserman Spellbound R and 2nd place Avery Glynn and Headlines L Guess who s coming to dinner 46 Epic Mckenna Norris The Competitive Equestrian September 2017

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The Professionals are not above trophy shaming the JR AM s in the 5 000 HALTER Project Battle Keepsakes at Sonoma Horse Park Herm s by Ransome Rombauer Co Auctioneer Hope Glynn September 2017 The Competitive Equestrian 47

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FLIES BE GONE NEED HELP KEEPING THOSE FLIES AWAY VISIT US TODAY TO GET AN EXPERTS OPINION ON WHICH REPELLET IS RIGHT FOR YOUR HORSE 2637 12th Ct SW Olympia WA 98502 By Stacey Greenfield Stables Belgium Specialist in European Warmblood Sporthorses Sikorski A Professional Groom for 25 Years Trusted On site Equine Clipping Serving the Greater Puget Sound Area Body Clipping Trace Clipping Show Clipping Mane Pulling And More We sell Champions around the globe Hunters Jumpers Equitation Ponies 32 0 477 55 48 22 greenfieldstablesbelgium gmail com www greenfieldstables com All budgets All levels To schedule 425 501 5997 or eqclippingservices gmail com View Stacey s work and learn more equineclipping com

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The 134th National Horse Show October 31 November 5 Kentucky Horse Park Save 20 on Tickets with code MARKEY NHS org tickets Saturday Nov 4 at 6 30pm 250 000 Longines FEI World CupTM Jumping Lexington featuring family friendly entertainment and a special Man O War Celebration NHS 5k benefiting the UK Markey Cancer Foundation ASPCA Maclay Championships Hunter and Jumper competitions all week

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Laura Graves Clinic Presented by the San Francisco Peninsula Chapter of the California Dressage Society at the Horse Park at Woodside Laura Graves 52 www TheCompetitiveEquestrian com September October 2017

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Miki Yang on Garden s Sam her mother Akiko Yamazaki Shadows light Laura Graves on Arento Photo Gallery by Alden Corrigan Media Laura Graves Office for the day The Horse Park at Woodside

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Under Laura Graves watchful eye Miki Yang Garden s Sam 54 Laura Graves on Celina Jennifer Shearer Arento Laura on Arento light on his feet literally www TheCompetitiveEquestrian com September October 2017

Page 61

That moment when all the pieces fall into place Laura Graves on Celina Jaclyn Pepper Cooper QLF Laura Graves Anja Pflanz Digby September October 2017 Tracey Hill Celina Lucie Bacon Bonnaroo www TheCompetitiveEquestrian com 55

Page 62

The 24th Capital Challenge Presented by World Equestrian Center September 29 October 8 2017 Show Place Arena Upper Marlboro Maryland Watch the Next Champions Rise to the Challenge 25 000 Green Hunter North American Championships 25 000 WCHR Professional Challenge Ariat National Adult Medal Finals THIS National Children s Medal Finals USHJA 3 3 Jumping Seat Medal Finals WCHR Challenge Classes 5 000 WCHR Pro Finals Watch it live or livestream capitalchallenge org Artwork by Sharon Lynn Campbell

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Top Competitors Meet at 2017 Washington International Horse Show By Sara Cook Jump Media A s the summer show season comes to a close the country s top trainers riders and horses prepare to descend on the nation s capital for the 59th annual Washington International Horse Show WIHS During WIHS running October 24 29 2017 horses will rule Verizon Center as competitors vie for the coveted championships coolers and cupcakes Among those in attendance at the esteemed event will be rising U S Show Jumping star Catherine Tyree sixth generation professional Maggie Jayne equitation hopeful Taylor St Jacques and first timer Baylee McKeever Catherine Tyree first competed at WIHS in the early 2000s and has returned nearly every year since The 23 year old has done it all at WIHS showing in the pony divisions children s jumper final junior hunters equitation and amateur owner jumper classes In 2015 Tyree stepped into the Open Jumper division and a year later she found herself winning the Open Jumper Accumulator aboard her new mount Bokai Speaking of why she faithfully attends Washington each year Tyree said The crowd gets really into the show whether they come for the gamblers choice the puissance or the grand prix Everyone is really supportive and you get the sense that everyone is really happy to be there You walk in the ring and it is a special feeling knowing that they come out to watch a sport that we all are really passionate about There is no better feeling than jumping clear in front of a crowd like that Catherine Tyree Enjoy Louis by Alden Corrigan Media Tyree s success has only continued in 2017 She made her FEI Nations Cup debut this past March in Wellington FL with an impressive double clear performance helping the U S Show Jumping Team secure the win Tyree again proved her merit as part of the victorious FEI Nations Cup team at CSIO 4 Langley This year I have felt more comfortable at this level explained Tyree and a little bit more confident when I do these bigger classes I have been lucky enough to have great horses throughout the years that have helped me learn along the way Anytime I go to a show my goal is to just do my best and make sure I am there 100 My horses give their heart every time we walk into the ring and show The least I can do is try to give them my all If Tyree s success thus far this year is any indicator she is definitely one to watch come October Another longtime competitor of WIHS Maggie Jayne hails from Our Day Farm in Elgin IL Our Day Farm is a family business for the Jaynes Alongside her parents Maggie and her siblings Charlie and Haylie Jayne Rolfe have long been competitive in the hunter jumper and equitation scene Charlie Jayne is now a fixture in U S show jumping and Jayne Rolfe 58 YOUR NEWS YOUR SPORT YOUR BUSINESS Francesca and Maggie Jayne Photo by Jump Media September 2017

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graduated from the University of Georgia with multiple varsity equestrian accolades Maggie Jayne has also won many titles at WIHS including Grand Hunter Champion in 2010 However this year Jayne will be returning solely as a trainer It has an electric feel said Jayne about WIHS You walk outside and you are in the city As a trainer the atmosphere still has that same cool feeling The big difference for me is that I am more in charge of the logistics for our barn Success at Washington really comes down to planning ahead and feeling fully prepared When asked about her favorite part of WIHS Jayne said We used to win those cupcakes and cakes and that was so cool It was awesome and no other shows do that It is just something fun to get excited about Cupcake enthusiasts will be happy to know that Georgetown Cupcakes is still a vital tradition of the show Taylor St Jacques may have had a late start in the equitation but she is set on making the most of her final year as a junior rider The Glen Allen VA native was still showing in the pony divisions when she started her equitation career in 2015 Two short years later St Jacques has proved herself as one to beat and is currently leading the WIHS Equitation standings WIHS holds a special place in St Jacques heart and she holds many fond memories from attending when she was young My earliest memory of Washington would be when I was little and went to watch St Jacques said I loved all the activities the show offers I remember when they would bring the mini ponies in close off the street and have a pony kissing booth pony rides and a horseless horse show I loved it as a kid It was not until 2013 that the talented junior first entered Verizon Center as an exhibitor St Jacques returned the following year to capture a second place ribbon in the WIHS Pony Equitation Final an achievement she proudly remembers Since then St Jacques started training with Andre Dignelli of Heritage Farm In 2016 riding Charisma she earned sixth place overall at the WIHS Equitation Final and was runner up at the ASPCA Maclay National Championship The pair further demonstrated their strong partnership by winning all the equitation classes at this year s Devon Horse Show St Jacques has the formidable goal of winning all four of the major equitation finals this fall and is especially keen to compete at WIHS Washington is in such a major city and there are lots of spectators that come and watch St Jacques said People that do not really understand horse shows are there cheering for you and are happy for you That makes you feel special and is really different from every other horse show When asked about the best advice Dignelli has given her St Jacques said He tells me You know you can do it He does not show his nerves and does not get excited he just stays really level headed That helps me stay less nervous as well In addition to showing in the equitation St Jacques will compete on her own Qantar Des Etisses in the High Junior Jumper division and hopes to catch ride in the junior hunters Another rider to watch at WIHS is Baylee McKeever Although she has never been to WIHS the 13 year old has grown up around the highest level of show jumping Her parents Erica Maggie Jayne photo by Jump Media Taylor St Jacques by Alden Corrigan Media

Page 66

and Lee McKeever have been a part of McLain Ward s team for more than 20 years After earning top placings and tricolor ribbons in the pony divisions throughout the 2017 Winter Equestrian Festival McKeever who trains with Heritage Farm is looking forward to competing in the pony divisions at WIHS I am really excited to walk around the city McKeever said I have driven through Washington D C before but this will be my first time ever competing I am excited to show Tantallon Co Captain in the large ponies and maybe another in the smalls or mediums Although she has never attended the show before McKeever enjoys hearing the stories her father returns home with and watching the costume class If I were doing the costume class I would dress up like a pig and the horse would be the mud she concluded McKeever along with hundreds of other riders from the pony divisions to the International Jumpers gather every October in the nation s capital to make WIHS one of the most special equestrian events in the world Baylee McKeever Patricia Griffith and Tantallon s Co Captain Courtesy of Erica McKeever The Washington International Horse Show returns to the heart of Washington D C October 24 29 2017 The event attracts more than 26 000 spectators annually as riders compete for prize money totaling more than half a million dollars For a complete schedule of events and more information please visit www wihs org EQUINE DEFENSE SYSTEM Quick dry High impact protection abrasion resistant strike pads Breathable cooling system Contoured superior t Durable lightweight exible shop shiresequestrian com 60 YOUR NEWS YOUR SPORT YOUR BUSINESS September 2017

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Lauren Hough and Ohlala 2017 Discovery Communications FEI CSI4 W USEF 6 JUMPERS USEF PREMIER HUNTERS TICKETS START AT 20 ALL NEW FOOTING

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The Best Kept Secret of the Northwest E By Corie Townsend ntrenched in the world of horses from a young age Judy Hedreen got the bug at the age of 6 Her parents had both grown up on farms with working horses so starting riding lessons wasn t that unusual for young Judy Watching the television series My Friend Flicka and Fury It was impossible not to be hooked she explains the scenes were beautiful and adventurous and I just fell in love with horses When she was old enough she enrolled in a Horsemastership course that was offered through Camp Fire Girls Judy studied anatomy conformation and classical riding taking advantage of an opportunity that few are presented with today She also began working at a stable in exchange for more time in the saddle hard to break into it That s something that I ve struggled with throughout my career Armed with a strategy and sticking to her goals Judy kept at it You never quit you just keep going In order to push through the glass ceiling and the skepticism she took the approach of a businesswoman You just have to build a better product and breed better horses In order to break into it I would give young riders horses that I thought were special to train and I was able to showcase them that way Judy Hedreen and George Williams accepting the 2005 USDF Horse of the Year Award for Coco Chanel SF Contucci Wendy SF Judy took a 10 year hiatus from horses during which she played semi professional Tennis and went to college at the University of Oregon Receiving her BS in Biology she delved into the lands of genetics and biostatistics Her interest in bloodlines found its early footing there Breeding really fascinated me I studied everything There were times when I could have told you the pedigree of every major horse in North America In her 20s Judy bought her first horse a Thoroughbred mare called Ambling Picture XX by And Behold XX I knew even then that I wanted to breed and that s why I bought a mare That mare followed me all over the country with my job and came with me when I finally landed in the Bay Area in 1980 Soon after I started looking for a stallion and I found that there were just 2 warmblood stallions in the Bay Area I went and saw this horse called Pik Solo and he was so elastic and beautiful that I bred her to him and that s how I ended up in Hanoverians Judy eventually made the move up to Washington making the long haul from there to California for inspections At her first inspection Judy brought 3 horses her 4 year old gelding was named Champion of the Riding Horse division a first step in a cascade of successes throughout her career as a breeder Her entrance into the world of breeding wasn t without obstacles As a woman in her field and one that wasn t riding on the circuit Judy wasn t taken seriously at first I wasn t competing so people didn t take me seriously I wasn t part of the in crowd and it was 62 Applying her background to the breeding program she started at Sylvan Farm Judy put together a business model One of the things I put right up front was that my goal was to produce an Olympic caliber horse I haven t done that yet but I ve gotten very close That s always been a goal of mine Looking back at the first moments when she felt she d truly made it as a breeder Judy laughs and says that there are 2 moments that really stand out for her The first one came in the early 1990s I bred a stallion named Agincourt who was an Abdullah son I really thought I was breeding good horses at the time but I m in the Northwest corner of the United States so I didn t know if they were really that competitive In 1994 I sent him to the Young Jumper Series at the Devon Horse Show and he was 4th overall We decided to send him to Florida and he competed successfully in the Preliminary Jumper division Then we sent him to a 100 Day Stallion Test and he was 2nd overall in jumping That was the first time I started to think that what we were doing was working The second moment came 10 years later sparked by a free jumping exhibition Judy was hosting At just 3 years old Far Star SF entered the ring and jumped higher than the sides of the arena walls Right then and there the guy representing the KWPN from Holland called his brother and said I have found you a horse They formed a partnership and shipped Far Star SF to Holland where he qualified for the 5 year old division of the FEI World Breeding Championships for Young Jumpers Laura Kraut representing the US and the American Hanoverian Society rode him September October 2017

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Far Star SF Far Star SF First Gotthard Pia Bianca competing at the WBFSH World Championship for Young Jumpers with Olympian Laura Kraut in the irons Photo Studio Temps de Poses 2003 Agincourt and Hap Hap Hansen piloting Agincourt Abdullah Pia Bianca the foundation stallion for Sylvan Farm Far Star SF ended up placing 24th out of 161 horses from around the world When they announced our names over the loudspeakers in Zangersheide Belgium I said yeah we re here Years later working alongside Volker Ehlers Judy formed the Jumper Breeding Program in North America We spent a couple of years going over every horse s pedigree in the Hanoverian database to pull out those horses whose pedigrees would conform to the rules of the German Hanoverian Verband Jumper Breeding program We went through thousands of pedigrees and in the end we pulled out 80 mares that could be the foundation of the program Humble but proud of the results Judy adds From my mare base 9 were accepted into the Breeding Program Outside of her own program Judy has also spent a large part of her career working with the governing bodies of the equestrian world In the late 1980s Judy was looking for a way to give back and she approached the American Hanoverian Society a then 2 person operation in California At this point in her career she had worked for 2 Fortune 500 companies and was highly skilled in organizational development I wanted to add my business background into the model so I went to the AHA with a presentation and they elected me into the Executive Director position I took the role up to Washington with me She also became involved with a number of organizations in the Northwest including Northwest Sport Horse Breeders and the Washington Hunter Jumper Association I like to give back I ve always given back Judy explains Over the course of her career she has filled roles across USEF and USDF spending 14 years as a USDF R Dressage Sport Horse breeding judge 10 years as a member of USDF Sport Horse Committee 10 years on the USHJA Breeder s Committee and worked on the USEF National Horse Identification SubCommittee September October 2017 SPS Cassandra SPS Cassandra Contender Wanderer with her filly at the Hanoverian Foal Championships in Verden Gemany The filly is now competing in the Grand Prix ring in the United States Offering up her perspective on the future of breeding in North America Judy explains It s a long term business and people have to look 10 years down the road In our program we always look at our 3 year olds and say are any one of these capable of going to the games And of those we think are capable we ask Can we get it to where it needs to be by those dates We re all too independent over here she continues Everybody needs to come together and the USEF and the USHJA need to really embrace the breeding community Two years ago I stood up at the annual meeting and I said If you don t start paying attention to the breeding community today 10 years from now you won t have the horses you need to go to the games You can t breed for tomorrow In July Judy made the decision to sell North Star Farm the training facility she owned in Arlington Washington She had become more involved in running a Strasser Woodenworks a high quality bathroom cabinet manufacturing company with her husband and decided that she needed to downsize With the exception of a few years Judy has juggled a career in business raising a daughter and running the training and breeding programs She has retained Sylvan Farm the sporthorse breeding facility she runs along with Michael Boggs in Snohomish Washington Despite having retired from breeding Judy can t stay away It s a passion it s my drug of choice It s been 4 years since a new Sylvan Farm foal has been born and Judy is eager to meet this next generation I just missed the babies so badly They re what I m the most passionate about and I just can t quit Having come so close to producing an Olympic caliber horse it s easy to understand why Judy can t quite call herself retired 63

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Pulling My Boots Back On Turning Professional By Haley Schwab When I hung up my riding boots in 2014 I embarked on an unparalleled college adventure at the University of Chicago It was a whirlwind 3 years that included challenging coursework writing and editing for the political review and exploring the vast city of Chicago Despite these wonderful opportunities I never felt the passion in Chicago the likes of which I experienced while I was involved in the horse world There s just nothing that compares with the thrill of competing the satisfaction of getting through to a young horse the challenge of coaching both horse and rider and the contentment of working with C H such exceptional animals I count myself among the lucky ones as I embark upon my professional career with horses competing coaching and developing horses as well as working in the retail hay business While I am young ambitious and optimistic I don t expect this to be an easy road Long work days weeks spent on the road and the expense of this endeavor are just some of the challenges all professionals in this industry face Despite this I truly cannot think of something that would be more fulfilling for me I treasure every moment that I get to spend with the horses Whether I am riding ground working or grooming I am conscious of the fact that each aspect of an interaction with a horse can contribute to their training and ultimately their success in the show ring The same can be said of coaching Teachable moments occur when one is mounted when the actual riding happens or when deep in discussion about philosophical schools M of thought There s nothing I love more than working to translate my own riding skills and experience in the Grand Prix ring to students of all levels and seeing them succeed E B K F A 64 My riding and coaching skills as well as the success I have in the show ring would not be possible without the support of Macella and Charlie The environment they have created at Diamond Mountain Stables is one in which competitive nature and a desire to win are channeled through demanding technical training of both horse and rider while maintaining an atmosphere of camaraderie and a deep appreciation for horses and the circumstances that allow all of us to enjoy their gifts Through this training process I am inspired to be my best self to maintain healthy eating habits and a high level of physical fitness and to strive for a sense of calm mental clarity in every aspect of my life The experiences I have had both in the horse world and outside of it have instilled in me exceptional gratitude for the chance to pursue this endeavor with a keen awareness of this training philosophy I am excited to share my passion for competing and coaching alongside Macella and Charlie and the ever expanding DMS gang September October 2017

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It s your way of life It s our business to protect it Equine Insurance Protecting your horse your farm your liability since 1982 Contact us today 800 526 1711 908 735 6362 www bluebridle com Mortality Medical Surgical Colic Farmowners Equine Liability Care Custody or Control Blue Bridle Insurance Agency Inc P O Box 27 Pittstown NJ 08867 3100 Bickford Ave Snohomish WA 98290 1 800 242 5367 New Used Living Quarters www BickfordTrailers com

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Remembering Lothar H Pinkers A fter years of service to his community his friends and family Dr Lothar H Pinkers died quietly in his home on July 4 2017 at the age of 85 Lothar was born in St Louis MO He was the only son of Lothar F Pinkus and Alma A Hermann later Margaret Lippman He graduated from Kirkwood High School and Washington University then medical school at Washington University To see Lothar only through his career as a doctor is too narrow a vision He never saw a problem he couldn t fix or opportunity that he didn t pick up He wore the additional hats of a square dance caller a teacher scout leader law maker equestrian builder landscaper printer handyman practical joker counselor husband and much beloved father We accept the opportunity to honor him with this tribute The first dream he carried was to have a community where he could make a difference Dr Pinkers is one of the founding doctors of Overlake Hospital in Bellevue WA After responding to a vehicle accident near his home and finding that ambulance drivers did not need medical training Dr Pinkers knew we could do better In the 1960 s he served as the physician for the City of Bellevue He opened his private practice in Bellevue WA in 1962 and began a journey that saw him work to bring emergency medicine to the state write and teach the first EMT curriculum at the Bellevue Community College and help design legislation to support and create trauma and emergency medical services standards His goal the best care anywhere He went on to Chair numerous state and King County committees on emergency medicine In Olympia he volunteered as Physician for a Day in the Legislative Health Clinic each session At Overlake Hospital Medical Center Dr Pinkers set up the first call system for doctors helped to form the first intensive care unit worked on two remodels of the emergency department and served as the chief of staff chief of surgery a board trustee and chairman of the hospital s building committee for the construction of the East and West wings In 2006 Lothar and his horse Sid rode down the Centerline for their USDF Centennial Ride A wonderful achievement after a lifetime of riding Never one to sit still for long in the 1990 s Lothar began horse riding lessons and joined the Lake Washington Saddle Club As a club member he ran horse shows and again saw opportunity to do better As President of the Horse Foundation of Washington and a Director and Board member for Equestrians Institute he jumped in to help craft legislation to support equine industries in Washington After joining the efforts of so many hard working volunteers in 2010 The Washington State Horse Park opened in Cle Elum Washington marking the culmination of so many dreams Lothar was on the Board of Directors promoting the horse park for many years In the early 2000 s Lothar resurrected one of the most beloved dressage shows in the PNW the Equestrians Institute E I Champagne Classic During this transition he helped a rag tag team of horse show management novices learn the ropes on what happens behind the scenes at USEF USDF recognized dressage shows He used a steady hand to guide many volunteers through the nuances of the USEF rulebook and went on to run multiple E I dressage The L Aperitif Champagne Classic and Beaujolais shows for many years In all things Lothar s passion and goal was to provide the best show experience possible for all competitors 66 Lothar and Sid In addition to the E I dressage shows Lothar was an active volunteer with Dressage Northwest a standalone non profit organization Lothar was also very involved in the organization of the USDF Region 6 and Northwest Dressage Championships shows Lothar was an active participant in USDF by attending many of their Conventions with an aim of representing the interests of the PNW In addition to his varied show management experience Lothar also became a Technical Delegate for USDF and traveled to many show locations in the US Lothar married Caroline Jane Nichols the love of his life and ever his partner in all adventures in 1954 and celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary shortly before her death in 2014 He is survived by his four children Art Margie Beth Christie Hammond Jerry and Diane Bill four grandchildren Kael Rowan Illum Jared Jon and Virginia and one great granddaughter Lila Lothar asked that no funeral be held The family will be planning a celebration in his honor after the close of the show season Donations may be made in Lothar s name at the Washington State Horse Park http www wahorsepark org p getinvolved 284 or Dressage NW http dressagenorthwest org September October 2017

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WOODBROOK HUNT CLUB 56th ANNUAL HUNTER TRIALS HUNTER PACE HUNTER TRIALS MORNING EVENTS 9 00 am Office opens at 8 00 am 1 JUNIOR WORKING HUNTERS UNDER SADDLE Walk trot canter on each rein May be asked to hand gallop Riders 17 yrs and under 2 JUNIOR HUNTER HACK Under saddle 2 or 3 fences no higher than 2 3 Riders 17 yrs and under 3 JUNIOR BRIDLE PATH HACK Under Saddle Walk trot canter halt and back Riders 17 yrs and under 4 JUNIOR WORKING HUNTERS Fences to approximately 2 6 Riders 17 yrs and under 5 JUNIOR HANDY HUNTERS Fences to approximately 2 6 May be asked to trot a fence as part of the course Riders 17 yrs and under 6 JUNIOR HOPEFUL HUNTERS Riders 10 yrs and under Lead Line Note Will be judged during Lunch Break LUNCH BREAK Note Afternoon classes will not start before 1 00 PM Entry 25 00 Entry 25 00 Entry 25 00 Entry 25 00 Entry 25 00 Entry 25 00 7 JUNIOR COSTUME Fancy Dress PARADE Riders 14 yrs and under Note Will be judged during Lunch Break Entry 15 00 8 FAMILY CLASS UNDER SADDLE Walk trot canter on each rein Members of an immediate family or multi generations Entry 25 00 9 WORKING HUNTERS PAIRS OVER FENCES 2 horses or ponies per team Short Course Team Entry 30 00 10 HUNT TEAMS OVER FENCES Three horses or ponies per team Short Course Team Entry 45 00 11 FIELD HUNTERS JOHN P BROOKS MFH MEMORIAL CLASS Class restricted to members of a recognized Hunt Open to both Jr and Sr Riders Fences to 3 6 with lower options May be asked to trot lower a jump crack whip Optional Entry 30 00 12 SENIOR WORKING HUNTERS UNDER SADDLE Walk trot canter on each rein May be asked to hand gallop Riders 18 yrs of age or older Entry 25 00 13 SENIOR BRIDLE PATH HACK Walk trot canter including extended trot hand gallop halt Riders 18 years of age or older Entry 25 00 14 SENIOR HUNTER HACK Open to ponies horses Under saddle class with 3 fences Riders 18 years of age or older ALTA RYAN MEMORIAL Perpetual Trophy for highest rider over 40 Entry 25 00 15 SENIOR WORKING HUNTERS Fences 2 0 to 3 0 Riders 18 years of age or older Entry 25 00 16 SENIOR HANDY HUNTERS Open to ponies horses Riders 18 years of age or older May be asked to trot a fence as part of the course Entry 25 00 DAY FEE FOR ALL CLASSES ABOVE ADULTS 150 JUNIORS 100 HUNTER PACE 10 00 am to 3 00 pm AND WILL RUN CONCURRENTLY WITH THE HUNTER TRIALS 3 5 mile course Jumps optional Teams of 2 3 or 4 riders Divisions First Flight Second Flight Hilltopper Flight Judged on nearest to the optimum time Entry per Team Member 30 00 Option 50 00 Entry fee includes a Capping Fee for the Opening Hunt For riders not participating in the Hunter Trials Classes WHC OPENING DAY HUNT SUNDAY OCTOBER 15th 2017 Tentative Date Non members are invited to ride to hounds on the Opening Day Hunt with the Woodbrook Hunt Club The Hunt will leave from the Woodbrook Hunt Club at 11 00 a m Capping fee for non members 50 00 Juniors 25 00 Note The Opening Hunt Capping fee is waived for participants of Hunter Trials WHC is a Drag Hunt and fences are optional Breakfast following Hunt 10 00 person Please visit our website at www woodbrookhuntclub com for additional information

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2017 Medal Finals Program Welcome to the OHJA s 2017 Medal Finals Riders throughout the year have competed in qualifying OHJA medal classes accumulating points to secure a place in this years Medal finals competition Riders will be tested in their horsemanship knowledge and riding skills The first phase of the medal finals will take place Friday September 1st All riders must complete the written exam Friday morning before their first round The written exam is worth a total of 10 points Their riding score from their first round combined with their written score will determine if they are in the top ten and invited back for round 2 Round 2 will take place Saturday afternoon September 2nd Please join us during and after the second phase for the OHJA BBQ and Fundraiser sponsored by Purina Tickets for the BBQ can be purchased in the show office All proceeds will go to OHJA Please check with the show office for the start times of these events The Oregon Hunter Jumper Association would like to take this opportunity to thank all of its sponsors including those that donated prizes It is because of the continued support from our community that the OHJA is able to continue its mission to bring together the equestrian community to insure sportsmanship and fair competition to encourage and promote public support of the equestrian community and to enhance the knowledge of equestrian competition I would like to give a big thank you to Team NW for hosting the OHJA medal finals and for their continued support of the organization On behalf of the OHJA board of directors we would like to congratulate all of our competitors and wish them the best of luck Sincerely Rebekah Swan OHJA President September 2017 OHJA MEDAL FINALS PROGRAM 2017 69

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Katie Nubel Sport Saddle Specialist Cell 206 883 7125 Email katie cwdsellier com 70 USA 1000 W Oak St Burbank CA 91506 OHJA MEDAL FINALS PROGRAM 2017 CWD Tel 818 859 7708 Email 2gsmademoiselle cwdsellier com September 2017

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MEDAL FINALS FAQs What is a Medal Class A medal class is an equitation class in which the rider competes to qualify for a medal final at the end of the year Who is Eligible to Compete in a Medal Class All OHJA junior or amateur members in good standing with the OHJA are eligible How are OHJA Medal Classes Conducted At least 3 riders must complete the course for the class to count toward the OHJA Medal Finals and for the medal to be awarded Riders in the Mini Medal classes compete over fences not to exceed 2 6 riders in the Children s and Adult Amateur Medal classes compete over fences not to exceed 3 and riders in the Junior Senior Medal classes compete over fences 3 6 in height There must be a ride off in each medal class between at least the top 2 riders with 4 recommended How do Riders Accumulate Medal Points Points are accumulated based upon a rider s placing in qualifying classes Ten points are awarded for 1st place 6 points for 2nd place 4 points for 3rd place 3 points for 4th place and 2 points for 5th place Riders who win Mini Medal and Children s Medal qualifying classes may continue to September 2017 compete until they accumulate 25 points and riders who win Adult Amateur and Junior Senior Medal classes may continue to compete until the Medal Finals Who is Eligible to Compete in OHJA Medal Finals To qualify for the OHJA Medal Finals a rider must accumulate at least 10 points during the show season However once entries close for the show holding the OHJA Medal Finals show management is allowed to invite up to 10 additional riders who have not accumulated 10 points starting with the highest point earners How are OHJA Medal Finals Conducted All riders in the OHJA Medal Finals compete in 1 round over fences and take a written test Scores from the 1st round and written test are combined to determine the top 10 finalists who then compete in a 2nd round of testing called a ride off In the Children s Adult Amateur and Junior Senior Medal Finals the ride off is over fences However in the Mini Medal Finals the ride off cannot include testing over fences it must be on the flat or the judge may ask the riders horsemanship questions Prizes are awarded through 10th place entries permitting OHJA MEDAL FINALS PROGRAM 2017 71

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BELIEVE THE HYPE Here s where it all starts Your favorites return for 2017 along with the much anticipated Calito Eight options endless possibilities WT LEAPFROG LioCalyon x Carthago Z LIOCALYON Liostro x Calypso II CROWN AFFAIR Cor de la Bryere x Capitol I CORUSCANT Connor x Cristo LAMARQUE Lansing x Lord Calando LIMONCELLO II Lorentin x Capitol I ACE Acobat II x Fernando I CALITO Calido I x Calato Not pictured SALITO Stakkato x Calido WIL DT U R K E Y FA R M C O M Photos by Mary Cornelius and Barb Ellison

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WIL S O N V I L L E O R E G O N 650 303 6747 barb ellison wildturkeyfarm com

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Isabella Gabriel Junior Senior Medal 2016 MEDAL WINNERS 2 Grace Speigel 3 Emily Perkins Karen Terry Adult Amateur Medal Marisa Zaludek Adult Mini Medal 2 Gerry Koonce 3 Kelly Mullane 2 Kim Larson Daiker 3 Jessica Gleason Lauren Pleasance Children s Medal Lily Sterling Junior Mini Medal 2 Erin Hansen 3 Anna Clark 2 Kaylyn McGrady 3 Alissa Crossland 74 OHJA MEDAL FINALS PROGRAM 2017 September 2017

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Beezie Madden 2013 World Cup Champion Champion s Choice 845 875 4438 VoltaireDesign com 97 1 4 0 4 5 29 6 PNWEQUINELAW COM o r eg o n a n d Wa s h i n gto n Horse sales leases and breeding Boarding training and riding instruction Risk assessment and management Ownership and registration Business entity formation governance taxation and employment Veterinary malpractice and negligence Horse and rider injuries Debt collection and creditors rights 76 OHJA MEDAL FINALS PROGRAM 2017 September 2017

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2016 MEDAL FINALS QUALIFIERS Junior Senior Medal Adult Amateur Medal Children s Medal Sophie Lang Grace Spiegal Megan Godsby Emma Glaunert Elois Farnsworth Aislinn Lamoreaux Reed Dinger Zoe Kim Maskell Emily Perkins Sonya Maxwell Jessica Gleason Emma Weirich Kim Larson Daiker Kelli Coelho Aslin Kreitz Kimberly MacKay Leah Lively Kelsey King Karen Terry Alexandra Zell Ann Lauzon Lindsay Knight Alena Horowitz Emma Clouser Cameron Brown Caitlyn Patel Kennedy Duke Josephine Harbottle Lauren Pleasance Kendall Thornburgh Joanna Downes Kaylyn McGrady Sophie Passadore Alissa Crossland Emily Stout Adult Mini Medal Kelly Mullane Allyson Bourke Gerry Koonce Joelle Tavan Shannon Strecker D Anza Freeland Bridget Barton Marisa Zaludek Katie George Junior Mini Medal Anna Clark Justine Donaldson Helen Lind Tessa Graham Natalie Jones Amelia Moore James Cole Zoe Stascausky Keely Williams Ella Cate Duke Lily Sterling Isabel Baker Anna Rochon Vivian Schuette Arwen Clemans Luna Lanis Kira Petrunin Kiana Oyama Ella Chedester Kendall Pongon Emily Stout Eliza Grant Victoria Bajtay Jordan Pierson Katie DeSpain Congratulations Best of Luck 2016 OHJA Medal Finalists Qualifiers as of August 1 2016 From business transactions to estate planning to litigation our lawyers help clients set the course for success Davis Wright Tremaine is a proud sponsor of the Oregon Hunter Jumper Association DAVIS WRIGHT TREMAINE Innovative Law Firm of the Year Anchorage Bellevue Los Angeles New York Portland San Francisco Seattle Shanghai Washington D C DWT COM September 2017 OHJA MEDAL FINALS PROGRAM 2017 77

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New Ford Transit Chassis with large tack changing room popular options Special launch price 68 999 TRAIL TREKA LIGHTWEIGHT Easy to tow with a car Prices from 11 000 Vision Horsebox Trail Treka NATIONWIDE DELIVERY 541 806 6333 sales LandDTrailers com www LandDTrailers com 78 OHJA MEDAL FINALS PROGRAM 2017 September 2017

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ARBOR GROVE EQUESTRIAN Best of luck to all 2017 Medal Finalists You re invited to visit the farm Discuss your equestrian goals Individualized Training Programs Outstanding care in a boutique environment Select quality horses available for in barn lease Pacman Joe Regan 7359 Highway 219 NE Woodburn OR 97071 Barn 503 981 1978 arborgroveequestrian gmail com rob perkins

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home of swan training The Swan Training Team Head Trainer Beka Swan Trainer Tracey Whelen Trainer Marybeth Grey Head Groom Jose Pepe Camarena Here to make your dreams come true Specializing in hunter jumper ponies equitation rehabilitation and sales Amenities 90 by 220 indoor 100 by 200 outdoor Pristine grand Prix field Eurocsior Access to hundred of acres of trails www swantraining net beka swantraining net CALL BEKA SWAN 503 349 0314

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Joelle Tavan and Miller Nash Graham Dunn are pleased to support the Oregon Hunter Jumper Association 503 224 5858 MILLERNASH COM APRIL AD PLACED Portland OR Seattle WA Vancouver WA Long Beach CA ACCEPTING NEW FARRIER CLIENTS Over 10 years of experience including work with Dr Mark Revenaugh DVM Apprenticed with Joe McKee Dedicated to ongoing education References available 503 830 9580 Wilsonville Oregon Good Luck from McDonald s Canby Clackamas Gladstone Happy Valley Molalla Sandy Silverton West Linn Wilsonville and Woodburn Ph Txt 503 307 1528 distration45 gmail com Troy Heath Certified Journeyman II All disciplines Hot Cold Corrective Theraputic Natural barefoot Vet referral work prescription consultation Haul ins welcome with appointment 22541 Hwy 47 Yamhill OR 97148 Family and Friends Thank You Pacific Crest Sporthorses 82 OHJA MEDAL FINALS PROGRAM 2017 September 2017

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IRIDEON RIDING WEAR ROECKL GLOVES toklat com Proud Sponsors of OHJA Medal Finals Some Day Farm Contact Catherine Cruger Kendall Enter Some Day Farm Bend Oregon www somedayfarmllc com 541 848 8519 or info somedayfarmllc com 84 Congratulations 2017 OHJA Medal Final Riders OHJA MEDAL FINALS PROGRAM 2017 September 2017

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ANIMAL HEALTH BARN EQUIPMENT PET GROOMING LIFESTYLE CLOTHING SPECIALTY EQUINE AUTO HARDWARE 18 Locations throughout Oregon Washington Find A Store Near You farmstore com THANK YOU FOR SUPPORTING THE 2017 MEDAL FINALS Working as hard as you do for your equine lifestyle

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Thank You TEAM NW for hosting the 2017 MEDAL FINALS Scott Wegner 503 319 9323 503 582 1006 www thesignpros com Dynamic Video LLC Capturing Memories one round at a time 503 701 6424 Videographer for the NW DynamicVideo com Founded in 1978 OHJA s purpose is to Promote the interest of owners and exhibitors by ensuring fair competition sportsmanship Help improve and develop the quality of hunters and jumpers within the state Bolster public support of the hunter jumper and hunt seat equitation industry Expand and enhance the image of equestrian competition Provide academic scholarships to accredited schools of higher education Financially support junior members competing at regional and national level events OHJA is a 501 c 3 non profit organization dedicated to the promotion of hunters jumpers and hunt seat equitation

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Stephanie Danhakl is Up For a Challenge By Emily Riden Jump Media W hen Stephanie Danhakl left the 2016 Capital Challenge Horse Show she went home to Boston with not just one tricolor ribbon but rather an impressive four after a clean sweep of the Amateur Owner 18 35 Hunter 3 3 and 3 6 division titles decided that she wanted to switch disciplines A family friend put Danhakl s parents in touch with Archie Cox now a highly successful and well known hunter jumper trainer who at the time was just starting his business and did not yet have many clients At any horse show it would have been a notable accomplishment but at the Capital Challenge Horse Show host to the World Championship Hunter Rider WCHR Finals and some of the nation s finest and most competitive hunter divisions it is particularly impressive Danhakl met with Cox and he watched her ride Shortly thereafter she had her first lesson with Cox who is based in Lake View Terrace CA But as with any notable success it did not happen overnight Learning the Ropes Danhakl originally of Pacific Palisades CA first started riding at the age of 12 taking dressage lessons from a small local barn Nobody in my family was really a horse person but I always really loved animals explained Danhakl now 30 I made my mom and dad turn our suburban household into sort of a barnyard with ducks and chicks and all different kinds of dogs and hamsters and guinea pigs and turtles My parents weren t too keen on my riding but we would go to the zoo and I d get to do pony rides That was my earliest exposure to horses While beginning to learn dressage Danhakl took note of the jumper riders also at the barn and attracted by the excitement of the jumpers My first lesson with him he said Jump the four stride I had never jumped before and I said What do you mean What s a four stride said Danhakl I didn t know what counting strides was Archie said Wait you ve jumped haven t you I explained that I had not and he said Oh we ve got a lot to learn From there Danhakl s hunter jumper education began While Danhakl got what some would consider a late start to her junior riding career Cox quickly helped get the young rider up to speed teaching her not only to ride but everything from care in the barn to parts of the horse often quizzing her on topics like types of bits In the saddle Cox deemed the 13 year old rider to be too old to be competing over the little jumps so with Cox s instruction Danhakl began competing in the 3 before moving up to the 3 6 the very next year While training with Cox Danhakl also made her very first visit to the Capital Challenge Horse Show competing in the Junior Hunter 15 and Under divisions Stephanie Danhakl and Golden Rule accept the Amateur Owner 18 35 Hunter 3 6 championship and the Grand Amateur Owner Hunter 3 6 championship awards from Troy Hendricks at the 2016 Capital Challenge Horse Show Photo by Shawn McMillen Photography

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Stephanie Danhakl and Golden Rule competing in the Amateur Owner Hunters at the 2014 Capital Challenge Horse Show in Upper Marlboro MD Photo by Shawn McMillen Photography Capital Challenge was one of my favorite shows as a junior said Danhakl who earned numerous Capital Challenge championships and at the 2004 Capital Challenge Horse Show Danhakl was named the WCHR Junior National Champion aboard Lifetime Continuing Excellence and Education Following her successful junior career Danhakl took nearly seven years off from riding to pursue academics completing both her undergraduate and Master s degrees in Art History at the University of Pennsylvania From there Danhakl spent a year working at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston before beginning her PhD in Art History at Boston University While Danhakl continued to advance her education she also felt the desire to return to riding and competing I had always wanted to stay involved in the horse world It worked out that I got back into it and it just snowballed a bit I have six horses that I show now and I really love it said Danhakl who resumed riding five years ago this time on the East Coast with Scott Stewart and Ken Berkley out of their River s Edge Farm in New Jersey Stewart has found all six of Danhakl s mounts for her including her 2016 Capital Challenge Horse Show Amateur Owner 18 35 Hunter 3 3 champion and reserve champion Quest and Enough Said as well as her Amateur Owner 18 35 Hunter 3 6 champion and reserve champion Golden Rule and First Light It is a winning line up of mounts that Danhakl rode to numerous victories throughout the 2016 indoor circuit in addition to her success at Capital Challenge However just prior to the start of her 2017 season the continuation of Danhakl s success in the show ring was put on hold A Bump in the Road The talented amateur planned to spend the beginning of her year competing at the Winter Equestrian Festival WEF in Wellington FL but Danhakl was not planning to begin showing until the second week of the 12 week circuit using the first week of the circuit instead for a ski trip Stephanie Danhakl and Quest at the 2016 Capital Challenge Horse Show Photo by Shawn McMillen Photography

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In a sweep of the Amateur Owner 18 35 Hunter divisions Danhakl rode Quest to the AmateurOwner 18 35 Hunter 3 3 championship the Amateur Owner 3 3 Hunter grand championship the EMO Best Amateur Owner 3 3 Trip of the Show award and the Best Amateur Owner 3 3 Hunter Rider award Photo by Jump Media During that trip a skiing accident left Danhakl with a broken left leg and a wrecked right knee requiring surgery to replace her ACL With both legs out of commission Danhakl was sidelined from riding not only for the 12 weeks of WEF but for more than four months The leg healed on its own but the knee I m still working through it explained Danhakl I m still strengthening it and getting my coordination back and my balance and all of that That was definitely a bummer I kept thinking I m going to show by the end of circuit I m going to do this I m going to do that Everyone said You can t I could barely walk so there was no way I was going to be jumping around The Devon Horse Show seemed like the most realistic goal to get back in the ring There was really no earlier week that I could have been showing Rising to the Challenge Danhakl not only got back in the ring at the Devon Horse Show in Devon PA she claimed the Amateur Owner 18 35 Hunter 3 3 reserve championship on Enough Said and the Amateur Owner 18 35 Hunter 3 6 reserve championship on First Light winning both the handy and the stakes class in the division THE ECO PURE CHOICE Devon was one of the best Devons that I ve had Danhakl said It was really exciting It was kind of a fairy tale horse show to just come back after not having shown in nine months and to win It was just a great comeback for me to be there and to do so well Now Danhakl has her sights set on another comeback this time returning to Capital Challenge as the defending Amateur Owner 18 35 champion in both the 3 3 and 3 6 divisions Having missed much of the show season and opportunities for qualifying points Danhakl anticipates Capital Challenge being her only indoor competition in 2017 Capital Challenge is really going to be what we ll work up to this year with my horses said Danhakl It s always very competitive which I like The divisions seem to be bigger than at any other horse show so it s always very exciting to go and to see some of my friends from California It s nice to have the national feel where people are coming from all over the country to compete there and bringing their top horses It s always one that I hope to do well at and am very excited in the weeks leading up to it CALL US 406 288 3000 INFO BIGSKYSHAVINGS COM WWW BIGSKYSHAVINGS COM 90 YOUR NEWS YOUR SPORT YOUR BUSINESS Look for Danhakl and her mounts competing in the Amateur Owner Hunters at the 2017 Capital Challenge Horse Show on Wednesday October 4 and Thursday October 5 and learn more about Capital Challenge running September 29 October 8 at the Prince George s Equestrian Center in Upper Marlboro MD at www capitalchallenge org September 2017

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My horse s eye has turned blue What s The Difference Between Uveitis Glaucoma and Corneal Ulcers By Dr Sylvia Ouellette of Oakhurst Equine Veterinary Services E ye problems can seem to occur overnight in the horse One day they are fine and the next they are squinting have a swollen eyelid and won t let you come near their head Eye problems are confusing as they can look similar when they happen ie swollen or blue discolored cloudy eye tearing and or squinting But the causes can be very different trauma or disease all with separate treatment options As a horse owner it is important to recognize that eye problems in the horse are true emergencies Without proper treatment many eye problems can go very badly in just 24 hours and may cause your horse to lose his eye Therefore getting an accurate diagnosis is extremely important as the treatments for these diseases can be quite opposite from one another One medication may mean sight in one case or it may cause blindness in another We as horse owners often have leftover medication from another horse but should you use it The immediate answer is NO Always consult your Veterinarian before administering any medication to your horse especially into their eyes PHOTO 1 This lens is luxated into the anterior chamber but the entire lens is filled with a cataract Note the whitish bluish color to it 92 Anatomy The top glassy surface of the eye is the cornea It is comprised of multiple layers of thin cells about 16 6 17 9mm thick It protects the eye and allows the tear film to spread across the eye evenly Additionally it allows light to enter the eye and aids in focusing When you look at the normal eye the cornea should be clear and glossy You should be able to see through the cornea to the iris and see the pupil and lens The anterior chamber is the clear chamber between the cornea and the lens iris It is normally clear and free of any floating debris The pupil is the opening the iris makes around the lens The lens is the clear round structure in the middle of the pupil that focuses the light to the back of the eye and retina The vitreous is the black gel between the lens and the retina And lastly the retina is the back surface of the eye that contains the rods and cones that form the image that the horse sees This information is transmitted to the brain via the optic nerve PHOTO 2 Ophthalmic exam with the direct ophthalmoscope The Exam When you see a discoloration of the eye the first step is to determine if the problem is in the cornea anterior chamber or lens A good ophthalmologic exam is necessary We start off examining the external eye is he painful Is the eye closed Is he tearing Is one eye larger than the other photo 1 The next step is to look at the cornea and into the eye In a painful horse sedation or nerve blocks may be necessary to open the eyelid and look in the eye Examination with an ophthalmoscope photo 2 is important to see into the eye to the vitreous and retina When the eye is very painful the pupil may be constricted and require medication to dilate the pupil so we can visualize the back of the eye Intraocular pressures can be taken to determine if the horse has a condition causing high or low pressures which will require completely different treatment protocols photo 3 If the front of the eye is too cloudy to see through then sometimes we can use ultrasound through the eyelid to determine if there is any damage to the PHOTO 3 Tonovet device to measure intraocular pressures The small white probe will bounce of the cornea to obtain the pressure Most horses tolerate this with without the need for sedation topical anesthetic or other forms of restraint YOUR NEWS YOUR SPORT YOUR BUSINESS PHOTO 4 Ultrasound image from a horse with a completely blue cornea preventing a thorough exam with an ophthalmoscope Yellow arrows point to a detached retina from the back of the eye This horse is non visual September 2017

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back of the eye see photo 4 of a horse with retinal detachment Ultrasound can be performed on a standing horse with or without sedation As you are scanning through the eyelid it is relatively simple and non painful We also use different stains to help us identify an ulcer on the surface of the cornea that may not be immediately evident The most common type of stain is fluroscein which will turn your horse s eye green Injuries and Disease Corneal ulcers this is damage to the outer layer of the eye Ulcers are very painful and horses will have their eye closed and you may see tearing or drainage There are many types of corneal ulcers and your Veterinarian should help to determine what kind how deep the ulcer is and what type of treatment it should receive A simple ulcer should heal within a few days You may see some blood vessels along the margins of the cornea reaching out to the ulcerated area this is a normal healing process photo 5 A melting ulcer is much more critical and can be caused by many different infectious agents including fungus These can be very difficult to treat and may need to have round the clock eye care to try to save the eye as these can progress to complete rupture photo 6 Indolent ulcers are an ulcer that does not respond to treatment does not take up stain when examined and doesn t heal These usually need to be treated with surgical debridement PHOTO 5 Central corneal ulcer with neovascularization blood vessels seen above the ulcer coming down across the cornea from above from the sclera white part of the eye September 2017 Treatment of ulcers consists of topical antibiotic Oral or topical pain relief and often atropine to dilate the eye as a constricted eye causes more pain Additionally other medications can be added to reduce inflammation and edema and promote healing A lot of these treatments will need to be administered many times a day For horses that resent medications being put in their eye multiple times daily there are devices that your Veterinarian can install under your horse s eyelid These are called subpalpebral lavage systems and are usually used in severe or hospitalized cases These allow you to administer the medications in a tube away from the eye but the medication will still be delivered to the eye in need Another disease that can cause excessive tearing pain squinting and a cloudy blue cornea is Uveitis photo 7 Uveitis is the leading cause of blindness in the horse Some are simple cases while others recur These are called Equine Recurrent Uveitis or ERU for short ERU typically has low intraocular pressures so checking the pressures during an eye exam is a good way to catch this early If there are no complicating factors such as a corneal ulcer treatment of choice includes corticosteroids or immunosuppressive drugs to counteract the inflammation This treatment may need to be followed for the life of the horse or as long as the ERU flairs up Since corticosteroids can exacerbate corneal ulcers one should always check for ulcers before PHOTO 6 Central cornea melting ulcer almost full thickness of the cornea Note the blue hue to the entire cornea commencing treatment for ERU if you notice pain squinting or tearing during a flair up One other disease that can cause pain squinting tearing and sometimes a cloudy blue cornea is glaucoma These horses tend to be very painful and may often times have an enlarged looking eye see photo 8 Trauma or even uveitis can lead to glaucoma Glaucoma is defined as an increased pressure in the eye Eventually if the pressure is not controlled this can lead to blindness There are a few medications both topical and oral that can control the pressure in your horse s eye Monitoring your horse s intraocular pressures often during treatment can determine a good dosing regimen to keep the glaucoma under control This may be a for life treatment once your horse develops this disease Some cases are difficult to get under control and surgical removal of the eye may be the only option for pain relief in these horses especially if they have already lost sight out of the eye There are many differing diseases that can all present alike when it comes to the eye in horses Have your Veterinarian out immediately if you notice them squinting tearing or having a color change to the cornea to prevent worsening of the problem Remember that eye problems are emergencies in the horse and should be looked at ASAP Please don t give just any medication found in your medicine box in the barn PHOTO 7 This horse has uveitis with low intraocular pressures It happened from trauma to the eye Note the bluish discoloration to the cornea YOUR NEWS YOUR SPORT YOUR BUSINESS PHOTO 8 This horse has glaucoma and increased intraocular pressure Note the mild bluish hue to the cornea but also note the general enlargement of the eye 93

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WestCoastKidsRock FEATURING FOUR WEST COAST RISING STARS By Jackie McFarland Gabrielle Sokolow I Stella Buckingham n the wake of the Solar Eclipse we thought it would be suitable to choose four rising stars that call the West Coast home Although they may be competing at Pony Finals in Lexington Medal Finals and Hunter classes at Indoors and U25 Finals in Las Vegas they devote long hours to barns in California and gain memorable miles showing on the fields and in the arenas of the Rancho Mission Viejo Riding Park and the Del Mar Horse Park the homes of Blenheim EquiSports events 94 Katherine Dash Emma Waldfogel Whether in the pony ring or taking to the tracks of their first regional grand prix classes the show circuit is a hub for amazing youth Our hats are off to all of you but for now meet these four stars who shine both in the saddle and out Gabrielle Sokolow Stella Buckingham Katherine Dash and Emma Waldfogel YOUR NEWS YOUR SPORT YOUR BUSINESS September 2017

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PONY RIDER Gabrielle Sokolow Gabrielle Sokolow who goes by Gabs was born in Bryn Mawr PA near Devon and lived in nearby Newtown Square until this summer when her family moved to Westlake Village CA She crossed the country with two large ponies Kingston and Everafter and now rides with Liz Reilly at Makoto Farms Going into 7th grade Sokolow loves history and horses She finished her 6th grade year sharing her passion for civil rights and women s rights in a public speaking contest with the topic Gender Equality and Why I am a Feminist In addition to wanting to be a professional rider when she grows up Sokolow wants to be a victim advocate and civil rights lawyer Between riding and moving from coast to coast Sokolow said she s had a fabulous year to date She earned enough championships to compete at Devon won a USHJA Pony Hunter Derby at Blenheim EquiSports and won ribbons at the prestigious Pony Finals in Lexington Though passionate about hunters and the success she s seen so far she has plans to venture into the equitation and jumper rings But no matter the discipline she likes in her words to be one with my horse The road to Sokolow s achievements began at age two when she sat on a pony for the first time An early ribbon winning memory signifies a special moment in the path she has taken My first blue ribbon was when my old trainer gave me one of hers when I mastered posting at the trot Sokolow recalled I also remember my first lead line blue ribbon on my favorite medium pony Luv U Too After almost a decade of riding in PA naturally Sokolow had some trepidation about starting at her new barn in CA My incredible trainer Elizabeth Reilly has helped me make this transition easier She helps me every step of the way and she is very encouraging Even though I miss all my riding friends on the East Coast I love all my new barn and riding friends in CA They are like a family to me Also involved in track at school and a singer songwriter Sokolow sets high goals not only for competition but for her future In the world of horses she has made her debut in the 3 3 Junior September 2017 Hunters and hopes to move to the 3 6 at the end of the year And of course she holds the iconic Devon Horse Show as a forever favorite that she d like to qualify for and return to year after year EQUITATION RIDER Stella Buckingham A Los Angeles native Stella Buckingham is a California girl Her family s QofE Farms owns two horses that she is working with and competing successfully on Luisant and Nom de Guerre She rides with Katie Gardner who also grew up competing successfully in Southern California Buckingham will forever be known as the first rider to have won the newly minted American Tradition of Excellence Equitation Challenge presented by Whitethorne and hosted by Blenheim EquiSports Well received over seventy entries participated in the competitive and educational opportunity but Buckingham s impressive move from 8th in the first round to 1st in the second gave her the edge she needed to remain on top in the work off and claim the inaugural title I can t express enough how much of a wonderful experience it was to be a part of the American Tradition of Excellence Equitation Challenge I was truly honored to have won such an important and meaningful class Buckingham explained before going on to note what the American Tradition of riding means to her I personally think that equitation is the most important discipline in this sport because I believe it is the best way to learn the fundamentals of horseback riding Buckingham is also a successful hunter rider She earned third place overall in the 2017 USEF Junior Hunter Championship West aboard Luisant I think the hunters are super fun because I love the style of the horses jump and I love the fact that it is harder than it looks to just gallop in the ring and show brilliance she said An 8th grader at Brentwood School Buckingham is a creative type and loves art Her attention to detail serves her well in the world of horses where she values her accomplishments outside the show ring as well as those within I think that being a horseman or just spending time with your horse is very important so I try and learn as much as I can about horses YOUR NEWS YOUR SPORT YOUR BUSINESS equipment etc and I feel as if I have gained more knowledge this year Buckingham s time in the saddle began at age four on a very naughty pony named Owen Her show ring debut was memorable My first blue ribbon was in a lead line class at the Flintridge Horse Show on a pony named Thumbelina Carleton Brooks led me to my victory Certainly on an upward trajectory Buckingham has goals of placing well in the Big Eq Finals both nationally and regionally to increase her knowledge of the sport and to then go even bigger Hopefully one day I will make the Olympic team she said That is my dream that I am trying to reach everyday JUNIOR HUNTER Katherine Dash A recent graduate of University Prep High School in Seattle seventeenyear old Katherine Dash has shown tremendous commitment to her sport Born and raised in Bellevue WA Dash begged her parents to allow her to commute from WA to CA in order to ride with her current trainer Archie Cox With a promise of good grades they acquiesced three years ago and Dash has continued to prove her ability to achieve in and out of the saddle since then At first with Cox pushing her outside her comfort zone and teachers pressuring her to maintain her high academic standards Dash questioned her decision She can now say though that the hard work has payed off In spite of missing 105 days of high school and attending countless Skype sessions with my tutors it was well worth it Archie taught me to be gritty When I would hit a roadblock in the irons he would tell me to dig in and try harder Although I hated it initially it has changed my mindset immeasurably as an equestrian and student she said Though fond of all subjects in the classroom Dash is more mathematically inclined I love that there is always a definitive answer she explained In the show ring Dash is excelling in her last junior year She rode Everglow to the championship in the Large Junior Hunters 16 17 at the USEF Junior Hunter Championship West Aboard Need I Say she 95

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PULL ON BREECHES earned a third in the American Tradition of Excellence Equitation Challenge and a fourth in the USHJA Hunterdon Cup Equitation Classic West Introduced to horses by her mom who is an avid equestrian Dash had a pony named Starbright from an early age but was afraid to canter Even after winning her first blue in walk trot she didn t fully catch the horse bug until she turned twelve Fast forward a few years and now she s a star at Cox s Brookway Stables Initially draw to the hunters Dash has since expanded her horizons to embrace all three disciplines I ve always been passionate about the hunters but started doing the equitation and jumpers a few years ago to make me a bolder hunter rider I ve come to appreciate the different skills each discipline teaches she said I love that the hunters reward softness and synchronicity with your horse Plus nothing is better than a hunter who jumps in great technique But with details from the equitation and grit from the jumpers Dash has grown as a rider I believe learning to do each has ultimately made me more successful as I have more tools in my toolbox that I can use without even thinking At the end of the 2017 season when Dash turns amateur she is going to turn her focus to the jumper arena Taking all she s garnered in the other disciplines she is ready for bigger jumps and a bolder pace in more ways than one YOUNG RIDER Emma Waldfogel 39 00 topped the professionals with an International Hunter Derby win at Showpark and riding Zorro she made her mark on the East Coast with a Low Jr Am Jumper Classic win and division championship at the prestigious Hampton Classic IVERMECTIN WORMER Emma Waldfogel represents a young rider who no longer gets to play in the junior sandbox but as an under 25 year old she is actively pursuing her show jumping education Born and raised in Palo Alto CA Waldfogel competed on the Northern California show circuit as a teenager Now 21 she has been riding with Mark Bone at Huntover for the last few years A Junior at USC Waldfogel is majoring in history minoring in art history and making her mark in the Amateur Owner Jumper division on her horse Bowmore VDL I took a gap year before college and moved to Los Angeles to ride with Mark After my gap year I spent my first year of college at the University of St Andrews in Scotland Then I transferred to the University of Southern California she explained We bought my horse Bowey in November and I started showing him in the High AOs in May Some highlights include winning the two high AO jumper classics at Showpark this July and competing in my two first regional Grand Prix classes Waldfogel started riding lessons at age eight and used to write I want a horse on her Christmas list 100 times Riding one time per week for five years she finally got her wish at age 13 Within two years she won her first memorable blue ribbon the Children s Hunter Classic at the Menlo Charity Classic Horse Show She continued on to the Junior Hunter and equitation divisions and during her gap year bought her first jumper Clearly talented she earned several impressive wins in her late teens Aboard her hunter King s Peak she Emma Waldfogel 3 99 Growing up in the American Tradition of hunters and equitation Waldfogel takes every bit of her education to the jumper ring The hunters taught me the basics including balance bend and feel but also helped me conquer my nerves The equitation courses are more complicated so I developed a more educated feel and learned to look ahead for the next required task she explained I have not shown in the jumpers for very long yet but so far it has been a thrill I have quickly learned to engage more in my ride and utilize every riding tool to attain the best both from my horse and myself And as she has shown with her victories over the last few years Waldfogel is continuing to achieve her goals I love competing in all three disciplines I was lucky to have wonderful horses throughout my junior career and my jumper this year has been a blessing as well the young rider said My goals have changed a lot this year because we progressed quicker than expected I would like to compete consistently in the High Amateur Owner Jumpers and to qualify for the Interactive Mortgage Under 25 Finals at the Las Vegas National in November My goals next year are to compete at Devon and then to potentially show in the A O Jumpers back East

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Need a New English Pad Need New Gloves How about tall boots and paddock shoes Come take a look New season items available now www sidesaddletackshop weebly com 10414 NE Halsey Street Portland OR 97220 503 256 1964 or 888 694 3585 Charles White Hay Broker USDA Reporter Wholesale 707 396 7989 Retail 707 396 7988 charleswhitehay gmail com Alfalfa Alfalfa Grass Orchard Grass Meadow Timothy Grain Straw QUALITY CONSISTENCY VARIETY Charlie White Agent for all your feed supply needs

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Top 10 Signs of Poor Saddle Fit By Jochen Schleese CMS CSFT CSE www saddlesforwomen com 2017 Saddlefit 4 Life All Rights Reserved It is apparently a psychological truth that people have an affinity to lists consisting of 10 points maybe because we have 10 fingers 10 toes there are 10 commandments etc 10 is just a nice round number to work with and easy to count off David Letterman adopted an interesting institution with his top 10 lists on his late show I don t know why I actually came up with 9 signs of poor saddle fit that you can self diagnose but those are what they are and I couldn t artificially inflate that number You will see 7 or 8 points in the literature as well but I think these lists combine some of the points of reference I consider as my 9 So here now are 10 signs of poor saddle fit resulting in issues that you should avoid if at all possible by having your saddle checked and adjusted regularly Many of these issues are caused by a gullet plate which does not properly accommodate angle and width of the shoulder and ends up pinching at the withers 1 3 2 4 Tightness of muscle at front edge of shoulder blade This is generally caused by a gullet plate which pinches at the withers on the trapezius muscle causing the horse to consciously contract the muscle to avoid the pain Lameness in the front if the insertion of longissimus is pinched at the withers The longissimus is the long back muscle which we want to be smooth and supple in order to engage the back during movement Again if the insertion at the trapezius is impacted by a too narrow gullet this will impact the ability of the horse to move freely and can cause lameness or tripping on the forehand Lameness here can also be caused by the shoulder being pinched by a gullet plate that has not been fitted to accommodate its size shape and or angle 4 Photo shows muscle atrophy at the loin area paradoxically caused by an incorrectly fitted gullet plate which seated the rider too far back and creating excessive pressure in this area 98 Pinched withers cause twitching at the elbow This is a simple muscular reflex and is not consciously controlled by the horse it is a reaction to the pressure of the gullet at the withers Muscle atrophy visible dip at the withers Muscle atrophy can occur when an unbalanced saddle puts too much pressure on a particular area and the horse tries to avoid this pressure He goes into defensive mode by contracting the muscle in the area as well as the surrounding muscles and can even alter his gaits Under the point of pressure where circulation is impacted thus reducing nutrients and oxygen to the affected area the muscle will undevelop or atrophy 5 Hair loss blisters inability to move the skin around in the saddle support are YOUR NEWS YOUR SPORT YOUR BUSINESS 5 Hair loss blisters inability to move the skin around in the saddle support area These issues develop often at the withers area hair loss resulting in white hair growing back or along the spine where the gullet channel is too narrow for the horse s back Fluid bumps can develop when the horse is ridden hollow and the transverse processes of the spine touch each other or rub as in kissing spine or the withers are not in alignment with the spine Fluid bumps can also come when the ligaments have been injured previously from saddles with gullets that were too narrow 6 Bucking reflex activated by saddle that is too long causes hopping The saddle support area is between the base of the withers usually where the mane ends and the 18th 6 The saddle should never lie on the lumbars with their longer transverse processes September 2017

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thoracic vertebra Past this vertebra are the lumbars upon which the saddle should not lie as this is where the so called bucking reflex is located We ve all seen horses that react in this way to a saddle which lies past the saddle support area a simple attempt to rid themselves of the irritant causing pain which is why many saddles are then pushed forward through the motion of the horse itself 7 Atrophy at the croup pressure on the spinal nerves causes one sided development of the muscles as horse tries to avoid pain As explained by veterinarians atrophy will occur under severe instances of constant pressure which will first damage the hair follicles resulting in hair loss and or white hair This can be reversed only when the cause is addressed i e the pinching saddle which will allow the muscle to regrow although the white hairs remain Muscle memory will help in the rebuilding of atrophied muscles if these were properly trained It will take significantly longer to build up untrained muscles or incorrectly trained muscles 8 Energy blockage to the meridians can cause heart circulatory and breathing issues Eastern medicine follows the theory that life energy flows along meridians humans and equines each have 12 meridians which can be influenced through acupuncture When the saddle puts pressure on the meridians the red lines in the diagram the flow of energy is interrupted causing several of these symptomatic issues to appear Further issues can also be caused by a bridle which is too tight impacting the meridians in the head region 7 Abnormal muscle development caused by a saddle that was too long September 2017 9 Too narrow gullet channel impedes expansion of the longissimus can block the movement of the forehand and cause uneven sweating The gullet channel needs to be wide enough through the entire length of the saddle to accommodate the spinal processes ligaments and nerve endings from front to back The width cannot be an arbitrary decision the necessary weight bearing surface still has to accommodate the rider s weight while keeping the conformation of the horse s back in mind The optimum width is between 6 10 cm it will seldom be wider and should never be narrower Padding a too narrow channel with extra padding to fix it is like wearing another pair of socks when the shoes are already too small 9 This saddle has a gullet channel which is too narrow YOUR NEWS YOUR SPORT YOUR BUSINESS 10 Pinching girth will shorten strides About 20 of instability issues arise from the girth The girth should be narrowest at the spot where it sits under the elbow and between 4 8 inches wide at the sternum to displace the pressure as evenly as possible along its length Girths that are too short and too narrow may actually cut into the pectoralis muscle Wider is always better but it should be narrow towards the ends and have elastic on both sides to allow the horse to breathe better These are my top 10 signs of poor fit you as the rider will know your horse better than anyone and can easily feel if something is off The easiest fix is always to determine if it is the saddle get that possibility out of the way and then call in your other equine professionals 10 The billets are crossed in order to ensure that they follow the direction of the muscle fibres in the triceps and latissimus muscles and will position the girth properly 99

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REWARDED FOR THE DETAILS How Messenger Hill Farm Keeps their Standards High By Carrie Wirth 4 In a way I feel like he s a little bit mine too We have such a good system with him When you keep the horses happy they perform better When they have a relationship with the guys they re more comfortable T here is turnout and then there is turnout The Messenger Hill Farm team has almost transformed turnout into an art form Their dedication to the details of excellence in horsemanship has not gone unnoticed Over the last two years their work earned them the Equis Boutique Best Presented Horse award an unprecedented four times out of the often triple digit entry numbers at the FEI Horse Inspection every week during the Winter Equestrian Festival WEF The people at Equis Boutique also take their award seriously The criteria the award is judged by are grooming and condition of the horse if the horse stands still during the inspection if the horse will walk and trot in hand on a loose rein whether the horse is presented by the rider and the rider is well dressed and if the handler turns the horse clockwise The Best Presented Horse Award was designed to not only complement the prestige of FEI Horse Inspections but also to reward those who approach the horse inspection with pride said Cesar Hirsch co founder of Equis Boutique Since we started presenting this award we have seen each horse inspection get more and more impressive While it makes our decision more difficult we are proud that it is elevating the FEI Horse Inspection We also enjoy recognizing the caretakers of these horses who put in so much hard work to keep them competition ready and looking their best at the horse inspection So what does it take to win the award Good people who are dedicated to their work Led by Freddie and Jodi Vazquez the Messenger Hill Farm team is based out of Mettawa Illinois near Lake Forest just north of Chicago They typically have around 30 horses at the top circuit shows Their clients compete in the ponies hunters equitation and jumpers Jodi is a top hunter trainer with many championships to her credit Freddie has three FEI jumpers and represented Puerto Rico at the 2015 Pan Am Games in Toronto Together they run their busy operation and teach the American style of riding as advocated by George Morris and like Morris this team couldn t be more serious about their commitment to horsemanship down to the most minute detail Managing a stable with expectations of excellence starts with the team that you assemble and how you grow together said Jodi Vazquez It s imperative that everyone capture your 100 The Details The grooming details are managed on an ongoing basis The grooms are self starters and know their jobs and understand the standards of excellence expected As soon as they see a horse that s getting a little hairy or a little dull they put the time in to groom or bathe him A well groomed horse doesn t happen at the last minute it is an on going process that requires attention and elbow grease Freddie Vazquez Jodi Vazquez and Elena Couttenye Photo by Jump Media vision and that every person plays out from their strengths to do the very best job that they can Barn manager Jen Hauser has been with the Vazquezes for nearly three years Originally from Indianapolis she has a degree in Business Management from Purdue University Everyone is on the same page Jen said of the Messenger Hill Farm team There s a right way to do it and that s just how it s done No one skips steps on the quality of the horsemanship The barn is always immaculate The horses are always in good condition they look good they re fit Freddie likes details and everyone is really good at keeping an eye on the details It s like a well oiled machine Jen said We just have really great people Freddie and Jodi keep the horse to groom ratio very low so that each person is assigned no more than three horses In addition Freddie pairs the grooms with particular horses so they develop a relationship With this approach the assigned handler is more likely to notice the slightest change in their charge s health soundness and behavior and can act quickly if there is an issue I believe the horses are happiest when they have a relationship with a particular person Freddie said For instance with Bachelor 4 one of Freddie s FEI horses he and Jen have a very strong bond In this case she does all the riding and I compete him He likes it that way I know him so well Jen added about Bachelor YOUR NEWS YOUR SPORT YOUR BUSINESS Freddie and Jodi give Jen freedom to purchase all the tools needed to make sure the horses look the best The grooms at Messenger Hill Farm are partial to a particular type of soft brush that they special order The team uses the best feed and supplements possible They like the Cavalor brand because it is high quality and reliable for FEI compliance The horses are clipped well before we go to any horse show Jen said Then they go back through and touch everyone up They never let any of the horses get out of control They just always stay so on top of it They never let the horses get to the point where they need a total intervention The details are also about efficiency Freddie likes his trunks set up a certain way from their alignment in the aisle to the way the contents are organized the process is always the same The grooms take photos of the trunks and share them so they are always perfectly set up No time is wasted searching for tools of the trade A Typical Messenger Hill Farm Show Day The Messenger Hill Farm day starts around 4 a m when Jen and the grooms arrive The first item of business is to check all the horses temperatures to make sure that they are all healthy and feeling good They give hay and water and wait at least a half hour before they are given their grain The stalls are cleaned Jen pulls the tack out to get everything set She puts bridles on the hooks and changes bits if needed The horses are lunged if necessary Every horse that shows gets flatted before they show Whether it s Freddie s horses or the clients they always flat so they re loose and rideable September 2017

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Freddie Jodi and I usually have a set of horses to ride at 6 30 she said The grooms and I will start tacking up and I ll tack one up When the horses come back from the lunging ring I ll bathe them if needed Jodi handles the schedule with the assistance of Jen and the staff The horses that are scheduled to show right at 8 a m are sent to the ring then Jen manages what horses need to be sent to which rings and helps by checking horses in with the starters We divide and conquer that way Jen said I ll try to hit a couple rings and post and juggle depending on how many people we have We all just kind of fit in as need be to get a plan organized for the day When they have a feel for what time everyone is showing they fit in the other horses that need to get ridden and fit in some lessons on the side It s an ever evolving process throughout the day Once the day gets going it s busy There s not much down time or quiet If there are horses showing later in the day the grooms pull them Arnulfo Novoa with Zippo Z and Freddie Vaqzquez awarded the Equis Boutique Best Presented Horse award out and get them cleaned up and ready by Elena Couttenye Photo by JUMP MEDIA Being organized and to having a solid plan the day before means that nothing falls through the cracks Jodi said Nothing is random or last minute about what we do a little late oh man you wait to jog for a long time It takes a huge chunk out of your day Plus the horses get antsy ready It takes time to pick the shavings out of the tail We re never caught off guard with horses that need to be at the ring in 15 minutes all covered in shavings Jen added The system keeps us on their toes but the team is organized and efficient The Bottom Line Keep up on clipping brushing sheath cleaning chestnut pealing ear cleaning The Challenges of FEI Competition In in order to be compliant with the FEI rules the staff understands the precautions that must be taken to avoid any chance of contamination that could lead to a positive test of a banned substance All the FEI horses equipment is kept separate including all the tack brushes wraps everything There are so many things that are OK for national competition but not for FEI Jen said We try really hard to keep a handle on that and try to keep everything within FEI rules to make sure everything is compliant While they are at WEF Jen usually takes some time on Mondays her day off to go to the farm and organize the FEI details for the week Tuesday Jen and the team start early They flat the horses in morning so they are nice and relaxed They make sure that the horses are impeccably groomed Their ears are clean and clipped and they are braided Then we walk them over to the FEI she said In Florida it s nice because the jog is at 1 p m every Tuesday so you can plan your day around that Freddie is always there ahead of time Our plan is always to be early in the lineup The one or two times we ve ever run September 2017 I ve worked a number of places over the years and this is hands down the best group of guys I ve ever worked with she said They care about the horses they pay attention to details They work so hard You have to really love the horses to do this and to do it well It s about treating people right If you treat your people right they re going to be happy to put in those long hours and go above and beyond to make sure things are the way they need to be and to really step it up We work together toward our goals and at the end of every day good bad or indifferent we know that we did our best and reached for the stars Jodi added We always aim for excellence in everything we do Top Ten Tips for Top Notch Turnout 1 Hire the best people To manage the best operation everyone needs to understand the lifestyle and love it 2 Build a culture of mutual respect At Messenger Hill Farm the team respects each other and can rely on each other There are no surprises because everyone is thinking ahead and not waiting to be told 3 Start early The Messenger Hill farm team has the stalls done before most people arrive to the barn That means everyone is ready to help get the horses YOUR NEWS YOUR SPORT YOUR BUSINESS 4 Grooming is an on going process 5 Bathe only when needed Bathing too often can rob the coat of its natural oils 6 Clip well before the show Horses coats can look dull if they have just been clipped Give the coat a chance to grow a bit and be groomed to bring out the shine 7 Find the tools that work for you The Messenger Hill Farm team is partial to a particular soft brush that makes the horses shine 8 Keep everything organized Whether it s in the barn in the trunks or in the grooming stalls in the ringside tote or backpack everything should have a place If you keep everything in its place there s no wasted time hunting it down 9 Braid Horses look beautiful they are braided A braided horse shows you ve gone that extra step to present them with pride Braid for the jog Braid to compete in the hunters and the jumpers 10 Manage and keep track of the day s schedule If you haven t built in enough time you could be scrambling and turnout could suffer If there s down time it can be used to put some in some extra grooming time 101

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Board of Directors BoardofDirectors einw org Diana Axness diana einw org Trish Camozzi Ekberg trish einw org Gunn Cooper gunn einw org Meika Decher meika einw org Merridy Hance merridy einw org Penny Leggott penny einw org Kathryn Lewis kathryn einw org Sarah Johnson sarah einw org Chris Bredeson chris einw org Laurie McLaughlin lauriemc einw org www EINW org President s Report Congratulations to the following High Point winners It s that time of year when we are barely finishing one event and then turning to the next one And on top of that we are thinking about what events to host in 2018 If you have ideas or suggestions or even better would like to get involved with one or more of the EI divisions please contact the appropriate division director s We always need more people And in this case it truly is the more the merrier OPEN Paige Ruhl riding Griffin van de Burke at First Level Test 3 and earning a score of 70 735 Dressage Report These High Point awards are member only benefits The winners received a ribbon and a 50 gift certificate from Olson s Tack Shop By Diana Axness By Gunn Cooper The Champagne Classic recognized dressage show was held on July 7 9 2017 The show attendance was low due to a conflict with two other dressage shows in the area We are currently in the process of changing the dates back to mid July when we have traditionally held this show Other than that it was a great show and the ponies really rocked it Administration Membership Bookkeeper Volunteers Grants Website Email AA Karen Walling riding Arthur WH at Training Level Test 3 and earning a score of 69 773 membership einw org bookkeeper einw org volunteers einw org grants einw org webmaster einw org Driving Events Clinic driving einw org Sarah Johnson Diana Axness Merridy Hance Leslie McGinnis JR YR Kaylee McKereghan riding Loaded Weapon of Springsong at Training Level Test 3 and earning a score of 70 000 sarah einw org diana einw org merridy einw org leslie einw org Eventing Horse Trials Clinics eventing einw org Meika Decher Penny Leggott Heidi Hansen meika einw org penny einw org heidi einw org Dressage Shows Clinics dressage einw org Gunn Cooper Markay Kerr Kathryn Lewis Peter Rothschild Kaye Phaneuf We also had the following pony awards EI Pony Breed award Champion Loaded Weapon of Springsong ridden by Kylee McKereghan gunn einw org markay einw org kathryn einw org pgr tsandm com phaneuf canby com Sport Horse Breeding Shows Clinics Chris Bredeson Laurie McLaughlin Reserve Champion Arthur WH ridden by Karen Walling chris einw org lauriemc einw org National Dressage Pony Cup partner awards High Point Award Loaded Weapon of Springsong ridden by Kylee McKereghan THANK YOU Cumulative weekend horse rider placings 1st place Isabella and Stacy Macgrego 2nd place Allegria and Ann Christine Erikson 3rd place Arthur WH and Karen Walling to the small army of volunteers who once again allowed us to put on a great show Kylee McKereghan most decorated High Point winner 102 www EINW org September 2017

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Cones Phase Gwen Bassetti driving Benetton HHWA Photo by Haley Spear Dressage Phase Carol Elvin driving Kingsmagic Jade Photo by Haley Spear Marathon Phase Debbie Hutchison driving Rikki with Steve Hutchison as navigator Join the EI Community www einw org Equestrians Institute EI is a not for profit organization supporting the interests of equestrians in the Pacific Northwest EI sponsors events and educational opportunities in Driving Eventing Dressage and Sport Horse Breeding EI s membership calendar year is December 1st through November 30th each year EI Member Benefits P eriodic E Flashes email updates to stay up to da te on all EI news and events S ubscription to Flying Changes Magaz ine a 48 value Discount rate for EI sponsored clinics and seminars participants and auditors Discount rate for EI sponsored schooling shows and events Eligibility for EI s members only Y ear End Awards 500 Education Grants Voting rights in E I governance issues EI is a US DF Group Member Organization GMO and all members are automat ically US DF Group Members GMs includes e TRAK benefits 35 value F or U SD F P art i ci pat in g M e m be r sh ip m e mbe r s mu st ap ply di re c tly t o U SD F tear here return NEW MEMBER RETURNING MEMBER Individual 55 Add tl Family Member 2 0 Tell me about VOL UNTEER opportunities Tell me about event SP ONS ORS HIP S advertising Lifetime 350 Tell me about being a VENDOR at events Donation Only Not joining today but please send EI news updates N ame __ ___ __ __ __ ___ __ __ __ __ ___ __ __ __ ___ ___ _ Farm Busines s __ __ __ __ __ ___ __ __ __ ___ ___ __ __ __ __ S treet _ __ __ ___ __ __ ___ __ __ __ ___ __ __ __ ___ ___ __ _ _ __ ___ __ P h o ne _ ____ ____ ____ _ ____ ___ _ ____ C it y U SD F if kn ow n _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ __ __ ___ __ __ __ ___ _ __ S ta te __ __ Z ip __ ____ __ __ _ I con sen t to r ec eive electro nic ally tr an sm itted notic es un der th e W ash in gto n No n pro fit Cor po r atio n A ct E mail __ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ __ ____ ____ ____ ____ __ ____ ____ __ _ Si gn at ure ____ ___ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ __ ____ ____ ____ __ Da te_ ____ ____ T e l l u s you r e qu e st r ia n di s ci pl in e i nt e r e st s Dre ssage Dr e s s a ge i s m y pr im a ry di sc i pli n e E ve nting E v en ti n g i s my pri m ary di sc i pli n e Driving Dr i vi n g i s my pr im ar y di s ci pl in e Sport Horse Bre eding Othe r B re e din g i s m y pri m ary di sc i pli n e _ ___ __ __ ___ __ __ __ ___ __ __ __ ___ einw org EI s website Questions Membership einw org September 2017 Membership Fee Donation Total Enclosed ___________ ___________ ___________ PLEASE ENCLOSE CHECK MAIL TO Equestrians Institute P O Box 1437 Bellevue WA 98009 1437 www EINW org Driving Report By Sarah Johnson What a blast we had hosting the 2017 EI CDE this year Many thanks to all of the competitors sponsors volunteers supporters and Driving Committee members who came out in droves to make this one of our most well attended and successful events ever I was tickled pink I hope that others were as well Check out the photos which highlight each phase of the CDE With the CDE successfully behind us we are looking ahead to our final organized event of the year the EI two day Back to Back Driving Trial This is like a condensed modified CDE that all happens in one day Driven Dressage followed immediately by Cones in the morning with a shortened Section B only Marathon course in the afternoon Then it s all over awards are handed out critiques are given as desired and we repeat it all again the next day with valuable lessons learned A waiting list is available if you would still like to attend or perhaps you would consider volunteering this year It s a very nice way to give back to your community or to come and learn the ropes We look forward to seeing you there Follow us on our Facebook page EI Driving or on Instagram eidriving Eventing Report The second of the year EI horse trial will take place September 21st through the 23rd at the Washington State Horse Park Come and join the fun either as a competitor or as a volunteer 103

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Oregon Dressage Society is a USDF Group Member ODS members are automatically USDF Group Members Oregon Dressage Society The Volte 2017 Executive Committee President Gaye McCabe 503 378 0309 j g mccabe juno com President Elect Ed Miller 541 890 5085 eamgroup aol com Secretary Valerie Hallberg Stallings 541 440 9257 valerie barneystrophy com Treasurer Dolores Morgan 360 703 7839 doloresmorgan mindspring com Directors at Large Lisa Koch 541 410 5968 lisakoch3 gmail com Jessica Rattner 503 830 9994 jessica rattner gmail com Anna Bigwood 503 591 3217 abigwood comcast net Emily Kenyon 541 510 1761 emii18 yahoo com Gaye McCabe Ed Miller www oregondressage com ODS President s Note Wow how did we get to September so fast and the Championship Show season The ODS Championship Show Committee is planning a fantastic show for everyone I would like to encourage you to attend and support our riders who worked hard to make it here plus a show like this needs a lot of volunteers This year is the come back of the League Finals I m hoping that we will have a good turn out for this show as well I know I ve mentioned it in past columns that these shows have a financial impact on the ODS budget which has allowed us to hold the dues costs We need successful programs to keep us within our budget Your ODS Board as well as Corinne work hard and pinch those pennies hard to keep costs down Elections are coming and I hope that you support our process by voting I would love to see 100 participating Wouldn t that be wonderful I would like to add that the USDF Region 6 Youth Camp that ODS held was another great success Jessica Rattner and her crew did a fantastic job again keeping track of more than 70 kids is no small feat Thank you Jessica for all the hard work Following the camp was the Glisan Street USDF ODS Jr YR Team Competition Though smaller than it has been for years we had a great time I want to thank Lillian Logan for stepping into the Show Secretary position this year Great job This is a show with many moving parts and what we normally did in 3 days we pushed into 2 I would also like to thank Show Manager Carol Jackson and Lynette Hammon Lynette brought another layer of fun to the show with a quiz bowl for the teams to compete for prizes Cile Savoy came and judges our riders in turn out and a jog I know I m missing people to thank sorry Everyone who pitched in to help was greatly appreciated Regional Representatives North Region 2 Kathy Casey 971 506 7786 kathycaseydressage gmail com Tom Murray 626 644 3008 tommurraydressage gmail com Central Region Karen Cheeke 541 740 8837 kontessakeen hotmail com South Region Cassi Soule 541 817 7277 weatheringsprings yahoo com East Region Sharm Daggett 541 426 3728 sharm wallowacounty com Committee Chairs Adult Committee Francy Haupt 971 832 2260 dqhorsestuff comcast net Awards Committee Ed Miller See President Elect Championship Show Jennifer Milburn 541 231 7247 dressageshowmanager gmail com Competitions Committee Vacant DSHB Committee Diane Nauman 541 619 7943 nauman yahoo com Finance Committee Dolores Morgan see Treasurer Para Committee Karina Molatore 503 523 8084 karina molatore gmail com Youth Committee Gaye McCabe see Pres Additional State Positions Asst Treasurer Jorine Rietman 503 849 8235 j rietman comcast net Awards USEF Shows Christopher Main 503 389 0191 christopher haywardfarm com Awards ODS League Shows Vacant see Treasurer Awards Special Joyce Stride 503 647 0168 Editor Policies Procedures Ed Miller see Awards ODS Librarian Francy Haupt see Adult Committee 4H Liaison Joyce Stride 503 647 0168 Historian Kim Hixson 509 698 6778 Chapter Officers Listed on ODS Website Central Office Corinne Tindal Stonier Executive Director 503 681 2337 503 681 3873 fax office oregondressage com Wanted Volunters For the ODS Championship Show Sept 8 10 www oregondressage com 104 www O regonD ressage com September 2017

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Chapter News Lower Puget Sound Chapter Show Schedule Our final show of the year will be Saturday September 3rd at Green Hills Equestrian Center in Gig Harbor Nicole Hinde L from the Bellingham area is our judge We will report on the August and September results in the next issue Awards and Success Congratulations to two of our riders Lea Wilson President of LPSDC received her scores at Fourth Level riding her new lovely mare Revolution Anne Christine Eriksen Treasurer of LPSDC riding Allegria won the Donida Farm Series for USDF Musical Freestyle Perpetual Trophy with an average score of 70 We are so proud of both our members Mike Osinski Clinic Mike Osinksi has officiated at several of our shows and has also worked with our riders in the Ride and Review clinic following a show Mike is a USEF Senior S Dressage and FEI 3 judge and has been a licensed judge since 1986 He is an active competitor who has earned the USDF Bronze Silver and Gold medals as well as the Bronze and Silver Freestyle September 2017 bars and numerous Horse of the Year awards In 2016 he was one of the judges at the USDF Finals in Kentucky to our high point winners Tori Turner Jr Yr with a 69 Laurel Stone AA with a 73 and Saray Breyman Open with a 72 This year we are pleased to announce that Mike will be coming back to our area to conduct a two day clinic at Starr Valley Farm on October 14th and 15th Auditors are welcome In September we will host a 3 day adult camp to include Pilates sessions private riding lessons and a painting session with Dr Beth Glosten and artist Kimry Jelen The club will also be holding an October Spooktackular league show at Silver Tail Farm in Creswell on Saturday October 28th complete with a costume class For more information or questions on this show and the adult camp please see our Facebook page or contact Jaimie Lewellyn at jannelewellyn gmail com or 541 844 6521 Welcome to Our World We love our babies Carrie and Jerry Whitlow happily announce the birth of Fire Lord Ozai on 7 11 17 He is a Fresian Oldenburg Cross out of Katara Fresian Oldenburg Fascination Oldenburg Hanoverian Fire Lord Ozai was purchased by Jeff and Valeta Brown for their daughter Anna Brown Carrie is Vice President of LPSDC and spends many hours working on shows getting volunteers and in general helping the club in so many ways Congratulations on the new colt Our next meeting will be held on August 23rd at 6 30pm at Provisions Market Hall in the 5th street public market Location is subject to change please see our Facebook page for meeting location updates and other information about shows and clinics that our club puts on www facebook com TwinRivers Chapter of Oregon DressageSociety 497662837087056 Twin Rivers Chapter TRC s Midsummer Night s Dream show went was very successful this year Thank you to our sponsors volunteers competitors and the venue for making this such a fun show to attend Congratulations www O regonD ressage com 105

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USDF Region 6 Youth Camp August 14 to 17 Hosted by Devonwood Equestrian Center 106 www O regonD ressage com September 2017

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September 2017 www O regonD ressage com 107

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Oregon Region of the United States Pony Clubs For all inquiries please contact oregonregionboard gmail com Oregon Region Clubs www oregon ponyclub org Every three years the United States Pony Clubs holds its national championships at the Kentucky Horse Park as part of a week long extravaganza called Festival Over 3 000 members families and volunteers participate in this event In July the Oregon Region was proud to send 16 members to the Kentucky Horse Park for National Championships These members qualified to compete on a national stage by participating in regional rallies and scoring or finishing above a certain threshold All the competitive activities took place concurrently at the Horse Park so each member participated in one discipline Our riders included Jordan Katie Quinn and Larissa in Show Jumping Alexa and Lindsey in Dressage and Parker and Mackenzie in Eventing Our Stable Managers were George and Cami in Dressage and Tayte Canterwood Camas SW Washington in Polocrosse Abby Elizabeth Mikayla Claire and Vanessa competed in Quiz Columbia Winds Portland Hillsboro St Helens Thirteen competitors and their families transported eight horses in a trailer caravan from Oregon all the way to Kentucky and back The trip took five days each way and was an extraordinary exercise in how good planning and preparation pays off The group thankfully was not sidelined by any major issues during the trip and everyone arrived safely and prepared for a week of competition The camaraderie along the way was wonderful and everyone pitched in to help each other in true Pony Club spirit Fox Hills Ridgefield SW Washington High Lakes Central Oregon Bend Highland Riders Beavercreek Iron Horse Portland Beaverton Sherwood Jumps Jodhpurs Eugene Corvallis Championships competition is team based and every Oregon competitor participated on a catch team meaning the team included some Pony Club members from other Mount Hood Hood River Columbia Gorge Oregon Trail Lake Oswego West Linn Patton Valley Forest Grove Hillsboro Rogue Valley Southern Oregon Rose City Portland Beaverton Sherwood Willamette Valley Salem Willowbrook Clark County WA 108 www oregon ponyclub org September 2017

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regions of the country This can be both a blessing and a challenge Our competitors rose to the occasion and represented Oregon with grace and professionalism They also took time out from their own rounds to cheer on Oregon competitors in other disciplines After competition concluded members participated in three days of mounted and unmounted educational seminars taught by national experts For some this was an opportunity to try something new Others honed their skills in their preferred disciplines with high level clinicians Many members participated in workshops about bandaging trailering anatomy nutrition September 2017 dentistry first aid saddle fitting athlete psychology vaulting longeing hoof care biomechanics and many others wonderful memories For some this was a once in a lifetime experience And some are already making plans for Festival 2020 With the excitement of competition finally over it was time to load the horses get back in the vehicles and head for home Karaoke competitions truck stop food and plenty of naps for the passengers provided entertainment on the way home Five days later all the horses and people finally arrived back in the Northwest tired but happy Every Championships competitor started out by joining a local Pony Club Fall is a great time to find out more about Pony Club because if you join now membership for the remainder of 2017 and all of 2018 comes at one lower price All the local clubs welcome visitors to come find out more about their offerings in riding and horse management education To learn more and find out how to visit a local club email us at oregonregionboard gmail com and visit us at oregon ponyclub org Perhaps a trip to Kentucky is in your future Festival is an extraordinary opportunity for dedicated Pony Club members and their families and is the culmination of a very successful competitive season Each person came away with new friends and www oregon ponyclub org 109

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Masters of Fox Hounds Melody Fleckenstein MFH Michael Wager Sr Jt MFH Tami Masters Jt MFH RJ Argenzio West Sr Ad MFH Joanna Herrigstad Sr Ad MFH Jean Brooks MFH Emeritus Woodbrook Hunt Club Lakewood WA www woodbrookhuntclub com INTERESTED IN FOX HUNTING Woodbrook Hunt will be holding a Shakedown Hunt on Saturday September 30th for those interested in foxhunting Here is a new section on that event from our website www woodbrookhuntclub com that explains what to expect At Woodbrook we want you to experience fox hunting before you spend money on clothing and tack that you might not use again Hopefully you and your horse or mule will fall in love with it as we have To help the rider and horse decide if it is something you both want to continue doing Woodbrook has created a trial period for riders and their horses that allows some flexibility with traditions The information below is geared toward those who are trying out fox hunting to see if they want to pursue it further Typically non members are invited to a Shakedown Hunt geared towards green horses green riders and those wanting to try out foxhunting You may also participate in hound walks from the kennels mounted hound exercises and pre season training hunts as a non member if you have a current Joint Base Lewis McChord range pass which we can help you obtain The Shakedown Hunt is 25 00 and hunt breakfast is 10 00 there is no charge for hound exercises and hound walks and pre season training hunts You can extend trying foxhunting as a non member for two more hunts during our formal season at a capping fee of 50 00 per hunt and after that we hope you are hooked and join at our low membership rates You can talk to either Melody Fleckenstein MFH or membership chair Michelle Hoedeman for suggestions on how to move from the trial period to membership BASICS 1 We don t hunt foxes the hounds follow a scent dragged by human runners The hunt field the riders follow the hounds to enjoy watching the hounds work the scent 2 There are three flights or groups at most hunts first flight think fast runners and jumpers second flight think horses loping or 110 trotting and occasionally going over jumps and hill toppers the walk trot group that doesn t go over jumps The hill topper group is a walk trot group and goes only as fast as the slowest rider in the group feels comfortable going It is not unusual for the hill topper group to be split into two different groups to better meet the comfort level of the riders 3 Each group will have a Field Master your new best friend at the front and the back of the flight who helps guide the group and helps where needed The Master or Field Masters will assign you to a group to ride after talking with you and meeting your horse There is an opportunity part of the way through the hunt to change groups move up or down in speed with the Master s permission 4 Except in rare situations all riders and horses new to fox hunting start out in the hill topper group and may remain in that group for a couple hunts to a couple years or longer 5 Western tack is allowed while riders are trying to decide if they like fox hunting and even during the season for riders trying foxhunting for the first time The hunt has informal and formal hunts correct attire is described on the website and you can phase into all the proper gear Black tall boots or half chaps and paddock boots and beige breeches and a dark coat and white shirt are correct once the season starts Most riders arrive at the hunt club an hour before the hunt to tack up their horse mule and generally socialize At hunt time the hounds are released from the kennels and the group rides out onto Joint Base Lewis McChord For the hill toppers about half of the time is spent walking along trails through the woods or over the native meadows to reach viewpoints to watch the hunt The other half of the time is split between trotting along trails and sitting in the saddle at a view point to watch the hounds followed by the first and second flights Most hunts are two to three hours long Hunt Staff Jennifer Hansen Huntsman Sarah Glaser Kennelman Whip Michael Wager Whip Emily Rang Whip Cathy Elledge Whip Margo Forstrom Whip Tami Masters Fox Club Whip Eric Stiemert Fox Club Simon Chapman Fox Club Patty Stiemert Field Master Tabitha Handly Field Master Debbie Flynn Field Master Melody Fleckenstein Field Master Board of Directors Debbie Flynn President Jacqueline Fritz Vice President Michelle Hoedeman Secretary Deborah Giddings Treasurer Karl Klein Trustee Missy McGan Trustee Aubrey Roth Trustee Earl McNally Trustee Nicole Kramlich Trustee Contact Information Our website www woodbrookhuntclub com is your greatest resource to learn more about drag fox hunting with us our hounds activities and club history Like us on Facebook Questions and information requests are best directed to Melody Fleckenstein MFH 425 417 4003 woodbrookhuntclub gmail com Jennifer Hansen Huntsman 253 377 4892 huntsmanhansen gmail com Michelle Hoedeman Membership 253 273 6414 michelle2teach hotmail com 6 After the hunt the horses are blanketed and tied to the side of the trailers The riders enjoy a hunt breakfast tradition calls it breakfast but it is served sometime between 2 and 3 pm www WoodbrookHunt Club com September 2017

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The breakfast is usually in the clubhouse on the National Parks Department s Register of Historic Places which is a charming building that has served the club for over 90 years has a roaring fireplace and is warm and dry 7 The cost of riding in a hunt is either 25 Shakedown or other pre season hunt or 50 for formal and informal hunts and breakfast is 10 You may cap twice during the formal season before joining The money goes toward care of the hounds and upkeep of the buildings on the hunt property For those that want to try a Hunter Pace or cross country classes first but not at the speed of an event read our new Babbler section below on what to expect at our annual Hunter Trials and Hunter Pace on Saturday October 14th THE BABBLER by Andy Lorig Such is the name of this new column and honors a hunting term used for any hound who gives tongue by speaking when he she doesn t know what he she is talking about It could be comments on a scent other than what the pack should be following on no scent at all or on one so faint it can t be followed While some items will be instructive not all should be taken seriously so proceed at your own risk OF TRIALS PACES The what when and where of it all By tradition Woodbrook s Hunter Trials are held in October In a fit of tidiness we will hold a Hunter Pace the same day providing sport for all levels and ages of rider The tentative date for these amusements is Saturday October 14th The Opening Day Hunt is scheduled for Sunday October 15th Participants in the Hunter Trials are invited to join this hunt free of a capping fee Both events will be held on the JBLM property adjacent to our Hunt Club Interested in Fox Hunting The Hunter Trial courses provide a number of jumps spread over a large field Some parking will be available at the site and there is ample trailer parking at the Club House a short hack from the field A complete list of classes descriptions thereof and entry fees can be found on our web site woodbrookhuntclub com The first 8 classes are for Junior riders of sordid ages and are a blatant nod to the youth who will carry on our traditions in the future Then comes a mixed bag of delights for all ages with pair and team classes as well The last five of the day will be devoted to Senior riders who are too embarrassed to risk being bested by children who ride better than they do One such class The John P Brooks MFH Memorial is exclusively for members of a recognized hunt There is a lunch break somewhere in the middle of the schedule and yes a food drink concession on the grounds all day The Hunter Pace What is it A Pace is a form of competition in which teams of horses and their riders follow a marked cross country trail Teams of two three or four ride the course and are timed There are three flights sections 1st Flight Walk trot canter gallop jumps are optional and can be snuck around 2nd Flight Walk trot canter 3rd Flight Walk trot In each case the team finishing closest to an optimum time set by The Powers That Be will win their division This particular event is a perfect way to enjoy the beautiful scenery our hunt country offers There again all the details are available on our web site How can you resist September 2017 www WoodbrookHunt Club com 111

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CALENDAR OF EVENTS 2017 September 2017 1 3 Sarah Martin Dressage Clinic Tr GP in Yelm Wa All levels welcome Excellent footing and sound system Auditors welcome 15 day Contact Sue Connors susanc lugosoft net or 360 350 1085 2 Foxfire Farms Dressage Schooling Show Eagle Creek OR Nancy Barnes 503 6306951 foxfirefarms2 aol com 3 Lower Puget Sounds Dressage Club Show Venue Kitsap Saddle Club tentative Port Orchard WA Website at www lpsdc com Shows can be entered online within 30 days of the show 8 10 Aspen Farms H T Open Date Jul 25 Close Date Aug 22 www aspenfarmseventing com 8 10 ODS Championship and Open Show DevonWood Equestrian Centre LLC Details at www oregondressage com 22 24 Equestrians Institute Eventing EI Horse Trials II Eventing Beg novice thru Prelim level Horse Trials Washington State Horse Park Cle Elum WA www einw org 23 24 Lake Washington Saddle Club Schooling Show at Bridle Trails State Park Hunter Jumper Schooling Show Website Lakewashingtonsaddleclub org 9 10 Mustang Extravaganza at Lake Oswego Hunt www lakeoswegohunt com or 503636 0674 13 17 Northwest Autumn Classic Monroe WAContact Diane Johnson 425 823 2802 DIANJNSN aol com www jbarj org 16 9th Annual Nancy Wild Medal Finals Lake Oswego Hunt for qualified riders ride in Nancy Wild Classes at LOH Quarry Ridge Arbor Grove and Quiet Rein to earn points Contact Janice Weis weisjl msn com or 503 961 2103 www lakeoswegohunt com for entry form 17 Lake Washington Saddle Club Schooling Show at Bridle Trails State Park Dressage Schooling Show Website Lakewashingtonsaddleclub org 17 X country schooling and BBQ at Lake Oswego Hunt www lakeoswegohunt com or 503 636 0674 17 Dressage Schooling Show High Point Series at FarmHill Equestrian Center www FarmHillEquestrianCenter com Events Show Services Questions Email Alishia myfriendthehorse yahoo com 21 24 BendFallFestival Bend OR Hunter Jumper Contact 541 312 2425 alliedshows gmail com www alliedhorseshows com 112 30 Avalon Fall DX at Abbey Creek Stables Portland OR 15248 NW Germantown Rd Dressage and Cross country Contact Jody Phillips 503 750 7383 avalonstables gmail com www avalonmanagement net shows October 2017 9 10 Equestrians Institute Driving Trials Backto Back Two one day Driving Trials Ethel Events Center Ethel WA www einw org 24 Open Show at Lake Oswego Hunt Club www lakeoswegohunt com or 503 6360674 28 1 Spokane Sport Horse Farm Fall H T Open Date Aug 15 Close Date Sep 12 www spokanesporthorse com 9 Rolling Rock Farm Show Series 4 Sherwood Or Contact email info RollingRockFarm com or Jan Hammond 503 702 4215 or www RollingRockFarm com 9 10 Octoberfest Hunter Jumper Show Auburn WA Contact Barbara Baierle 253 3506579 nancy cascadehorseshows com www cascadehorseshows com 22 Lake Washington Saddle Club Schooling Show at Bridle Trails State Park Members only jumper schooling 5pm Website Lakewashingtonsaddleclub org 5 7 L g ret Intro Clinic 3 days Open to all interested in riding with lightness and ease Clinician is Bertrand Ravoux from France He s Philippe Karl s most experienced School of L g ret instructor Auditors welcome At Cadbury Farm Carnation WA Details at www cadburyfarm com 11 15 October Classic Monroe wa Contact Diane Johnson 425 823 2802 DIANJNSN aol com www jbarj org 14 15 Debbie Spence Clinic Contact Karen MiIler Cell 503 880 9376 Email unlimitedclassics gmail com 17 19 Alfredo Hernandez Clinic in Canby OR Interested riders auditors should contact me Heather Oleson at 503 887 0995 or holeson stanfordalumni org 21 22 Dressage Can Be Fun Show at show at Yamhill County Fairgrounds Saturday is a schooling show Sunday is an ODS League Show Contact Lillian Logan 503 849 4092 lillian dinihanian com 21 22 Anne Gribbons Clinic Equestrians Institute Dressage Clinic Series Part III Contact Gunn Cooper EI Dressage Director 206 890 3198 or dressage einw org Location Bear Creek Farm Woodinville WA www einw org 28 30 J Ashton Moore Clinic Contact Karen MiIler Cell 503 880 9376 Email unlimitedclassics gmail com 7 8 Dressage in the State of Jefferson USEF USDF ODS pending Jackson County Expo Central Point OR Judge Kari McClain S Presented by State of Jefferson Chapter ODS www oregondressage com showsandclinics html Kaye 503 880 3892 8 DX Event at Lake Oswego Hunt www lakeoswegohunt com or 503 636 0674 8 Jan Ebeling clinic Viola Farms Canby OR Details at www oregondressage com 29 Open Show at Lake Oswego Hunt www lakeoswegohunt com or 503 636 0674 November 2017 18 19 Debbie Spence Clinic Contact Karen MiIler Cell 503 880 9376 Email unlimitedclassics gmail com 6 7 ODS Trainer s Workshop with Jan Ebeling Viola Farms Canby OR Details at www oregondressage com 7 Q u a r r y R i d g e Fr i e n d s h i p S e r i e s Hunter Jumper Show Contact Julia Richard www quarryridgefarm com or juliacookrichard gmail com or 360 9098605 Also FlyingChanges com 12 Dressage Schooling Show at Lake Oswego Hunt www lakeoswegohunt com or 503636 0674 December 2017 9 10 Lilo Fore Equestrians Institute Dressage Clinic Series Part IV Contact Gunn Cooper EI Dressage Director 206 890 3198 or dressage einw org Location TBD 9 10 Debbie Spence Clinic Contact Karen MiIler Cell 503 880 9376 Email unlimitedclassics gmail com 9 12 Philippe Karl s School of L g ret Course Clinic 4 days Watch and learn from professionals undergoing instruction to become certified L g ret riding instructors Single day single clinic and full course auditing available Evening lecture included Details at www cadburyfarm com L g ret riding with lightness and ease 2017 Event Dates September 2017

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TRAINER DIRECTORY California Diamond Mountain Stables 1296 Diamond Mtn Rd Calistoga CA 9420719 Macella O Neill 707 942 0719 macellaoneill gmail com DMS Diamond Mountain Stables is an elite hunter jumper facility in idyllic Calistoga in the Napa Valley founded in 1983 Macella O Neill and Charlie White specialize in the development of young horses and can be found campaigning their open horses through the World Cup level Their students achieve success in all rings from the hunter ring through the grand prixs Macella and Charlie continue to be known for their deep love of horses and their uncanny ability to develop both horse and rider KAREN HEALEY T R A I N I N G Karen Healey Training Expand Your Abilities Lessons Coaching Clinics Judging Accepting requests for 2017 805 479 7816 klhklh919 gmail com www diamond mountain stables com Joie Gatlin Morley Abey Show Jumping Hunter Bay Farm 31878 Del Obispo 118 PMB 313 San Juan Capistrano CA 92675 Barn Cell 949 443 9452 Joie Gatlin Cell 949 412 7654 Email joie joiegatlin com karenhealeytraining com Morley Abey Cell 949 306 2779 Email morley joiegatlin com As trainers we aim to train and teach our students to be competitive at the top levels of show jumping competition we also find it essential to instill and nurture a genuine love and respect for our horses and the sport of show jumping Portola Valley Training Center 100 Ansel Lane Menlo Park CA 94028 949 683 2907 missy hunterbayfarm com www hunterbayfarm com Owner Head Trainer Missy Froley Inspired by Tradition We respect riders aspiration the needs of our horses and the precision of our sport Grounded in the technique of riders before us we embrace and help shape the riding of today www hunterbayfarm com McFarm Highpoint Farm P O Box 555 Pescadero California 94060 Training Sales Investment Horses 561 847 1070 highpointfarmllc yahoo com highpointfarmllc com Kelly Sheila McKnight 347 762 3353 info mcfarm com We offer full service training and care for sport horses as well as retirement services for older horses Our emphasis is on young jumpers and equine guided education We offer coaching clinics layovers retreats and vacation rentals including a place for your horses Tina and Craig Yates return to California this spring with limited availability for the 2017 show season Located at a pristine private facility just steps away from the Rancho Mission Viejo Riding Park at San Juan Capistrano www mcfarm com September October 2017 www HighPointFarmLLC com www TheCompetitiveEquestrian com Page 113

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TRAINER DIRECTORY Sandhaven Farm California Nevada Rainbow Canyon Ranch At Portola Farms in Woodside CA Rachel Fields 650 400 6836 rachel sandhavenfarm com Jeff Fields 415 497 4729 jeff sandhavenfarm com At Sandhaven success is measured by so much more than a blue ribbon Led by trainers and top level competitors Rachel and Jeff Fields the team places special focus on the processes and techniques for riders and horses to achieve their personal potential while enjoying the ride Hunters Jumpers Equitation Lesson Program Sales Rachel and Jeff Fields Head Trainers Lesson Program Kimberly Carpenter 2350 N San Gabriel Canyon Road Azusa Ca 91702 626 334 9480 Office 626 483 6811 Mary s Cell RainbowCanyon Earthlink Net Trainer Owner Mary Gatti Trainer Kim Tasker Specializing in Hunters Equitation Boarding Training Showing Lessons Sales Leasing Riding School www sandhavenfarm com www rainbowcanyonranch com Ventana Farm Sonoma Valley Stables BENSON CARROLL TRAINER 1075 Jacobsen Lane Petaluma CA 707 769 0180 Barn Ned and Hope Glynn Ventana Farm is located at 550 Aguajito Road in Carmel CA at Cypress Stables Ned Hope Glynn blend their love for horses talent for riding and gift of teaching to create the ideal place for horse and rider They teach all levels of riders from the walk trot ring to the grand prix ring Their focus is preparing horse and rider for the show circuit while emphasizing sportsmanship and horsemanship With the help of Assistant Trainer Tracy Mirabelli Assistant Trainer Heather Roades and grand prix rider Amber Levine there are always people working with you and your horses at home if you can t be at the shows Benson Carroll 831 236 4113 cell Ventana Farm 831 657 9123 main fax ventanafarm yahoo com Ventana Farm is a full service elite hunter and jumper training stable based in Carmel CA Ventana Farm is focused on educating riders and horses to achieve their full potential Located in Monterey County Ventana Farm is minutes from Monterey and Pebble Beach and one hour south of San Jose Ventana Farm always has a selection of top show horses available for sale and specializes in importing equestrian athletes that will excel in horse show competition www ventanafarm com www sonomavalleystables com Storia Stables Hummingbird Nest Ranch 2940 Kuehner Dr Santa Susana CA 93063 818 890 1922 Barn 818 795 0720 Victoria s Cell storiastables gmail com Maplewood Stables Inc 425 West Laramie Drive Reno Nevada 89521 Storia Stables is a premiere full service show barn specializing in hunters jumpers and equitation With riders competing successfully at all levels the ideology behind Storia Stables concentrates primarily on the horse and the rider partnership necessary to be competitive and successful Riders learn to be confident and effective and horses learn to be polished and assured all in a light and encouraging environment Our team is run by Victoria LaCagnina and combines years of experience and education on the A circuit with intelligent personable dispositions to make learning and training safe perceptive and fun Julie Winkel mwstables aol com 775 849 1849 775 742 4615 A complete horse training stable and sale business Established in 1977 we have spent 35 years dedicated to showing champion hunters jumpers and hunt seat equitation at all levels throughout the United States Canada and Mexico Home of the Young Horse Trainers School www mwstables com storiastables com Page 114 www TheCompetitiveEquestrian com September October 2017

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TRAINER STABLES DIRECTORY OREGON Arbor Grove Equestrian Inc Cornerstone Equestrian LLC 359 Highway 219 NE 7 Woodburn OR 97071 503 981 1978 626 644 6771 cell www arborgroveequestrian com Rob Perkins Owner Trainer Joe Regan Owner Trainer Premiere Hunter Jumper facility with emphasis on equitation horsemanship Covered arena grass derby field Two miles west of I 5 at exit 271 8310 NW Kaiser Rd Portland OR 97231 503 351 3253 farm 503 351 1002 cell jump cornerstonehj com www cornerstonehj com Trainer Linda Worley Cornerstone is a beautiful full care hunter jumper facility specializing in the preparation of horse rider for the show ring Quality school horses lease horses Brawley Farms Echelon Training LLC 34680 NE Kramien Rd Newberg Or 97132 541 420 9711 echelonhunterjumpers gmail com www echelonhunterjumpers com Trainer Kathy Kerron USEF R Hunter Equitation Judge Hunters Jumpers Equitation Training Lessons and Clinics Positive training for both horse and rider Located just minutes from Hunter Creek show facility South Salem OR 503 743 4414 brawleyfarm aol com www brawleyfarms com Trainer Judy Brawley Hunters jumpers equitation dressage sales clinics Complete indoor outdoor facilities grass paddocks Field jumps 75 acres of fields trails Our Virginia roots offer you a three generation business Brawley Farms North LLC Wilsonville Equestrian Center Boeckman Road Wilsonville OR 97070 503 932 9283 Cell dbrawley1962 yahoo com www brawleyfarmsnorth com Trainers Debbie Judy Brawley Hunters jumpers equitation sales clinics basic dressage Quality school horses lease program Beginning to advanced Pleasure to show ring We have the experience to help you reach your goals Charlton Ridge Farm LLC FallBrooks Farm North Plains OR 97133 Barn 503 647 2755 FallBrooksFarm gmail com www FallBrooksFarm com Manager Vaulting Trainer Suzanne Detol Dressage Trainer Ashlyn Waggoner FallBrooks Farm is a beautiful dressage vaulting training facility w indoor outdoor arenas round pens pastures trails a friendly supportive atmosphere We teach in a kind enthusiastic compassionate style Top horse care in large clean matted stalls with runs and 3x day feeding Flip Side Kaitlyn Charlton Trainer 503 349 4533 kaitlyncharlton gmail com High Valley Stables 20765 SW Hillsboro Hwy Newberg OR 97132 www charltonridgefarm com Hunters Jumpers Equitation Sales Ponies 12 x 14 stalls w runs indoor outdoor w viewing rooms Stadium lights sprinklers large grass pastures wash racks w heaters fly spray system vacuumed aisles trails 36851 NE Wilsonville Rd Newberg OR 97132 www flipsidehorses com Philippa Melski 503 516 4965 Christus Farm Inc Foxfire Farms PO Box 2261 Jasper OR 97438 541 726 1505 linda christusfarm com www christusfarm com Amy Gau Linda Kienlen Melissa Brotz Hunters Jumpers Equitation investment horses Sales Training Lessons and Clinics Hunters jumpers equitation training lessons sales clinics School horses available Large beautiful barn 90x200 indoor lovely outdoor arena turnout Quality training instruction care for your horse Nancy Barnes Owner Operator Instructor Kassi Morgan Trainer 28880 SE Folsom Rd Eagle Creek OR 97022 503 630 6951 home 503 860 0802 cell foxfirefarms2 aol com Quiet congenial complete care boarding facility with many TLC extras Indoor arena roundpen trails trail obstacles jumps 20 min from I 205 Horses go out to pasture every day all day all year Dressage lessons using biomechanical natural horsemanship techniques to inspire confidence harmony between horse rider Creekside Show Stable French Hill Farm Riding Academy 15770 NE Eilers Rd Aurora OR 97002 503 678 6336 www frenchhillfarm com Owners Nancy Al Jubitz Premier riding academy for ages 6 up All abilities Excellent instructors Experienced lesson horses Summer Camps Horse Shows Beautiful facility Board and training with Stellar Sport Horses 503 913 0887 www creeksideshowstable com Trainer Kelly Marriner Smith Train Show Lease Own Enjoy Lessons training for all levels Just 20 minutes west of Portland Herrold Stables Farm Crescendo Farms Katie Allan Twombly Barn 14245 SW Pleasant Valley Rd Mail 19809 SW Aten Rd Beaverton OR 97007 Home 503 628 0494 Cell 503 703 7950 aktwombly gmail com www crescendofarm com www equestrianeventsinc com 32900 SW Wohler St Hillsboro OR 97123 971 235 4529 call text www HerroldStables com Excellent full care boarding facility includes daily turn out in large grass fields Specialized care handling for young horses lay up situations Lessons lease horses also available Hunters Eq Dressage Centered Riding Natural Horsemanship 115 Premier Facility 100x200 60x120 Arenas 60 Round Pen 12x12x42 Stall Paddock Adult Hobby Riders Quite Peaceful Setting Year around Pasture Equitation Instruction Professional Training Horseback Birthday Parties Experienced Horse Rental Leasing www FlyingChanges com September 2017

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TRAINER STABLES DIRECTORY OREGON Imagination Lane LLC Pete s Place LLC 28303 SW Baker Rd Sherwood OR 97140 Nicole Bourgeois 503 310 9982 Kendall Bourgeois 503 476 7862 imaginationlanellc gmail com Shannon Vandermolen Trainer 22262 SW Stafford Rd Tualatin OR 97062 503 927 7190 madeventer1984 yahoo com www imaginationlanellc com Hunters Jumpers Equitation Investment Sales Daily turnout with a large indoor and outdoor arena NCEA riding help All levels welcome Full and Partial training packages for hunters jumpers and eventers Limited school horse lessons Quality show barn in relaxed family farm setting Sales and Leases available Call Shannon In Tune Eventing Quiet Rein Riding School Rosey Paulson B H S P I 18241 SW Mountain Home Rd Sherwood OR 503 459 1634 Intuneeventing gmail com Full care boarding Lessons and training in Eventing Dressage and show jumping Show coaching School and Lease horses available BHS certificated instructor Supportive and fun environment Lessons for all ages Young horse starts and sales programs available Haul in s welcome www intuneeventing net 9470 S Bakers Ferry Rd Oregon City OR 97045 Trainer Jill McGrady Jill quietrein com 503 544 7999 Trainer Robin Rothe robin quietrein gmail com 520 358 1079 www quietrein com Lessons for all ages skill levels Quality lesson horses in a safe fun family friendly environment whether you are preparing for the A rated show program or simply want to get your basics down Lake Oswego Hunt Club Rain Creek Farm 2725 Iron Mountain Blvd Lake Oswego OR 97034 503 636 0674 www lakeoswegohunt com Manager Sara Glascock lohmanager lakeoswegohunt com LOH provides full service boarding including 4 feedings per day turnout 7 days per week with all weather paddocks year round and additional grass paddocks in summer and premier footing We also offer quality training programs Dressage Trainer at JuliaWolffe com Phone 512 6263384 E Mail julia wolffe gmail com Western Trainer Katie Purdy Phone 503 819 8477 E Mail memorylane katie gmail com Hunter Jumper Trainer Rene Donley 503 747 9626 Our prime location on 19 acres in the heart of Lake Oswego can t be beat in terms of convenience and time and gas savings Visit us today Libbi Peltz Training 20833 S Redland Rd Oregon City OR 97045 503 631 8000 503 819 7651 cell www raincreekfarms com Trainer Vicki Zacharias Hunter jumper equitation School horses available lease horses also available Rolling Rock Farm LLC Libbi L Peltz DVM Trainer Located at Venture Farm 20130 South End Rd Oregon City OR 97045 Mailing PO Box 1168 Mulino OR 97042 503 998 7319 cell PO Box 925 25475 SW Baker Rd Sherwood OR 97140 503 625 9550 b 503 702 4215 c www RollingRockFarm com Hunters Jumpers Equitation Lessons Training for all ages beginners to show ring competitors Lesson Lease horses Libbi L Peltz DVM available for your horse s Veterinary care Premier training facility for horse rider 2 covered arenas 80x200 for hunters 60x90 for young horses riders 100x200 all weather outdoor arena Access to trails Acres of turnout Owners on site Merlin s Wood Silver Spring Farm Ingrid Thornquist James Hook Owners Sherwood OR 97140 503 819 8519 c Ingrid merlinswood com www merlinswood com Dressage basic horsemanship lessons School horses available Private quiet full care facility Rehabilitation layup care available 12x12 stalls w runs 70x144 covered lighted arena pasture turnout individual or group 15 min from I 5 Wilsonville exit 15 min from 99w Sherwood Oz Incorporated Sleepy Hollow Farm Ltd 22665 S Central Point Road Canby OR 97013 Barn 503 651 3418 Shelly 503 704 7985 ozinc yahoo com www ozincorporated com Trainers Jeff Shelly Campf Dustin Goodwin 775 SW Advance Rd Wilsonville OR 97070 503 682 8897 Hunters jumpers equitation investment horses sales training lessons clinics Quality full care boarding full size indoor dressage jumping arena turnout clinics instruction in basic equitation to CT in a friendly supportive atmosphere Some Day Farm Pax Diem Equestrian Center Martha Brooks and Brook McLeod Banks OR 541 944 1797 or 541 821 3444 Personalized training program to meet your needs School horses available Small barn in private setting Sales horses available 116 Lara Schleining Owner Garrett Warner Trainer 1313 E Nevada St Ashland OR 97520 silverspringequestrian com 541 601 9895 Hunters Jumpers Equitation Dressage training Sport Horse sales leases Unparalleled equestrian facilities 60 fully fenced acres Spacious stables turn out paddocks w indoor outdoor arenas Nestled in the hills overlooking Ashland Minutes from I 5 20361 Tumalo Rd Bend OR 97701 Trainer Cathrine Cruger 541 848 8519 catcruger yahoo com www somedayfarmllc com Areas of focus include equitation hunter jumper training horseback riding lessons professional horse training horse boarding and also has a variety of horses for sale We can accommodate your needs and help to shape you into the kind of rider that fits your goals and objectives www FlyingChanges com September 2017

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TRAINER STABLES DIRECTORY OREGON Stellar Sport Horses Tom Murray Dressage Hunters Jumpers Equitation Leasing Sales Focusing on complete horsemanship preparation for the show ring Now accepting clients at this exciting new facility Full care boarding dressage training sales www TomMurrayDressage com Viola Farm 28815 S Needy Rd Canby Oregon 97013 626 644 3008 tommurraydressage gmail com French Hill Farm 15770 NE Eilers Rd Aurora OR 97002 503 678 2025 stellarsporthorses gmail com Trainer Akiko Hamada Stonepony Dressage Tracie Bjugan Dressage LLC Quality full care boarding w individual grass turn outs Lighted covered arena w mirrors Large outdoor dressage court Dressage instruction School horses available Dressage clinics w Danica Yates Sue Sherry Located at West Side Stables 17265 SW Swank Rd Sherwood OR 97140 Tracie Bjugan 503 705 2207 traciebjugan gmail com www tbjugandressage com USDF Gold Silver Bronze medalist Accomplished competitor with multiple awards Dedicated instructor international horse shopping using technology enhancing instruction starting horses retraining difficult horses Available for clinics and travel Strowbridge Stables Triple Rise Equestrian Center Trainer Nancy Stearns Owners Nancy and Mark Stearns 5553 SW Quarry Ave Redmond OR 97756 541 923 6349 www stoneponydressage com Oregon City OR 97045 971 285 2144 503 631 3289 www strowbridgestables com Dressage training 30 years experience Relax enjoy the journey with your horse Lessons designed individually for each horse rider team Indoor outdoor arenas w excellent footing For more information contact Katie Gustafson 503 631 3289 or stubbiedog ccgmail net Swan Training 85687 Pine Grove Rd Eugene OR 97405 541 342 5432 Owners Mike Mollie Gallaway Trainer Mike Gallaway Trainer Rachel Marcotte 541 206 4643 www triplerisehorseshows com Hunters jumpers equitation school horses boarding training indoor outdoor arenas Unicorn Ranch 16091 SW Wilsonville Rd Wilsonville OR 97070 503 349 0314 PO Box 60 Lorane OR 97451 541 359 8040 UnicornRanch msn com Trainer Rebekah Swan www swantraining net Hunters Jumpers Equitation Whip n Spur continues with a tradition of the highest quality training horse care in the Northwest Home of Swan Training 80 acres of pastures woods trails cross country course Outdoor arena big mirrored indoor arena w viewing tack club rooms Cross ties 2 round pens big holding paddocks Birthing stalls w insulated viewing room Daily turnout stall cleaning Feeding 2x per day Blanketing Special needs horse care Surveillance cameras gated Trainers welcome Standing pure Lusitano stallion Disco Daydream Talisman Farm Valley Vista Farm 15988 NE Eilers Road Aurora OR 97002 503 678 1016 julie talismanfarm us malcolm talismanfarm us valleyvistafarm com 11355 NW Valley Vista Road Hillsboro OR 503 647 0444 or valleyvistafarm gmail com Eventing Dressage and Vaulting Full care board daily turn out Julie Hook Trainer USEA Level IV Instructor Malcolm Hook operations manager Kayde Undraitis Assistant Self care boarding in Helvetia area 10 minutes from Tanasbourne or Bethany Small private mud free facility 12 x12 matted stalls with outdoor covered 12 x12 paddocks Covered 80 x160 arena with Equiloft footing 60 all weather round arena Summer pastures winter all weather turnouts Quiet country roads for hacks Daily self care required Templeton Equestrian Center Venture Farm Dave and Shanna Templeton Owners 21285 S Lower Highland Rd Beavercreek OR 97004 503 632 2433 Barn 503 388 1809 Megan Pugh Trainer Carrie Harnden Clinician Alfredo Hernandez Clinician Dressage training lesson program clinics Full care daily large turnouts year round large mirrored indoor arena round pen large matted stalls superb amenities Surrounded by over 3 000 acres of BLM land w year round trails Trailer parking fully fenced gated video monitored Conveniently located just 15 min east of I 205 Owner lives on site for 24 hour care 20130 South End Road Oregon City OR 97045 Owner Trainer Megan Jordan 503 539 2283 meg venturefarminc Assistant Trainer Heather Northup 541 914 0407 Antonio Castellanos 503 209 7109 www venturefarminc com Jumpers Hunters Equitation Sales Competitive show barn catering to beginners thru Grand Prix Full service care w daily turn out indoor arena all weather outdoor Full Half Lease School Horse Lessons available TRAINER STABLES DIRECTORY WASHINGTON Archway Equestrian LLC Aleron Training Stables 5800 125th Lane NE Kirkland WA 98033 206 295 4122 Trainer Alexis Taylor Silvernale www aleronstables com At a gorgeous facility minutes from downtown Bellevue and close to Seattle owner trainer Alexis Taylor Silvernale and her staff offer customized top level training and quality care for horses and riders 117 Clare Warren Corene Smith 22815 NE 200th Street Woodinville WA 98077 Office 425 877 1715 www archwayequestrian com Archway established in 1991 is an exceptional hunter jumper training facility We prepare horses and their riders for the competitive show circuit USHJA Certified Trainers Clare 206 669 1287 cwarren archwayeqsports com Corey 206 200 7101 coreys archwayeqsports com Laina Paterson Laina archwayequestrian com www FlyingChanges com September 2017

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TRAINER STABLES DIRECTORY WASHINGTON Absolute Hunters Jumpers EQUESTRIAN PERFORMANCE At Shelburne Farms in Redmond WA Vinton Karrasch 949 795 1104 Ann Karrasch 949 291 1407 info equestrianperformance com Lisa Shane Owner Trainer 20722 SE 34th St Sammamish WA 98027 Phone 425 281 3559 Email ljshane gmail com Absolute Hunter Jumpers offers instruction and training in Hunters Jumpers and Equitation Absolute H J is an A Circuit show barn specializing in working with horses riders of all ages all levels We pride ourselves on teaching clear communication between horse and rider creating a life long relationship We teach from the ground up so as to instill confidence between you and your horse partner International competitors Ann and Vinton Karrasch bring decades of excellence in hunter jumper training clinics showing and sales Now located in the Pacific Northwest www equestrianperformance com www absolutehj com Hillcrest Training Crooks Show Jumping Heidi Snider Kauffman 206 795 5900 www hillcresttraining net www showringsuccess com Premium Full Service Hunter Jumper equestrian facility located above the wine country in Woodinville WA Heidi Snider Kauffman offers Training Sales Leases and Showring Success coaching www hillcresttraining net www showringsuccess com Brass Ring Farm LLC Donida Farm David Gwen Blake 253 833 4870 Auburn WA www donidafarm com Premier full care facility w excellent management Daily turnout on mud free surface International Dressage Training Instruction lesson programs FEI Hobby Rider School horse program Top quailty show venue Two indoor arenas sand Nike footing mirrors numerous outdoor arenas sand rubber footing Race track cross country jumps Located on 80 manicured acres Emerald Valley Stables Hunters Equitation Investments Leases Sales Clinics Encanto Valley Farm Brookside 24246 275th Ave SE Maple Valley WA 98038 425 766 1625 encantovalleyfarm gmail com www encantovalleyfarm com Trainer Morgan Carr USHJA Certified Jonnie Brooks Owner Trainer 7014 180th St SE Snohomish Wa 98272 425 269 2605 brooksideeq gmail com Brookside equestrian com Hunters Jumpers Equitation Lessons and Sales Located just 5 minutes north of Woodinville off of Highway 9 Fully inclosed indoor arena spacious outdoor arena and large grass pastures for daily turnout Training programs are individually tailored to each horse and rider Chalice Farms Performance Boarding Facility Hunters Jumpers Equitation Lessons Leases Sales Training program customized to meet your riding goals Indoor outdoor arenas individual paddocks for daily turnout large stalls heated viewing lounge Farmhill Equestrian Center LLC 9390 Orchard Ave SE Port Orchard WA 98367 www chalicehorsefarms com Contact Lea Wilson Owner 206 718 7662 Outstanding facility with excellent horse management in a nearly mud free facility Indoor 60X120 arena with rubber and sand footing Outdoor 200x75 arena which can be used for dressage or jumping Reasonable Board rates with daily turnout and full care services 118 Internationally renowned CSJ offers training for the serious athlete ranging from beginners to the Grand Prix level Our state of the art facility is conveniently located just North of Bellevue Korina Winkler Owner Manager 1613 NE 259th St Ridgefield WA 98642 503 730 7490 office emeraldvalleystables gmail com Home of Emerald Valley Training Sara Nastri 360 977 3518 and Equi librium Equestrian Jessica Wisdom 253 230 9764 Emerald Valley Stables features a 135x62 newly remodeled mirrored indoor arena a newly renovated 235x121 outdoor arena with all weather footing over 25 newly renovated turnout paddocks Located on 50 acres with trails Nancy Free Trainer 26919 112th St E Buckley WA 98321 360 829 9181 farm 253 381 2533 cell www brassringfarmllc net Focusing on Dressage and Eventing 9390 Orchard Ave SE 16530 Robinson Rd Snohomish WA 98296 Lauren Crooks 206 660 1992 crooksshowjumping gmail com www CrooksShowJumping com 23118 NE 37th Ave Ridgefield WA 360 887 8087 www farmhillequestriancenter com Home of Suzan Davis Atkinson Dressage Rebecca Buehler Dressage and Jump Instruction A full service dressage jump facility located 2 mi east of the I 5 exit 11 FarmHill features a 60x150 mirrored indoor dressage arena full court outdoor dressage arena 100x300 outdoor jump arena covered round pen We provide superb care for our horses their humans www FlyingChanges com September 2017

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TRAINER STABLES DIRECTORY WASHINGTON Five C Farms 15811 NE 175th St Woodinville WA 98072 425 481 7866 http www fivecfarms com Home of Molly Martin Dressage Training Stones Throw Farm with Sarah Lorenz Stephanie Craig and Cherry Blossom Farm Hunter Jumpers We are a full service boarding facility with large individual turnout paddocks fields indoor all weather outdoor arenas grass jumping field covered roundpen A positive atmosphere for both horse rider Sales lease training programs available Welcoming Kristi Gravrock now providing lesson horses for hunter jumper instruction Also has openings for training horses Forest Park Equestrian Center Nodaway Farm Denison Rauw Owner Manager 2056 Palo Alto Road Sequim WA 360 582 9514 www nodawayfarm com HO RS E C A RE WITH HEART Experienced quality full care specializing in retirement post surgery injury and equine senior care Tranquil 20 acre farm provides superior climate for horse health Year around pasture board or lay up stall board with state of the art barn and field shelters Vacation board with close access to Olympic National Forest and Olympic National Park Partners with Still Creek CPR First Aid Training for Equestrians www stillcreekcpr com Nodaway Farm Horse Care with Heart Pacific Moon Equestrian Center Karen Moore Owner 14432 Jim Creek Road Arlington WA 98223 360 403 3035 www pacificmoondressage com Shannon Morris 6504 44th Ave NE Olympia WA 98516 360 280 3191 www forestparkequestriancenter com Quality boarding training lessons Incredible facility 14x14 stalls individual tack lockers huge indoor outdoor rings Miles of trails Dressage jumping lessons offered Haul ins welcome Dressage training and instruction with USDF Bronze and Silver Medalist Karen Moore Retirement and Rehabilitation Services Harmony Ridge Equestrian Center Parkside Stables Hunters Run Equestrian Center LLC Phoenix Farm Hunters Jumpers 25722 SE Tiger Mountain Rd Issaquah WA 98027 HarmonyRidgeEquestrian gmail com www HarmonyRidgeEquestrian net 425 246 6786 Conveniently located just 10 minutes off I 99 and Hwy18 our beautiful facility includes a 90 x 200 covered arena with brand new footing turn out 7 days a week in our completely dry private paddocks flexible training schedule heated tack room meticulous care and plenty of other amenities for both horse and rider to enjoy Come be part of the Harmony Ridge team and family Colleen Armstrong Owner Colleen Armstrong Angie Chamberlin Meghann Armstrong Trainers icki Bergevin Owner V 13020 NE 39th Street Bellevue WA 98005 425 885 5025 Parksidestables msn com www parksidestables com Washington s leading Hunter Jumper training facility Easily accessible from Seattle and all points on the Eastside We provide top level training for horse and rider in a comfortable family atmosphere First lesson to the National level our trainers can support you and your hunter jumper and equitation goals We will help you reach your full potential 8832 222nd St SE Woodinville WA 98077 206 229 2711 Trainer Teri Duplass www phoenixfarm com 22216 Sweeney Rd SE Maple Valley WA 98038 425 432 8962 info huntersruneq com www huntersruneq com Hunters Jumpers Equitation Sales Leases school horses boarding training indoor outdoor arenas daily turnout on grass pastures Full service providing great care education at an affordable price Indoor outdoor arenas round pen locker room wash rack Lesson horse program for all skill levels Jane Judson Dressage Potcreek Meadow Farm Jane Judson Located Hilltop Haven Equestrian Carnation WA 98014 425 466 5611 Janejudsondressage gmail com JJ Dressage 18804 NE 106th St Redmond WA 98052 425 882 3558 Trainer Cara Anthony www potcreek com Training with respect for the horse and his nature Natural methods based on traditional dressage Improve contact straightness flexibility School horses personalized attention Six years training in Philippe Karl s Ecole de Legerete USDF L Graduate with Distinction Bronze medalist 25 years experience Training lessons clinics judging Hunters jumpers equitation training clinics lessons sales leases Full care boarding facility with state of the art indoor outdoor riding rings Grand Prix field Adjacent to equestrian park extensive riding trails Lane s End LLC Pumpkin Farms Nancy Thacher owner trainer USDF Gold Medalist retired dressage judge 425 868 1655 Nancy_thacher hotmail com 20430 NE 108th St Redmond WA 98053 www lanesendfarmnw com Top of the line establishment with full amenities Small community but large facility for dressage horsemanship progress and fun Over sized stalls indoor outdoor arenas round pen etc Variety of turnout options Beautiful fields hills woods with direct access to trails Tucked away at the end of two lanes 2 8 miles from Hwy 520 downtown Redmond Matt Eagan Trainer 720 641 7319 matt ecdressage com 17732 Butler Rd Snohomish WA 98290 Susan Cheney Owner 805 490 5907 www pumpkinfarmsdressage com Built for the horse and rider a full care dressage training and boarding facility 35 minutes from Bellevue and 10 minutes from Evergreen Fairgrounds in Monroe Facilities include 204x72 mirrored indoor arena FEI sized all weather outdoor 2 20m covered round pens numerous all weather T O paddocks grass paddocks 14x12 stalls with run outs The facility is set on 17 lovely acres includes a 10 acre riding and conditioning field We provide the very best in personalized care for horse and rider Legacy Hunters Jumpers Inc Red Gate Farm 19802 NE 148th St Woodinville WA 98077 trainer legacyhuntersandjumpers com 425 869 1527 Trainer Shelly Kerron Trainer Lizzie Kerron Assistant Trainer Ross Alexander www legacyhuntersjumpers com Hunter Jumper training facility operated by third generation horse trainer Shelly Kerron Quality lesson horse program Beginner thru accomplished show rider 119 23836 SE 24th Street Sammamish WA 98075 jamie425 earthlink net 425 392 0111 Trainer Jamie Smith www facebook com redgatefarmtraining Red Gate Farm is a full service training facility We offer everything from Lessons to A circuit horse shows and have horses and ponies available for lease We also provide a fun Summer Day Camp for ages 6 12 www FlyingChanges com September 2017

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TRAINER STABLES DIRECTORY WASHINGTON Spokane Sport Horse Farm LLC 10710 S Sherman Rd Spokane WA 99224 Owner Christel Carlson Manager Gail Mackie Phone Mgr 509 993 6786 Owner 509 993 6786 www spokanesporthorse com Training Boarding Showing Breeding Farm on 150 Acres 7 Level 3 USDF Shows 2 USEA Events All levels Many Clinics schooling shows and events Great lay over just off I 90 Summervale Premier Dressage 29722 22nd Ave E Roy WA 98580 www SummervalePremierDressage com dressagespecialties yahoo com 253 381 2811 Summervale Premier Dressage provides an Elite Equestrian Sales experience in dressage horses for sale We make dreams come true matching top quality dressage horses to their partners Sundance Equestrian Industries 18221 236th Ave NE Woodinville WA 98077 425 205 3775 USHJA Certified Trainers Katherine Wade Easley Chelsea Crabb Assistant Trainer Danika Green www sundanceequestrian com We offer training for both the horse rider looking to compete have fun in a team environment Hunters jumpers equitation sales leases clinics Full care boarding beautiful covered arena View Ridge Farm Sonja Vracko S Judge Dressage Trainer Clinician 14050 18th NE Woodinville WA 98072 425 417 3222 sonjavracko msn com www sonjavracko com S JUDGE DRESSAGE CLINICIAN TRAINER BEGINNERS THROUGH GRAND PRIX Wacky Nut Equestrian Farm 10821 Wacky Nut Way Bainbridge Island WA 98110 206 780 1617 Barn Manager jo wackynutfarm com 206 353 3358 www wackynutfarm com A premier dressage training boarding facility offering lessons and training at all levels through FEI Regular clinics and active show participation Excellent individualized care includes 4 daily feedings stalls cleaned twice daily year round turn out all 15 stalls w paddocks Indoor arena 80x180 w excellent footing mirrors heated viewing area outdoor 100x200 All season farm trail Heated tack room w private lockers rider kitchen heated groom areas Resident caretaker Trainer Emily Sorensen www sorensendressage com about Woodside Stables 9368 NE Derby Way Kingston WA 98346 Trainers Cindy Daniels Sara Petersen Lisa Crittenden 360 860 1335 425 466 5662 woodsidestables msn com woodsidestables com Hunters Jumpers Equitation Sales Leases School Horse Lessons Full care facility with indoor outdoor rings state of the art footing daily turn out Close to trails TL2 Farms 3208 300th Ave SE Fall City WA 98024 206 499 1065 Owners Loren and Tammy Kaneshige www tl2farms com INSTRUCTOR DIRECTORY Beautiful full service equestrian facility Hunter jumper and equitation A great place to ride Theresa Leahy Training LLC Suzan Davis Atkinson Dressage Enumclaw WA 98022 253 736 4888 tmqleahy gmail com Hunters Jumpers Equitation and Dressage thru FEI We offer focused goal oriented lessons and training in a positive fun atmosphere A Circuit showing throughout the west coast Lesson lease horses ponies available Thumbs Up Farm Farmhill Equestrian Center LLC 23118 NE 37th Ave Ridgefield WA 503 476 4125 SuzanDavisAtkinson gmail com BHSI certified FEI Dressage with over 35 years experience Positive and constructive classical dressage training Unique ability to create a harmonious working partnership for you and your horse Master in the art of long lining as well as in hand techniques through piaffe and passage All breeds welcome Blake Dressage Trainers John Turner Jack Hammond Quinn Partridge Keri Bailey 24221 NE Union Hill Road Redmond WA 98053 206 396 2681 John 253 686 0221 Quinn thumbsupfarm aol com www thumbsupfarm com Gwen Blake 360 507 9306 Rebecca Blake 360 507 1438 Blake Dressage has over 50 years of training and competition experience on local national and international levels We offer instruction training clinics and coaching for all levels thru FEI Hunters Jumpers Equitation Sales Leases Clinics Tulipsprings Eventing Breeland Equestrian School 31807 South Carlson Rd Kennewick WA 99337 509 521 1100 tulipsprings aol com www tulipsprings com Corvallis OR 541 753 4000 Three day eventing venue with full professional courses thru Prelim plus some Intermediate Clinics private camps available by appointment for group schooling See website for information calendar 120 USDF Bronze medalist triple credentialed teacher former OSU Horse Center Director offers lessons training in dressage jump trails Focus on freeing energy blocks in spine centered riding releasing true potential 4H PC discounts Customized clinics will travel www FlyingChanges com September 2017

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Centered Riding INSTRUCTOR DIRECTORY Your Facility Cathy Mahon cathy harmonyandhealingwithhorses com 360 430 0430 www harmonyandhealingwithhorses com Your Address Your Contact Information Experienced certified Centered Riding instructor with 30 years as rider trainer and teacher Offering top quality lessons to beginners as well as experienced dressage riders in balanced classic riding Private lessons at your own arena with one on one approach to improve body posture and awareness with immediate results Available in Cowlitz Clark and Lewis Counties Rebecca Buehler FarmHill Equestrian Center LLC 23118 NE 37th Ave Ridgefield WA 503 719 2795 REBuehler gmail com Jumping and dressage Kind beneficial instruction for riders and careful effective training for horses Rebecca has evented through the Advanced level and holds her Pony Club A rating CHA certification and Stage 3 with the British Horse Society Eagle Idaho 503 887 0995 olesonh gmail com www heather oleson com Training and instruction from current CDI trainer and competitor Developed numerous successful FEI horses from youngsters Beginners through Grand Prix all levels and breeds welcome Also available for clinics Lisa Weis Dressage Training Instruction 508 693 1704 lis8weis gmail com Stanwood WA 98292 Over 25 years experience USDF L Graduate and medalist Bachelors of Education Potomac Horse Center Graduate Two year apprenticeship with german F N Reitlehrer Available for travel Karen Moore Owner 23502 Wallitner Rd Arlington WA 360 403 3035 www pacificmoondressage com USDF Bronze and Silver Medalist Karen Moore Dressage is good for every horse and rider All breeds and levels welcome Build the partnership with your horse at Pacific Moon RiderPilates LLC Kathy Casey Dressage kathycaseydressage gmail com Whistle Star Farm 11871 S Riggs Damm Rd Canby Ore 97013 971 506 7786 19610 NE 116th St Redmond WA 98053 425 246 9033 cell bglosten gmail com www riderpilates com Instructor clinician small r judge trainer thru Grand Prix Level Many state regional championships Successfully bringing young riders adult amateurs up thru the levels Newberg OR Julie 406 531 6443 juleskr3 gmail com See us on Facebook Only 170 per year Call 503 317 4957 or email mail flyingchanges com Pacific Moon Equestrian Center Heather Oleson Dressage Julie Ronning Dressage LOGO Julie Ronning Dressage Kind and correct Dressage training focusing on happy horses and progression Four years assisting Sabine Schut Kery in CA has given her extensive experience with young horses troubled horses stallions a wide variety of breeds and training all levels of horses and riders Clinics and sales Improve body awareness balance function for better riding Beth teaches studio pilates lessons classes riding position lessons Deborah Spence 849 28 Gore Rd Onalaska WA 98570 360 985 7438 360 269 1119 cell cbds tds net USEF R Dressage judge Available for private instruction training clinics Jana Steffen Dressage Sally Collins 27311 56th Ave NW Stanwood WA 98292 360 708 9992 scollins collinswoodfarm com Specializing in hunters jumpers equitation Available for private coaching at home or on the road Single or multi day clinic dates available USEF r Licensed Judge Jana Steffen Riders Edge Farm Redmond WA 206 920 2902 janastef yahoo com www jsteffendressage com Current openings available at Riders Edge Farm for boarding full or partial training private lessons Classical dressage instruction training offered with an emphasis on relaxation suppling exercises Improve your communication partnership with your horse Sonja Vracko Emerald Valley Training Sara Nastri 360 977 3518 Located at Emerald Valley Stables Ridgefield WA Full training program for hunters jumpers and equitation Also offering school horse lessons and haul ins welcome S Judge Dressage Clinician Trainer 425 417 3222 View Ridge Farm 14050 18th NE Woodinville WA 98072 sonjavracko msn com www sonjavracko com S JUDGE DRESSAGE CLINICIAN TRAINER BEGINNERS THROUGH GRAND PRIX 121 www FlyingChanges com September 2017

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EQUESTRIAN SERVICES DIRECTORY ARENAS AND EQUINE BUILDINGS farm barn Linda Royer 503 789 5650 14432 Livesay Rd Oregon City OR 97045 Linda farmplusbarn com www farmplusbarn com Design of sites structures for horses people ALU Jumps USA 933W Potrero Road Thousand Oaks CA 91361 Arena Rehab Specialists Rick Triplett Sultan WA 98294 425 923 7909 www Arena Rehab com Improvements Plus Inc IMPROPI 085 J3 Experts in riding arena renovation construction with decades of experience in the Pacific NW climate Sales of the finest footing additives indoor dust control that REALLY WORKS Consultation services We offer services with your horses in mind by a lifelong horseman Barn Pros Equestrian Facilities Nationwide 14567 169th Drive SE Monroe WA 98272 barns barnpros com 866 844 2276 www barnpros com Pre Engineered Traditional Wood Barns Equestrian Facilities Timber Frame Barn Homes Barn Shops and Recreational buildings Shipped to your site nationwide Quality Riding Arena Bases Surfaces Efficient Arena Inc Mark Rowley Canby OR 97013 503 266 1563 CCB 155808 efficientarena com Expert installation of indoor outdoor arena bases footings in the Pacific Northwest All weather laser graded full construction or repairs The experience of over 385 arenas with corresponding references Exclusive distributor of Equiloft rubber fiber mixtures sands organics fibers felts Equine Facility Design Matt Johnson Architect 107 SE Washington St Ste 265 Portland OR 97214 503 650 1663 office equinefacilitydesign com equinefacilitydesign com Building design site planning planning approvals for large small scale equestrian facilities private homes barns acreage boarding training breeding facilities Page 122 Stacey Sikorski 425 501 5997 eqclippingservices gmail com 20 years professional experience clipping horses for show work Reasonable rates references available Western Washington beyond Call or e mail for appointment EQUINE SALES LEASE AGENTS 800 287 1738 www ALUJumpsUSA com Affordable Virtually Indestructible Lightweight but sturdy Weather Resistant Easy to Handle and Carry Customization available The ALU Jumps collection offers something for every taste from simple white to vibrant colors with many different designs ideal for training as well as competition CLIPPING Los Angeles CA 909 260 0094 Wellington FL 888 247 8169 www valuefoams com sales valuefoams com We offer affordable lightweight 30 lb 4 x 6 interlocking cushioned and waterproof stable mats for a more comfortable and healthier stable floor matting as oppose to hard and heavy to move rubber mats Reduces use of shavings aids against hock sores reduces stocking and encourages rest and lying down Our comfortable Performatz mats are also ideal for injured horses older horse with hoof joint arthritic issues equine hospitals clinics on concrete floors trailers and equine aircraft transportation With Performatz your special horse will be comfortable healthier and happier Performatz is a product of Value Foam Inc a Southern California based medical and veterinary orthotic foam company Rubber Granulators Inc Rubber Arena Footing Marysville WA 98271 360 658 7754 360 653 6430 fax www rubbergranulators com We produce ground rubber for athletic surfaces arena footing 1 2 granules 225 ton 1 4 granules 300 ton Call for more info or plant specials BREEDERS BREEDING SERVICES Storybook Horse Farm John Hartley Alexis Atchinson 5852 Scotts Valley Road Yoncalla OR 97499 Owners operators 541 849 2251 Breeders of outstanding Canadians Warmbloods Sporthorses for eventing jumping and dressage Bred for quality raised for performance www storybookhorsefarm com www facebook com storybookhorsefarm Select Sales Biglow Farms 23303 Buena Vista Road Clements CA 95227 425 681 9571 joanselectsales gmail com www selectsales com Founded in 2003 by Joan Curtin a professional horsewoman with more than forty years of experience in the hunter jumper industry Proven record of success training horses riders for the most competitive hunter jumper competitions in the country High quality competition horses offered in peak condition to the serious rider FITNESS TRAINING Chalice Fitness 9390 Orchard Ave SE Port Orchard WA 98367 chalicefitness gmail com www chalicefitness com Why Equestrian Fitness Feel stronger and more balanced in the saddle Safety is key If you are strong you can be safe Be a better partner to your horse We require them to be athletes in their sport We should return the favor Look GREAT in those white breeches Feel empowered and self confident Love the skin your in GRAPHICS WEB DESIGN MARKETING Branding Websites SEO Social Media Coaching Specializing in equine business marketing Visit our portfolio to see the work we ve done for people you know www EquineMarketing guru 1st Hour Consultation FREE Call us Back o Beyond Farm Maggi Clark B H S A I Foaling Service 360 435 0473 21521 Jordan Rd Arlington WA 98223 Equine Nursery and Maternity Center Unwed Mares Welcome Services Directory September 2017

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EQUESTRIAN SERVICES DIRECTORY HAY AND FEED SUPPLY MANAGEMENT Charles White Hay Broker USDA Reporter Wholesale 707 396 7989 Retail 707 396 7988 charleswhitehay gmail com Alfalfa Alfalfa Grass Orchard Grass Meadow Timothy Grain Straw Purina Feed HORSE CAMPS Herrold Stables Farm 32900 SW Wohler St Hillsboro OR 97123 971 235 4529 call text www HerroldStables com FUN HORSE CAMP Spring Summer 2016 Horsemanship Equitation jumping trail driving Crafts Horse Painting ages 4 16 Camp divided by ability Experienced school horse provided See website to sign up INSURANCE Kathryn A Hall PC Kathryn A Hall Attorney at Law PO Box 771 Hillsboro OR 97123 971 404 5296 khall pnwequinelaw com www pnwequinelaw com A full service equine law firm licensed to practice in Oregon Washington Horse sales leases breeding Boarding training riding instruction Risk assessment management Ownership registration Business entity formation governance taxation employment Veterinary malpractice negligence Liability for horse injuries Debt collection creditors rights Litigation appeals USEF USHJA USDF OHJA member QUALITY CONSISTENCY VARIETY PHOTOGRAPHY AND VIDEO Union Mills Feed 14822 S Union Mills Rd Mulino OR 97042 503 829 2386 umfeed molalla net www unionmillsfeed com English Western Tack Horse supplements supplies Western Gift items Custom feed made daily Friendly service custom orders In business since 1877 Excellence in Equine Insurance Est 1982 It s your way of life It s our business to protect it Mortality l Medical l Surgical l Colic Equine Liability l Care Custody Control BLUE BRIDLE INSURANCE AGENCY INC 800 526 1711 l 908 735 6362 For more info visit www bluebridle com EMO Agency Inc 400 Rosedale Court Warrenton VA 20186 1 800 347 3552 home office 540 347 5906 fax Daran Lockhart Agent 541 513 4776 www RideEMO com Insurance services for equine equine farm liability related products Red Pony Insurance Services Inc Premium Eastern Oregon Hay Delivered to Your Barn Year round delivery Test results for every cutting Volume discounts Call for prices and availability Maricle Land Livestock Frank Maricle 541 280 1054 Ecological Agricultural Consulting Claudia S Ingham PhD Salem OR 97306 503 341 0743 Eco Ag Consultation gmail com EquineEssentialsOregon com Pasture management for equestrian and small farms seeking to maintain animal health forage quality site stability Meet your farm goals with Claudia s comprehensive and practical approach developed through her knowledge as ARIA certified riding instructor and published ecologist September 2017 Eve Willett Equine Insurance Specialist 2637 12th Ct SW Olympia WA 98502 360 915 9574 fax 360 867 8834 ew redponyinsurance com Expertise Honesty Put Eve s 30 years experience to work for you LEGAL Equine Legal Solutions PC 24150 S Highland Crest Dr Beavercreek OR 97004 Toll free 866 385 2972 www equinelegalsolutions com A full service equine law firm licensed to practice in Oregon Washington California New York See our website for a wide variety of equine legal forms Leone Equestrian Law Jessica Choper and Armand Leone JR MD PC 175 Rock Road Glen Rock NJ 07452 201 444 6444 www equestriancounsel com armand equestriancounsel com Leone Equestrian Law LLC provides legal services and consultation for equestrian professionals ranging from riders and trainers to owners and show managers in the FEI disciplines on a wide variety of issues Services Directory Jana Peterson Photography Vancouver WA 310 804 4848 info janaphotography com www janapetersonphotography com Turning your memories into art Equine Human Photography Fine Art Mary Cornelius Photography Serving the Pacific NW beyond since 1980 Based in Portland OR 503 936 4503 mary marycornelius com www marycornelius com All things Equestrian Sport portraiture promotion equestrian product Fine Art Imager Select competitive events Movement conformation specialist Photo Sessions at your location Accredited international photojournalist Kristin Lee Photography specializes in equine sports action and portraiture She captures the beauty and soul of you and your horse in a timeless image you ll treasure forever Contact 805 428 3356 kristin kristinleephotography com REAL ESTATE Thoroughbred Real Estate Group Ryann Reinhofer 16365 Boones Ferry Rd Lake Oswego 97035 503 709 2370 ryann thoroughbredREGroup com www thoroughbredREGroup com Assisting all levels of Buyers and Sellers with Equestrian Property Expertise Residential Hobby Farms to Commercial Boarding Facilities and Everything in Between Serving the Portland Metro Areas and Beyond Home is Where the Hooves Are Page 123

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EQUESTRIAN SERVICES DIRECTORY Horsewears Specializing in equestrian farm properties serving North King Snohomish Counties Heidi Pace Davalos heidid johnlscott com 425 870 3334 Nancy Reilly nancyreilly johnlscott com 425 417 0024 Raquel Davalos RaquelD johnlscott com 425 760 8600 25053 S Pike Ave Oregon City OR 97045 www horsewears com 503 632 1550 info horsewears com Horsewears for what your horse wears In continuous business since 1994 Horse blanket laundry repair Pick up delivery minimums apply SADDLE SUPPLIERS AND FITTING Addiken Saddle Fitting LLC Kelsey Nicholls info addikensaddlefitting com 425 954 6559 www addikensaddlefitting com Independent Saddle Fitter trained by the Society of Master Saddlers serving the Pacific NW Specializing in English saddle fitting reflocking and repair services Retailer of Hastilow Kent Masters Fairfax and Thorowgood Saddles Consignments available Albion Saddles Paula Helm www HelmSaddles com 425 457 1105 I believe horse rider can be comfortable in their saddle Let my problem solving skills the full spectrum of Albion s options achieve that for you Kimberly Crouse Tenhulzen Tenhulzen Real Estate Equestrian Estate Property Specialist 206 409 0771 kimberly tenhulzenRE com www tenhulzenrealestate com Providing expertise in everything equestrian from estates to full working facilities KiamaLise Herres Kiama windermere com www EnchantingHomesandFarms com 11000 151st Ave NE Redmond Cell 206 679 5322 Office 425 462 8000 Windermere Stellar Realty Group Inc Casey Franklin 220 A Ave Ste 200 Lake Oswego OR 97034 503 539 7709 cfranklin windermere com www caseyfranklin withwre com LISTING BUYING REFERRALS Buying selling farm residential properties in the greater Portland Willamette Valley areas Providing trusted reliable real estate services for equestrian enthusiasts professionals REPAIRS AND BLANKET CLEANING Barb s Blankets Serving Clark County WA 360 904 3617 360 882 1469 widbarb msn com barbsblankets com Washing repairing waterproofing of horse blankets Serving Clark County WA Free pick up delivery at most barns Quality service reasonable rates Double D Blanket Cleaning Mending Hillsboro OR 503 781 3954 doubledblankets gmail com Pick up drop off at your barn 15 discount for volume orders 12 blankets sheets Fast turn around Page 124 Balanced Equine Saddle Fitting Services LLC Formarly Anderson Equine Saddle Fitting Services 23515 NE Novelty Hill Rd Suite B221 391 Redmond WA 98053 425 954 6559 www balancedequinesaddlefit com Offering the only independent SMS Qualified saddle fitter in the PNW Proud retailer of six brands of quality english made saddles For the love of the horse Custom Saddlery Anja Swenson 208 841 5730 Based in Monroe WA anja mysaddle com www mysaddle com Saddle fitting consultation re flocking tree adjustments billet straps replaced on most brands All work done on site NW rep for Custom Saddlery Dressage Jumping models to test ride Simply the best dressage saddles on the market Steffen Peters Rep for NSC Saddles Kendis Saddlery LLC N2 Saddles N2 Saddlery offers custom fittted dressage saddles designed for a perfect fit Linda Poetsch Northwest Contact for custom fitting and purchase 503 830 0337 Linda is located in Portland OR Northwest Saddles LLC Kari Wetherill WA OR State Agent for County Saddlery 360 771 3663 kari wetherill countysaddlery com www nwsaddles com www facebook com countypnw www countysaddlery com Providing a solution to all your saddle fitting needs Services include a full evaluation of your horse current saddle new saddle fittings saddle adjustments Schleese Saddlery Service Ltd 34 Centennial Ave Holland Landing ON L9N 1H2 800 225 2242 saddlesforwomen com At Schleese we make infinitely adjustable saddles specifically for female riders and their horses to deliver maximum comfort performance and prevent long term damage Custom designed for the physiology of women riders will experience truly life changing comfort and responsiveness Our craftsmanship is world class and our superior fitting practices are unparalleled in the industry TACK AND TACK STORES A Bit Less Consignment 165 NE Greenwood Ave Ste C Bend OR 97701 541 323 3262 Facebook A Bit Less 2 500 sf of gently used tack clothing stable supplies blankets boots saddles horse related gear English Western Absolute Horse Inc 2221 NE 3rd St Ste B Bend OR 97701 541 388 3855 AbsoluteHorse gmail com One of Central Oregon s largest tack stores for horse rider Products for show to everyday riding Amy Kendis 36408 NE Washougal River Rd Washougal WA 98671 Phone fax 360 835 5070 E mail amyk pacifier com Professional saddle fitting by Amy Kendis Complete evaluation measurement explanation of biomechanics of proper fit for horse rider Amy is certified in adjusting saddle trees in the fitting of Flair Air Panels Lemke Saddle Services Inc www LemkeSaddle com SDLsaddle com 925 286 1434 Sheryl Lemke SDL specializes in fitting New Used saddles for all riders horses since 1984 Exams Reflocking Consultation Clinics around the USA Meriwether Saddlery Service John Meriwether 425 785 2001 jmeriwet comcast net Throughout the Northwest Saddle fitting for the health of your horse s back Reflocking Re Structuring your saddle to optimize performance New Jeffries WOW Saddles quality used saddles Services Directory September 2017

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EQUESTRIAN SERVICES DIRECTORY Campf Transport Inc Gallops Saddlery Equine Sports Massage Therapy Jay Campf PO Box 293 Canby OR 97013 503 329 0412 503 651 1342 Fax campftransport yahoo com Local Long Distance hauling For show and pleasure mares foals Small trailer or semi trailer Jackie Paul certified E S M T 503 631 8457 cell 503 267 1045 jackie arabianvines com www arabianvines com Since 1993 Barn calls clinics shows Ease muscle spasm improve circulation enhance muscle tone boost athletic performance endurance through SPORTS MASSAGE Call today to help your horse achieve maximum potential 17937 SW McEwan Rd TIgard OR 97224 503 639 6347 www facebook com gallops www gallopssaddlery com Tack shop specializing in Eventing Hunter Jumper Dressage with experts on site for advice custom saddle fitting UPS shipments daily Hooks Leather and Tack 5605 146th St SW Edmonds WA 98026 425 743 6387 425 772 7665 cell tackmantoo gmail com www chuckhooks com Saddle tack repair hand crafting of leather Twenty two years in the same location All work guaranteed Olson s Tack Shop 2105 140th Ave NE Bellevue WA 98005 1 877 654 9453 www olsonstack com Olson s Tack Shop Saddle Fitting Specialist Courtney Dale has trained with Certified Master Saddlers as well as attended numerous horse anatomy training courses Contact Courtney to learn more about how to alter your existing saddle to better suit your needs or schedule a fitting for a custom saddle from Prestige Pessoa and Beval Visit Olson s Saddle Resource Guide at olsonstack com TRANSPORT TRAILERS East Meets West Light Star Horse Transportation 6100 Pacheco Pass P O Box 1589 Gilroy CA 95021 Rachel Pekala E S M T Portland and Corvallis OR 541 760 3747 Offering experienced multi modality equine massage services in the Portland tri county and Corvallis Eugene areas Serving all breeds and disciplines Find us on Facebook by searching Rachel Pekala ESMT Appointments can be scheduled via call or text www LightstarRanch com Light Star Horse Transportation has been safely and affordably transporting horses for more than thirty years Licensed by the US Department Of Transportation and the Interstate Commerce Commission this fully Insured Carrier can ship Local or Coast To Coast Custom semis and 5th wheels All drivers are horsemen Heart to Heart Healing One to Win Horse Liza Burney J D 503 502 5186 www heart to heart healing com In person remote healing for you your horse Experience the benefits of energy healing Personal appointments support physical as well as mental emotional health for people and horses Clinics classes so you can learn to maintain your horse s health well being reduce stress develop inner peace Transportation Portland area 888 663 3804 toll free 503 703 7703 cell Give Your Horse the Ultimate Ride Extra care at no extra cost Long distance local shows Priority service on every horse Layovers on long runs Over 20 years experience Referrals available High Point Equine Massage VETERINARY AND EQUINE HEALTH Jennifer Lovell certified LAMP 971 217 8131 www highpointequinewellness com Columbia Equine Hospital Serving Oregon since 2014 Massage bodywork and exercise plans tailored to your horse s needs whether they are a retired pleasure horse or an actively competing show horse 27841 SE Orient Dr Gresham OR 97080 503 663 1515 24 Hrs www columbiaequine com Experienced quality equine are in Portland SW WA We offer a full range of services including lameness evaluation pre purchase exams state of the art diagnostics dentistry surgery acupuncture reproduction preventative care EQUINE DENTISTRY Vision special 64 999 New Ford Transit Chassis Large tack changing room by Richard O Miller DVM NATIONWIDE DELIVERY OFFICE 949 233 0707 RICHDENT1 GMAIL COM State of the Art Mobile Clinic 541 806 6333 sales LandDTrailers com www LandDTrailers com September 2017 Equine Sports Massage Therapy Services 877 254 5112 Terry Konkle terry lightstarranch com Horsebox for 2 horses Trail Treka from 11 000 Easy to tow with a car Acupuncture Chiropractic Audrey Staton DVM 541 683 6373 www eastwestdvm com Certified in Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine Chiropractic www richdent com Services Directory Page 125

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EQUESTRIAN SERVICES DIRECTORY Pioneer Veterinary Services P C ADVANCED LAMENESS THERAPIES AND DIAGNOSTICS PRP IRAP STEM CELL THERAPY SHOCK WAVE THERAPY DIGITAL RADIOGRAPHY DIGITAL ULTRASONAGRAPHY REHABILITATION 541 689 0205 www deloeste vet Eugene OR horse Pacific Crest Sporthorse Matrix Therapy Products Deborah Powell 503 632 7187 www therapyproducts net info therapyproducts net Matrix Therapy Products is your source for therapy equipment Best Vet Microcurrent for locating soreness and injury recovery Infrasound Qi Gong Massagers VibraVM for COPD Laser LED Light Therapy Thermotex Infrared Blanket and more Courses available for bodyworkers and DIY therapy Free catalogs e mail newsletter sign up upon request Northwest Veterinary Acupuncture Megan Wickersham DVM CVA Mobile Services based out of Battle Ground WA Serving SW Washington NW Oregon 360 666 9501 www nwvetacupuncture com Mobile equine veterinary acupuncture Acupuncture can be used to ease pain promote healing allow your equine athlete perform to the best of its ability or lead a comfortable retirement Oakhurst EQUINE VETERINARY SERVICES Providing Excellence in Diagnostics and Comprehensive Veterinary Care of the Equine Athlete for over 20 Years 18175 NE Hwy 240 Newberg Oregon 97132 503 554 0227 Please visit us at www oakhurstequine com Oregon Equine Inc Janine Wilson DVM CAC 503 631 4100 www orequine com Ambulatory Practice Serving the Greater Portland Tri County Area Dr Wilson offers a personalized experienced approach to diagnosis treatment of your horse Her practice philosophy emphasizes client education treatment options open communication while practicing evidence based lameness medicine chiropractic care As a rider Dr Wilson understands the relationship between you your equine partner welcomes the opportunity to help you with your Page 126 Barb Crabbe DVM Jennifer Posey DVM 15056 S Spangler Rd Oregon City OR 97045 PO Box 526 Beavercreek OR 97004 503 632 6336 www pacificcrestsporthorse com Veterinary care for the performance horse including lameness diagnostics treatment dentistry preventative health plans emergency care We offer full reproductive services including breeding with fresh frozen semen foaling limited boarding for broodmares foals at our farm Now offering acupuncture Warmblood horses for sale Peak Performance Equine Sport Horse Veterinary Medicine Cierra Dedeker DVM 503 403 9617 Office Appointments 503 403 9617 Cell Emergencies DrCierra gmail com Mobile equine veterinary practice specializing in sports medicine Mobile digital radiology ultrasound available Everything your sport horse needs to perform at their peak Leave your trailer unhitched we will come to you Practice area includes Yamhill Washington Clackamas counties in Oregon Check out our website for more information Peakperformanceequinepllc com Pegasus Equine Rehabilitation 7620 260th Ave NE Redmond WA 98053 425 898 1060 office www pegasustrainingcenter com State of the art rehabilitation center for all breeds disciplines Featuring a hyperbaric oxygen chamber swimming pool underwater treadmill eurocizers more Great for post surgery recovery physical therapy conditioning Performance Horse Massage Therapy Kristi L Zimbelman LMP CCST LAMP 14325 200th Ave SE Renton WA 98059 425 922 3919 www performancehorsemassagetherapy com Treatment tailored to the horse s individual activity levels using deep tissue trigger point myofascial release to decrease muscle pain increase range of motion decrease recovery time promote overall well being Pilchuck Veterinary Hospital 360 568 3111 Equine Care 24 7 ER 11308 92nd St SE Snohomish WA 98290 www pilchuckvet com www facebook com pvhequine Founded in 1963 Pilchuck Veterinary Hospital offers comprehensive equine referral ambulatory services 24 7 emergency specialized care for the sport horse through the Equine Performance Sports Medicine Institute Services Directory Medicine Surgery of the Horse Since 1977 Steven M Haugen DVM 503 648 6472 33845 SW Tualatin Valley Hwy Hillsboro OR 97123 PioneerVet att net www pioneervetservices com Equine ambulatory veterinary practice providing quality personalized care practices preventative medicine We offer dentistry pre purchase exams lameness exams Cold Laser therapy for lameness eye tendon suspensory problems Rocky Bay Equine Veterinary Services 12604 189th Avenue KPN Gig Harbor WA 98329 253 858 4529 www rockybayequine com Quality compassionate veterinary care for the life of your animal companions Your trusted health care partners serving equine and small ruminant patients in Gig Harbor Key Peninsula Port Orchard Belfair Silverdale Poulsbo Saddlefit4Life Holland Landing ON saddlefit4life com info saddlefit4life com 1 800 225 2242 x30 SaddleFit4Life offers a unique philosophy that mirrors your own care and concern about horses health and the riding industry in general Our superior training and gender specific fitting techniques represent the only equine ergonomic centre that helps you deliver comfort health and safety not only for the horse but for the rider too S Moore Training Shelly Moore 33431 Nieblock Ln Creswell OR 97426 541 895 3196 wisdomhorse hotmail com Offering outstanding personalized care and training for both you and your horse New indoor arena Clinics consulting bodywork rehab lay up training and lessons Systematic Mindful Teaching TTouch TTeam Equine Touch Horseoneship Centered Riding Bio Scan Light Alpha Sonic Vitafloor Spinnaker Farm Equine Veterinary Clinic Heather J Wenzell DVM PO Box 3384 Lacey WA 98509 360 584 3964 Ambulatory equine practice serving WA OR Performance dentistry lameness reproduction preventative health care emergency services offered Comprehensive veterinary care for the performance equine utilizing power dentistry digital radiography ultrasound capabilities See our website for specifics experience www spinnakerfarmequine com West Winds Equine Massage Sabina Pariser 206 661 3263 Equine massage therapist that encourages an organic and intuitive therapeutic process with all of the horses in her care Sabina specializes in a wide variety of modalities including myofascial release stress point and trigger point therapy September 2017

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Index of Advertisers Afco LMF Feed 49 Allied Horse Shows 28 Back On Track 9 Barn Pros 5 Bickford Trailer Sales 65 Big Sky Shavings 88 Blue Bridle Insurance 65 Capital Challenge 56 CDS 31 Charlie White Hay 54 Cheval Insurance 51 Columbia Equine Hospital 6 Efficient Arena 64 Equine Clipping 48 Equine Insurance 18 Equine Omega Complete 1 Equis 34 Evergreen Classic Horse Show 29 Gallops Back Cover GGT Footing 19 Glisan Street Saddlery Inside Front Gold Cup 68 Grange Equine Supply 48 Greenfield 48 Heather Osgood 37 Harcourts 37 HHA 17 HITS 128 JR Swan Farrier 67 LMF Feed 34 Macella O Neil 41 Maria Danielli Real Estate 3 National Horse Show 50 Oakhurst 16 Olson s Tack 7 Pacesetter 20 Pilchuck 8 Red Pony Insurance 48 Rocky Bay 96 Schleese Saddlery 36 Shires 31 60 Sidesaddle Tack 97 Spane Buildings Inside Back Sterling Essentials 8 Team NW Shows 21 Templeton Equestrian Center 89 Tenhulzen Real Estate 4 Thoroughbred Real Estate 51 Tom Murray Dressage 35 Triple Crown 13 US Equestrian 40 Woodbrook Hunt 67 Zuccalotto 57 September 2017 CLASSIFIEDS HORSES FOR SALE 2008 Premium Pinto German Oldenburg Mare x Art Deco Search Ravishing RubyOldenburg for video Now 75 keeping only old timers Very nice to handle not ridden for about 18 months Sale not subject to riding at Broodmare Price 5000 Bhr_group msn com 541 998 6595 IMPORT YOUR DREAM Lusitano horses from Brazil Classic baroque type w large bone elastic supple gaits bred for dressage Easy friendly temperaments we have something for the pleasure rider to serious pro Competitive prices jordan goldenhorsedressage com 206 786 4459 www GoldenHorseDressage com FEED SUPPLEMENTS HELP YOUR HORSE FEEL LOOK BETTER with Alltech s scientifically proven natural BIO MOS Prebiotic or YEA SACC Probiotic for Gut Health Immune System Reduce risk of ulcers digestive upsets laminitis colic Cost effective 541 259 2946 www horsesupplementsstore com STALLION SERVICES Lebrijano LIV registered Andalusian standing in Eugene OR Www eskayequestrians com 541 686 4109 REAL ESTATE TENHULZEN REAL ESTATE Kimberly Crouse Tenhulzen 206 409 0771 mobile kimberly tenhulzenRE com Specializing in all types of Equestrian Real Estate Private Estate Business Development Whether Buying or Selling I Create Seamless Transitions for All of Your WA Real Estate Needs www tenhulzenrealestate com SERVICES DOUBLE D BLANKET CLEANING Mending Hillsboro OR Pick up drop off to your barn Call or e mail for your barn s appointment Cell 503 781 3954 doubledblankets gmail com STABLES BOARDING Also FlyingChanges com MATTED STALL with private 20 x 60 paddock Pasture in summer 80 x 200 sand arena with excellent footing and jumps Top quality timothy hay Private home 5 min from I5 Elligsen Rd Exit 350 month full care Will feed supplements and blanket your horse 503 984 8981 Private boarding stable in North Plains has rare openings The barn has a total of 18 stalls 5 are used by the owner 72 x 144 indoor arena with European felt footing and automatic dust control 12 x 12 matted stalls with feed and head windows Heated bath utility and feed rooms Individual lockable tack lockers Washer and Dryer Hot water wash rack with heater Automatic insect control system Daily turnout pastures are 3 rail field fence and hot wire Located on 30 private acres 3 5 miles NW of HWY 26 Paved to the driveway Backs to BLM land with miles of trails Full care runs between 530 00 and 550 00 and partial care starts at 255 00 Call Toni for more info 503647 2191 Destiny Farms HORSE BOARD West Linn OR 60 x 120 Indoor Dressage Arena 12 x 24 matted stall with pasture 503 657 9999 Contact Joanne at Petes Mountain Arabians RETIREMENT BOARDING Retirement boarding in Battle Ground WA Small private barn full care Owner manager on site Email horsebizgirl gmail com FULL CARE STALLS AVAILABLE Easy commute from HWY 26 Bethany Hillsboro North Plains 375 mo Lighted Covered 80 x120 Sand Arena Riding trails through 97 acres of picturesque farm land and trees including trails along side dairy creek Grand Opening Two 12x12 horse stalls left in one barn with turn out included Three 12x12 stalls with runs also available Great atmosphere experienced management Call 503 516 5900 Up to 3 Stalls in Small Stable Top quality care 4 feedings day Large 12x16 stalls Individual grass paddocks for daily turn outs Covered arena 80x204 attached to barn Private hack track and wooded trail Good for dressage or full care retirement Charming and quiet Lessons thru FEI available 22 mins SW of Devonwood in Dayton 503 919 9077 BOARDING AVAILABLE Sherwood OR Large indoor outTRAILERS FOR SALE door arenas great footing turnout Great care and rea LOGAN WARMBLOOD TRAILER 37 900 sonable rates Lessons and Leases also available ConImmaculate Warmblood size trailer featuring 44 wide tact Rosey intuneeventing gmail com 503 459 1634 stalls 7 6 tall upgraded axles ramp one piece rubber floor compact but full living quarters ramp whiz proof one piece rubber flooring no urine smell side tack compact Easy to maneuver while still accommodating larger horse or carts More pictures and info upon request ANNUAL SERVICES Thad Akins Akins Trailer Sales 541 995 4884 DIRECTORY LISTING IN PRINT AND ONLINE 150 LINE LISTING AND LOGO 180 PER YEAR LINE LISTING LOGO AND WEBSITE OR EMAIL LINK 300 CUSTOM DESIGN LISTING CONTACT US TO RESERVE YOUR SPOT IN OUR NEXT ISSUE mail flyingchanges com or RIDING CAMPS ENGLISH RIDING CAMPS in Rogue River OR Week long resident sessions running throughout the summer Dressage Combined Training For more information visit the web site www threegaits com Call 541 582 8025 call or text 1 503 317 4956 Services Directory Page 127

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BARNS BARN APARTMENTS EQUINE GARAGES RIDING ARENAS RECREATIONAL FINANCING OPTIONS AVAILABLE Free Shipping within the continental US on most models with delivery in as little as 4 weeks 866 844 2276 www barnpros com Call Today Discuss your project and request a free catalog