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The Competitive Equestrian Jan/F

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OSPHOS clodronate injection Bisphosphonate For use in horses only Brief Summary For Full Prescribing Information see package insert CAUTION Federal USA law restricts this drug to use by or on the order of a licensed veterinarian DESCRIPTION Clodronate disodium is a non amino chlorocontaining bisphosphonate Chemically clodronate disodium is dichloromethylene diphosphonic acid disodium salt and is manufactured from the tetrahydrate form INDICATION For the control of clinical signs associated with navicular syndrome in horses CONTRAINDICATIONS Horses with hypersensitivity to clodronate disodium should not receive OSPHOS WARNINGS Do not use in horses intended for human consumption HUMAN WARNINGS Not for human use Keep this and all drugs out of the reach of children Consult a physician in case of accidental human exposure PRECAUTIONS As a class bisphosphonates may be associated with gastrointestinal and renal toxicity Sensitivity to drug associated adverse reactions varies with the individual patient Renal and gastrointestinal adverse reactions may be associated with plasma concentrations of the drug Bisphosphonates are excreted by the kidney therefore conditions causing renal impairment may increase plasma bisphosphonate concentrations resulting in an increased risk for adverse reactions Concurrent administration of other potentially nephrotoxic drugs should be approached with caution and renal function should be monitored Use of bisphosphonates in patients with conditions or diseases affecting renal function is not recommended Administration of bisphosphonates has been associated with abdominal pain colic discomfort and agitation in horses Clinical signs usually occur shortly after drug administration and may be associated with alterations in intestinal motility In horses treated with OSPHOS these clinical signs usually began within 2 hours of treatment Horses should be monitored for at least 2 hours following administration of OSPHOS Easily Administered OSPHOS controls the clinical signs associated with Navicular Syndrome via intramuscular injection Well Tolerated in clinical trials Proven Efficacy at 6 months post treatment No Reconstitution Required Learn more online www dechra us com www osphos com As with all drugs side effects may occur In field studies the most common side effects reported were signs of discomfort or nervousness colic and or pawing OSPHOS should not be used in pregnant or lactating mares or mares intended for breeding Use of OSPHOS in patients with conditions affecting renal function or mineral or electrolyte homeostasis is not recommended Refer to the prescribing information for complete details or visit www dechra us com or call 866 933 2472 CAUTION Federal law restricts this drug to use by or on the order of licensed veterinarian Freedom of Information Summary Original New Animal Drug Application NADA 141 427 for OSPHOS April 28 2014 Dechra Veterinary Products US and the Dechra D logo are registered trademarks of Dechra Pharmaceuticals PLC 2016 Dechra Ltd Bisphosphonates affect plasma concentrations of some minerals and electrolytes such as calcium magnesium and potassium immediately post treatment with effects lasting up to several hours Caution should be used when administering bisphosphonates to horses with conditions affecting mineral or electrolyte homeostasis e g hyperkalemic periodic paralysis hypocalcemia etc The safe use of OSPHOS has not been evaluated in horses less than 4 years of age The effect of bisphosphonates on the skeleton of growing horses has not been studied however bisphosphonates inhibit osteoclast activity which impacts bone turnover and may affect bone growth Bisphosphonates should not be used in pregnant or lactating mares or mares intended for breeding The safe use of OSPHOS has not been evaluated in breeding horses or pregnant or lactating mares Bisphosphonates are incorporated into the bone matrix from where they are gradually released over periods of months to years The extent of bisphosphonate incorporation into adult bone and hence the amount available for release back into the systemic circulation is directly related to the total dose and duration of bisphosphonate use Bisphosphonates have been shown to cause fetal developmental abnormalities in laboratory animals The uptake of bisphosphonates into fetal bone may be greater than into maternal bone creating a possible risk for skeletal or other abnormalities in the fetus Many drugs including bisphosphonates may be excreted in milk and may be absorbed by nursing animals Increased bone fragility has been observed in animals treated with bisphosphonates at high doses or for long periods of time Bisphosphonates inhibit bone resorption and decrease bone turnover which may lead to an inability to repair micro damage within the bone In humans atypical femur fractures have been reported in patients on long term bisphosphonate therapy however a causal relationship has not been established ADVERSE REACTIONS The most common adverse reactions reported in the field study were clinical signs of discomfort or nervousness colic and or pawing Other signs reported were lip licking yawning head shaking injection site swelling and hives pruritus Distributed by Dechra Veterinary Products 7015 College Boulevard Suite 525 Overland Park KS 66211 866 933 2472 2016 Dechra Ltd OSPHOS is a registered trademark of Dechra Ltd All rights reserved NADA 141 427 Approved by FDA

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CONTENTS The Competitive Equestrian Cover Photo Donna DeMari Photography January February 2018 FLYING CHANGES January 2018 Vol XXV No 1 Happy New Year On The Cover Donna DeMari Show News Galleries As a photographer of many years the one thing that I have recognized about my work is that I bring my unique style to whatever subject I photograph 12 WASHINGTON INTERNATIONAL HORSE SHOW It is somehow impossible not to Having begun my career shooting fashion at a young age I realize how much photographing women for magazines such as Vogue Marie Claire and Elle has greatly influenced my work in all areas of photography This is especially visible in my equine images Clients repeatedly tell me that I have a knack for capturing the personality of their hors Not only are the photos more artistic but I somehow tune into the essence of their beautiful animal capturing special details expressions or movements particular to their horse I approach my commissions with great thought to the light the background and most importantly the unique equine personality I engage with As a horse lover owner and rider there is nothing that gives me more joy than spending a day with horses and handing over to a client not just several beautiful images but hundreds I have loved taking photographs from the first time I picked up a camera at nineteen years old and my passion for my work only grows stronger as I do 20 THE LAS VEGAS NATIONAL HORSE SHOW 28 CP NATIONAL HORSE SHOW 42 RIDERS MASTERS CUP LONGINES MASTERS OF PARIS 49 THE ROYAL AGRICULTURAL WINTER FAIR Donna DeMari Photography 2 EMILY RIDEN LINDSAY BROCK JUMP MEDIA US EQUESTRIAN CLASSIC COMMUNICATIONS JANICE HUSSEIN Contributing Photographers ALDEN CORRIGAN MEDIA EEM JUMP MEDIA PHELPS MEDIA GROUP Features and Articles Service Section 4 Get Show Ready in Six Easy Steps 36 Six Unforgetable Moments from the Washington International Horse Show 51 Oregon Hunter Jumper Association Annual Awards 90 Introduction to Tom Murray President Oregon Dressage Society 92 Lameness in the Sports Horse Palm Beach Equine Center 94 United States Dressage Association Conference Six years ago I was approached by Ralph Lauren and my horse photographs have since graced the walls of their stores around the world Please contact me via my websites below www donnademariequinephotography com www donnademari com Instagram donnademariphotography Contributing Writers 112 113 122 127 98 CALENDAR TRAINER DIRECTORY SERVICES DIRECTORY ADVERTISERS CLUB NEWS Publisher Flying Changes Silver Oaks Marketing LLC mail FlyingChanges com The Competitive Equestrian Equestrian Communications USA LLC editor TheCompetitiveEquestrian com 2018 by Silver Oaks Marketing LLC all rights reserved This publication may not be reproduced or quoted in whole or in part by any means printed or electronic without the written consent of the publisher Not responsible for replacing issues not delivered due to address changes received after mailing date Submissions Magazines will gladly consider all articles news letters and photographs for publication but assumes no responsibility for unsolicited material Submissions may be edited Congratulations and News Reviews items are published free of charge Letters are assumed publishable unless we are advised otherwise All submissions should meet our ad deadline to facilitate inclusion in next issue TCE ________________ TheCompetitiveEquestrian January February 2018

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2 Get your horse or pony microchipped Get ShowReady in Six Easy Steps The best time to avoid last minute headaches with your horse show entry is before you ever fill it out The US Equestrian Federation s USEF new website USequestrian org makes it fast and easy to take care of most pre show business like renewing your USEF membership and recording your horse for points so you can focus on competing Check these things off your list now and enjoy your show season 1 Join or renew your US Equestrian membership Doing this at least a week before a show saves time and paperwork when you get to a competition Joining as a competing member 80 makes good financial sense if you plan to show more than once this year Start at USequestrian org Joining for the first time Click Join USEF in the menu on the homepage Renewing Log in click My USEF at the upper right corner of the home page which takes you to your Member Dashboard Click the Renew USEF Membership tile and follow the prompts C H If you re planning to compete for points in hunter hunter breeding jumper and hunter jumping seat equitation classes not restricted by breed in USEF licensed and United States Hunter Jumper Association registration USHJA sanctioned events then your horse or pony will need a microchip in order to receive points The microchip verifies the horse or pony s ID which allows him to compete for points and prize money and to be eligible for certain USEF and USHJA programs and awards Want more details on what s required Read our Microchip FAQs online located at https www usef org forms pubs rkAyv3QcA9M microchipfaqs Getting a microchip is a quick easy process To learn more about it US Equestrian members can check out the microchipping video in our online Learning Center at USequestrian org learn US Equestrian requires microchips to be ISO 11784 11785 compliant This microchip has a unique 15 digit number assigned only to your horse Unacceptable microchip prefixes are 900 911 and 999 Check your chip number before the microchip is implanted Example of unacceptable chip 900123456789012 Example of an acceptable chip 977123456789012 Starting Dec 1 2018 microchips will be required if you compete in hunter hunter breeding jumper and hunter jumping seat equitation classes not restricted by breed in USEF licensed and USHJA sanctioned events 3 Record your horse to collect points Want a shot at national and regional zone year end awards in more than 150 recognized divisions Does your child have dreams of competing at USEF Pony Finals presented by Collecting Gaits Farm Then you ll need to record your horse with US Equestrian Your horse s show results only count from the date he is recorded so get your recording in before your first show of the season And remember a USEF recording is not the same as a USHJA registration If your horse is a hunter jumper competitor you ll need a USEF recording in addition to your USHJA registration in M order for your show points to count toward USEF s yearend awards USEF Pony Finals etc You can update an existing horse in your account or record a new horse online under Horse Options on your Member Dashboard 4 Keep your certificates handy If you re headed to a USEF competition and your horse or pony is recorded you ll need to present your recording certificate to the secretary to ensure your show points count If you ve misplaced your hard copy print out a new one from your Member Dashboard Showing at a USHJA show You ll also need your USHJA Horse Registration Certificate Get them ready now and save time at the show B 5 Pack your measurement card E If you ll be showing in height restricted classes put your measurement card somewhere where you ll be sure to take it with you to a show too 6 Get your hunter s age verified Planning to enter a Young Hunter or age restricted jumper class You ll need to have your horse or pony s age verified with the USEF There are two ways to do this 1 with registration papers or a passport or 2 with registration papers or a Certificate of Pedigree from a breed or sport horse registry If a horse or pony doesn t have registry papers the owner can contact a breed registry and inquire about obtaining papers You should submit a copy of the papers passport along F with the horse or pony s name and USEF or USHJA K 4 A TCE ________________ TheCompetitiveEquestrian number to the USEF before competing You can upload your papers or passport easily at USequestrian org by visiting the Horse Options area of your Member Dashboard You can also mail or fax a copy of the papers or passport along with the horse or pony s name and number to the USEF Our address is 4047 Iron Works Parkway Lexington Ky 40511 and our fax number is 859 231 6662 January February 2018

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Call Today to discuss your project and request a Free Catalog 866 844 2276 HORSE BARNS BARN APARTMENTS STORAGE BUILDINGS GARAGES RIDING ARENAS REMODEL PACKAGES FINANCING OPTIONS AVAILABLE 866 844 2276 www barnpros com

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HORSE Tales USHJA Young Hunter Pony Championships to Debut in 2018 WILMINGTON OHIO DEC 7 2017 The USHJA is pleased to announce that 2018 will bring the first Championships designed specifically for young hunter ponies those 7 years old and under The USHJA Young Hunter Pony Championships will be held at the World Equestrian Center in Wilmington Ohio on September 30 2018 We are excited that these Championships will celebrate the many exceptional young hunter ponies in our sport said Oliver Brown chair of the USHJA Young Hunter Pony Ad Hoc Committee Our pony breeders are dedicated and committed to producing the very best hunter ponies and we look forward to these championships providing them with a wonderful avenue for showcasing and developing that talent The one day Championships will take place during World Equestrian Fall Series I The competition will offer 18 500 across sections organized by pony age and while riders must be juniors sections are not further restricted by the age of junior competitors The USHJA Young Hunter Pony Championships will offer the following sections Hunter Pony 4 5 Year Olds 2 Hunter Whether buying or selling Tenhulzen Real Estate is here for you It takes an understanding of the dynamics of a specialty horse property That s why I d like to share my real estate equestrian and training background for finding the perfect fit By discussing property values selling points and preparing your home for sale we ll see a shorter time on the market greater value and best of all a seamless experience Space reserved for something Pony 4 5 Year Olds 2 3 Hunter Pony 6 7 Year Olds 2 Hunter Pony 6 7 Year Olds 2 3 and Hunter Pony 6 7 Year Olds 2 6 exhibitor s choice to be made up of one model one under saddle class and two over fences classes An under saddle class for 5 Year Olds under for ponies not competing in the 4 5 Year Olds over fences classes will also be offered In considering the class offerings flexibility of junior rider age location and timing of the Championships we really wanted these championships to support our breeders and provide a top notch competition for these young ponies continued Brown All of the classes are exhibitor s choice so exhibitors can find the section that is most appropriate for their pony The Championships aim to develop the Hunter Breeding sport and create opportunities for current and new owners breeders and handlers to showcase talented young hunter pony prospects USHJA extends special thanks to the USHJA Young Hunter Pony Ad Hoc Committee for leading the development of this opportunity Oliver Brown Karan Aurelius Robin Greenwood Patty Rogers and Drew Taylor an understanding of the dynamics of a specialty horse y That s why I d like to share my real estate equestrian ning background to finding the perfect fit By discussperty values selling points and preparing your home we ll see a shorter time on the market greater value It takes st of all a seamless experience Whether ther buying or an understanding of the dynamics of a specialty horse property That s why I d like to share my real estate equestrian For more information about the Young Hunter Pony Tenhulzen Real Estate is here for you and training background to finding the perfect fit By discussChampionship visit ushja org YHPC For sponsorship ing property values selling points and preparing your home opportunities contact Whitney Allen at 859 225 6707 for sale we ll see a shorter time on the market greater value or wallen ushja org and best of all a seamless experience Whether ther buying or selling Tenhulzen Real Estate is here for you For more information Media Contact please contact Megan Lacy Kimberly Crouse Tenhulzen mlacy ushja org 206 409 0771 Kimberly TenhulzenRE com www tenhulzenrealestate com Tenhulzen Real Estate 11000 151st Avenue NE Redmond WA 98052 6 859 225 6723 For more information please contact The USHJA Young Hunter Pony Championships are Kimberly Crouse Tenhulzen open to ponies 7 years old and under 206 409 0771 Kimberly TenhulzenRE com Photo www tenhulzenrealestate com TCE ________________ TheCompetitiveEquestrian Credit Tricia Booker USHJA Archives January February 2018

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In Memory of Polly Kranick It is with great sadness that we inform everyone of the passing of Polly Kranick She was one of the quietest kindest members of our community and if you did not have the honor of knowing her I am sad for you too Polly loved every aspect of our sport She rode she competed she owned a slew of lovely horses she was happiest making someone else s event pleasant If Polly was at an event she was also at the cross country jump briefing If there was an Adult Rider gathering she came by Over the years I enjoyed spending time with Polly at events or camp or visiting with her at her barn Saturday evening at an event was complete when she shared a kind word no matter how the day went She was always willing to lend a hand whenever asked and was the jump judge you hoped was covering a difficult fence I cannot remember an unkind word pass her lips Her heart was in this sport and knowing her made Area VII eventing better Her passing adds to the sadness I know so many of us feel already I can t remember an Adult Rider camp without her though she may have missed one or two I can t remember an Annual Meeting without her She made you want to be better to your friends to your horse to your self Whether or not you knew Polly please think about dedicating a few hours at an event and lend a hand to honor her love for our sport

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TOM MURRAYDRESSAGE EXCEPTIONAL IMPORTED SPORT HORSES FOR SALE Video pricing available on request QU EST CE QUE C EST DON RYAN VF 2014 Imported Hanoverian Gelding Quaterhall D Olympic 2016 Imported Hanoverian Colt Don Darius SPS Walina Hunter or Dressage ready to show in 2018 TOM MURRAY WINTER DRESSAGE CLINIC Contact Sydnyk2 sbcglobal net for application MARCH 3 4 Prepare for the 2018 show season PRESENTING CHARLOTTE BREDAHL S FEI STALLION Windfall Weltmeyer Furioso II Frozen semen available 500 dose Join us for the 2018 show season Limited stalls available at Viola Farm for clients in training Call for information Contact Tom Murray 626 644 3008 or tommurraydressage gmail com Viola Farm 28815 S Needy Rd Canby OR 97013 www tommurraydressage com Quality

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WALDENBROOK As the 2017 show season goes into the record books I have many people and horses to thank for yet another great year I am truly grateful for the opportunity to do what I love and share that with the owners trainers sponsors and clients who put their trust in me Winning is wonderful but the chance to spend time with horses helping them realize their potential and be happy doing it is the ultimate reward All the success we experience would not be possible without the tremendous support from those that ask me to catch ride train teach advise promote interview and be a part of their journey I look forward to 2018 Cheers to the New Year and see you on the circuit John SPONSORS Special thanks to Hiller Farms Brookway Stables Makoto Farm and San Marcos Training waldenbrookfarm com

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WALDENBROOK CONGRATULATIONS TO KRISTINA NOVAK S INKWELL At only five years old Inkwell finished an amazing first show year with 8 Championships and 3 Reserve Championships out of 13 weeks of showing Thank you Waldenbrook and John French for bringing this talented horse along HITS DC II Champion 3 Young Hunters HITS DC III Champion 3 Green Hunters and Champion Low Hunters Blenheim Spring Classic III Champion 3 3 Green Hunters Central California Memorial Day Classic Champion 3 Green Hunters Central California Classic Reserve Champion 3 3 Green Hunters Blenheim June Classic Reserve Champion 3 3 Green Hunters Menlo Charity Horse Show Champion 3 Young Hunters Blenheim Fall Tournament Champion 3 Green Hunters Central California Fall Classic Reserve Champion 3 3 Green Hunters and 4th overall in the 5 000 USHJA National Hunter Derby Central California Oak Tree Classic Champion 3 3 Green Hunters John French 650 867 9504 info waldenbrookfarm com Photos by Grand Pix Photo EQSOL AD DESIGN

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Winner of the 130 000 Longines FEI World Cup Jumping Washington Beat M ndli and Dsarie PHOTO GALLERY By Alden Corrigan Media Champion Green Conformation Hunter Private Life Scott Stewart Horses in the city Balmoral Farm s Lexi Wedemeyer 12 Army Old Guard Fife and Drum Corps TCE ________________ TheCompetitiveEquestrian January February 2018

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Winners of the 50 000 Speed Final 1 50m HH Carlos Z McLain Ward in their final competition appearance Kathy Kusner Hall of Fame Induction Award Presentation WIHS Shetland Pony Steeplechase Presented by Charles Owen Aaron Vale Finou 4 Winner of the 25 000 Open Jumper Puissance President of the United States Perpetual Cup donated by First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy Longines horse and minature jump January February 2018 Doc Steele Spirit Award Presented by Michael Meller with Tim Ober Vicki Lowell Missy Clark Adrienne Sternlicht TCE ________________ TheCompetitiveEquestrian 13

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Beezie Madden posing with fans at autograph signing Taylor St Jacques winner of the WIHS Jr Equitation Final Presented by Lindsay Maxwell Charitable Fund Elizabeth Lineberger Tarumianz Dedicated Champion Large Pony Hunter Benetton Stella Wasserman Kingpin Annabel Revers 14 Kama Godek De Grande TCE ________________ TheCompetitiveEquestrian January February 2018

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Creedance Kent Farrington Champion Large Junior Hunter 15 Under Small Affair Augusta Iwasaki The Klinger Award Presentation Winner of the 35 000 International Jumper Accumulator Costume Beat M ndli Hamburgler Adrienne Sternlicht and Pembroke January February 2018 Andrew Ramsey My Little Pony Ranger Montana Coady TCE ________________ TheCompetitiveEquestrian Grand A O Hunter Technicolor with Leading A O Hunter Rider Lindsay Maxwell 15

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a division of Parker General Insurance Donna and Joe Parker 800 321 5723 EQUINE INS com We are here to answer all of your equine insurance questions PROTECTION FOR THE EQUESTRIAN WHERE EVER YOU ARE Equine Mortality Equine Surgical and Major Medical Insurance Farm and Ranch Commercial Trainer Liability Care Custody Control Workers Compensation Over 50 years of experience providing protection when you need it the most

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Preparation Confidence Results HHA Horse Hair Analysis Laboratory Test Consultation with Veterinarian Corrective Customized Supplement HORSEHAIRANALYSIS COM

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Fit is Everything

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To all of my amazing clients staff friends and family THANK YOU for another incredible year I cannot wait to see our riders and horses success in 2018 All my love Alexis E LE VATI N G TH E PACIFIC NO RTHWE S T Alexis Taylor Silvernale Owner Head Trainer 206 619 1833 ALERONSTABLES COM KIRKLAND WA Photo Shawn McMillen Photography EqSol Ad Design

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PHOTOGALLERY By Alden Corrigan Media Winner of the 100 00 Longines FEI World Cup Jumping Las Vegas Presented by Interactive Mortgage Chatinus and Richard Spooner

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Robert Ridland DiAnn Langer Children s and Pony Teams Happy little leadliner Holden Heroy Red Bucket bounce horse race Autograph Signing Winner of the Children s Adult Hunter Classic Christina Smith 15 000 FEI 1 35m South Point Jumper Classic sashes January February 2018 TCE ________________ TheCompetitiveEquestrian 21

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Hunter Holloway and VDL Bravo S Hunter Holloway and Gamechanger Caricatures Lutz and Jennifer Gates Anomaly and Ariana Marnell Harriri and Emily Moffitt And the winner is Wilton John VDL Mackenzie Drazan

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Clapton and Karrie Rufer Sweet Chocolate PJ and Jenni McAllister Valentino d Elte and Lauren Crooks VDL Wizard Callan Solem Winner of the 50 000 FEI 1 50m Las Vegas National Welcome Jumper Speed Classic Kristen Vanderveen Bull Run s Faustino de Tili L R0Romf Leading Adult Amateur Hunter L R Rider Award winner Christina Smith Laura Romfh Leading Children s Hunter Rider Award Ariana Marnell Zelote VDL Tina Yates Harriri and Emily Moffitt Vivaldi and Jamie Sanford Serise du Bidou and Alison Robitaille Harriri and Emily Moffitt

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24 TCE ________________ TheCompetitiveEquestrian January February 2018

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Congratulations to the KindredBio 15 000 1 40m Series Champions of 2017 At KindredBio our goal is to bring the very best science and medicine to our animal companions We are one of only a few companies in the world focusing on developing medications for horses and we re working on a deep pipeline of drug candidates in the areas of Equine Gastric Ulcer Syndrome EGUS Equine Metabolic Syndrome EMS and an anti TNF antibody targeting sick newborn foals In early 2018 we anticipate the approval of our first equine medication ZIMETATM dipyrone injection for the control of pyrexia fever in horses Best medicines for our Best Friends is our way of life our core and our mission Learn more about us today at www kindredbio com HITS on the HUDSON LEADING RIDER LAURA CHAPOT SHOWPLACE LEADING RIDER LISA GOLDMAN WINNER of the KindredBio 1000 Rider Bonus Perpetual Trophy DESERT CIRCUIT LEADING RIDER ERIC NAVET Good Luck in 2018 KINDREDBIO 1 40m CLASS WINNERS 2017 Desert Circuit I Will Simpson LA MIRAGE 16 Aimwell Equesterian Desert Circuit II Eric Navet THE FLYING HAM Signe Ostby Desert Circuit III Richard Spooner AVANTOS Montis Horse Management LLC Desert Circuit IV Raymond Texel CARUSO DE LA POMME Victoria West Desert Circuit V Bjorn Ikast COLORADO Desert Circuit VI Mandy Porter WT CA POW Wild Turkey Farm LLC Desert Circuit VII Gareth Graves DARANTOS Jillian Halina Desert Circuit VIII Rich Fellers STEELBI Kathleen Waldorf HITS on the Hudson I Laura Chapot CALAFORNIA Mary Laura Chapot HITS on the Hudson II Sarah Segal ZELDA TK Farm HITS on the Hudson III Laura Chapot ZEALOUS Mary Chapot HITS on the Hudson IV Laura Chapot OUT OF IRELAND The Edge HITS on the Hudson V Laura Chapot ZEALOUS Mary Chapot NY Horse Pony Show Laura Chapot OUT OF IRELAND The Edge HITS on the Hudson VII Kristen VanderVeen BULL RUN S DISCIPLE Showcase 81 LLC HITS on the Hudson VIII Aaron Vale ELUSIVE Thinks Like a Horse Showplace Spring Classic I Lisa Goldman SOVEREIGN Barbara Disko Showplace Spring Classic II Steve Schaefer CARIBE Showplace Spring Classic III Lisa Goldman MORITZ W Sarah Scarnechia Showplace Spring Spectacular I Lisa Goldman CENTURION B Mary Goldman Showplace Spring Spectacular II Brian Moggre CONDERO 3 DDM Equestrian LLC Showplace Spring Spectacular III Lisa Goldman BALAVAN Niki Martin Showplace Summertime I Douglas Boyd BERKLEY III Sapphire Riding Academy Showplace Summertime II Taylor Flury CARRASCA Z Aliboo Farm Inc Showplace Summertime III Taylor Flury COSMEA Z AliBoo Farm Inc Showplace End of Summer I Emanuel Andrade NOKIA DE BREKKA Showplace Fall Classic I Lisa Goldman HINDSIGHT Showplace Fall Classic II Thilo Schulz ELITERMO Vex Sporthorse

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Thank You From all of us at Winter Hill Thanks so much for a happy successful safe and fun 2017 show season Looking forward to a great 2018 To David and Wendy Eith Winter Hill Farms

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Sold in 2017 by KiamaLise fall city bellevue snohomish brier carnation duvall edmonds edmonds edmonds fall city arlington fall city snohomish monroe ravensdale renton snohomish snohomish belleuve kent stanwood snohomish snohomish Enchanting Homes and Farms KiamaLise Herres WRE Bellevue Commons Inc 206 679 5322 kiama windermere com EnchantingHomesAndFarms com

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Madison Goetzmann accepting the 2017 ASPCA Alfred B Maclay National Championship award Taylor Renner Phelps Media Group Madison Goetzmann and Jordyn Rose Freedman share a special moment during the ASPCA Maclay Finals prize giving ceremony Taylor Renner Phelps Media Group Madison Goetzmann and San Remo VDL Taylor Renner Phelps Media Group National Horse Show 1883 2017

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Denis Lynch and RMF Echo winners of the 250 000 Longines FEI World Cup Jumping Lexington Presented by CP Emma Miller Phelps Media Group Scott Stewart and Lucador accepting the Grand Champion Professional Hunter award Barre Dukes Phelps Media Group Top three riders in the 100 000 USEF Under 25 National Championship_Jennifer Gates center Abigail McArdle right and Madison Goetzmann left Barre Dukes Phelps Media Group L Scott Stewart on William Hill Taylor Renner Phelps Media Group

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Recipients of the 2017 Leo Conroy Maclay Grant with Mason Phelps during the Maclay Draw Party Lenore Phillips Phelps Media Group John and Beezie Madden in Gracie Street Lenore Phillips Phelps Media Group Bill Weeks and Jennifer Gates at the USET Foundation cocktail party in Gracie Street Lenore Phillips Phelps Media Group Dougie Mutch with Benjamin Deaton in Gracie Street Lenore Phillips Phelps Media Group Katie Henri and Adam Prudent Lenore Phillips Phelps Media Group Leslie Howard and Bernie Trauig Lenore Phillips Phelps Media Group Madison Goetzmann and Lucy Deslauriers Lenore Phillips Phelps Media Group Laura Kraut on Confu Taylor Renner Phelps Media Group U25 National Champions Jennifer Gates and Alex Barre Dukes Phelps Media Group

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Missy Clark giving Sam Walker some last minute advice before heading into the Alltech Arena at the Kentucky Horse Park Emma Miller Phelps Media McLain Ward on Cartouche Taylor Renner Phelps Media Group Frank McCourt Denis Lynch and Monica McCourt Lenore Phillips Phelps Media Peter Lutz on Robin De Ponthual Taylor Renner Phelps Media Group Barn Night participants dressed in costume for on opportunity to win incredible prizes Lenore Phillips Phelps Media Group Lindsay Maxwell and Baranus Emma Miller Phelps Media Group

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The Sherwood Forest Equestrian Center Welcomes Debbie Brawley of Brawley Farms North Our Trainers Debbie Brawley Carolyn Goin Goin Places Riding School Brawley Farms North Debbie Brawley has been one of the top NW professionals for the past 30 years To say she has horses in her blood is an understatement Her parents established Brawley Farms when she was a child and for 55 years have continued to guide and inspire students throughout the Northwest She is known for her classic style quality horsemanship and unwavering attention to detail She combines hard work with lighter moments to produce an atmosphere for horse and rider to learn Easily and effortlessly Debbie conveys these virtues to her students and horses giving them the ability to have confident fun and successful show careers or simply riding for pleasure Debbie endeavors to pass onto her students her dedication to horsemanship and her overall love for horses and the enjoyment of this wonderful sport The mission of the Brawley program is to create horsemen and women who respect the horses and have an in depth understanding of the responsibility involved in riding and horse care With 20 years experience teaching hunt seat equitation Carolyn Goin focuses on the fundamentals of riding with a kind and patient style She builds confidence in her students by using a step by step progression of building blocks The program caters to competitive and pleasure riders first time riders or riders returning to the saddle Carolyn mentors students as they participate in local and A circuit shows She also provides in barn practice shows for students who are just starting out or for those who don t want the pressure of an away competition Goin Places Riding School is comprised of school horses leased and privately owned horses The Sherwood Forest Equestrian Center Owner Mike Carr Phone 469 422 7590 Barn Manager Deborah Hawkins Phone 503 539 7210 The Sherwood Forest is conveniently located minutes from I5 in Wilsonville Over 5 miles of trails on 120 acres 150 x 300 outdoor arena 100 x 220 indoor arena 2 heated bathrooms Large viewing room Lounge in big barn Automatic fly spray system www SherwoodForestEC com 28303 SW Baker Rd Sherwood OR 97140

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Six Unforgettable Moments from the Washington International Horse Show SIX Unforgettable Moments from the Washington International Horse Show WIHS video on outdoor jumbotron of Capital One Arena Photo by Alden Corrigan Media Technicolor Photo by Alden Corrigan Media By Lindsay Brock Jump Media T his fall the Washington International Horse Show WIHS concluded another edition of the leading metropolitan indoor show in the U S An equestrian tradition since 1958 WIHS has been a competitor and fan favorite for decades Hosted in the heart of Washington D C WIHS is a horse show experience like no other and never disappoints year after year with the country s top hunter horses 36 and rising stars as well as international talent from around the globe In 2017 WIHS was host to the best in competition and atmosphere with six straight days of year end accolades championship ribbons and show jumping entertainment Here s a look at six unforgettable moments from the 2017 Washington International Horse Show TCE ________________ TheCompetitiveEquestrian January February 2018

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1 Horses Arrive in the City When the first Johnson Horse Transportation trailer crested the hill on 6th St NW it was official WIHS had begun The hundreds of horses destined for WIHS are staged at Prince George s Equestrian Center in Upper Marlboro MD during the show week and wait their turns to be shuttled into D C in shifts based on when they compete Before they arrived in the city Capital One Arena was transformed from home of the NBA s Washington Wizards the NHL s Washington Capitals the WNBA s Washington Mystics and the NCAA s Georgetown Hoyas men s basketball team into a horse hotel of sorts Stabled on the streets and on the ground floor of the building Capital One Arena was host to the 2017 WIHS champions Johnson Horse Transportation the official carrier of WIHS Photo by Alden Corrigan Media 2 Going Live A big city horse show often attracts big city attention It s not easy for 345 temporary stalls to go unnoticed and as a result the community media and spectator involvement at WIHS is second to none Specifically the WIHS mascot Mini Cooper owned by Haley Schaufeld and accompanied to WIHS each year by grand prix rider Kama Godek had his fair share of close ups ABC 7 D C went live with Cooper members of the WIHS Junior Committee and the horse and human heroes of the U S Park Police during Breakfast with the Mounted Police hosted at the Hotel Monaco D C in honor of WIHS The spectacle gives locals the opportunity for a quick morning commute selfie the chance to meet a working police horse and to learn what WIHS is all about while enjoying a delicious catered breakfast or lots of carrots and apples bringing horses and people together in Washington D C The WIHS Junior Committee WIHS President Vicki Lowell show jumper Kama Godek Mini Cooper and Eileen Whelan of ABC 7 News Photo by Alden Corrigan Media 3 Saying Goodbye Inside the show ring WIHS is a sacred place A ribbon won at the event is not easily forgotten and the nobility that accompanies championships at WIHS lasts a lifetime For reigning Longines FEI World Cup Final champion McLain Ward WIHS success is not a foreign accomplishment The four time U S Olympian has hoisted the President s Cup after winning the coveted WIHS grand prix four times This year Ward pocketed another milestone he decided January February 2018 Winners of the 50 000 International Jumper Speed Final HH Carlos Z McLain Ward TCE ________________ TheCompetitiveEquestrian Photo by Alden Corrigan Media 37

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to retire his steadfast mount HH Carlos Z After winning the 50 000 International Jumper Speed Final presented by the Man O War Project in partnership with Columbia University Medical Center on Friday evening Carlos led a victory gallop one last time I wanted the horse to win a good class to finish on said Ward who won the President s Cup aboard HH Carlos Z in 2014 I didn t want him to end poorly This is a nice moment and I m very very grateful to Mr Harrison and Double H Farm to have the opportunity to ride this horse and also for the opportunity to care for him and retire him in the way he deserves Beat M ndli aka Dracula and Dibatsja won the Accumulator costume class Photos by Shawn McMillen Photography 4 Horses in Costume An empty seat during the fan favorite Barn Night at WIHS is a rare find This year a packed house cheered for riders and their equine partners in the 35 000 International Jumper Accumulator costume class presented by Equestrian Sport Productions From a vampire to superman and My Little Pony to Khaleesi s dragon riders their grooms and their horses gave the crowd something to cheer about with elaborate costumes for athletes both two legged and four The evening s win went to Switzerland s Beat M ndli as Dracula riding Dibatsja but it was the Best Costume Award that had everyone on the edge of their seats The win was presented to U S rider Kama Godek who implored the help of her horse De Grande to dress as a very elaborate scarecrow 5 Racing Ponies What s not to love about racing ponies and their pint sized jockeys The WIHS Shetland Pony Steeplechase Championship Series presented by Charles Owen thrilled Capital One Arena crowds on Thursday and Saturday nights during WIHS 38 The WIHS Shetland Pony Steeplechase presented by Charles Owen is a wildly popular exhibition at WIHS Photos by Shawn McMillen Photography The pony and child rider stars of the races represent U S Pony Racing and are a returning favorite to WIHS each year In the winner s circle Sail the Sun carried Harry McMahon to victory during WIHS Barn Night while Lawrence Fowler piloted Caroway Tuesday to win in front of a packed house on Saturday evening TCE ________________ TheCompetitiveEquestrian January February 2018

Page 41

6 Soaking up the Spotlight Saturday night glory is sought after at WIHS with winners of both the 130 000 Longines FEI World Cup Jumping Washington presented by Events DC and the 2017 Lindsay Maxwell Charitable Fund WIHS Equitation Finals being crowned Competing for the coveted President of the United States Perpetual Cup donated by First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy as well as valuable Longines FEI World Cup qualifying points Beat M ndli earned another win for the week in the Longines FEI World Cup Jumping Washington The victory jumped him even closer to an appearance in the 2018 Longines FEI World Cup Jumping Final in Paris France a title he won in 2007 Winning the Lindsay Maxwell Charitable Fund WIHS Equitation Finals 18 year old Taylor St Jacques Winner of the 130 000 Longines FEI World Cup Jumping Washington Beat M ndli and Dsarie Photo by Alden Corrigan Media of Glen Allen VA chose to celebrate her horse Di Samorano rather than herself The mount came to her from Europe and has since done nothing but impress her It s honestly a feeling that I can t describe I have never cried after a win before and I honestly cried today said St Jacques He s a family horse and sometimes I think my mom likes him more than she likes me I am more happy for him than I am for myself He shines at whatever you ask him to do WIHS returns to Capital One Arena with more special moments on October 23 through 28 2018 for the 60th anniversary of the show Visit WIHS org and follow the WIHS Facebook Twitter and Instagram pages to stay in the loop on what s coming up as WIHS prepares for an event bigger and better than ever January February 2018 Taylor St Jacques and Di Samorano are congratulated after their win in the Lindsay Maxwell Charitable Fund WIHS Equitation Finals by trainers Dottie Areson Patricia Griffith and Andre Dignelli Photo by Alden Corrigan Media TCE ________________ TheCompetitiveEquestrian 39

Page 42

It s your way of life It s our business to protect it Equine Insurance Protecting your horse your farm your liability since 1982 Contact us today 800 526 1711 908 735 6362 www bluebridle com Mortality Medical Surgical Colic Farmowners Equine Liability Care Custody or Control Blue Bridle Insurance Agency Inc P O Box 27 Pittstown NJ 08867 Come see the 2018 Legend www BickfordTrailers com 3100 Bickford Ave Snohomish WA 98290 1 800 242 5367

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Diamond Mountain Stables Heartfelt Congratulations to Melanie Rapp Cadison and Melanie Rapp USHJA Horse of the Year Adult Amateur Jumpers Sonoma Horse Park Circuit Champion Jr Am Modified Jumpers Adult Amateur Jumpers ESI Photography NorCal Hunter Jumper Association Year End Champion Adult Amateur Jumpers Sotnia and Melanie Rapp USHJA Horse of the Year Low Adult Amateur Jumpers Sonoma Horse Park Circuit Champion Low Adult Amateur Jumpers ESI Photography

Page 44

Left The Riders Masters Cup trophy was awarded to Team Europe in Paris Photo Laurent Vu for EEM A brand new type of equestrian competition premiered at the Longines Masters of Paris pitting the United States and Europe against each other in an exhilarating head tohead challenge Presented by EEM in collaboration with the European Equestrian Federation EEF and with Longines as a founding partner The initial stage of the two round Riders Masters Cup captivated the Paris audience at the international Longines Masters Series The heartpounding competition will culminate with the second and final showdown taking place on April 28 2018 during the inaugural Longines Masters of New York Team Europe Edges Past Team USA in Inaugural Riders Masters Cup a Brand New Equestrian Duel Style Competition The passion and intensity from the 2016 Rio Olympic Games continued into the Riders Masters Cup which featured multiple Olympic show jumpers for both sides Team USA is led by 1976 Olympian and 2016 USA Olympic Coach Robert Ridland who brought home the silver medal last summer while Team Europe s Chef d Equipe is two time Swiss Olympian Philippe Guerdat keeper of the Gold medal from the 2016 Rio Games with the French team Six of the 10 teams riders are also previous Olympians including the youngest 42 Drawn by Racing 92 rugby player Dimitri Szarzewski the five duels of the Riders Masters Cup comprised of the following Team USA Devin Ryan vs Team Europe Kevin Staut from France Team USA Chloe Reid vs Team Europe Maikel van der Vleuten from The Netherlands EEM CEO Christophe Ameeuw stated When we decided to move our American Leg of the Longines Masters to New York we were living a dream to jump on the grandest stage Our show has become known for combining glamour lifestyle and gastronomy with the best in show jumping a true 6 experience We are thrilled we have the opportunity to bring an exciting new competition along with it The Riders Masters Cup brings the best of equestrian sport together with exhilarating team competition and is a showcase for the exhilarating event in the world s biggest media market A new annual equestrian competition the Riders Masters Cup bridges the first and third leg of EEM s Longines Masters Series which presents one of the most prestigious show jumping events in the world spanning three continents Europe Asia and North America Season III of the Longines Masters Series kicked off in Paris travels to Hong Kong in February and premieres in New York in April competitor in show jumping history to compete in the Olympic Games 2012 Olympian Reed Kessler of the USA two time Olympian and 2008 Olympic Team Gold Medalist Laura Kraut USA a member of the 2016 French gold medal winning Olympic Team and current World 3 Kevin Staut and more Team USA Laura Kraut vs Team Europe Gr gory Wathelet from Belgium Team USA Reed Kessler vs Team Europe Jos Verlooy from Belgium Team USA Lauren Hough vs Team Europe Lorenzo de Luca from Italy Denotes Olympian Paris Event Set the Stage for the Second and Final Showdown of the Riders Masters Cup Hosted by the Longines Masters of New York in April 2018 Team USA and Team Europe met for a photo call before the start of the Riders Masters Cup Photo Laurent Vu for EEM TCE ________________ TheCompetitiveEquestrian The fans were enraptured showing their team spirit as the first two riders took to the ring to kick off the highlyanticipated Riders Masters Cup Competing on a course designed by 2017 Longines FEI European Championship designer Louis Konickx Team USA s Devin Ryan and Cooper faced the daunting competition of current world 3 ranked show jumper in the world Kevin Staut and Ayade de Septon et HDC Staut showed an incredible clear round with a time of 59 05 but unfortunately Ryan suffered a tack malfunction forcing elimination The powerhouse of female show jumpers then took the reins for Team USA starting with the second duel of the evening in which the formidable 21 year old Chloe Reid and Sally 643 competed against world ranked 5 Maikel van der Vleuten and Dana Blue from Team Europe The Team USA rising star evened the score as she raced around the course in a clear round with a time of 64 08 leaving van der Vleuten in the dust after he dropped rails at the first and last jumps Laura Kraut and Viper Vrombautshoeve Z took the lead for Team USA with another clear round and a time of 63 01 to beat Team Europe s worldJanuary February 2018

Page 45

Kathy Kusner Hall of Fame Induction Award Presentation Team USA members Laura Kraut Reed Kessler Chloe Reid Captain Robert Ridland Lauren Hough and Devin Ryan before the Riders Masters Cup Photo Laurent Vu for EEM ranked 10 Gr gory Wathelet and MJT Nevados S who had four faults after a refusal at the last jump finishing with a time of 65 85 Then Team Europe s Jos Verlooy and Igor evened the score for Team Europe with a time of 59 84 just edging out Team USA s Reed Kessler s and KS Stakki s time of 60 71 Every fan in the arena was on their feet anxiously awaiting the final duel of the first round of the Riders Masters Cup as Team USA s Lauren Hough and Waterford entered the ring against Team Kevin Staut and Ayade de Septon et HDC before they went on to win the first round of the Riders Masters Cup for Team Europe Photo Laurent Vu for EEM January February 2018 Europe s No 4 world ranked Lorenzo de Luca and Jeunesse Van t Paradijs De Luca dominated the course with a time of 60 07 and fans eagerly awaited the appearance of Olympian Lauren Hough Unfortunately two refusals forced Hough out of the ring and Team USA fell to Team Europe in the first round by a score of 3 2 With a close first round and an electric crowd the second round had riders and horses return to compete over a Table C faults converted course where three penalties were added for every rail that fell and riders scored two points for each winning ride While Devin Ryan and Cooper had a broken bridle in the first round they redeemed themselves winning for Team USA in their second round of the Riders Masters Cup Photo Laurent Vu for EEM TCE ________________ TheCompetitiveEquestrian 43

Page 46

Chloe Reid and Sally 643 won their first round to help Team USA in the Riders Masters Cup Photo Franck Castel for EEM In the first match up Devin Ryan of Team USA redeemed himself with a clear round adding no penalties to his time of 60 16 seconds riding Cooper and scored the first two points for his team after Kevin Staut and Ayade de Septon et HDC had a rail at the final jump and finished with a final time of 62 79 seconds after three penalty seconds were added Maikel van der Vleuten and Dana Blue dropped the top plank of the Masters Riders Cup fence adding three seconds to their time and finishing with a total of 63 12 seconds Chloe Reid and Sally 643 also had a rail down for a time of 65 09 seconds and gave Team Europe two more points Chloe Reid and Maikel van der Vleuten shake hands before they went head to head in the Riders Masters Cup Photo Laurent Vu for EEM Laura Kraut and Viper Vrombautshoeve Z had one rail down and missed an inside turn to record a time of 64 84 seconds Gregory Wathelet and MJT Nevados S came away with the win after they recorded a time of 61 97 seconds despite pulling rails at the final jump Reed Kessler scored another two points for Team USA when she and KS Stakki finished clear in 65 38 seconds besting Jos Verlooy and Igor I was lucky this time said van der Vleuten Lauren Hough and Qantas struggled again in the second round dropping a rail and with a refusal while Lorenzo de Luca came back into the ring with the same gusto and took the round once again with a clear round and a time of 68 09 Laura Kraut and Viper Vrombautshoeve Z won in the first round for Team USA Photo Laurent Vu for EEM Reed Kessler and KS Stakki took their second round victory for Team USA Photo Laurent Vu for EEM Lauren Hough rode Waterford for Team USA in the first round of the Riders Masters Cup Photo Laurent Vu for EEM Lauren Hough Robert Ridland and Reed Kessler discuss strategies for the Riders Masters Cup Photo Franck Castel for EEM 44 TCE ________________ TheCompetitiveEquestrian January February 2018

Page 47

De Luca s triumphant win sealed the deal earning Team Europe the win with a final score of 9 6 Team USA now turns its eyes on New York with renewed intensity and Ridland was extremely proud of his team which included four female riders and faced a dominant allmale team on their home turf There was a little bit of the unexpected and a couple instances of bad luck It s probably a faster paced action event than we re used to said Ridland When asked what he would do differently Ridland smiled and seemed confident that his team would change the tides when they crossed the Atlantic and head to New York in April He said I would leave a couple more jumps up For New York I think we come in with a pretty good strategy and a very good team The home field advantage will be for us and in our favor in New York The spectators riders and the sport in general will realize what it s about after seeing this and I really look forward to that We ll give them a run for their money Lorenzo de Luca and Jeunesse Van t Paradijs won the final round to secure Team Europe s victory Photo Sportfort for EEM The first edition of the historic Riders Masters Cup will culminate on U S soil on April 28 2018 at the Longines Masters of New York at NYCB Live home of the Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum Until then each team will continue training and strategizing in anticipation of their return to the ring next spring with a renewed fervor and the goal of either revenge or continued domination Fans can stay updated on the news from each team at www RidersMastersCup com and show their support on social media with the hashtag WaveYourFlag Devin Ryan Chloe Reid Reed Kessler Robert Ridland Lauren Hough and Laura Kraut with Charg d Affaires D Brent Hardt of the U S Embassy Consulates in France Photo Jump Media ABOUT EEM Christophe Ameeuw founder and President of EEM is passionate about equestrianism and created the Ecuries d Ecaussinnes in 1997 The Belgianbased stables enjoy an international reputation in the sport horse and top of the range breeding businesses as well as boasting an excellent teaching academy Organising equestrian events soon became the next obvious step and Christophe Ameeuw and his teams set themselves the challenge of reinventing show jumping EEM set up its main office at Ecaussinnes where everything first began and the development of the Masters concept that brings together the best of show jumping showmanship and lifestyle in one venue is a sign of the company s continued growth Following the success of the Audi Masters in Brussels the Gucci Masters in Paris and inspired by tennis s Grand Slam EEM set out to conquer new continents with the creation of the Longines Masters international series This Grand Slam of Indoor Show jumping over three continents in Paris Hong Kong and New January February 2018 York is now one of the most prestigious equestrian events in the world In 2017 EEM added a new emblematic competition to its other prestigious events Presented in partnership with the EEF European Equestrian Federation it is a battle between the two great birthplaces of show jumping Europe and the United States Information at www eemworld com ABOUT THE EEF The European Equestrian Foundation EEF was founded in February 2010 As a young and modern organization the EEF strives to promote the values of equestrianism educate its members and works closely with all the independent organizations to maximize the sport s potential in Europe As most of the major equestrian events take place in Europe the EEF embodies the highest level of expertise and experience in the equestrian sector Information www euroequestrian eu TCE ________________ TheCompetitiveEquestrian 45

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Specializing in Equine Farm Mortality Major Medical Equine Liability Equine Events Equine Club Liability www jogtrot com Competitive quotation support at 1 800 JOG TROT 425 689 0004 heather sea mountain com Ev Fre en e t By Stacey Sikorski A Professional Groom for 20 Years Trusted On site Equine Clipping in Western Washington and Beyond PRESENTS TrailMeister Hosted by Robert Eversole The Trail Meister Learn the trails Learn the tricks SERVICES Jan 27th 28th 11 00am Both Days at The Grange Body Clipping Trace Clipping Show Clipping Mane Pulling And More Just Ask To schedule 425 501 5997 or eqclippingservices gmail com View Stacey s work and learn more equineclipping com

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18 Acre Equestrian Estate Blaine WA 1 200 000 Welcome to Burkwood Farm Currently a Hunter Jumper equestrian facility located between Blaine Lynden WA Large 5 bedroom home 70 x120 indoor arena 200 x300 outdoor arena 25 stalls total new 8 stall barn with individual paddocks fully fenced paved driveway gated entry much more MLS 1197777 Tresie Wiersma Realtor Windermere Equestrian Living Lynden Selling Residential Equestrian Properties Since 2003 360 815 5208 www tresie mywindermere com 2637 12th Ct SW Olympia WA 98502 Happy New Year Training Equipment You Need It We ve Got It 1 german MARTINGALES 1 SURCINGLES 1 1 CHAMABON 1 DRAW REINS 1 LUNGE LINES 1 1 DRIVING LINES 1 WHIPS 1 LOUNGING CAVESSONS 1 1 BITS GALORE 1 Fleece Riding Breeches in Stock www sidesaddletackshop weebly com 10414 NE Halsey Street Portland OR 97220 503 256 1964 or 888 694 3585

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2017 Gallery by Jump Media McLain Ward and Kent Farrington Kent Farrington and Creedance Kent Farrington and Voyeur Laura Jane Tidball Tiffany Foster and Laura Tidball

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Amy Millar and Heros Boyd Martin and Kyra Hardin Towell and Lucifer V Jessica Phoenix and Abbey GS 503 663 1515 Beezie Madden and Coach ColumbiaEquine com Columbia Equine Hospital Technology Experience Compassion Ian Millar and Dixson Columbia Equine Hospital offers a full range of ambulatory hospital and referral services Our skilled and compassionate team looks forward to offering your equine athlete the very best in lameness and medicine diagnostics Scott W Hansen DVM Megan Rioux Forker DVM CVA Greg Schmid DVM Christy Sandquist DVM David Klugh DVM FAVD 27841 SE Orient Dr Gresham OR 97080 Shane Sweetnam and Main Road

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www OregonHunterJumper org 53

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FRANCO T U C C I I t a l y Ph Tiziano Scaffai it I t a l y Katie Nubel Ph 503 457 7560 katie francotucci com F R A N C O T U C C I C O M w w w f r a n c o t u c c i c o m

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Good Evening and Welcome to the Oregon Hunter Jumper Association 2017 Year End Banquet Scholarship Fundraiser As you know the organization strives to ensure quality horsemanship and sportsmanship to provide high levels of communication and responsibility to the general membership and bring national recognition to Oregon and its many fine riders and trainers On behalf of the entire board I want you to know how pleased we are that you have chosen to be a member of this amazing organization We are also delighted that you are here this evening as we celebrate OHJA recognize your individual pursuits of excellence your many equestrian achievements and raise money for the scholarship and JEF programs During this year of triumphs and challenges I was extremely gratified that we were able to work together to ensure the continued success of OHJA and our horse show community Thank you for your dedication your loyalty and your commitment to OHJA Personally and professionally I believe passionately in our organization and all it has to offer our equestrian community OHJA provides amazing educational opportunities including education seminars throughout the summer It strives to bring the junior members together through fundraising events like the Equitation Challenge This year OHJA introduced several new fun events like the Portlandia Cup and the Hunt Team class to ensure that all members find activities that keep them interested and involved in OHJA and horse showing It has been an honor to serve as the OHJA President for 2017 Thank you so much to the out going board members whose hard work and dedication helped make this last year a success Welcome 2018 board members Thank you to all the volunteers who helped make tonight an evening to remember It would not be possible without your commitment and selfless service A very special thank you to the riders trainers businesses and parents whose hard work financial contributions and dedication to our sport enriches all our lives We look forward to your continued support during 2018 Thank you to all of you for being here to celebrate OHJA and the many successes of 2017 Congratulations to all the awardees I hope you enjoy this evening and the 2018 show season Sincerely Rebekah Swan OHJA President

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Katie Nubel Sport Saddle Specialist Cell 206 883 7125 Email katie cwdsellier com KatieNubel Nubel Katie Sport Saddle Specialist Cell 206 883 7125 Email katie cwdsellier com 206 883 7125 knubel cwdsellier com CWD USA 1000 W Oak St Burbank CA 91506 Tel 818 859 7708 Email 2gsmademoiselle cwdsellier com CWD USA 1000 W Oak St Burbank CA 91506 Tel 818 859 7708 Email 2gsmademoiselle cwdsellier com

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5 00 PM Program Cocktail Hour no host bar Silent Auction Begins 6 30 PM Dinner 7 10 PM Awards Presentation Special Awards USHJA Championships USHJA Affiliate Equitation Awards Zone 9 Horse of the Year Awards OHJA Medal Finals Certificate of Merit Local System Awards Regional System Awards Open System Awards 9 30 PM General Meeting Silent Auction Ends Sunday January 7 2018 10 00 AM Association General Meeting MAISON INC Award Winning Interior Design Full Service Kitchen Bath Design Custom Furnishings Cabinetry Since 2001 1611 NW Northrup Portland 503 295 0151 maisoninc com www OregonHunterJumper org 59

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JOIN OUR TEAM Pax Diem offers personalized training programs to fit your needs From the beginner to the Premier Circuit rider We have a few spaces available Sales horses and leases also available Contact Brooke 541 821 3444 bmcleod1225 gmail com See our website paxdiemec com and like us on Facebook Pax Diem Equestrian Center North

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2017 Gala Sponsors Every year the Oregon Hunter Jumper Association celebrates the accomplishments of its riders and their horses at The Annual Awards Gala Sponsorship is an important funding source for this event This year s gala was made possible due to our generous sponsors our exceptional and determined volunteers and the leadership of our Board of Directors Platinum Purina Wilco Gallops Saddlery Wild Turkey Farm Swan Training Triple Rise Equestrian Center Team NW Equestrian Sports Flying Changes and The Competitive Equestrian Gold The EMO Agency Inc Ellen Brown Arbor Grove Equestrian Pax Diem Equestrian Center Julie Ward Photography CWD Sellier Oz Incorporated Tucci Riding Boots Silver Davis Wright Tremaine Kathryn A Hall PC Fabbri Boots Some Day Farm LLC Craig Spiegel Bakers Ferry Equine Maison Inc DRW Architecture Korina Winkler Dina Schnitzer Bronze Quiet Rein Riding School JR Swan Enterprises Let s Show Professional Signs and Graphics Dynamic Video Arena Technologies Contributing McDonald s Miller Nash Pacific Crest Sporthorse Harcourts Oregon Opportunities www OregonHunterJumper org 61

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Special Awards Cynthia Hoyt Dibbins Trophy The Cynthia Hoyt Dibbins Trophy is awarded to the High Point Certificate of Merit Rider in memory of Cynthia Hoyt Dibbins who was a lifetime equestrian teacher and student This special award will be presented with the Certificate of Merit Father of the Year Mother of the Year Each year the Board of Directors selects Mother and Father of the Year winners from the members nominations to honor their continued support and dedication throughout the year and helping each their goals in the sport A parents commitment is truly impressive and inspiring Winning Hand Perpetual Trophy The Winning Hand Perpetual Trophy sponsored by Mary Reid is awarded to the high point horse in the Open System s High Performance Hunter 4 4 6 division Also known as Mac Winning Hand was a wonderful horse who shared his kindness talent and unconditional love with everyone and we give this award tonight in his memory The Kubicek Cup The Kubicek Cup originated with the Greater San Diego Hunter Jumper Association in 1990 With Julia Kubicek s move to the North West the award started anew with the OHJA in 2003 The Kubicek Cup is awarded to the high point equitation rider regardless of age Smooth Jazz Perpetual Trophy The horse what a marvelous creature We are lucky to enjoy our wonderful relationship with these animals Over the years horses have become increasingly dependent upon humans for their well being Awareness of and concern for our horses welfare has grown out of this relationship Thanks to Jeff and Shelley Campf s generous donation of the Smooth Jazz Perpetual Trophy Oregon Hunter Jumper Association now recognizes one of its members annually for their demonstrated commitment to horse welfare Senior Sportsmanship The Senior Sportsmanship Award originally sponsored by Portland Outdoor Store is awarded to an outstanding senior member each year as selected from the nominations submitted to the Board of Directors Junior Sportsmanship The Junior Sportsmanship Award originally sponsored by Durham Bates Agencies Inc is awarded to an outstanding junior member each year as selected from the nominations submitted to the Board of Directors Volunteer of the Year 62 OHJA Awards Gala 2017

Page 65

2017 Board Members President Vice President Treasurer Secretary Jumper Representative Hunter Representative Equitation Representative Beka Swan Kathy Hall Joe Regan Katy George Brooke McLeod Dustin Goodwin Leah Lively Member at Large Member at Large Member at Large Member at Large JEF Representative JEF Representative JEF Representative Martha Brooks Elise Conlee Robin Rothe Trish Helmer Grace Salmon Kara Hix Isabelle Lively Flying Changes Correspondent Brooke McLeod Gala Volunteers Volunteers Program Presentation Design Video Slide Show Silent Auction Chair Arbor Grove Equestrian Swan Training Pax Diem OSU Equestrian Team JEF Representatives Junior Equestrian Fund Trish Helmer Kathy Hall OHJA Rain Creek Quiet Rein and Stellar Sport Horses Lorna Lowrie Flying Changes and The Competitive Equestrian Kris Waters Dynamic Video and Julie Ward Photographer Akiko Hamada OHJA Certificate of Merit GOLD Ethan Grasty Avery Smith SILVER Bailey Grasty Madeline Bailey BRONZE Lisa Westarp Molly Basney PARTICIPATING Natalie Shen Ana Sofia Rodriguez Perez Emily Holmes Sophia Brown Vivienne Bishop Elizabeth Connors Caitlin Cook Sylvie Baures Kim Stout Madeline Sabala Cheyenne O Brien Barrett Koerv Natalie Moser Samantha McDonald Aaron Bankel Mila Anderson Moseley Maxwell Piper Bloom Cate Morse Macy Bishop Katrina Brisbois Kimberly Beveridge www OregonHunterJumper org 63

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66 OHJA Awards Gala 2017

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2017 USHJA Hunter Jumper Team Championships USHJA Zone 9 10 Adult Amateur Jumper Team Championships TEAM SILVER Leslie Cox Doretto Kimberly Bruce Irco Robin Tomb VF Valhalla Lisa Pleasance Funny Boy USHJA Children s Adult Amateur Hunter West Regional Championships TEAM BRONZE Brylee Dickey Saint Cloud 2017 USHJA Outreach Program USHJA Outreach Hunters 18 or Crossrails USHJA Outreach Walk Trot Canter Medal Champion Sylvie Baures BRONZE Reserve Champion Madeline Bailey BRONZE 4th Piper Bloom 5th Sophia Brown 6th Ethan Grasty Champion Sylvie Baures USHJA Outreach Hunters 2 Champion Ella Delgado GOLD Reserve Champion Carissa MacDonald BRONZE 3rd Caitlin Cook 4th Lauren True 5th Bailey Grasty 6th Katrina Gillette USHJA Outreach Hunters 2 6 Champion Ana Marie Rich BRONZE Reserve Champion Kate Connors 3rd Avery Ray 4th Katie DeSpain 5th CeCe Roberts 6th Helen McDonald USHJA Outreach 2 Medal Champion Bailey Grasty Reserve Champion Katrina Gillette 3rd Lauren True 4th Sylvie Baures USHJA Outreach 2 6 Medal Champion Isabella Ierulli Reserve Champion Danielle Ayers Reserve Champion Bailey Grasty 4th Katie DeSpain 5th Ana Marie Rich 6th Kate Connors USHJA Outreach Jumpers 2 3 Champion Jordan Graeme Reserve Champion Siena Schreiner 3rd Ana Marie Rich 4th Cheyenne O Brien 2017 USHJA Affiliate Equitation Awards Pre Children s Pre Adult Equitation Champion Ella Cate Duke Reserve Champion Ellen Brown 3rd Carissa Macdonald 4th Madeline Capps 5th Kimberly Flanagan 6th Kadin Bankel Equitation 17 Under Restricted Equitation 17 Under Champion Zoe Stascausky Reserve Champion Emily Perkins 3rd Helen Lind 4th Sophie Lang 5th Grace Spiegel 6th Rachel Waddell Amateur Equitation 18 Over Champion Briteney Mercer Reserve Champion Caroline Strek 3rd Katherine Williams 4th Marisa Zaludek 5th Leah Lively 6th Hannah Scheuer www OregonHunterJumper org 67

Page 70

68 OHJA Awards Gala 2017

Page 71

www OregonHunterJumper org 69

Page 72

2017 USHJA Zone 9 Horse of the Year Champions HIGH PERFORMANCE WORKING HUNTER Shameless Katherine Williams PERFORMANCE WORKING HUNTER 3 3 Valencia SAS LLC GREEN HUNTER 3 Grace of Hearts Dina Schnitzer YOUNG HUNTER 3 Podium Korina Winkler YOUNG HUNTER 3 3 Grace of Hearts Dina Schnitzer YOUNG HUNTER 3 6 Acoustic Alexandra Zell HIGH PERFORMANCE CONFORMATION New England Emily Perkins AMATEUR OWNER HUNTER 18 35 Old Fashioned Hannah Scheuer AMATEUR OWNER HUNTER 3 3 36 OVER Conviction Briteney Mercer JUNIOR HUNTER SMALL 15 UNDER New England Emily Perkins JUNIOR HUNTER LARGE 15 UNDER Cartiano Z Tami Majer JUNIOR HUNTER 3 3 LARGE 16 17 Know How Karson Parry GREEN PONY HUNTER MEDIUM Moon Beam Kirah Fitton CHILDREN S HUNTER PONY SMALL MEDIUM Rosecroft Lucky Girl Isabelle Lively CHILDREN S HUNTER 13 UNDER Valencia SAS LLC ADULT AMATEUR HUNTER 18 39 Maximus Z Jennifer Boyce ADULT AMATEUR HUNTER 56 OVER Cara Mia Kathleen Waldorf THOROUGHBRED HUNTER Cause I Said Kate McKenna Glauner THOROUGHBRED JUMPER Flint Amanda Rosch HUNTER SEAT EQUITATION 40 55 Katherine Williams HUNTER SEAT EQUITATION 13 UNDER Zoe Stascausky HUNTER SEAT EQUITATION 14 15 Emily Perkins 1 40M 1 45M JUNIOR JUMPER Dauphin Double A LLC HIGH CHILDREN S JUMPER Clemenza Kristin Brown HIGH ADULT AMATEUR JUMPER Dorretto Blue Meadows LLC 70 OHJA Awards Gala 2017

Page 73

2017 Medal Finals Winners Sophie Lang Natalia Pantuso Reserve Grace Spiegel 3rd Emily Perkins Reserve Hannah Scheuer 3rd Kennedy Duke Marisa Zaludek Helen Lind Reserve Kim Larson Daiker 3rd Caroline Strek Reserve Kiana Oyama 3rd Isabella Ierulli Erin Hansen Kate Hagerty Reserve Tamara Gonzalez 3rd Kimberly Flanagan Reserve Bailey Grasty 3rd Madeline Capps Junior Senior 3 6 Medal Final Champion Adult Amateur Medal Final Champion Adult Mini Medal Final Champion Junior Senior 3 3 Medal Final Champion Children s Medal Final Champion Children s Mini Medal Final Champion www OregonHunterJumper org 71

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Thank You at December 15th 2017 Good Luck in 2018

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9 7 1 4 0 4 5 296 PNWEQUINELAW COM o r eg o n a n d Wa s h i n gto n Horse sales leases and breeding Boarding training and riding instruction Risk assessment and management Ownership and registration Business entity formation governance taxation and employment Veterinary malpractice and negligence Horse and rider injuries Debt collection and creditors rights Some Day Farm Congratulations 2017 OHJA Award Winners Wishing Everyone a Successful 2018 Contact Us Catherine Cruger Kendall Entler Stephanie Parker Mari Valceschini 541 848 8519 Some Day Farm LLC 20361 Tumalo Rd Bend Oregon www SomeDayFarmLLC com

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Open System Hunters Baby CHAMPION Green Reserve Champion Hunter Third Fourth Fifth Sixth Podium Per Se Crazy Top Model Card Trick WT Cacao Kolibrie V High CHAMPION Performance Reserve Champion Hunter Third Fourth Korina Winkler Emily Hutson Swan Training Patti Laird Grace Salmon Leah Lively Kinetic Small CHAMPION Working Reserve Champion Fern Xceptional Hunter Third Isabel Baker Sophie Passadore Jeff Campf Large CHAMPION Working Reserve Champion Hunter Third Fourth Fifth Sixth Ravel Capria Zeppelin Copy That First Lady Know How Katy George Carissa Macdonald Korina Winkler Isabella Reichle Helen Lind Karson Parry Thoroughbred CHAMPION Hunter Cause I Said Kate Glauner Conformation CHAMPION Hunter Reserve Champion Third Fourth Fifth Acoustic New England Churchill Understated Starry Night Alexandra Zell Emily Perkins Ellen Brown Janey Belozer Lucie Meier Podium Young CHAMPION Hunter Reserve Champion WT Cacao Card Trick 3 Third Grace of Hearts Young CHAMPION Hunter Reserve Champion Acoustic Purview 3 3 3 6 Third Shameless Cartiano Z Carinyo Editorial Katherine Williams Grace Spiegel Christine Loper Rachel Waddell Short CHAMPION Stirrup Reserve Champion Hunter Third Fourth Fifth Lady Henslee Scooby Doo Matilda Purview Rosecroft Lucky Girl Ella Delgado Valeska Bruce Isabel Baker Helen Lind Isabelle Lively Long CHAMPION Stirrup Reserve Champion Hunter Third Fourth Fifth Sixth Churchill WT Cacao Mostly All Too Good Kootenay Belvedere Carat F Ellen Brown Grace Salmon Tammy Tucker Lisa Lamoreaux Ellen Brown Valeska Bruce Lassalle Black Pearl Christmas List Sky Rocket Purview Kinetic Ella Cate Duke Hilary Sosne Ringside Farms Nicole Ferrie Helen Lind Isabel Baker Capria Belvedere Churchill Grace of Hearts Anka Willow Carissa Macdonald Ellen Brown Ellen Brown Dina Schnitzer Amanda Rosch Jill Brooks Christmas List Bixenta Lucero Willow Luigi Valencia Ringside Farms Stacy DeWall Anna Byrnes Jill Brooks Coleen MacMillan Zoe Stascausky Pre Children s CHAMPION Hunter Reserve Champion Third Fourth Fifth Sixth Korina Winkler Grace Salmon Patti Laird Dina Schnitzer Alexandra Zell Helen Lind Pre Adult CHAMPION Working Reserve Champion Hunter Third Fourth Fifth Sixth Green CHAMPION Hunter Reserve Champion 3 Third Fourth Fifth Sixth Grace of Hearts Purview Bixenta Per Se Estelle Kootenay Green CHAMPION Hunter Reserve Champion 3 3 Third Fourth Prosper Kootenay Astrid Macallan 25 Modified Children s Adult Amateur Dina Schnitzer Hunter Helen Lind Stacy DeWall Emily Hutson Jessica Gleason Children s Lisa Lamoreaux Working Hunter Pony Emily Hutson Lisa Lamoreaux Pony Natalia Pantuso Working Hilary Sosne Hunter Green CHAMPION Hunter Reserve Champion 3 6 3 9 Third Fourth Fifth Sixth Editorial Churchill New Look Fern Acoustic Understated Rachel Waddell Ellen Brown Grace Spiegel Sophie Passadore Alexandra Zell Janey Belozer Performance CHAMPION Hunter Reserve Champion 3 3 Third Fourth Fifth Sixth Valencia Belvedere Primo Bohemio Z Beau Zephyr Copy That Zoe Stascausky Ellen Brown Anna Byrnes Marisa Zaludek Makenzie Brooks Isabella Reichle Performance CHAMPION Hunter Reserve Champion 3 6 Third Fourth Fifth Sixth Starry Night Primo Know How Conviction October Road Beau Zephyr Lucie Meier Anna Byrnes Karson Parry Briteney Mercer Cameron Brown Makenzie Brooks CHAMPION Reserve Champion Third Fourth Fifth Sixth Rosecroft Lucky Girl CHAMPION Reserve Champion Lady Henslee Isabelle Lively Ella Delgado CHAMPION Farnley Hi There Kate Hagerty Children s Working Hunter 13 Under CHAMPION Reserve Champion Third Fourth Fifth Valencia Saint Cloud Purview Starry Night First Lady Zoe Stascausky Brylee Dickey Helen Lind Lucie Meier Helen Lind Children s Working Hunter 14 17 CHAMPION Reserve Champion Third Fourth Lantanet El Capitan Fern Cara Mia Lindsay Knight Kira Petrunin Sophie Passadore Kathleen Waldorf Adult Amateur Working Hunter 18 39 CHAMPION Reserve Champion Third Fourth Fifth Sixth Bohemio Z Ravel Anka Estelle Primo Hemingway Marisa Zaludek Katy George Amanda Rosch Jessica Gleason Anna Byrnes Celia Tonkin www OregonHunterJumper org 75

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Open System Hunters Adult Amateur Working Hunter 40 and Over CHAMPION Reserve Champion Third Fourth Fifth Sixth Cara Mia Acoustic Shopgirl He Charmed Me Carinyo Starry Night Kathleen Waldorf Alexandra Zell Patti Laird Dina Schnitzer Christine Loper Lucie Meier Amateur Owner Working Hunter 3 3 CHAMPION Reserve Champion Third Fourth Fifth Sixth Conviction Shameless Prosper Beau Zephyr Paramount Castle Hill Briteney Mercer Katherine Williams Emily Hutson Makenzie Brooks Sarah Vogelsberg Stephanie Ray Modified Junior Amateur Hunter CHAMPION Reserve Champion Third Fourth Fifth Sixth Beau Zephyr Castle Hill October Road Copy That Anka New Look Makenzie Brooks Stephanie Ray Cameron Brown Isabella Reichle Amanda Rosch Grace Spiegel Junior Working Hunter 15 Under CHAMPION Reserve Champion Third Fourth Fifth Sixth New England Cartiano Z New Look Cappuccino October Road Moonstruck Emily Perkins Grace Spiegel Grace Spiegel Lisa Pleasance Cameron Brown Kennedy Duke Junior Working Hunter 3 3 CHAMPION Reserve Champion Third Fourth Fifth Sixth Know How Copy That Dicaprio October Road Astrid Moonstruck Karson Parry Isabella Reichle Mindy Mayer Cameron Brown Natalia Pantuso Kennedy Duke Editorial Know How Starry Night Rachel Waddell Karson Parry Lucie Meier Junior CHAMPION Working Reserve Champion Hunter Third 16 17 Open System Equitation Short Stirrup Equitation CHAMPION Reserve Champion Third Fourth Fifth Ella Delgado Valeska Bruce Lauren True Isabelle Lively Alyvia Bruce Restricted CHAMPION Equitation Reserve Champion 17 Under Third Fourth Fifth Long Stirrup Equitation CHAMPION Reserve Champion Third Fourth Fifth Sixth Ellen Brown Tammy Tucker Dina Schnitzer Stacy DeWall Lisa Lamoreaux Erin Danielson Zoe Stascausky Equitation CHAMPION 12 Under Reserve Champion Helen Lind Pony Equitation CHAMPION Reserve Champion Isabelle Lively Kate Hagerty Pre Children s Equitation CHAMPION Reserve Champion Third Fourth Fifth Sixth Ella Cate Duke Madeline Capps Helen Lind Lauren O Toole Nicole Ferrie Grace Duffy Pre Adult Equitation CHAMPION Reserve Champion Third Fourth Fifth Sixth Ellen Brown Carissa Macdonald Dina Schnitzer Jill Brooks Christine Loper Shannon Strecker Modified Children s Adult Amateur Equitation CHAMPION Reserve Champion Third Fourth Fifth Sixth Grace Duffy Madeline Capps Stacy DeWall Jill Brooks Amanda Rosch Kira Petrunin 76 OHJA Awards Gala 2017 Lindsay Knight Isabel Baker Brylee Dickey Helen Lind Kira Petrunin Equitation CHAMPION 13 15 Reserve Champion Third Fourth Fifth Sixth Emily Perkins Grace Spiegel Lauren Pleasance Brylee Dickey Natalia Pantuso Campbell Ray Equitation CHAMPION 16 17 Reserve Champion Third Fourth Fifth Rachel Waddell Lindsay Knight Kira Petrunin Lucie Meier Karson Parry Amateur CHAMPION Equitation 18 Reserve Champion Over Third Fourth Fifth Sixth Briteney Mercer Katherine Williams Marisa Zaludek Leah Lively Hannah Scheuer Katy George

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Open System Jumpers 0 70m 0 80m CHAMPION Jumper Reserve Champion Third Fourth Fifth Sixth Kinetic Opportunity Knocks Night Song Gideon Quiz Cora Z Isabel Baker Low Anna Byrnes Children s Shannon Strecker Jumper Gemma Haney Imagination Lane LLC Shelby Brooks 0 85m 0 90m CHAMPION Jumper Reserve Champion Third Fourth Fifth Sixth Kinetic Cora Z Shenanigans Connor Flint Night Song Isabel Baker Shelby Brooks Robin Tomb Jill Brooks Amanda Rosch Shannon Strecker 0 95m 1 00m CHAMPION Jumper Reserve Champion Third Fourth Fifth Sixth True North Crab Rangoon Daytona Zadon Clemenza Simon Says 1 05m 1 10m CHAMPION Jumper Reserve Champion Third Fourth Fifth Sixth CHAMPION Reserve Champion Third Fourth Fifth Sixth Shenanigans True North Conte S Vinyasa Clemenza Simon Says Robin Tomb Victoria Bajtay Julie Duke Laura Bishop Kristin Brown Emi Hegarty Zadon Doretto Flint Cassius VF IT Girl Salvador Aislinn Lamoreaux Leslie Cox Amanda Rosch Leslie Cox Robin Tomb Anna Byrnes High CHAMPION Victoria Bajtay Children s Reserve Champion Kristen Whitside Jumper Third Natalie Kupperman Fourth Aislinn Lamoreaux Fifth Kristin Brown Sixth Emi Hegarty Clemenza Derlin Daytona Cappuccino Cartiano Z Simon Says Kristin Brown Carissa Loew Natalie Kupperman Lisa Pleasance Grace Spiegel Emi Hegarty Xquisite Doretto Crazy Lady Gaga Zadon Epiphany Understated High Adult Brooke McLeod Amateur Leslie Cox Jumper Reed Dinger Aislinn Lamoreaux Imagination Lane LLC Janey Belozer CHAMPION Reserve Champion Third Fourth Fifth Sixth Funny Boy Doretto Cassius Aventador VF Valhalla Costello Lisa Pleasance Leslie Cox Leslie Cox Kalie Whitcomb Robin Tomb Nicola McCullough 1 15m 1 20m CHAMPION Jumper Reserve Champion Third Fourth Fifth Sixth Cerafina Doretto Moves Like Jagger Crazy Lady Gaga Ninya 2 Apache Joe Jessica Gleason Leslie Cox Anna Byrnes Reed Dinger Kimberly Bruce Brooke McLeod Modified Junior Amateur Jumper CHAMPION Reserve Champion Third Fourth Fifth Sixth Dutch Treat Beckham Cerafina Vetyver Du Bois VF Valhalla Play to Win Elois Farnsworth Mel Tilkicioglu Jessica Gleason Aislinn Lamoreaux Robin Tomb Reed Dinger 1 25m 1 30m CHAMPION Jumper Reserve Champion Third Fourth Fifth Sixth Atlantis Top Shelf Ninou 2 Cerafina Daytona Moves Like Jagger Megan Jordan Margie Gass Kimberly Bruce Jessica Gleason Natalie Kupperman Anna Byrnes Junior Amateur Owner Jumper CHAMPION Reserve Champion Third Fourth Cerafina Dutch Treat Crazy Lady Gaga Mojo Jessica Gleason Elois Farnsworth Reed Dinger Emma Glaunert Ninou 2 Atlantis Top Shelf Wordsworth II Kimberly Bruce Megan Jordan Margie Gass Kimberly Bruce 1 35m Up CHAMPION Jumper Reserve Champion Third Fourth Low Adult CHAMPION Amateur Reserve Champion Jumper Third Fourth Fifth Sixth APRIL AD PLACED ACCEPTING NEW FARRIER CLIENTS Over 10 years of experience including work with Dr Mark Revenaugh DVM Apprenticed with Joe McKee Dedicated to ongoing education References available 503 830 9580 Wilsonville Oregon

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Proudly sponsored by The Swan Training Team Owner Trainer Beka Swan Trainer Tracey Whelen Trainer Marybeth Grey Head Groom Jose Pepe Camarena Specializing in hunter jumper ponies equitation rehabilitation and sales WHERE HORSEMANSHIP Thank You To The Wonderful Swan Training Team For A Fantastic 2017 Show Season Full Service Training At Swan Training we provide a customized training program unique to the needs of each individual rider and our equine partners We prioritize ensuring that every one of our riders has the tools and support needed to reach their personal goals We also specialize in developing a consistent workout and training program to create a well conditioned HOME OF SWAN TRAINING Call Beka Swan 503 349 0314 beka swantraining net www swantraining net Amenities 90 by 220 indoor 100 by 200 outdoor Pristine grand prix field Eurociser Access to hundred of acres of trails happy horse and ideal riding partner Swan Training provides a safe place for both horse and rider to advance their skills confident in the knowledge that all necessary care including veterinary show and farrier services are being well managed in a caring community of likeminded equestrians Beka Swan Owner Trainer CONGRATULATIONS TO 2017 OHJA YEAR END WINNERS

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Regional System Hunters Baby Green Hunter Go Figure CHAMPION Reserve Champion Providence Amanda DePaul Vicki Zacharias Small Working Hunter Kilkenny Esquire CHAMPION Reserve Champion Take Flight Patricia L H Trunzo Caroline Strek Large Working Hunter CHAMPION Reserve Champion Third Fourth Fifth Tressa Blankenship Heidi Thornburgh Alissa Crossland Phoebe Webb Kaylyn McGrady Thoroughbred Hunter Capaccio Renaissance Zen Happy Together Le Cavalier Take Flight CHAMPION Reserve Champion P is for Passion Caroline Strek Kelly Marriner Smith Green Hunter 3 CHAMPION Golden Rule Tamara Gonzalez Green Hunter 3 3 CHAMPION Constantin Jordan Pierson Performance Hunter 3 3 Paradigm CHAMPION Reserve Champion Stetson Kilkenny Esquire Third Sophie Lang Kelli Coelho Patricia L H Trunzo Performance Hunter 3 6 CHAMPION Le Cavalier Kaylyn McGrady Short Stirrup Hunter CHAMPION Reserve Champion Third Fourth Fifth Sixth Kenny Chestnut Iron Man Belles Dancing Girl Talisman Z Secret Story Lucky Me Emily Mottern Ashley Scates Brooke Hagerty Lily Sterling Linda Worley Mike Gallaway CHAMPION Reserve Champion Third Fourth He Charmed Me Ikon Go Figure Once in a Blue Moon Susan Babbitt Lisa Talbot Roberts Amanda DePaul Bali Schock Long Stirrup Hunter Pre Children s Working Hunter CHAMPION Reserve Champion Third Fourth Fifth Sixth Rockstar Legacy Footnote Talisman Z Iron Man Second Chance Kadin Bankel Zoey Buchanan Jordyn Tietz Lily Sterling Ashley Scates Lisa Talbot Roberts Pre Adult Working Hunter CHAMPION Reserve Champion Third Fourth Fifth Cakewalk Jackie O Go Figure Golden Rule Rendition Kindy Pool Kimberly Flanagan Amanda DePaul Tamara Gonzalez Rhiannon Scheewe Modified Children s Adult Amateur Hunter CHAMPION Reserve Champion Third Fourth Fifth Golden Rule Talisman Z Sweetwater Jackie O Rendition Tamara Gonzalez Lily Sterling Emily Jahn Kimberly Flanagan Rhiannon Scheewe Children s Working Hunter 17 Under CHAMPION Reserve Champion Third Fourth Fifth Constantin Happy Together Renaissance Andros Bossanova Jordan Pierson Phoebe Webb Heidi Thornburgh Ineke van Waardenburg Nora Hille Adult Amateur Hunter 18 Over CHAMPION Reserve Champion Third Fourth Fifth Take Flight Capaccio Stetson Zen Andros Caroline Strek Tressa Blankenship Kelli Coelho Alissa Crossland Ineke van Waardenburg Junior Working Hunter 3 3 CHAMPION Reserve Champion Paradigm Le Cavalier Sophie Lang Kaylyn McGrady Junior Working Hunter 17 Under CHAMPION Reserve Champion Le Cavalier Paradigm Kaylyn McGrady Sophie Lang Regional System Equitation Brooke Hagerty Short Stirrup CHAMPION Equitation Reserve Champion Emily Mottern Alexandra Scates Third Long Stirrup CHAMPION Equitation Reserve Champion Third Fourth Pony Equitation CHAMPION Pre Children s CHAMPION Equitation Reserve Champion Third Fourth Fifth Sixth Pre Adult CHAMPION Equitation Reserve Champion Third Fourth Fourth Susan Babbitt Ruth Kenoyer Amanda DePaul Lisa Talbot Roberts Isabella Mullan Kadin Bankel Jordyn Tietz Emily Jahn Kati Wischnowski Zoey Buchanan Arwen Clemans Kimberly Flanagan Kindy Pool Katie Roberts Rhiannon Scheewe Danielle Ayers Modified Children s Adult Amateur Equitation CHAMPION Reserve Champion Third Fourth Fifth Sixth Lily Sterling Bali Schock Emily Jahn Kimberly Flanagan Ella Reese Coleen MacMillan Restricted Equitation 17 Under CHAMPION Reserve Champion Third Jordan Pierson Cece Roberts Nora Hille Equitation 17 Under CHAMPION Reserve Champion Third Sophie Lang Kaylyn McGrady Phoebe Webb Amateur Equitation 18 Over CHAMPION Reserve Champion Third Fourth Fifth Sixth Caroline Strek Kelli Coelho Coleen MacMillan Tressa Blankenship Anna Baird Alissa Crossland

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Regional System Jumpers 0 70m 0 80m CHAMPION Jumper Reserve Champion Third Fourth Fifth Sixth Ryleyspence Jasminealaddin Sweetwater Legacy Brilliant Disguise Irony Bridget Barton 1 25m 1 30m Hazel Hamilton Jumper Emily Jahn Zoey Buchanan Low Sarah Strittholt Children s Maddie Sand Jumper 0 85m 0 90m CHAMPION Jumper Reserve Champion Third Fourth Fifth Sixth Batuki Bossanova Jasminealaddin Irony Largo Dreamin Rose Simone Chaves Nora Hille Hazel Hamilton Maddie Sand Caroline Strek Sophia Ronan 0 95m 1 00m CHAMPION Jumper Reserve Champion Third Fourth Fifth Sixth Carneby Largo Golden Affair Countessa Sirocco As You Wish Lexie Franklin Caroline Strek Kim Larson Daiker Michaela Warner Caroline Strek Kim Larson Daiker 1 05m 1 10m CHAMPION Jumper Reserve Champion Third Fourth Fifth Sixth Tribute Sirocco Joon Ella Enchanted Twist De Belair Batuki 1 15m 1 20m CHAMPION Jumper Reserve Champion Third Fourth Batuki Twist De Belair Capistrano Cat Joon Kaylyn McGrady Caroline Strek High Adult Charlotte Swail Amateur Kaitlyn Cormack Jumper Kristin McGettigan Simone Chaves Modified Junior Simone Chaves Amateur Kristin McGettigan Jumper Olive Trump Charlotte Swail CHAMPION Twist De Belair CHAMPION Reserve Champion Third Fourth Fifth Sixth Capture the Flag Countessa Phantom Shakira Sweetwater Second Chance Mike Gallaway Michaela Warner Arwen Clemans Ayla Hoffman Emily Jahn Lisa Talbot Roberts Carneby As You Wish Largo Golden Affair Bravado Sirocco Lexie Franklin Kim Larson Daiker Caroline Strek Kim Larson Daiker Lindsay Golden Caroline Strek Low Adult CHAMPION Amateur Reserve Champion Jumper Third Fourth Fifth Fifth Kristin McGettigan High CHAMPION Children s Reserve Champion Jumper Third Fourth Joon Ella Enchanted Tribute Capistrano Cat Charlotte Swail Kaitlyn Cormack Kaylyn McGrady Olive Trump CHAMPION Reserve Champion Third Fourth Bravado Sirocco Batuki Twist De Belair Lindsay Golden Caroline Strek Simone Chaves Kristin McGettigan CHAMPION Reserve Champion Third Fourth Twist De Belair Capistrano Cat Joon Bravado Kristin McGettigan Olive Trump Charlotte Swail Lindsay Golden

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QUIET REIN SHOW SERIES RIDERS FOR A WONDERFUL 2017 LOOKING FORWARD TO AN EVEN BETTER 2018 W W W Q U I E T R E I N C O M From business transactions to estate planning to litigation our lawyers help clients set the course for success Davis Wright Tremaine is a proud sponsor of the Oregon Hunter Jumper Association DAVIS WRIGHT TREMAINE Innovative Law Firm of the Year Anchorage Bellevue Los Angeles New York Portland San Francisco Seattle Shanghai Washington D C DWT COM

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ARBOR GROVE EQUESTRIAN Working together to meet your personal goals in 2018 Outstanding care Boutique environment Quality horses available for in barn lease Hunter Jumper Equitation Contact us to arrange a visit Joe Regan Robbie Perkins Arbor Grove Equestrian 7359 Highway 219 NE Woodburn OR 97071 Barn 503 981 1978 email arborgroveequestrian gmail com Website arborgroveequestrian com Congratulations to all OHJA 2017 Award Winners

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Local System Hunters Baby Green CHAMPION Hunter CHAMPION Short Reserve Champion Stirrup Third Hunter Fourth Fifth Sixth Long CHAMPION Stirrup Reserve Champion Hunter Third Fourth Fifth Pre Children s CHAMPION Working Reserve Champion Hunter Third Fourth Fifth Sixth Gravity Kimberly Beveridge Connect the Dots Favored By Luck Belvedere Grazioso Johnny Cash Montana Jack Chelsea Sandbloom Joelle Tavan Cate Morse Jasmine Browning Anna Clark Chloe LaMonica Ripley s Believe it or Not I m to big for my briches Roxy Just Right Hershey s Special Ashleigh Marsteller Ruth Kenoyer Libbi Peltz Lizabeth Dutton Lisa Westarp Chances Are Rendezvous Pepita Bolero Sir Andante Cool Knight s Breeze Kate Connors Katie DeSpain Avery Ray Emily Stout Helen McDonald Ana Marie Rich Pre Adult CHAMPION Working Reserve Champion Hunter Third Third Fifth Sixth Modified Children s Adult Amateur Hunter CHAMPION Reserve Champion Third Fourth Fifth Sixth Gravity Phenomena II Roxy VonRay Indigo Delorean HPF Kimberly Beveridge Amanda Vinson Libbi Peltz Amanda Gango Kimberly Anchell Gerry Koonce Johnny Cash Ezekiel Rendezvous Story Book Delorean HPF Ozone Anna Clark Kim Stout Katie DeSpain Isabella Ierulli Gerry Koonce Eliza Grant Local System Equitation Short Stirrup Long Stirrup Equitation CHAMPION Reserve Champion Third Fourth Fifth Fifth Bailey Grasty Katrina Gillette Jasmine Browning Cate Morse Chloe LaMonica Madeline Sabala Pre Children s Equitation CHAMPION Reserve Champion Third Fourth Fourth Sixth Isabella Ierulli Kate Connors Ana Marie Rich James Cole Emily Stout Avery Ray CHAMPION Reserve Champion Third Fourth Fifth Sixth Erin Hansen Clara Samples Jennie McDonald Amanda Gango Haily Kokinakis Courtney Lewis Pre Adult Equitation Modified CHAMPION Children s Reserve Champion Equitation Third Fourth Fifth Sixth Modified CHAMPION Adult Amateur Reserve Champion Equitation Third Fourth Restricted CHAMPION Equitation Reserve Champion 17 Under Third Fourth Fifth Anna Clark Kiana Oyama Helen McDonald Katie DeSpain Morgan Goodrich Sadie Cole Joelle Tavan Sara Salamon Jordan Graeme Judy Turnauer Kiana Oyama Kendall Thornburgh Eliza Grant Makenna Nastri Anna Clark Local System Jumpers 0 70m 0 80m Jumper CHAMPION Reserve Champion Third Fourth Fifth Sixth Paperback Writer Mind Craft Always Olive Indigo Cool Knight s Breeze Rebecca Simon Beginning Bakers Ferry Equine LLC Jumper Meaghan Dunne Chris Cudahy Kimberly Anchell Ana Marie Rich CHAMPION Reserve Champion Reserve Champion Fourth Fourth Sixth Olive Dobby Avalon Wait For Me Spyglass Pepita Chris Cudahy Wendy Wiebenson Wendy Wiebenson Wendy Wiebenson Haily Kokinakis Avery Ray 0 85m 0 90m Jumper CHAMPION Reserve Champion Third Fourth Fifth Fifth Deja Moo Favored By Luck Paper Planes Sriracha Donovan Blue Moon s Andrew Morgan Goodrich Low Joelle Tavan Children s Meaghan Dunne Adult Megan Erickson Amateur Bailey Gettle Jumper Christian Blough Swingen 0 95m 1 00m Jumper CHAMPION Reserve Champion Reserve Champion Fourth Fifth Sixth Lancelot Du Lac Favored By Luck Sammy Long Legs Deja Moo Ezekiel Donovan Loverboy Serin von Marenholtz Joelle Tavan Sara Salamon Morgan Goodrich Kim Stout Bailey Gettle Quinn Hoffman Always Paper Planes Daisy Duke Lancelot Du Lac Loverboy Bode Well Meaghan Dunne Meaghan Dunne Isabelle Grant Serin von Marenholtz Quinn Hoffman Courtney Lewis CHAMPION Reserve Champion Reserve Champion Fourth Fifth Fifth Fifth

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www OregonHunterJumper org 87

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QUIET REIN SHOW SERIES RIDERS FOR A WONDERFUL 2017 LOOKING FORWARD TO AN EVEN BETTER 2018 W W W Q U I E T R E I N C O M YNAMIC VIDEO LLC capturing memories one round at a time Phone 503 701 6424 DynamicVideoOnline com Package rates available Affordable High Definition Video 88 OHJA Awards Gala 2017

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THANK YOU ANOTHER YEAR OF WONDERFUL MEMORIES Gravity and Erin Hansen Champion Baby Green Working Hunters Champion Pre Adult Working Hunters Champion Pre Adult Equitation Champion OHJA Adult Mini Medal Finals Johnny Cash and Anna Clark Champion Modified Working Hunters Champion Children s Modified Equitation 5th Restricted Equitation FOR MAKING EACH YEAR SO SPECIAL Rendezvous and Kate Connors Reserve Champion Pre Children s Working Hunter Reserve Champion Pre Children s Equitation Connect the Dots and Bailey Grasty Champion Short Stirrup Working Hunter Champion Short Stirrup Equitation 2nd OHJA Junior Mini Medal Finals Mindcraft and Jordan Graeme Reserve Champion 70m 80m Jumpers 3rd Modified Adult Equitation Le Cavalier and Kaylyn McGrady Champion 3 6 Junior Working Hunter Reserve Champion 3 3 Junior Working Hunter Reserve Champion Equitation 17 and Under Bolero and Emily Stout 4th Pre Children s Working Hunters 5th Pre Children s Equitation Favored By Luck and Joelle Tavan Champion Modified Adult Equitation Reserve Champion 85m Jumpers 3rd Low Child Adult Jumpers Rendezvous and Katie DeSpain 3rd Modified Working Hunter 4th Children s Modified Equitation Paperback Writer and Rebecca Simon Champion 70m 80m Jumpers Sir Adante and Helen McDonald 3rd Children s Modified Equitation 5th Pre Children s Working Hunter Ezekiel and Kiana Oyama Champion Restricted Equitation Reserve Champion Children s Modified Equitation Reserve Champion Modified Working Hunters 2nd OHJA Children s Medal Finals Johnny Cash and Emily Holmes 5th Short Stirrup Working Hunter If you want to go quickly go alone If you want to go far go together Jill Robin Certificate of Merit Awards Ethan Grasty Dibbins Cup Winner Emily Holmes Gold Award Sophia Brown Gold Award Vivienne Bishop Gold Award Elizabeth Connors Gold Award Bailey Grasty Silver Award Madeline Bailey Silver Award Piper Bloom Silver Award Sylvie Baures Silver Award Macy Bishop Bronze Award Kim Stout Bronze Award Chances Are and Kate Connors Champion Pre Children s Working Hunter Tribute and Kaylyn McGrady Champion 1 05m 1 10m Jumpers 3rd High Children s Jumpers Favored By Luck and Katrina Gillette Reserve Champion Short Stirrup Working Hunter Reserve Champion Short Stirrup Equitation 5th OHJA Junior Mini Medal Finals WWW QUIETREIN COM Joelle Tavan and Miller Nash Graham Dunn are pleased to support the Oregon Hunter Jumper Association Congratulations from McDonald s Canby Clackamas Gladstone Happy Valley Molalla Sandy Silverton West Linn Wilsonville and Woodburn 503 224 5858 MILLERNASH COM Portland OR Seattle WA Vancouver WA Long Beach CA Colby Kielman Broker Licensed in Oregon as Michelle Colby Kielman 800 772 7284 www HarcourtsOROP com Fantastic Ranch for the Horse Ent 102 85 acres w 80 irrigated Irrigated pastures valley views

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USDF Region 6 7 delegates 2017 Convention Tom Murray USDF Region 6 delegates 2017 Convention Tom Murray Introducing the New Oregon Dressage Society President By Janice Hussein Tom Murray has taken the reins of ODS as its new President I want ODS to really make a difference in the sport of dressage and it s participants in the Northwest I am passionate about dressage and try to communicate that with everything I do breeding training my own riding goals and that s why I took on this huge task of leading this organization because I want to ignite the passion in others and help people achieve their goals as well 90 My first goal with ODS is to get the financial house in order ODS is one of 3 GMO s in USDF that has a paid person in their office and we need to quickly and with the push of a button be able to see where any and all of our accounts are at any given time It is imperative that we use our resources effectively They are precious and hard to come by They need to be used to make the most impact for our membership ODS is a volunteer organization and Tom believes if we can harness the vast supply of talents we have we can be very effective The goal is to get more grassroots volunteers to do different projects Not many can dedicate the hours of a full time job but many people could dedicate 4 hours per week Let s see what they can do Contact our volunteer coordinator Emily Kenyon to discuss what skills you might be able to bring to the table ODS has a definite need for people in accounting IT and advertising for example Emily Kenyon has volunteered to organize our data base of volunteers She s going to present her ideas in January at the leadership conference FC __________ Flying Changes January 2018

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USDF I Program Workshop Joan Darnell USDF Instructor Workshop Heidi Chote Biomechanics of Soundness Symposium Dr Gerd Heuschmann Photo by Tory Kelly Trainer s Workshop Jan Ebeling Youth Camp Lendon Gray Youth Camp ODS Championship Show ODS is a volunteer organization and Tom believes if we can harness the vast supply of talents we have we can be very effective Another of Tom s goals is more instructor training There are wonderful teachers out there in our area but we all need to be continually learning stimulating broadening and challenging our knowledge base The Jan Ebeling clinic for instructors was a great start but one event a year is not enough I d like to see educational opportunities sponsored by ODS on a monthly basis for youth amateurs and instructors Tom is hoping to get a number of people coming to do clinics on a regular basis such as Lisa Wilcox Charlotte Bredahl David Blake and Lilo Fore Another goal is improving the prize dollars and corporate sponsorships for the shows Prize money attracts high end competitors and provides a more exciting show atmosphere The hunters and jumpers know this well and it also improves the breeding and values of the horses we sell Improving the prize money and creating a more festive atmosphere for exhibitors and spectators will broaden the attendance at shows and give our sponsors a better reason to sponsor I am open to any and all ideas to promote this sport and ODS for its members And just because it was tried in the past and perhaps didn t work doesn t mean it shouldn t be tried again perhaps the execution was faulty but a great idea Bring me your ideas I want them January 2018 Tom does feel that ODS is doing much better This past year for the first time in 15 years even with the fires the ODS championship was a huge success This is the second year of building steam We don t want to rest on our laurels and last year was definitely better than the year before and next year will be better still I would like to encourage our youth to become actively involved in ODS They re a huge resource that we ve spent many years cultivating them We all know their abilities to use Social Media and we can tap into that for our benefit We should establish a youth social media team to promote our events shows clinics etc We should be encouraging them to step up and actively take the reins The Leadership conference is scheduled for January 27 and 28 2018 at Silver Falls Convention Center I encourage everyone to come and participate All are welcome I am excited by the potential of ODS I was moved by the level of commitment shown at the National conference in Lexington Let s all put our energies towards aiming high and making dressage in the Northwest a vibrant and exciting pursuit for the horses the riders and the spectators I know I will give my best to this end FC __________ Flying Changes 91

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Lameness in the Sport Horse Part 2 The Hunt for a Diagnosis By Lindsay Brock Jump Media Getting impressions from the owner such as what they feel when riding the horse what they see and how long the problem has been present are key pieces of information to obtain before moving forward in the process of making a diagnosis said Dr Timmins I try and go back as far as I can even to information provided during the horse s pre purchase exam Speaking with the people who manage the horse on a dayto day basis will often uncover a wealth of clues pointing to a possible cause and diagnosis continued Dr Timmins These people are with their horses every day and know them better than we ever could from an exam Dr Kathleen Timmins is a graduate of the Ohio State University School of Veterinary Medicine and an important member of the PBEC team Photo courtesy of PBEC T he talents of competitive sport horses never fail to impress the human eye their bodies are magnificent their athleticism seems endless and their will to win is often anthropomorphic But even the most talented athletes sometimes reach the limits of their bodies When that happens to sport horses it is the job of the veterinarian to step in with ever evolving diagnostic tools and treatment methods This is the second part of a series exploring the most common lameness problems in sport horses and how they are treated in cooperation with the world renowned veterinarians of Palm Beach Equine Clinic PBEC based in Wellington FL Dr Kathleen A Timmins is a 1993 graduate of the Ohio State University School of Veterinary Medicine and an important member of PBEC team which places a heavy focus on sports medicine From Part 1 In the first part of this series we explored the most common lameness issues that present in dressage eventing and show jumping sport horses From obvious injury or ailment to subtle lameness PBEC s Dr Ryan Lukens discussed his experiences with sport horse injuries and how to prevent them If you missed it check out the November December 2017 issue of The Competitive Equestrian Step two in Dr Timmins diagnostic process includes a handson assessment of the horse including a physical exam and palpations while still involving the owner or manager in order to identify new or existing abnormalities This step also includes an observation of the horse s movement on soft and hard ground in circles and straight lines as well as under tack These two steps will often reveal something obvious whether it s an abscess or something else that is causing severe lameness said Dr Timmins If the lameness is subtle we will then move on to flexion tests and regional nerve blocks to try and isolate the lameness After the initial items on the physical exam check list have been performed with no clear diagnosis sometimes a third step is required That step involves advanced methods and imaging in order to explore what exists beneath the skin that may not be obvious to the naked eye At this point we will sometimes recommend rest and antiinflammatory medication for a week or two which will help any soft tissue injuries to resolves themselves said Dr Timmins However if the owner is eager for a definitive answer right away we move on to some more advanced diagnostics We have a lot of technology at our disposal at PBEC that helps us to pinpoint a problem Diagnostics of the Future When a horse comes up lame every owner wishes there was a magic button they could push and the cause would be obvious Thanks to advances in veterinary medicine that dream has almost become a reality PBEC veterinarians like Dr Timmins will often turn to its lameness locator to help them quickly easily and correctly identify a problem A lameness locator is a biomechanical diagnostic tool that utilizes a real time handheld field based system to measure lameness with non invasive inertial sensors The horse wears According to Dr Timmins one of the most useful tools at accelerometers on the top of its head and hips to measure a veterinarian s disposal is an attentive and knowledgeable vertical motion while a gyroscope sensor placed on the pastern owner Step one in diagnosing a lameness issue is obtaining a reads side to side movement Working together the sensors thorough medical history 92 TCE January February 2018 ________________ Step by Step TheCompetitiveEquestrian

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Photos by Erin Gilmore PBEC offers some of the most advanced diagnostic imaging services in the world Dr Marilyn Connor performing a flexion test at PBEC s Wellington FL facility and clinic accurately detect and quantify forelimb and hind limb lameness by transmitting data to a tablet computer which performs algorithms to detect and quantify the horse s lameness in each limb In addition to standard tools like x rays and ultrasounds Dr Timmins has access to some of the most advanced imaging technology at PBEC Our standing MRI and nuclear scintigraphy machine are very helpful she said The MRI is the gold standard as far as diagnosing a specific problem You just have to know where to look which is why we like to use it in conjunction with nuclear scintigraphy which will point us to the location of the problem The process of nuclear scintigraphy is a bone scan that begins with the injection of a radioactive isotope which attaches to the phosphorous proteins localized within the bone and is absorbed over a few hours time A specialized nuclear isotope gamma ray camera is used to capture images of the skeletal anatomy with a 360 degree view Points of interest light up on the image to indicate increased metabolic activity and the site of injury Similarly the equine standing MRI produces highly detailed images in several different planes to capture a complete image of a desired area An MRI is best used to further define a specific area of both bony or soft tissue that has been pinpointed as the origin of lameness The process can be completed while the horse is in a standing position and requires only light sedation Dr Santiago Demierre performing x rays on a PBEC patient While technology is a significant advantage when diagnosing lameness Dr Timmins also looks at breed and discipline commonalities to aid in her process Whenever it s common front limb lameness in show jumping mounts or hind limb stress in dressage horses all are useful indicators We see so many different kinds of horses at PBEC and it gives me as a veterinarian the opportunity to learn what lameness issues affect specific breeds while always going in with an open mind said Dr Timmins who has treated Thoroughbred race horses barrel racing Quarter Horses and even Paso Finos from the Miami area in addition to the typical polo show jumping and dressage mounts commonly found in the Wellington area I love the variety I think we see more diversity at PBEC than most vets do and it is really exciting for our cases to be changing all the time Coming Up This series concludes in the March April 2018 issue of The Competitive Equestrian with an outline of the best lameness treatments and rehabilitation options for sport horses and a look at typical prognoses with PBEC veterinarians Dr Samantha Miles and Dr Richard Wheeler Stay tuned for more from the veterinarians at PBEC About Palm Beach Equine Clinic The veterinarians and staff of PBEC are respected throughout the industry for their advanced level of care and steadfast commitment to horses and owners With 40 skilled veterinarians on staff including three board certified surgeons internal medicine specialists and one of very few board certified equine radiologists in the country PBEC leads the way in new innovative diagnostic imaging and treatments Palm Beach Equine Clinic provides experience knowledge availability and the very best care for its clients To find out more please visit www equineclinic com or call 561 793 1599 Like them on Facebook and Instagram to follow along on what happens in Wellington and more and get news from their Twitter We have also recently installed a computed tomography CT scan machine added Dr Timmins who notes that more and more sport horse lameness issues are related to cervical spine issues The CT scan is a fantastic tool that quickly gives us a 3 D look at a horse s head neck and spine January February 2018 TCE ________________ TheCompetitiveEquestrian 93

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USDF Convention News By EI Delegate Jo Renn I went to the USDF National Convention in Lexinton KY Nov 3rd Dec 2nd as the Equestrians Institute Delegate This was my third time at convention It is always a fun time to meet horse people from around the country see friends and find out about what s happening in USDF The main business event at convention is the Board of Governors or BOG meetings This is where delegates from each General Membership Organization GMO EI is one of those plus Participating Member Delegates from each region hear from the Executive Board about what is happening in USDF and vote on any business that comes up On the information end we heard from USDF president George Williams about the recent success of the 5th US Dressage Finals in Lexington We also heard about plans for UDSF to take over the responsibility of training Judges and TD s from USEF From Robert Dover we heard a rousing talk about high performance dressage and what USDF is doing to build on their Olympic success as we head toward WEG and 2020 Olympics This was a very light year for voting The only matters for voting were to approve the budget which was done unanimously and to vote on three Executive Board offices which were up for election Two of these the Chair of the Activities Council and the Chair of the Administrative council were running unopposed Susan Mandas and Kevin Bradbury respectively There was a quite an interesting three was race for Chair of the Technical Council The candidates gave actually quite interesting speeches and it was a good way to get to know more about some 94 of the big names of USDF Jane Ayers spoke about her extensive experience as a Trainer Judge and as an educator many of us know her because she was a judge for EI in 2016 Debbie Bowman emphasized the importance of classical training and integrity of judging Susan McKeowen combined her expertise as a gold medal rider and show manager secretary with management experience gained from 30 years in the high tech field Susan McKeowen won the vote One item of interest to those of us on the west coast was notably absent from discussion The site for the future of US Dressage Finals Last year at this meeting it was announced that there would be a site visit to Rancho Murietta in CA to explore the possibility of this show rotating to the west There was no further discussion during this year s BOG except to say that the show will be in Lexington for 2018 and that decisions are not yet final for 2019 or beyond To this end during the new business section toward the end of BOG EI member Peter Rothschild made a motion that a new committee at convention be formed for discussion of the US dressage finals This is currently handled as a committee of the Executive Board but not by a public committee at convention This motion did not pass Kevin Reinig of California Dressage Association then made a motion that the current committee would be responsible for reporting to the BOG annually This motion passed In the discussion around this motion it was brought out that meetings at BOG next year would be too late to affect the site or other details for 2019 Therefore the best way to impact that is to let your regional director for region 6 Carolynn Bunch know your thoughts FC __________ Flying Changes Region 6 also had two meetings to discuss both convention and local business The hot topic at these meetings was the date for Region 6 Championships The current date of Sept 20 23 2018 conflicts with Arabian Sporthorse Nationals in Idaho and WEG It is getting late to make changes Those present drafted a letter to officially ask Dressage Northwest who runs the show to move the date one week later if possible As it stands now the official date remains the same but more discussion is still in the works and there may be more news early in the new year There were of course meetings for each national committee This includes young riders adult amateurs judges TD s freestyles awards regional championships sporthorse L program etc There was open discussion about ideas plans and changes for each Anyone could stand up to speak or to ask questions This year we heard about changes that are in the works for new dressage tests in 2019 They will be minor and will include simplifying the fourth level test 3 yeah etc We also heard from Gary Rockwell about changes going on at FEI levels which will affect us The biggest being that FEI tests will now have only one collective mark for riders other collective marks will be eliminated This has not been a popular change among US dressage USDF president George William addressing the Board of Governors Meeting January 2018

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Definitely the big winner from Equestrians Institute was Alyssa Pitts who was there to collect her awards for Fourth Level Horse of the Year for Selestial R Prix St George Horse of the Year and intermediate 1 reserve champion for Quintessential Hit judges and there are no plans to make similar changes to the USDF and USEF tests There was some talk and reminders about the new National Education Initiative grants to help GMO s EI has an application in the works to help with our 2018 clinic series Also there is a new addition of a youth outreach clinic in addition to the previous Jr YR clinics held in each region For region 6 both clinics will be held simultaneously at Devonwood in April 2016 Kari McClain and Rick Edwards receiving awards for their 4 year old filly Eye Candy Then comes the fun part of convention the awards banquet I literally did not recognize some of my horseshow friends when I saw them dressed up in evening gowns The evening started with Lilo Fore receiving one of the highest awards in USDF being inducted into the USDF Hall of Fame Incidentally she was one of EI s judges and clinicians last year and will be coming back to do both in 2018 Laura Graves was there in person to receive her Grand Prix Horse of the Year award Definitely the big winner from Equestrians Institute was Alyssa Pitts who was there to collect her awards for Fourth Level Horse of the Year for Selestial R Prix St George Horse of the Year and intermediate 1 reserve champion for Quintessential Hit Several others from EI and the region received awards rider medals and all breed awards Many of us left time before the flight home for sightseeing Tours of racing stables breweries and distilleries of Lexington figured prominently in the activities and were again a great way to connect with friends Overall it was an informative and fun weekend I recommend USDF convention for anyone wanting to learn more about how dressage is organized on a national level or to get more involved Some competitors from region 6 receiving rider medals From left to right Peter Rothschild silver Paige Ruhl gold Jo Renn silver Toni Mueller silver Rick Edwards bronze Marion Dresel O Connor gold January 2018 FC __________ Flying Changes 95

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BLENHEIM 2018 SHOW SCHEDULE Blenheim Spring Classic I March 21 25 2018 25 000 Grand Prix Blenheim Spring Classic II FEI CSI 3 March 27 31 2018 USHJA National Hunter Derby Blenheim Spring Classic III April 4 8 2018 40 000 Grand Prix WCHR Week Blenheim Spring Classic IV April 11 15 2018 25 000 50 000 Grand Prix USHJA International Hunter Derby Blenheim June Classic I June 6 10 2018 25 000 30 000 Grand Prix WCHR Week USHJA WCHR Spectacular Blenheim June Classic II June 13 17 2018 30 000 Grand Prix USHJA International Pony Hunter Derbies Blenheim June Classic III June 20 24 2018 30 000 Grand Prix Whitethorne Equitation Challenge USHJA National Pony Hunter Derbies West Coast Pony Hunter Challenge Showpark Spring Festival April 26 29 2018 Blenheim Red White Blue Classic June 27 July 1 2018 30 000 Grand Prix USHJA Pony Hunter Derby Showpark Ranch Coast Classic May 8 13 2018 25 000 60 000 Grand Prix USHJA International Hunter Derby WCHR Week Showpark Summer Festival July 18 22 2018 25 000 30 000 Grand Prix June Jamboree at Blenheim May 31 June 3 2018 USEF Junior Hunter National Championships USHJA Hunterdon Equitation Cup West at the Del Mar Horse Park July 23 24 2018 SAN JUAN CAPISTRANO DEL MAR LAS VEGAS SHOWPARK COM

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EQUISPORTS EQUISPORTS THEPLACETOBE FOR DEVELOPING HORSES RIDERS Showpark Racing Festival July 25 29 2018 40 000 Grand Prix USHJA National Hunter Derby Showpark August Festival August 1 5 2018 25 000 Grand Prix Blenheim Summer Classic August 15 19 2018 30 000 Grand Prix CPHA Medal Finals USHJA National Hunter Derby Showpark Summer Classic August 22 26 2018 25 000 50 000 Grand Prix CPHA Foundation Finals Showpark All Seasons Summer Classic August 29 September 2 2018 50 000 Grand Prix Sallie B Wheeler USEF National Hunter Breeding Championships b l e n h e i m and so much more Blenheim Fall Tournament September 12 16 2018 30 000 Grand Prix ASPCA Maclay Regionals CPHA Green Hunter 3 3 3 Incentive Final BES Young Hunter Championships International Jumping Festival Blenheim September 19 23 2018 30 000 Grand Prix USEF Show Jumping Talent Search Final West USHJA Jumping Seat Medal Final West Young Jumper Championships West Young Jumper Futurity 4 yr old Regionals North American League NAL West Coast Hunter Jumper Finals The Las Vegas National November 13 18 2018 Longines FEI World Cup Jumping Las Vegas Markel Grand Prix Series Final WCE Medal Final Show Jumping Hall of Fame JR AO Jumper Final West e q u i s p o r t s APP

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Board of Directors BoardofDirectors einw org Diana Axness diana einw org Trish Camozzi Ekberg trish einw org Gunn Cooper gunn einw org Meika Decher meika einw org Merridy Hance merridy einw org Penny Leggott penny einw org Kathryn Lewis kathryn einw org Sarah Johnson sarah einw org Chris Bredeson chris einw org Laurie McLaughlin lauriemc einw org Jo Renn jo einw org www EINW org President s Report By Diana Axness As we ring in the New Year the Equestrians Institute divisions are busy making the final plans and budgets for the 2018 events As always the event offering for the year will feature both educational and competitive equestrian activities The best place to keep informed is the EI website at www einw org Sport Horse Breeding Report By Laurie McLaughlin The New Year 2018 is here and breeders are deciding on which stallion to breed with their mares In the northwest we have a number of recognized breeders with top national scores as breeders and many top ranked young horses Judges coming to the breeder shows in the northwest consistently comment on being surprised with the very high quality horses produced in this region They say this is the best kept secret The success of our regional breeding programs is the attention these breeders give to matching their mares to not only top stallions but will balance the strengths and weaknesses of each Considerations go beyond conformation and movement A confident and level temperament leads to rideability of the off spring A rideable horse is a saleable horse as the predominate market to sell these young horses is to the amateur rider Results from the stallion performance 98 test or the performance records of the stallion are taken into consideration when making breeding decisions Administration Membership Bookkeeper Volunteers Grants Website Email Keep an eye open this year to see some of these fabulous horses membership einw org bookkeeper einw org volunteers einw org grants einw org webmaster einw org WE NEED YOUR HELP this year to join us on the Show Committee Please let us know your interest to support our show planning for next year by contacting Chris einw org Driving Events Clinic Driving Report Eventing Horse Trials Clinics driving einw org Sarah Johnson Diana Axness Merridy Hance Leslie McGinnis eventing einw org Meika Decher Penny Leggott Heidi Hansen By Merridy Hance Combined Driving is an international sport so its challenges and cheers are felt round the world In 2018 the World Equestrian Games will return to the United States where we horse lovers can join the topmost driving sport live and in person meika einw org penny einw org heidi einw org Dressage Shows Clinics dressage einw org Gunn Cooper Markay Kerr Kathryn Lewis Peter Rothschild Kaye Phaneuf Like the WEG drivers from around the globe we EI drivers face the challenges of horse sport and topping the list of challenges is disappearing land on which to hold events gunn einw org markay einw org kathryn einw org pgr tsandm com phaneuf canby com Sport Horse Breeding Shows Clinics Chris Bredeson Laurie McLaughlin So we thank our lucky stars that we have venue hosts as wonderful as the Ethel Events Center EEC in the little hamlet of Ethel Washington The Olsen family opens their 200 acre home ranch to an array of visitors not just equestrians Theirs is a busy working ranch where equestrian events work in step with the turning of the seasons and the working of the hayfields chris einw org lauriemc einw org Olsen and their boys somehow keep their home and us visitors in handy balance They offer us trees trails meadows water permanent stalls and office quarters In today s world EEC is a rare corner that seems like a place out of time where for us horses hold sway In a world where freeways and high rises seem to be growing faster than green grass Ethel Events Center is that precious place where EI Driving with all its aficionados and horsefeathers Always enthusiastic and accommodating Heather and Luke www EINW org sarah einw org diana einw org merridy einw org leslie einw org January 2018

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can still rendezvous to enjoy our version of the world s equestrian games Sarah Johnson EI Driving Director driving her pair of Friesians Wopke and Winston at Ethel Events Center Join the EI Community www einw org Equestrians Institute EI is a not for profit organization supporting the interests of equestrians in the Pacific Northwest EI sponsors events and educational opportunities in Driving Eventing Dressage and Sport Horse Breeding EI s membership calendar year is December 1st through November 30th each year EI Member Benefits P eriodic E Flashes email updates to stay up to da te on all EI news and events S ubscription to Flying Changes Magazine a 48 value Discount rate for EI sponsored clinics and seminars participants and auditors Discount rate for EI sponsored schooling shows and events Eligibility for EI s members only Y ear End Awards 500 Education Grants Voting rights in E I governance issues EI is a US DF Group Member Organization GMO and all members are automat ically US DF Group Members GMs includes e TRAK benefits 35 value F or U SD F P art i ci pat in g M e m be r sh ip m e mbe r s mu st ap ply di re c tly t o U SD F tear here return NEW MEMBER RETURNING MEMBER Individual 55 Add tl Family Member 2 0 Tell me about VOL UNTEER opportunities Tell me about event SP ONS ORS HIP S advertising Lifetime 350 Tell me about being a VENDOR at events Donation Only Not joining today but please send EI news updates N ame __ ___ __ __ __ ___ __ __ __ __ ___ __ __ __ ___ ___ _ Farm Busines s __ __ __ __ __ ___ __ __ __ ___ ___ __ __ __ __ S treet _ __ __ ___ __ __ ___ __ __ __ ___ __ __ __ ___ ___ __ _ _ __ ___ __ P h o ne _ ____ ____ ____ _ ____ ___ _ ____ C it y U SD F if kn ow n _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ __ __ ___ __ __ __ ___ _ __ S ta te __ __ Z ip __ ____ __ __ _ I con sen t to r ec eive electro nic ally tr an sm itted notic es un der th e W ash in gto n No n pro fit Cor po r atio n A ct E mail __ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ __ ____ ____ ____ ____ __ ____ ____ __ _ Si gn at ure ____ ___ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ __ ____ ____ ____ __ Da te_ ____ ____ T e l l u s you r e qu e st r ia n di s ci pl in e i nt e r e st s Dre ssage Dr e s s a ge i s m y pr im a ry di sc i pli n e E ve nting E v en ti n g i s my pri m ary di sc i pli n e Driving Dr i vi n g i s my pr im ar y di s ci pl in e Sport Horse Bre eding Othe r B re e din g i s m y pri m ary di sc i pli n e _ ___ __ __ ___ __ __ __ ___ __ __ __ ___ einw org EI s website Questions Membership einw org January 2018 Membership Fee Donation Total Enclosed ___________ ___________ ___________ PLEASE ENCLOSE CHECK MAIL TO Equestrians Institute P O Box 1437 Bellevue WA 98009 1437 www EINW org Dressage Report By Gunn Cooper The last segment in the four part 1st annual EI dressage clinic series was held December 9 10 2017 at Bear Creek Farm in Woodinville with Lilo Fore It was a very cold weekend only 26 degrees F on Saturday morning but Leigh Cochran took good care of Lilo by having a heater in front of her chair and an electric blanket set on high to drape over her legs The rest of us were not so lucky but could worm up in the lunch room with hot drinks and a soup salad dinner on Saturday evening A few days later I received a very nice thank you note from one of the riders that epitomized everything I was hoping to achieve with this clinic series Here is what Emily Sorensen said I am sharing this with her permission I d like to thank you for organizing the EI clinic series this year To say that it was a transformative year for Catalina and I would be a huge understatement Anne Gribbons ability to read my horse Catalina was remarkable She recognized her talent but also 99

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Sandra Tillemann and Julien Drehr with Anne Gribbons Emily Sorensen and Catalina riding with Anne Gribbons Janet Grunbok and Havana with Anne Gribbons that she s not one that can handle a linear approach to training I ve known this about her but affirmation from someone like Anne was a gift and a relief Catalina s confidence grew with Anne s help even in the exercises that really challenged her Lilo Fore took us up five notches each clinic Those lessons were a feeling of the not to distant future and what Catalina will be I felt that Lilo could get us just passed of what I thought was possible without scaring the horse or losing her confidence I really appreciated that neither clinician played it safe They pushed the riders for more attention to detail greater accuracy with their aides and response from the horse Neither lost sight of the basics which easily made each clinic build off the last I felt I could work on what I learned in the clinic on my own because expectations were crystal clear and straight forward I hope to see this series continue in 2018 Well I have good news both Anne and Lilo have committed to come back next year and continue to raise the bar for our NW riders 100 www EINW org January 2018

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Area VII Regional Representatives United States Eventing Association Area VII Area Chair John Meriwether 425 785 2001 jmeriwet comcast net Treasurer Lorilee Hanson 425 213 6287 20317 SE 119th Ct Issaquah WA 98027 lorileehanson gmail com Young Rider Coordinator Karla Nichwander 770 314 7876 krnichwander gmail com w w w a re a v i i o rg AREA REPORT Email Addresses It s time to renew your USEA Membership When you renew please make sure you update the email address in your profile Annual Meeting Update The Annual Meeting and Awards Banquet will be held Feb 10th at Emerald Downs Our speakers will be Dr Nichole Rombach Alexis Lind and Brian Sabo If you have read the article in Practical Horseman Rider Fitness Can Affect Horse Soundness you will not want to miss our two speakers who will address these issues one from the perspective of the damage to the horse and the other Rider Fitness To Get You Back in Shape for the Coming Season https practicalhorsemanmag com health archive rider fitness can affect horse soundness Dr Rombach is among many other things an internationally recognized expert on the equine spine diagnosis and treatment of injuries an upper level dressage and jump rider and academician http equinenergy com about dr nicole rombach Young Rider Rep Kristin Holderman kristinh9 gmail com Mr Sabo will conduct an ICP Level 1 and 2 Dressage workshop Feb 11 12 and 13th and will come to our Feb 10th Meeting and be available to discuss a wide range of topics Brian s list of credentials covers many aspects of equestrians sports from the grass roots of Pony Club to the Olympics with eventing showjumping dressage and vaulting http www saboeventing com brian and lisa sabo Adult Rider Coordinator Maggie Rikard 360 825 4758 magsnags aol com Board of Governors Area Representatives Mark Hart 503 452 1975 mark2992 aol com Sarah Broussard 406 756 8410 sbrouss103 aol com Louise Leslie 425 836 5616 louleslie msn com Emerald Downs has allowed us use of a portion of the track for Dr Rombach to use in her demonstrations part of which will be hands on for a few lucky individuals in each of her two demonstrations If you have not visited Emerald Downs before you are in for a treat but do dress warmly and comfortably Rider Representatives Adult Amateur Catie Cejka Young Rider awaiting nomination Rider Representatives Jonathan Elliott 360 485 2043 jonathan_elliott hotmail com Area Secretary Louise Leslie 425 836 5616 louleslie msn com We hope you will give generously to the Silent Auction and bid generously as well This underwrites the cost of the meeting and the Awards If you would like to contribute please contact Rachel McCart our Silent Auction Chair and incoming Area Chair Her email is Rachel equinelegalsolutions com Website Organizer Nancy Roddriguez 425 417 2071 nancyro1313 gmail com Area VII Council Members Melissa Beardsley 206 499 5592 Jordan Lindstedt 206 920 0930 Diane Snow John Camlin Brenda Mitleider Kevin Baumgardner Alixis Lind is a long time Area VII rider an ICP Level II instructor and personal fitness guru You will have received an email meeting registration form if you email address is current which means a fair number of members will not receive their registration Please update yours if you have not received one The registration will be on http www areavii org as well as on the Area VII Adult Rider and Young Rider Facebook pages See you at the Track John Meriwether Area Chair NAJYRC Area VII Silver Medal Winners January 2018 www AreaVII org 101

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Oregon Dressage Society is a USDF Group Member ODS members are automatically USDF Group Members Oregon Dressage Society The Volte 2018 Executive Committee President Tom Murray 626 644 3008 tommurraydressage gmail com President Elect Karen Cheeke 541 740 8837 kontessakeen hotmail com Secretary Valerie Hallberg Stallings 541 440 9257 valerie barneystrophy com Treasurer Gaye McCabe 503 378 0309 j g mccabe juno com Directors at Large Lisa Koch 541 410 5968 lisakoch3 gmail com Jessica Rattner 503 830 9994 jessica rattner gmail com Anna Bigwood 503 591 3217 abigwood comcast net Emily Kenyon 541 510 1761 emii18 yahoo com Tom Murray Gaye McCabe www oregondressage com ODS President s Note By Tom Murray Happy New Year to all ODS members I hope that all have enjoyed the holiday season and are looking forward to making a difference in 2018 The Leadership Conference will be taking place on January 27th and 28th 2018 at the Silver Falls Conference Center and is open to ALL ODS members and supporters There are many open positions available for members wanting to be a part of the great new year change I am hoping that we can recruit new blood from the youth trainers adult amateurs sport horse breeders para riders or anyone else who would like to be involved The conference has rooms available to those who want to join in and get to know the existing board or if you only want to come for the meetings that can be arranged too More info can be gotten at htpp www oregondressage com news governance ods annual officer and board retreat Regional Representatives North Region 2 Sam Clement samclem microsoft com Jo Renn 508 335 6103 jorenn22 yahoo com Central Region Karen Cheeke 541 740 8837 kontessakeen hotmail com South Region Brett Lynn Stallings 541 817 6401 bsaiedail gmail com East Region Sharm Daggett 541 426 3728 sharm wallowacounty com Committee Chairs Adult Committee Vacant Awards Committee Ed Miller 541 890 5085 eamgroup aol com Championship Show Jennifer Milburn 541 231 7247 dressageshowmanager gmail com Competitions Committee Sarah Diebert 360 574 3733 sjdiebert comcast net DSHB Committee Gayle Atkins 541 659 7777 gayleatkins msn com Finance Committee Gaye McCabe 503 378 0309 j g mccabe juno com Para Committee Karina Molatore 503 523 8084 karina molatore gmail com Youth Committee see Treasurer On the agenda will be a report from Emily Kenyon on the volunteer database that she has been working on for the last year improvements to the accounting system to streamline and make the accounting system more transparent a discussion of what Chapters can do to promote the art of dressage for spectators and exhibitors alike the role that ODS plays in the USDF organization future clinics and 2018 plans for our numerous committees In addition Corinne will be giving a report on the recent USDF Convention in Kentucky There will be also an open forum time for anything that needs to be discussed or looked at Additional State Positions Asst Treasurer Jorine Rietman 503 849 8235 j rietman comcast net Awards USEF Shows Christopher Main 503 389 0191 christopher haywardfarm com Awards ODS League Shows Ed Miller see Awards Awards Special Valerie Stallings see secretary Editor Policies Procedures Ed Miller see Awards ODS Librarian Francy Haupt 971 832 2260 dqhorsestuff comcast net 4H Liaison Joyce Stride 503 647 0168 Historian Kim Hixson 509 698 6778 Chapter Officers Listed on ODS Website Central Office Corinne Tindal Stonier Executive Director 503 681 2337 503 681 3873 fax office oregondressage com I am hoping that we can present a level of solidarity that will allow us to build and create something that we have not yet seen in ODS It is our time to create so let s work together to make it super See you there 102 www O regonD ressage com January 2018

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CHAPTER NEWS Lower Puget Sound Dressage Club Awards Banquet To celebrate the very successful 2017 show year we will be holding our annual Awards Banquet on Saturday February 3rd at Canterwood Golf and Country Club The event features a not to be missed Silent Auction the Dessert Auction that will benefit our Adult Amateur and Junior Scholarship Award funds and of course all the awards won by our members during the show season Planning the 2018 Show Schedule LPSDC riders can look forward to another season of great shows put on by the Club We will host 6 shows from May through September at three venues Tentative dates are May 6th Kitsap Saddle Club June 10th Kitsap Saddle Club July 7 Chalice Farms August 18 and 19 Bainbridge Saddle Club and September 16 Kitsap Saddle Club 2018 ODS League Championships Donida Farms October 13 and 14 2018 Mark your calendar We are very pleased to announce that LPSDC is hosting the ODS League Championships at Donida Farms This is the first time that the January 2018 Freestyle with Cynthia Collins which will be held on February 17 18 at Starr Valley Farm in Longbranch WA The clinic will help anyone interested in working on an existing freestyle or inventing a new one at any level including Western Dressage California clinician Cynthia Collins has worked with a large number of professional and amateur riders and has herself received her USDF Gold Medal and many other awards Clinic registration is found on the LPSDC website Auditors are welcome League Championships have been held in Washington It is an excellent opportunity for any rider who has not shown at this beautiful facility or been involved in competing in the year end championships to experience such an event close to home More details are being posted on Facebook and on the LPSDC website www lpsdc com Vicki Mears Adult Amateur Scholarship Michelle Barton was the lucky recipient of the 2017 LPSDC scholarship that focuses on helping an Adult Amateur rider achieve riding goals Michelle provided a detailed summary of her experience with her newly purchased horse Kyleigh that is being posted on our LPSDC website Here is an excerpt from her report 2018 Officers Please congratulate the following dedicated people on being selected as the 2018 officers for the Club Lea Wilson President Carrie Guthrie Whitlow Vice President Christine Erikson Treasurer Sandra Schugren Secretary I know that if I had not received this scholarship I would not have found Kyleigh and I would not have learned what I have about myself and about riding I figured out that I actually have a pretty good seat and I am definitely learning about keeping my hands steady Upcoming Clinic Entries are now open for the Musical www O regonD ressage com 103

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APRIL AD PLACED and the reality of what happens when I don t I have learned more about the mechanics of riding and having a very sensitive horse has taught me how to keep all of my aides independent of each other because if I don t she will let me know I have seen her emotions mirror mine and learned ways to curve my emotions so that she feels relaxed and trusts me She still has her moments and so do I We are not perfect by far but we have come a long way Because of the scholarship we were able to attend four clinic rides two days with Mike Osinski and two with Debbie Spence All four days were great learning experiences and I look forward to continuing my journey with Kyleigh I am extremely grateful to the Lower Puget Sound Dressage Club for awarding me the scholarship and to everyone who has taken part in my journey over the last two years especially my boyfriend Byron who has stood behind me and encouraged me in my pursuit to being a great rider ACCEPTING NEW FARRIER CLIENTS Over 10 years of experience including work with Dr Mark Revenaugh DVM Apprenticed with Joe McKee Dedicated to ongoing education References available 503 830 9580 Wilsonville Oregon Northwest Equine Dentistry I Focus on Superior Dental Care ODS Office Notes Watch the ODS Website for exciting information about upcoming Summer Dressage Camps for Adults and Youth Volunteer opportunities are being added on a regular basis www oregongdressage com volunteer html So you can Focus on Superior Performance Serving horses and their owners in Washington and Idaho 104 It is mandatory to wear protective headgear at ODS clinics schooling and league shows and any riding event hosted by our chapters committees The only exception is per FEI rules which apply only at FEI Licensed Shows From the time horses are admitted to the event grounds anyone mounted on a horse at any time must wear protective headgear as defined by the USEF Rule DR120 and otherwise in compliance with USEF Rule GR801 Protective headgear is defined as a riding helmet which meets or exceeds ASTM American Society for Testing and Materials SEI Safety Equipment Institute standards for equestrian use and carries the SEI tag The harness must be secured and properly fitted Any rider violating this rule at any time must immediately be prohibited from further riding until such headgear is properly in place Mary S DeLorey DVM Toll Free 866 208 1268 www nwequinedentistry com www O regonD ressage com January 2018

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Washington State Hunter Jumper Association www WSHJA org News Updates Welcome to the incoming 2018 Executive Board we are thrilled to have you on board President Jamie Smith Vice President Quinn Partridge Hunter Representative Alexis Silvernale Jumper Representative Laina Paterson Summers Equitation Representative Nora Thomas Pony Representative Tara Devlin Amateur Representative Peter Brandon Co Junior Representatives Olivia Brandon Payton Smith Members at Large Tory Bova Francesca Helina Sara Petersen Paige Wagter Clare Warren WSHJA extends its sincerest thanks to the 2017 Executive Board for their service WSHJA 2016 Board of Directors Contact info available on wshja org and dedication Our sincerest thanks to all who participated with WSHJA as members exhibitors volunteers and advocates in 2017 We are delighted to open membership registration for the 2018 Season Visit www wshja org to register now for the upcoming season Be sure to check out our 2018 Horse Show season SPRING NATIONAL INAUGURAL HUNTER JUMPER April 4 8 SPRING NATIONAL HUNTER April 10 15 WCHR NORTHWEST AUTUMN CLASSIC September 12 16 WCHR OCTOBER CLASSIC October 11 14 Congratulations to our members for their many accomplishments in 2017 we wish you the best of luck during the coming year See you at the back gate Jumper Rep Junior Reps Laina Paterson Summers O livia Brandon Payton Smith 2018 WSHJA Board Members at Large President Jamie Smith Vice President Quinn Partridge Treasurer Nancy Lewis Secretary Ross Alexander Hunter Rep Alexis Silvernale Equitation Rep Nora Thomas Amateur Rep Peter Brandon Pony Rep Tara Devlin Tory Bova Francesca Helina Sara Petersen Paige Wagter Clare Warren www WSHJA org January 2018 WSHJA is a non profit member run association reliant on generous sponsors charitable volunteers and avid participation of the hunter jumper community to accomplish its mission championing the achievements of and serving the interests of both its riders and horses to ensure a thriving equestrian culture in the Pacific Northwest www WSHJA org 105

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Oregon Region of the United States Pony Clubs For all inquiries please contact oregonregionboard gmail com Canterwood Camas SW Washington www oregon ponyclub org Columbia Winds Portland Hillsboro St Helens HAPPY NEW YEAR Dodge Creek Douglas County Fox Hills Ridgefield SW Washington High Lakes Central Oregon Bend Highland Riders Beavercreek Iron Horse Portland Beaverton Sherwood Jumps Jodhpurs Eugene Corvallis Mount Hood Hood River Columbia Gorge Oregon Trail Lake Oswego West Linn Oregon City Patton Valley Forest Grove Hillsboro Rogue Valley Southern Oregon Rose City Portland Beaverton Sherwood With the new year comes fantastic new opportunities with United States Pony Clubs The Oregon Region is home to over 200 youth and adult Pony Club members who form the membership of 15 clubs through the state and in southwest Washington Pony Club activities take 106 Willamette Valley Salem place on the local regional national and international level Here are a few of the highlights of the 2018 calendar Willowbrook Clark County WA Local clubs host mounted lessons and unmounted educational activities throughout the year often collaborating www oregon ponyclub org January 2018

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with neighboring clubs These lessons are taught by Pony Club members and local professionals such as veterinarians dentists saddle fitters farriers and trainers Activities include hands on practical training in horse management skills These skills come in handy when the unexpected occurs such as bandaging a wound removing a bent shoe or administering a medication safely The Oregon Region is planning a full suite of rallies in 2018 Quiz Rally is a knowledge competition combining written oral and practical challenges on horse related topics Dressage Rally will offer tests from Intro through Fourth level plus Horse Management Eventing Rally will offer levels from Trot a Pole through Training plus Horse Management Tetrathlon Rally is a four phase competition including swimming running target shooting and riding a jump course plus Horse Management The Model Horse Rally is an introductory rally that allows young members to get the feel for how a rally works but using a Breyer horse rather than a live one Show Jumping Rally will provide jump levels from Trot a Pole to 4 plus Horse Management Rallies are a fun way to compete and learn in a team based environment It is also a very exciting year because Pony Club Championships West will be in Washington State Having Championships so close is a big incentive for those hoping to qualify in any of Pony Club s competitive disciplines Pony Club is very focused on safety so we offer baseline cognitive testing for use in the event that a member sustains a concussion We offer professional helmet and safety vest fitting The Oregon Region is also hosting training for instructors examiners parents and members to learn about the Pony Club standards and how to effectively evaluate a rider In preparation for certification exams we will offer several preparatory sessions for members interested in participating in local or national tests Preparation is the key to success and there are many resources available to those hoping to ace these exams The region will offer both mounted and unmounted clinics with January 2018 nationally known experts The famous Pony Club Summer Camp will also be back in 2018 with lots of great offerings for those hoping to advance their riding skills as well as have a lot of fun Pony Club offers something for everyone whether you are a seasoned expert new to horse ownership or a horse crazy kid wanting to take lessons Some members join for the thrill of competition some join for the camaraderie of meeting like minded horse enthusiasts and some join for the pride that comes with gaining the knowledge to competently take care of your own horse no matter what arises Please visit us at Oregon ponyclub org to learn more Keeping Horses Healthy Happy Performing At Their Best 360 568 3111 pilchuckvet com Snohomish Horsemanship with respect to healthcare nutrition stable management handling and riding a mount safely correctly and with confidence Organized teamwork including cooperation communication responsibility leadership mentoring teaching and fostering a supportive yet competitive environment Sporthorse Cruise Alaska Alaska Respect for the horse and self through horsemanship for land through land conservation and for others through service and teamwork June 23 30 2018 Sailing from Seattle on Holland America Line Sporthorse Seminars at SeaTM presented by veterinarians Service by providing an opportunity for members parents and others to support the Pony Club program locally regionally and nationally through volunteerism Dr Donna Stevens USA Dr Christian Schacht Germany Don t miss this unique social and educational event Call today for best fares 619 993 0636 Education at an individual pace to achieve personal goals and expand knowledge through teaching others www oregon ponyclub org SporthorseCruise com 107

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Masters of Fox Hounds Melody Fleckenstein MFH Michael Wager Sr Jt MFH Tami Masters Jt MFH RJ Argenzio West Sr Ad MFH Joanna Herrigstad Sr Ad MFH Jean Brooks MFH Emeritus Woodbrook Hunt Club Lakewood WA www woodbrookhuntclub com Blessing of Hounds Hunt Photo by Lyndi Thompson Blessing of the Hounds Our annual Blessing of the Hounds is one of the most popular hunts each season This year was no exception with over 85 horses and riders in the field and a large car caravan following The Reverend Dr Elisabeth Klein always does a lovely job preparing and presenting the service and this year was no exception The horses stood at attention and looked as if they were listening and understanding each word while bagpipes played and the hounds not so patiently waited for their turn to be blessed Following the ceremony the sound of 8 couple of hounds and over 85 horses moving off was awesome Our foxes Eric Stiemert and Simon Chapman did a fantastic job providing sport for hounds and beautiful views for riders and our car followers Thanks for our Field Masters Emily Rang Jt MFH Tami Masters Margo Forstrom Debbie Flynn MFH Melody Fleckenstein and Sr Jt MFH RJ West who did a great job of leading huge flights that included many guests and pony club members 108 Hunt Staff Jennifer Hansen Huntsman Sarah Glaser Kennelman Whip Michael Wager Whip Emily Rang Whip Cathy Elledge Whip Margo Forstrom Whip Tami Masters Fox Club Whip Eric Stiemert Fox Club Simon Chapman Fox Club Patty Stiemert Field Master Tabitha Handly Field Master Debbie Flynn Field Master Melody Fleckenstein Field Master Board of Directors Debbie Flynn President Sharon Scott Vice President Andrea Lorig Secretary Deborah Giddings Treasurer Emily Rang Ex Ef Karl Klein Trustee Michelle Hoedeman Trustee Cathy Elledge Trustee Missy McGan Trustee Earl McNally Trustee Patty Steimert Trustee After a terrific hunt we returned to the clubhouse and we owe a hearty thank you to the Woodbrook Hunt Pony Club for cooking up an outstanding hunt breakfast that warmed us all up after a chilly ride it s always a treat for members and guest Christmas Caroling in the Hood Sunday December 17 2017 a group of riders from several of the neighborhood barns decorated their horses donned costumes and went Christmas caroling in the American Lake Gardens neighborhood Kerry Flaherty made up gift bags of candy and other goodies to hand out to kids Thanks again to Kerry Flaherty for keeping these traditions going Membership Half year memberships become available January 1st If you have been considering becoming a member this is the time Turn in your membership application with initiation fee and year dues before the board meeting on January 12th and enjoy hunting and a host of other activities from now until Opening www WoodbrookHunt Club com Marissa Knowlton and her horse Pearl ready for Christmas Caroling January 2018

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Day 2017 next October That means a membership for a single is 325 00 a family is 425 00 junior is 75 00 and social is 125 00 Military memberships are 275 00 for a family and 225 for a single after Jan 1 And affiliate membership for riders stabled in the Woodbrook neighborhood is 50 Visit www woodbrookhuntclub com or contact membership chair Michelle Hoedeman michelle2teach hotmail com if you have questions Woodbrook Hunt Club Activities JANUARY 2018 Date Time Activity Jan 2nd 10 00 Training Hunt Jan 5th 10 00 Hound Exercise Jan 6th 11 00 HUNT Jan 7th 11 00 HUNT Jan 9th 10 00 Hound Exercise Jan 12th 10 00 Hound Exercise Jan 16th 10 00 Training Hunt Jan 19th 10 00 Hound Exercise Jan 20th 11 00 HUNT Jan 23rd 10 00 Training Hunt Jan 26th 10 00 Hound Exercise Jan 27th 11 00 HUNT Jan 30th 10 00 Training Hunt JBLM Range Passes are needed for Training Hunts and Hound Exercises We ll be happy to help you get your range pass Please contact Jennifer Hansen to confirm time and location huntsmanhansen gmail com or 253 377 4892 traditional British Morning Dress of top hat and tails is the men s dress code If you re in the Queen Anne Enclosure it s still all over the top men wear suits and women wear outrageous hats called fascinators and all sorts of dresses and this year they allowed jumpsuits very fancy and modern The hunt ball is Saturday March 10th at the beautiful Tacoma Golf and County Club It s a night full of dinner dancing a fun auction and our traditional horn blowing and hunt whip cracking contest Everyone is invited and it s a fun family friends or barn group festivity Email chairman Debbie Flynn at daflynn459 hotmail com for more information Donations to the auction are very welcome as well three new members who have hunted in other parts of the US and in the UK We d love to hear from you if you have foxhunted before even if you aren t riding we d love to have you join us for our social events or non riding activities like hound walks Don t currently have a hunt horse We have several amazing hunt horses for lease for all flights Contact MFH Melody at woodbrookhuntclub gmail com to join us or get more information Hark Forward Hound Trials Live and Drag Masters of Foxhounds Association is conducting a series of celebratory events for the 2017 2018 season called Hark Forward Our huntsman Jennifer Hansen will be attending one of these events three days of Hound Trials and hunting in January co hosted by the Aiken Hounds and the Belle Meade hunt The trials will be held in Thomson Georgia and we re excited to share her report when she returns Looking for Riders Who Have Foxhunted Before When Master of Foxhounds Melody Fleckenstein moved to Seattle from New York City she had hunted with Beaufort Hunt in Pennsylvania and Rombout Hunt in upstate New York and had no idea that there was a foxhunt nearby This year thanks to social media and our Facebook page and the great publicity we have from Flying Changes and our website www woodbrookhuntclub com we have gained Contact Information Our website www woodbrookhuntclub com is your greatest resource to learn more about drag fox hunting with us our hounds activities and club history Royal Ascot Hunt Ball Theme on Saturday March 10th We re excited to announce the theme of this year s WHC Hunt Ball The Royal Ascot Ball A Tradition That Never Ends Royal Ascot Week was first sponsored by Queen Anne in 1711 and the tradition continues today for one week with the British royal family in attendance If you ve seen pictures of Royal Ascot and you re lamenting that this hunt ball won t be a black tie affair take heart if you re seated in the Royal Enclosure the January 2018 Like us on Facebook Questions and information requests are best directed to Melody Fleckenstein MFH 425 417 4003 woodbrookhuntclub gmail com Jennifer Hansen Huntsman 253 377 4892 huntsmanhansen gmail com Michelle Hoedeman Membership 253 273 6414 michelle2teach hotmail com At a check on Dec 3rd hounds have found the fox Simon and the field is enjoying a short break in the action www WoodbrookHunt Club com 109

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OHJA Board Members President Beka Swan Oregon Hunter Jumper Association Vice President Kathy Hall 971 404 5296 khall pnwequinelaw com Treasurer Joe Regan 626 644 6771 arborgroveequestrian gmail com Secretary Katy George www oregonhunterjumper org 2017 Awards Gala Membership Renewals The 2017 Awards Gala will take place on January 6th at the Portland Marriott Downtown Waterfront Hotel Please plan on attending the General Meeting on January 7th at 10am at the Marriott as well New memberships and renewals will soon be available on the website Be sure to register for the 2018 season before you show in order for your points to count Check that you your horse and your trainer are all registered to accumulate points It is YOUR responsibility to make sure that memberships are complete If you have questions or concerns please contact a board member Committee Members Not on the board Want to help with a portion of the organization Volunteers are needed to help with the OHJA committees Some committees include Education Fund Raising Medal Finals and JEF If you have ideas for improvement or want to see changes made within the OHJA being a part of a committee is a great avenue If you want to help with any aspect of the organization please fill out the committee volunteer form on the OHJA website or contact a board member 503 349 0314 beka swantraining net Talk to your trainer about which OHJA system is best for you and your horse Highlights of the Three Tier System The local system is for riders and horses who primarily compete in Outreach shows The Regional system is for those who primarily compete in USEF rated shows within Oregon and the contiguous counties The Open system is for horses and riders who often compete outside of Oregon at rated USEF competitions 503 853 1050 george uoregon edu Jumper Representative Brooke McLeod 541 821 3444 bmcleod1225 gmail com Hunter Representative Dustin Goodwin 971 219 8586 dustingoodwin00 gmail com Equitation Representative Leah Lively 503 442 2624 lclively gmail com Members at Large Martha Brooks Elise Conlee Robin Rothe Trish Helmer 541 944 1797 360 607 4630 520 358 1079 503 730 8416 Junior Reps Grace Salmon Kara Hix Isabelle Lively JEF or scholarship fund Additionally the OHJA is looking for sponsors for the 2018 special classes In 2017 these classes included the Equitation Challenge at the Oregon Trail the Hunt Team Competition at the Country Classic Preview and the Portlandia Cup at the Oregon Summer Sponsorships Thank you to our 2017 sponsors 2018 sponsorships are open and welcomed You can decide where your sponsorship monies go to Some areas in which you can support include medal finals education 110 www WoodbrookHunt Club com January 2018

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Publication Advertising Rates includes digital version and link embedding Ad Submission Responsibility lies with client or agency for the following Embedded image quality 300dpi high resolution and applicable for image size Meeting ad placement specifications Images and copy remain within safe zone for trim and finishing Proofing Process Camera ready ad Client approved ad PREMIUM PAGES SPECIAL REQUESTS ADVERTORIAL PRODUCT OFFERS CONTESTS We will do our utmost to take note and advise you of any issues and will try to assist to resolve before going to print Please call for next availability and rates 1 503 317 4956 Publisher retains right to approve submissions and ad placement Online Social Promotion Rates INQUIRIES SPECIAL REQUESTS Please call for next availability and rates 1 503 317 4956 Social Media Please call for availability options and rates 1 503 317 4956 Design Services Website design from 2 500 Ad design from 150 Event programs eBlasts and more Please contact us directly to share requirements Contact Lorna Lowrie 1 503 317 4956 or editor TheCompetitiveEquestrian com January 2018 www O regonHunter Jumper org 111

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C A L E N DA R OF EVENTS 2018 January 2018 3 7 Adequan West Coast Dressage Festival I CD I W and National D ress age Competition Galway Downs Temecula California FEI USEF USDF CDS Recognition Prize List available at www westcoastdressagefestival com More information from show secretary Heather Petersen slush drgw net 719 338 0854 13 14 OPEN JUMP SCHOOL CRESCENDO FARMS Information Contact Katie Twombly 503 703 7950 18 21 Adequan West Coast Dressage Festival II CDI W and National Dressage Competition Del Mar Fairgrounds Del Mar California FEI USEF USDF CDS Recognition Prize List available at www westcoastdressagefestival com More information from show secretary Heather Petersen slush drgw net 719 338 0854 February 2018 1 4 Adequan West Coast Dressage Festival III CDI W and National Dressage Competition Del Mar Fairgrounds Del Mar California FEI USEF USDF CDS Recognition Prize List available at www westcoastdressagefestival com More information from show secretary Heather Petersen slush drgw net 719 338 0854 10 11 OPEN JUMP SCHOOL CRESCENDO FARMS Information Contact Katie Twombly 503 703 7950 10 11 JEN VERHAREN CLINIC CRESCENDO FARMS Dressage and or Jumping Focused Clinic Rides Information Contact Katie Twombly 503 703 7950 14 17 Adequan West Coast Dressage Festival IV CDI W and National Dressage Competition Del Mar Fairgrounds Del Mar California FEI USEF USDF CDS Recognition Prize List available at www westcoastdressagefestival com More information from show secretary Heather Petersen slush drgw net 719 338 0854 16 18 Alfredo Hernandez hosted by Heather Oleson in Canby Auditors are welcome Contact Heather 503 887 0995 March 2018 23 25 NW Horse Fair Expo Linn County Fair Expo Center Albany Oregon A fantastic expo packed with horse fun exciting entertainment and equine education Top notch Clinicians Mustang Adoption Challenge 2018 BreyerWest dynamic demos stunning stallions giant trade show and much more More information www equinepromotions net or 765 6552107 April 2018 Also FlyingChanges com August 2018 1 BEDROCK SHOW at Team NW Spring Hunter Jumper Mollie Gallaway Show Secretary 541 914 0052 triplerise earthlink net 10 12 Alfredo Hernandez hosted by Heather Oleson in Canby Auditors are welcome Contact Heather 503 887 0995 23 26 Team NW Oregon Summer Classic Wilsonville OR Mollie Gallaway Show Secretary 541 914 0052 triplerise earthlink net 24 26 Alfredo Hernandez hosted by Heather Oleson in Canby Auditors are welcome Contact Heather 503 887 0995 May 2018 25 26 BEDROCK SHOW at Team NW Oregon Summer Classic Wilsonville OR Mollie Gallaway Show Secretary 541 914 0052 triplerise earthlink net 10 13 Team NW Mother s Day Classic Mollie Gallaway Show Secretary 541 914 0052 triplerise earthlink net Venue TBD 29 2 Team NW NW Spectacular WCHR EVENT Wilsonville OR Mollie Gallaway Show Secretary 541 914 0052 triplerise earthlink net 13 BEDROCK SHOW at Team NW Mother s Day Classic Mollie Gallaway Show Secretary 541 914 0052 triplerise earthlink net Venue TBD June 2018 September 2018 13 17 Team NW Oregon Trail Wilsonville ORMollie Gallaway Show Secretary 541 914 0052 triplerise earthlink net 8 9 Cascade Finals Washington State Horse Park Andrea Schroeder 253 350 6579 andrea cascadehorseshows com 13 17 SwIftwater Invitational Washington State Horse Park Andrea Schroeder 253 350 6579 andrea cascadehorseshows com October 2018 12 14 Alfredo Hernandez hosted by Heather Oleson in Canby Auditors are welcome Contact Heather 503 887 0995 16 17 BEDROCK SHOW at Team NW Oregon Trail Wilsonville OR Mollie Gallaway Show Secretary 541 914 0052 triplerise earthlink net 20 24 Team NW Early Summer Classic WCHR EVENT Wilsonville OR Mollie Gallaway Show Secretary 541 914 0052 triplerise earthlink net 20 24 Alpine Preview Washington State Horse Park Andrea Schroeder 253 350 6579 andrea cascadehorseshows com July 2018 5 8 Team NW Country Classic Preview Wilsonville OR Mollie Gallaway Show Secretary 541 914 0052 triplerise earthlink net 7 8 BEDROCK SHOW at Team NW Country Classic Preview Wilsonville OR Mollie Gallaway Show Secretary 541 914 0052 triplerise earthlink net please send 11 15 Team NW The Country Classic Wilsonville OR Mollie Gallaway Show Secretary 541 914 0052 triplerise earthlink net 2018 show dates 11 15 Pacific Crest Open Washington State Horse Park Andrea Schroeder 253 350 6579 andrea cascadehorseshows com to mail flyingchanges com 14 15 Pacific Outreach Washington State Horse Park Andrea Schroeder 253 350 6579 andrea cascadehorseshows com 29 1 Team NW Spring Hunter Jumper Mollie Gallaway Show Secretary 541 914 0052 triplerise earthlink net Venue TBD 112 2018 Event Dates January 2018

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TRAINER STABLES DIRECTORY OREGON Arbor Grove Equestrian Inc Cornerstone Equestrian LLC 359 Highway 219 NE 7 Woodburn OR 97071 503 981 1978 626 644 6771 cell www arborgroveequestrian com Rob Perkins Owner Trainer Joe Regan Owner Trainer Premiere Hunter Jumper facility with emphasis on equitation horsemanship Covered arena grass derby field Two miles west of I 5 at exit 271 8310 NW Kaiser Rd Portland OR 97231 503 351 3253 farm 503 351 1002 cell jump cornerstonehj com www cornerstonehj com Trainer Linda Worley Cornerstone is a beautiful full care hunter jumper facility specializing in the preparation of horse rider for the show ring Quality school horses lease horses Brawley Farms Echelon Training LLC 34680 NE Kramien Rd Newberg Or 97132 541 420 9711 echelonhunterjumpers gmail com www echelonhunterjumpers com Trainer Kathy Kerron USEF R Hunter Equitation Judge Hunters Jumpers Equitation Training Lessons and Clinics Positive training for both horse and rider Located just minutes from Hunter Creek show facility South Salem OR 503 743 4414 brawleyfarm aol com www brawleyfarms com Trainer Judy Brawley Hunters jumpers equitation dressage sales clinics Complete indoor outdoor facilities grass paddocks Field jumps 75 acres of fields trails Our Virginia roots offer you a three generation business Brawley Farms North LLC Wilsonville Equestrian Center Boeckman Road Wilsonville OR 97070 503 932 9283 Cell dbrawley1962 yahoo com www brawleyfarmsnorth com Trainers Debbie Judy Brawley Hunters jumpers equitation sales clinics basic dressage Quality school horses lease program Beginning to advanced Pleasure to show ring We have the experience to help you reach your goals Charlton Ridge Farm LLC FallBrooks Farm North Plains OR 97133 Barn 503 647 2755 FallBrooksFarm gmail com www FallBrooksFarm com Manager Vaulting Trainer Suzanne Detol Dressage Trainer Ashlyn Waggoner FallBrooks Farm is a beautiful dressage vaulting training facility w indoor outdoor arenas round pens pastures trails a friendly supportive atmosphere We teach in a kind enthusiastic compassionate style Top horse care in large clean matted stalls with runs and 3x day feeding Flip Side Kaitlyn Charlton Trainer 503 349 4533 kaitlyncharlton gmail com High Valley Stables 20765 SW Hillsboro Hwy Newberg OR 97132 www charltonridgefarm com Hunters Jumpers Equitation Sales Ponies 12 x 14 stalls w runs indoor outdoor w viewing rooms Stadium lights sprinklers large grass pastures wash racks w heaters fly spray system vacuumed aisles trails 36851 NE Wilsonville Rd Newberg OR 97132 www flipsidehorses com Philippa Melski 503 516 4965 Christus Farm Inc Foxfire Farms PO Box 2261 Jasper OR 97438 541 726 1505 linda christusfarm com www christusfarm com Amy Gau Linda Kienlen Melissa Brotz Hunters Jumpers Equitation investment horses Sales Training Lessons and Clinics Hunters jumpers equitation training lessons sales clinics School horses available Large beautiful barn 90x200 indoor lovely outdoor arena turnout Quality training instruction care for your horse Nancy Barnes Owner Operator Instructor Kassi Morgan Trainer 28880 SE Folsom Rd Eagle Creek OR 97022 503 630 6951 home 503 860 0802 cell foxfirefarms2 aol com Quiet congenial complete care boarding facility with many TLC extras Indoor arena roundpen trails trail obstacles jumps 20 min from I 205 Horses go out to pasture every day all day all year Dressage lessons using biomechanical natural horsemanship techniques to inspire confidence harmony between horse rider Cascadia Sporthorses French Hill Farm Riding Academy Kelly Marriner Smith 8473 S Heinz Road Canby OR 97013 503 913 0887 15770 NE Eilers Rd Aurora OR 97002 503 678 6336 www frenchhillfarm com Owners Nancy Al Jubitz Premier riding academy for ages 6 up All abilities Excellent instructors Experienced lesson horses Summer Camps Horse Shows Beautiful facility Board and training with Stellar Sport Horses The Pacific Northwest s Premier Equine Brokerage and Marketing Company Consignments Guided Buying Tours Online Marketing cascadiasporthorses com Herrold Stables Farm Crescendo Farms Katie Allan Twombly Barn 14245 SW Pleasant Valley Rd Mail 19809 SW Aten Rd Beaverton OR 97007 Cell 503 703 7950 katie crescendofarms gmail com www crescendofarms com 32900 SW Wohler St Hillsboro OR 97123 971 235 4529 call text www HerroldStables com Excellent full care boarding facility includes daily turn out in large grass fields Specialized care handling for young horses lay up situations Lessons lease horses also available Hunters Eq Dressage Centered Riding Contemporary Alexander Technique and Natural Horsemanship 113 Premier Facility 100x200 60x120 Arenas 60 Round Pen 12x12x42 Stall Paddock Adult Hobby Riders Quite Peaceful Setting Year around Pasture Equitation Instruction Professional Training Horseback Birthday Parties Experienced Horse Rental Leasing www FlyingChanges com January 2018

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TRAINER STABLES DIRECTORY OREGON Pax Diem Equestrian Center Hawkins Equine LLC 503 475 6236 hawkinsequinellc gmail com www hawkinsequinellc com Trainer Ashley Hawkin Disciplined compassionate and methodical training to awaken a horse s love and eagerness for its work as well as lessons and training for beginning through advanced riders of all ages Full care board of the highest quality Imagination Lane LLC Martha Brooks and Brook McLeod Banks OR 541 944 1797 or 541 821 3444 Personalized training program to meet your needs School horses available Small barn in private setting Sales horses available Pete s Place LLC 36851 NE Wilsonville Rd Newberg OR 97132 Nicole Bourgeois 503 310 9982 Kendall Bourgeois 503 476 7862 imaginationlanellc gmail com Shannon Vandermolen Trainer 22262 SW Stafford Rd Tualatin OR 97062 503 927 7190 madeventer1984 yahoo com www imaginationlanellc com Hunters Jumpers Equitation Investment Sales Daily turnout with a large indoor arena NCEA riding help All levels welcome Full and Partial training packages for hunters jumpers and eventers Limited school horse lessons Quality show barn in relaxed family farm setting Sales and Leases available Call Shannon In Tune Eventing Quiet Rein Riding School Rosey Paulson B H S P I 18241 SW Mountain Home Rd Sherwood OR 503 459 1634 Intuneeventing gmail com Full care boarding Lessons and training in Eventing Dressage and show jumping Show coaching School and Lease horses available BHS certificated instructor Supportive and fun environment Lessons for all ages Young horse starts and sales programs available Haul in s welcome www intuneeventing net 9470 S Bakers Ferry Rd Oregon City OR 97045 Trainer Jill McGrady Jill quietrein com 503 544 7999 Trainer Robin Rothe robin quietrein gmail com 520 358 1079 www quietrein com Lessons for all ages skill levels Quality lesson horses in a safe fun family friendly environment whether you are preparing for the A rated show program or simply want to get your basics down Lake Oswego Hunt Club Rain Creek Farm Lovely historic LOH provides full service boarding including 4 feedings per day and daily turnout in all weather paddocks with grass option in summer Our Riding Academy offers beginning English lessons and wonderful summer camps and we offer advanced training programs in a variety of disciplines Our prime central location on 19 acres in the heart of Lake Oswego can t be beat in terms of convenience and gas savings Visit us today Hunter jumper equitation School horses available lease horses also available 2725 Iron Mountain Blvd Lake Oswego OR 97034 lohmanager lakeoswegohunt com www lakeoswegohunt com Libbi Peltz Training 20833 S Redland Rd Oregon City OR 97045 503 631 8000 503 819 7651 cell www raincreekfarms com Trainer Vicki Zacharias Rolling Rock Farm LLC Libbi L Peltz DVM Trainer Located at Venture Farm 20130 South End Rd Oregon City OR 97045 Mailing PO Box 1168 Mulino OR 97042 503 998 7319 cell PO Box 925 25475 SW Baker Rd Sherwood OR 97140 503 625 9550 b 503 702 4215 c www RollingRockFarm com Hunters Jumpers Equitation Lessons Training for all ages beginners to show ring competitors Lesson Lease horses Libbi L Peltz DVM available for your horse s Veterinary care Premier training facility for horse rider 2 covered arenas 80x200 for hunters 60x90 for young horses riders 100x200 all weather outdoor arena Access to trails Acres of turnout Owners on site Merlin s Wood Silver Spring Farm Ingrid Thornquist James Hook Owners Sherwood OR 97140 503 819 8519 c Ingrid merlinswood com www merlinswood com Lara Schleining Owner 1313 E Nevada St Ashland OR 97520 silverspringequestrian com 541 601 9895 Dressage basic horsemanship lessons School horses available Private quiet full care facility Rehabilitation layup care available 12x12 stalls w runs 70x144 covered lighted arena pasture turnout individual or group 15 min from I 5 Wilsonville exit 15 min from 99w Sherwood Oz Incorporated Sleepy Hollow Farm Ltd 22665 S Central Point Road Canby OR 97013 Barn 503 651 3418 Shelly 503 704 7985 ozinc yahoo com www ozincorporated com Trainers Jeff Shelly Campf Dustin Goodwin 775 SW Advance Rd Wilsonville OR 97070 503 682 8897 Hunters jumpers equitation investment horses sales training lessons clinics 114 Hunters Jumpers Equitation Dressage training Sport Horse sales leases Unparalleled equestrian facilities 60 fully fenced acres Spacious stables turn out paddocks w indoor outdoor arenas Nestled in the hills overlooking Ashland Minutes from I 5 Quality full care boarding full size indoor dressage jumping arena turnout clinics instruction in basic equitation to CT in a friendly supportive atmosphere www FlyingChanges com January 2018

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Some Day Farm TRAINER STABLES DIRECTORY OREGON 20361 Tumalo Rd Bend OR 97701 Trainer Cathrine Cruger 541 848 8519 catcruger yahoo com www somedayfarmllc com Areas of focus include equitation hunter jumper training horseback riding lessons professional horse training horse boarding and also has a variety of horses for sale We can accommodate your needs and help to shape you into the kind of rider that fits your goals and objectives Tom Murray Dressage Viola Farm 28815 S Needy Rd Canby Oregon 97013 626 644 3008 tommurraydressage gmail com Now accepting clients at this exciting new facility Full care boarding dressage training sales www TomMurrayDressage com Tracie Bjugan Dressage LLC Stellar Sport Horses French Hill Farm 15770 NE Eilers Rd Aurora OR 97002 503 678 2025 stellarsporthorses gmail com Trainer Akiko Hamada Hunters Jumpers Equitation Leasing Sales Focusing on complete horsemanship preparation for the show ring Stonepony Dressage Located at West Side Stables 17265 SW Swank Rd Sherwood OR 97140 Tracie Bjugan 503 705 2207 traciebjugan gmail com www tbjugandressage com USDF Gold Silver Bronze medalist Accomplished competitor with multiple awards Dedicated instructor international horse shopping using technology enhancing instruction starting horses retraining difficult horses Available for clinics and travel Triple Rise Equestrian Center Trainer Nancy Stearns Owners Nancy and Mark Stearns 5553 SW Quarry Ave Redmond OR 97756 541 923 6349 www stoneponydressage com Quality full care boarding w individual grass turn outs Lighted covered arena w mirrors Large outdoor dressage court Dressage instruction School horses available Dressage clinics w Danica Yates Sue Sherry Strowbridge Stables 85687 Pine Grove Rd Eugene OR 97405 541 342 5432 Owners Mike Mollie Gallaway Trainer Mike Gallaway Trainer Rachel Marcotte 541 206 4643 www triplerisehorseshows com Hunters jumpers equitation school horses boarding training indoor outdoor arenas Unicorn Ranch PO Box 60 Lorane OR 97451 541 359 8040 UnicornRanch msn com Oregon City OR 97045 971 285 2144 503 631 3289 www strowbridgestables com Dressage training 30 years experience Relax enjoy the journey with your horse Lessons designed individually for each horse rider team Indoor outdoor arenas w excellent footing For more information contact Katie Gustafson 503 631 3289 or stubbiedog ccgmail net 80 acres of pastures woods trails cross country course Outdoor arena big mirrored indoor arena w viewing tack club rooms Cross ties 2 round pens big holding paddocks Birthing stalls w insulated viewing room Daily turnout stall cleaning Feeding 2x per day Blanketing Special needs horse care Surveillance cameras gated Trainers welcome Standing pure Lusitano stallion Disco Daydream Swan Training Valley Vista Farm 16091 SW Wilsonville Rd Wilsonville OR 97070 503 349 0314 valleyvistafarm com 11355 NW Valley Vista Road Hillsboro OR 503 647 0444 or valleyvistafarm gmail com Trainer Rebekah Swan www swantraining net Hunters Jumpers Equitation Whip n Spur continues with a tradition of the highest quality training horse care in the Northwest Home of Swan Training Self care boarding in Helvetia area 10 minutes from Tanasbourne or Bethany Small private mud free facility 12 x12 matted stalls with outdoor covered 12 x12 paddocks Covered 80 x160 arena with Equiloft footing 60 all weather round arena Summer pastures winter all weather turnouts Quiet country roads for hacks Daily self care required Talisman Farm Venture Farm Eventing Dressage and Vaulting Full care board daily turn out Julie Hook Trainer USEA Level IV Instructor Malcolm Hook operations manager Kayde Undraitis Assistant Jumpers Hunters Equitation Sales Competitive show barn catering to beginners thru Grand Prix Full service care w daily turn out indoor arena all weather outdoor Full Half Lease School Horse Lessons available 15988 NE Eilers Road Aurora OR 97002 503 678 1016 julie talismanfarm us malcolm talismanfarm us Templeton Equestrian Center 20130 South End Road Oregon City OR 97045 Owner Trainer Megan Jordan 503 539 2283 meg venturefarminc Assistant Trainer Heather Northup 541 914 0407 Antonio Castellanos 503 209 7109 www venturefarminc com Dave and Shanna Templeton Owners 21285 S Lower Highland Rd Beavercreek OR 97004 503 632 2433 Barn 503 388 1809 Megan Pugh Trainer Carrie Harnden Clinician Alfredo Hernandez Clinician Dressage training lesson program clinics Full care daily large turnouts year round large mirrored indoor arena round pen large matted stalls superb amenities Surrounded by over 3 000 acres of BLM land w year round trails Trailer parking fully fenced gated video monitored Conveniently located just 15 min east of I 205 Owner lives on site for 24 hour care 115 Your Facility Your Address Your Contact Information LOGO Only 170 per year Call 503 317 4957 or email mail flyingchanges com www FlyingChanges com January 2018

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TRAINER STABLES DIRECTORY WASHINGTON Hillcrest Training EQUESTRIAN PERFORMANCE Heidi Snider Kauffman At Shelburne Farms in Redmond WA Vinton Karrasch 949 795 1104 Ann Karrasch 949 291 1407 info equestrianperformance com 206 795 5900 www hillcresttraining net www showringsuccess com Premium Full Service Hunter Jumper equestrian facility located above the wine country in Woodinville WA Heidi Snider Kauffman offers Training Sales Leases and Showring Success coaching International competitors Ann and Vinton Karrasch bring decades of excellence in hunter jumper training clinics showing and sales Now located in the Pacific Northwest www hillcresttraining net www equestrianperformance com www showringsuccess com Crooks Show Jumping Aleron Training Stables 5800 125th Lane NE Kirkland WA 98033 206 295 4122 Trainer Alexis Taylor Silvernale www aleronstables com 9390 Orchard Ave SE 16530 Robinson Rd Snohomish WA 98296 Lauren Crooks 206 660 1992 crooksshowjumping gmail com www CrooksShowJumping com At a gorgeous facility minutes from downtown Bellevue and close to Seattle owner trainer Alexis Taylor Silvernale and her staff offer customized top level training and quality care for horses and riders Internationally renowned CSJ offers training for the serious athlete ranging from beginners to the Grand Prix level Our state of the art facility is conveniently located just North of Bellevue Archway Equestrian LLC Donida Farm Clare Warren Corene Smith 22815 NE 200th Street Woodinville WA 98077 Office 425 877 1715 www archwayequestrian com Archway established in 1991 is an exceptional hunter jumper training facility We prepare horses and their riders for the competitive show circuit USHJA Certified Trainers Clare 206 669 1287 cwarren archwayeqsports com Corey 206 200 7101 coreys archwayeqsports com Laina Paterson Laina archwayequestrian com Emerald Valley Stables Brass Ring Farm LLC Korina Winkler Owner Manager 1613 NE 259th St Ridgefield WA 98642 503 730 7490 office emeraldvalleystables gmail com Equi librium Equestrian Jessica Wisdom 253 230 9764 features a 135x62 newly remodeled mirrored indoor arena a newly renovated 235x121 outdoor arena with all weather footing over 25 newly renovated turnout paddocks Located on 50 acres with trails Nancy Free Trainer 26919 112th St E Buckley WA 98321 360 829 9181 farm 253 381 2533 cell www brassringfarmllc net Hunters Equitation Investments Leases Sales Clinics Encanto Valley Farm Brookside 24246 275th Ave SE Maple Valley WA 98038 425 766 1625 encantovalleyfarm gmail com www encantovalleyfarm com Trainer Morgan Carr USHJA Certified Jonnie Brooks Owner Trainer 7014 180th St SE Snohomish Wa 98272 425 269 2605 brooksideeq gmail com Brookside equestrian com Hunters Jumpers Equitation Lessons and Sales Located just 5 minutes north of Woodinville off of Highway 9 Fully inclosed indoor arena spacious outdoor arena and large grass pastures for daily turnout Training programs are individually tailored to each horse and rider Chalice Farms Performance Boarding Facility Focusing on Dressage and Eventing Hunters Jumpers Equitation Lessons Leases Sales Training program customized to meet your riding goals Indoor outdoor arenas individual paddocks for daily turnout large stalls heated viewing lounge Farmhill Equestrian Center LLC 9390 Orchard Ave SE Port Orchard WA 98367 www chalicehorsefarms com Contact Lea Wilson Owner 206 718 7662 Outstanding facility with excellent horse management in a nearly mud free facility Indoor 60X120 arena with rubber and sand footing Outdoor 200x75 arena which can be used for dressage or jumping Reasonable Board rates with daily turnout and full care services 116 David Gwen Blake 253 833 4870 Auburn WA www donidafarm com Premier full care facility w excellent management Daily turnout on mud free surface International Dressage Training Instruction lesson programs FEI Hobby Rider School horse program Top quailty show venue Two indoor arenas sand Nike footing mirrors numerous outdoor arenas sand rubber footing Race track cross country jumps Located on 80 manicured acres 23118 NE 37th Ave Ridgefield WA 360 887 8087 www farmhillequestriancenter com Home of Suzan Davis Atkinson Dressage Rebecca Buehler Dressage and Jump Instruction A full service dressage jump facility located 2 mi east of the I 5 exit 11 FarmHill features a 60x150 mirrored indoor dressage arena full court outdoor dressage arena 100x300 outdoor jump arena covered round pen We provide superb care for our horses their humans www FlyingChanges com January 2018

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TRAINER STABLES DIRECTORY WASHINGTON Five C Farms 15811 NE 175th St Woodinville WA 98072 425 481 7866 http www fivecfarms com Home of Molly Martin Dressage Training Stones Throw Farm with Sarah Lorenz Stephanie Craig and Cherry Blossom Farm Hunter Jumpers We are a full service boarding facility with large individual turnout paddocks fields indoor all weather outdoor arenas grass jumping field covered roundpen A positive atmosphere for both horse rider Sales lease training programs available Welcoming Kristi Gravrock now providing lesson horses for hunter jumper instruction Also has openings for training horses Denison Rauw Owner Manager 2056 Palo Alto Road Sequim WA 360 582 9514 www nodawayfarm com HO RS E C A RE WITH HEART Experienced quality full care specializing in retirement post surgery injury and equine senior care Tranquil 20 acre farm provides superior climate for horse health Year around pasture board or lay up stall board with state of the art barn and field shelters Vacation board with close access to Olympic National Forest and Olympic National Park Partners with Still Creek CPR First Aid Training for Equestrians www stillcreekcpr com Nodaway Farm Horse Care with Heart Parkside Stables Forest Park Equestrian Center icki Bergevin Owner V 13020 NE 39th Street Bellevue WA 98005 425 885 5025 Parksidestables msn com www parksidestables com Shannon Morris 6504 44th Ave NE Olympia WA 98516 360 280 3191 www forestparkequestriancenter com Quality boarding training lessons Incredible facility 14x14 stalls individual tack lockers huge indoor outdoor rings Miles of trails Dressage jumping lessons offered Haul ins welcome Harmony Ridge Equestrian Center 25722 SE Tiger Mountain Rd Issaquah WA 98027 HarmonyRidgeEquestrian gmail com www HarmonyRidgeEquestrian net 425 246 6786 Conveniently located just 10 minutes off I 99 and Hwy18 our beautiful facility includes a 90 x 200 covered arena with brand new footing turn out 7 days a week in our completely dry private paddocks flexible training schedule heated tack room meticulous care and plenty of other amenities for both horse and rider to enjoy Come be part of the Harmony Ridge team and family Hunters Run Equestrian Center LLC Washington s leading Hunter Jumper training facility Easily accessible from Seattle and all points on the Eastside We provide top level training for horse and rider in a comfortable family atmosphere First lesson to the National level our trainers can support you and your hunter jumper and equitation goals We will help you reach your full potential Phoenix Farm Hunters Jumpers 8832 222nd St SE Woodinville WA 98077 206 229 2711 Trainer Teri Duplass www phoenixfarm com Full service providing great care education at an affordable price Indoor outdoor arenas round pen locker room wash rack Lesson horse program for all skill levels Potcreek Meadow Farm Colleen Armstrong Owner Colleen Armstrong Angie Chamberlin Meghann Armstrong Trainers 22216 Sweeney Rd SE Maple Valley WA 98038 425 432 8962 info huntersruneq com www huntersruneq com Hunters Jumpers Equitation Sales Leases school horses boarding training indoor outdoor arenas daily turnout on grass pastures Jane Judson Dressage Nodaway Farm JJ 18804 NE 106th St Redmond WA 98052 425 882 3558 Trainer Cara Anthony www potcreek com Hunters jumpers equitation training clinics lessons sales leases Full care boarding facility with state of the art indoor outdoor riding rings Grand Prix field Adjacent to equestrian park extensive riding trails Pumpkin Farms Training with respect for the horse and his nature Natural methods based on traditional dressage Improve contact straightness flexibility School horses personalized attention Six years training in Philippe Karl s Ecole de Legerete USDF L Graduate with Distinction Bronze medalist 25 years experience Training lessons clinics judging Matt Eagan Trainer 720 641 7319 matt ecdressage com 17732 Butler Rd Snohomish WA 98290 Susan Cheney Owner 805 490 5907 www pumpkinfarmsdressage com Built for the horse and rider a full care dressage training and boarding facility 35 minutes from Bellevue and 10 minutes from Evergreen Fairgrounds in Monroe Facilities include 204x72 mirrored indoor arena FEI sized all weather outdoor 2 20m covered round pens numerous all weather T O paddocks grass paddocks 14x12 stalls with run outs The facility is set on 17 lovely acres includes a 10 acre riding and conditioning field We provide the very best in personalized care for horse and rider Lane s End LLC Red Gate Farm Jane Judson Located Hilltop Haven Equestrian Carnation WA 98014 425 466 5611 Janejudsondressage gmail com Dressage Nancy Thacher owner trainer USDF Gold Medalist retired dressage judge 425 868 1655 Nancy_thacher hotmail com 20430 NE 108th St Redmond WA 98053 www lanesendfarmnw com Top of the line establishment with full amenities Small community but large facility for dressage horsemanship progress and fun Over sized stalls indoor outdoor arenas round pen etc Variety of turnout options Beautiful fields hills woods with direct access to trails Tucked away at the end of two lanes 2 8 miles from Hwy 520 downtown Redmond Legacy Hunters Jumpers Inc 19802 NE 148th St Woodinville WA 98077 trainer legacyhuntersandjumpers com 425 869 1527 Trainer Shelly Kerron Trainer Lizzie Kerron Assistant Trainer Ross Alexander www legacyhuntersjumpers com Hunter Jumper training facility operated by third generation horse trainer Shelly Kerron Quality lesson horse program Beginner thru accomplished show rider 117 23836 SE 24th Street Sammamish WA 98075 jamie425 earthlink net 425 392 0111 Trainer Jamie Smith www facebook com redgatefarmtraining Red Gate Farm is a full service training facility We offer everything from Lessons to A circuit horse shows and have horses and ponies available for lease We also provide a fun Summer Day Camp for ages 6 12 Spokane Sport Horse Farm LLC 10710 S Sherman Rd Spokane WA 99224 Owner Christel Carlson Manager Gail Mackie Phone Mgr 509 999 6611 Owner 509 993 6786 www spokanesporthorse com Training Boarding Showing Breeding Farm on 150 Acres 7 Level 3 USDF Shows 2 USEA Events All levels Many Clinics schooling shows and events Great lay over just off I 90 www FlyingChanges com January 2018

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TRAINER STABLES DIRECTORY WASHINGTON Summervale Premier Dressage 29722 22nd Ave E Roy WA 98580 www SummervalePremierDressage com dressagespecialties yahoo com 253 381 2811 Summervale Premier Dressage provides an Elite Equestrian Sales experience in dressage horses for sale We make dreams come true matching top quality dressage horses to their partners Sundance Equestrian Industries 18221 236th Ave NE Woodinville WA 98077 425 205 3775 USHJA Certified Trainers Katherine Wade Easley Chelsea Crabb Assistant Trainer Danika Green www sundanceequestrian com We offer training for both the horse rider looking to compete have fun in a team environment Hunters jumpers equitation sales leases clinics Full care boarding beautiful covered arena Wacky Nut Equestrian Farm 10821 Wacky Nut Way Bainbridge Island WA 98110 206 780 1617 Barn Manager jo wackynutfarm com 206 353 3358 www wackynutfarm com A premier dressage training boarding facility offering lessons and training at all levels through FEI Regular clinics and active show participation Excellent individualized care includes 4 daily feedings stalls cleaned twice daily year round turn out all 15 stalls w paddocks Indoor arena 80x180 w excellent footing mirrors heated viewing area outdoor 100x200 All season farm trail Heated tack room w private lockers rider kitchen heated groom areas Resident caretaker Trainer Emily Sorensen www sorensendressage com about Windy Ridge Farm Inc Windy Ridge Farm 38206 SE Gibson Road Washougal WA 98671 Owner Rick Bishoprick 360 831 4304 info windyridgewashougal com windyridgewashougal com We offer full care boarding blankets and fly mask changing weather depending feeding of Eastern Oregon hay included grain not included We are on 86 acres with access to trails indoor and outdoor arenas 5 8 mile race track cross country course several guest trainers 60 foot lighted indoor round pen 12x12 stalls large group or individual turnout tack lockers cross tie tack up areas and hot water wash racks Woodside Stables TL2 Farms 3208 300th Ave SE Fall City WA 98024 206 499 1065 Owners Loren and Tammy Kaneshige www tl2farms com 9368 NE Derby Way Kingston WA 98346 Trainers Cindy Daniels Sara Petersen Lisa Crittenden 360 860 1335 425 466 5662 woodsidestables msn com woodsidestables com Beautiful full service equestrian facility Hunter jumper and equitation A great place to ride Hunters Jumpers Equitation Sales Leases School Horse Lessons Full care facility with indoor outdoor rings state of the art footing daily turn out Close to trails Theresa Leahy Training LLC Enumclaw WA 98022 INSTRUCTOR DIRECTORY 253 736 4888 tmqleahy gmail com Hunters Jumpers Equitation and Dressage thru FEI We offer focused goal oriented lessons and training in a positive fun atmosphere A Circuit showing throughout the west coast Lesson lease horses ponies available Thumbs Up Farm Suzan Davis Atkinson Dressage Hunters Jumpers Equitation Sales Leases Clinics BHSI certified FEI Dressage with over 35 years experience Positive and constructive classical dressage training Unique ability to create a harmonious working partnership for you and your horse Master in the art of long lining as well as in hand techniques through piaffe and passage All breeds welcome Tulipsprings Eventing Blake Dressage Farmhill Equestrian Center LLC 23118 NE 37th Ave Ridgefield WA 503 476 4125 SuzanDavisAtkinson gmail com Trainers John Turner Jack Hammond Quinn Partridge Keri Bailey 24221 NE Union Hill Road Redmond WA 98053 206 396 2681 John 253 686 0221 Quinn thumbsupfarm aol com www thumbsupfarm com Gwen Blake 360 507 9306 Rebecca Blake 360 507 1438 31807 South Carlson Rd Kennewick WA 99337 509 521 1100 tulipsprings aol com www tulipsprings com Three day eventing venue with full professional courses thru Prelim plus some Intermediate Clinics private camps available by appointment for group schooling See website for information calendar View Ridge Farm Sonja Vracko S Judge Dressage Trainer Clinician 14050 18th NE Woodinville WA 98072 425 417 3222 sonjavracko msn com www sonjavracko com S JUDGE DRESSAGE CLINICIAN TRAINER Blake Dressage has over 50 years of training and competition experience on local national and international levels We offer instruction training clinics and coaching for all levels thru FEI Breeland Equestrian School Corvallis OR 541 753 4000 USDF Bronze medalist triple credentialed teacher former OSU Horse Center Director offers lessons training in dressage jump trails Focus on freeing energy blocks in spine centered riding releasing true potential 4H PC discounts Customized clinics will travel BEGINNERS THROUGH GRAND PRIX 118 www FlyingChanges com January 2018

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Centered Riding INSTRUCTOR DIRECTORY Lisa Weis Cathy Mahon cathy harmonyandhealingwithhorses com 360 430 0430 www harmonyandhealingwithhorses com Dressage Training Instruction 508 693 1704 lis8weis gmail com Stanwood WA 98292 Experienced certified Centered Riding instructor with 30 years as rider trainer and teacher Offering top quality lessons to beginners as well as experienced dressage riders in balanced classic riding Private lessons at your own arena with one on one approach to improve body posture and awareness with immediate results Available in Cowlitz Clark and Lewis Counties Rebecca Buehler FarmHill Equestrian Center LLC 23118 NE 37th Ave Ridgefield WA 503 719 2795 REBuehler gmail com Jumping and dressage Kind beneficial instruction for riders and careful effective training for horses Rebecca has evented through the Advanced level and holds her Pony Club A rating CHA certification and Stage 3 with the British Horse Society Over 25 years experience USDF L Graduate and medalist Bachelors of Education Potomac Horse Center Graduate Two year apprenticeship with german F N Reitlehrer Available for travel Pacific Moon Equestrian Center Karen Moore Owner 23502 Wallitner Rd Arlington WA 360 403 3035 www pacificmoondressage com USDF Bronze and Silver Medalist Karen Moore Dressage is good for every horse and rider All breeds and levels welcome Build the partnership with your horse at Pacific Moon Heather Oleson Dressage RiderPilates LLC Training and instruction from current CDI trainer and competitor Developed numerous successful FEI horses from youngsters Beginners through Grand Prix all levels and breeds welcome Also available for clinics Improve body awareness balance function for better riding Beth teaches studio pilates lessons classes riding position lessons Kathy Casey Dressage Deborah Spence 19610 NE 116th St Redmond WA 98053 425 246 9033 cell bglosten gmail com www riderpilates com Eagle Idaho 503 887 0995 olesonh gmail com www heather oleson com 849 28 Gore Rd Onalaska WA 98570 360 985 7438 360 269 1119 cell cbds tds net kathycaseydressage gmail com Whistle Star Farm 11871 S Riggs Damm Rd Canby Ore 97013 971 506 7786 Instructor clinician small r judge trainer thru Grand Prix Level Many state regional championships Successfully bringing young riders adult amateurs up thru the levels Julie Ronning Dressage Newberg OR Julie 406 531 6443 juleskr3 gmail com See us on Facebook Julie Ronning Dressage Kind and correct Dressage training focusing on happy horses and progression Four years assisting Sabine Schut Kery in CA has given her extensive experience with young horses troubled horses stallions a wide variety of breeds and training all levels of horses and riders Clinics and sales 27311 56th Ave NW Stanwood WA 98292 360 708 9992 scollins collinswoodfarm com Specializing in hunters jumpers equitation Available for private coaching at home or on the road Single or multi day clinic dates available USEF r Licensed Judge Your Address Your Contact Information Only 170 per year Call 503 317 4957 or email mail flyingchanges com 119 Jana Steffen Dressage Jana Steffen Riders Edge Farm Redmond WA 206 920 2902 janastef yahoo com www jsteffendressage com Current openings available at Riders Edge Farm for boarding full or partial training private lessons Classical dressage instruction training offered with an emphasis on relaxation suppling exercises Improve your communication partnership with your horse Sonja Vracko Sally Collins Your Facility USEF R Dressage judge Available for private instruction training clinics S Judge Dressage Clinician Trainer 425 417 3222 View Ridge Farm 14050 18th NE Woodinville WA 98072 sonjavracko msn com www sonjavracko com S JUDGE DRESSAGE CLINICIAN TRAINER BEGINNERS THROUGH GRAND PRIX LOGO Your Facility Your Address Your Contact Information LOGO Only 170 per year Call 503 317 4957 or email mail flyingchanges com www FlyingChanges com January 2018

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TRAINER DIRECTORY California Diamond Mountain Stables 1296 Diamond Mtn Rd Calistoga CA 9420719 Macella O Neill 707 942 0719 macellaoneill gmail com DMS Diamond Mountain Stables is an elite hunter jumper facility in idyllic Calistoga in the Napa Valley founded in 1983 Macella O Neill and Charlie White specialize in the development of young horses and can be found campaigning their open horses through the World Cup level Their students achieve success in all rings from the hunter ring through the grand prixs Macella and Charlie continue to be known for their deep love of horses and their uncanny ability to develop both horse and rider Hunter Bay Farm Portola Valley Training Center 100 Ansel Lane Menlo Park CA 94028 949 683 2907 missy hunterbayfarm com www hunterbayfarm com Owner Head Trainer Missy Froley Inspired by Tradition We respect riders aspiration the needs of our horses and the precision of our sport Grounded in the technique of riders before us we embrace and help shape the riding of today www hunterbayfarm com www diamond mountain stables com Sandhaven Farm At Portola Farms in Woodside CA Joie Gatlin Morley Abey Show Jumping Rachel Fields 650 400 6836 rachel sandhavenfarm com Jeff Fields 415 497 4729 jeff sandhavenfarm com 31878 Del Obispo 118 PMB 313 San Juan Capistrano CA 92675 Barn Cell 949 443 9452 Joie Gatlin Cell 949 412 7654 Email joie joiegatlin com Morley Abey Cell 949 306 2779 Email morley joiegatlin com As trainers we aim to train and teach our students to be competitive at the top levels of show jumping competition we also find it essential to instill and nurture a genuine love and respect for our horses and the sport of show jumping At Sandhaven success is measured by so much more than a blue ribbon Led by trainers and top level competitors Rachel and Jeff Fields the team places special focus on the processes and techniques for riders and horses to achieve their personal potential while enjoying the ride Hunters Jumpers Equitation Lesson Program Sales Rachel and Jeff Fields Head Trainers Lesson Program Kimberly Carpenter www sandhavenfarm com Sonoma Valley Stables 1075 Jacobsen Lane Petaluma CA 707 769 0180 Barn Ned and Hope Glynn McFarm P O Box 555 Pescadero California 94060 Kelly Sheila McKnight 347 762 3353 info mcfarm com We offer full service training and care for sport horses as well as retirement services for older horses Our emphasis is on young jumpers and equine guided education We offer coaching clinics layovers retreats and vacation rentals including a place for your horses Ned Hope Glynn blend their love for horses talent for riding and gift of teaching to create the ideal place for horse and rider They teach all levels of riders from the walk trot ring to the grand prix ring Their focus is preparing horse and rider for the show circuit while emphasizing sportsmanship and horsemanship With the help of Assistant Trainer Tracy Mirabelli Assistant Trainer Heather Roades and grand prix rider Amber Levine there are always people working with you and your horses at home if you can t be at the shows www sonomavalleystables com www mcfarm com Page 120 www TheCompetitiveEquestrian com January February 2018

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EQUESTRIAN SERVICES DIRECTORY ARENAS AND EQUINE BUILDINGS farm barn Linda Royer 503 789 5650 14432 Livesay Rd Oregon City OR 97045 Linda farmplusbarn com www farmplusbarn com Design of sites structures for horses people ALU Jumps USA 933W Potrero Road Thousand Oaks CA 91361 Arena Rehab Specialists Rick Triplett Sultan WA 98294 425 923 7909 www Arena Rehab com Improvements Plus Inc IMPROPI 085 J3 Experts in riding arena renovation construction with decades of experience in the Pacific NW climate Sales of the finest footing additives indoor dust control that REALLY WORKS Consultation services We offer services with your horses in mind by a lifelong horseman Barn Pros Equestrian Facilities Nationwide 14567 169th Drive SE Monroe WA 98272 barns barnpros com 866 844 2276 www barnpros com Pre Engineered Traditional Wood Barns Equestrian Facilities Timber Frame Barn Homes Barn Shops and Recreational buildings Shipped to your site nationwide Quality Riding Arena Bases Surfaces Efficient Arena Inc Mark Rowley Canby OR 97013 503 266 1563 CCB 155808 efficientarena com Expert installation of indoor outdoor arena bases footings in the Pacific Northwest All weather laser graded full construction or repairs The experience of over 385 arenas with corresponding references Exclusive distributor of Equiloft rubber fiber mixtures sands organics fibers felts Equine Facility Design Matt Johnson Architect 107 SE Washington St Ste 265 Portland OR 97214 503 650 1663 office equinefacilitydesign com equinefacilitydesign com Building design site planning planning approvals for large small scale equestrian facilities private homes barns acreage boarding training breeding facilities Page 122 Stacey Sikorski 425 501 5997 eqclippingservices gmail com 20 years professional experience clipping horses for show work Reasonable rates references available Western Washington beyond Call or e mail for appointment EQUINE SALES LEASE AGENTS 800 287 1738 www ALUJumpsUSA com Affordable Virtually Indestructible Lightweight but sturdy Weather Resistant Easy to Handle and Carry Customization available The ALU Jumps collection offers something for every taste from simple white to vibrant colors with many different designs ideal for training as well as competition CLIPPING Los Angeles CA 909 260 0094 Wellington FL 888 247 8169 www valuefoams com sales valuefoams com We offer affordable lightweight 30 lb 4 x 6 interlocking cushioned and waterproof stable mats for a more comfortable and healthier stable floor matting as oppose to hard and heavy to move rubber mats Reduces use of shavings aids against hock sores reduces stocking and encourages rest and lying down Our comfortable Performatz mats are also ideal for injured horses older horse with hoof joint arthritic issues equine hospitals clinics on concrete floors trailers and equine aircraft transportation With Performatz your special horse will be comfortable healthier and happier Performatz is a product of Value Foam Inc a Southern California based medical and veterinary orthotic foam company Rubber Granulators Inc Rubber Arena Footing Marysville WA 98271 360 658 7754 360 653 6430 fax www rubbergranulators com We produce ground rubber for athletic surfaces arena footing 1 2 granules 225 ton 1 4 granules 300 ton Call for more info or plant specials BREEDERS BREEDING SERVICES Storybook Horse Farm John Hartley Alexis Atchinson 5852 Scotts Valley Road Yoncalla OR 97499 Owners operators 541 849 2251 Breeders of outstanding Canadians Warmbloods Sporthorses for eventing jumping and dressage Bred for quality raised for performance www storybookhorsefarm com www facebook com storybookhorsefarm Select Sales Biglow Farms 23303 Buena Vista Road Clements CA 95227 425 681 9571 joanselectsales gmail com www selectsales com Founded in 2003 by Joan Curtin a professional horsewoman with more than forty years of experience in the hunter jumper industry Proven record of success training horses riders for the most competitive hunter jumper competitions in the country High quality competition horses offered in peak condition to the serious rider FITNESS TRAINING Chalice Fitness 9390 Orchard Ave SE Port Orchard WA 98367 chalicefitness gmail com www chalicefitness com Why Equestrian Fitness Feel stronger and more balanced in the saddle Safety is key If you are strong you can be safe Be a better partner to your horse We require them to be athletes in their sport We should return the favor Look GREAT in those white breeches Feel empowered and self confident Love the skin your in GRAPHICS WEB DESIGN MARKETING Branding Websites SEO Social Media Coaching Specializing in equine business marketing Visit our portfolio to see the work we ve done for people you know www EquineMarketing guru 1st Hour Consultation FREE Call us Back o Beyond Farm Maggi Clark B H S A I Foaling Service 360 435 0473 21521 Jordan Rd Arlington WA 98223 Equine Nursery and Maternity Center Unwed Mares Welcome Services Directory December 2017

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EQUESTRIAN SERVICES DIRECTORY HAY AND FEED SUPPLY MANAGEMENT Charles White Hay Broker USDA Reporter Wholesale 707 396 7989 Retail 707 396 7988 charleswhitehay gmail com Alfalfa Alfalfa Grass Orchard Grass Meadow Timothy Grain Straw Purina Feed HORSE CAMPS Herrold Stables Farm 32900 SW Wohler St Hillsboro OR 97123 971 235 4529 call text www HerroldStables com FUN HORSE CAMP Spring Summer 2016 Horsemanship Equitation jumping trail driving Crafts Horse Painting ages 4 16 Camp divided by ability Experienced school horse provided See website to sign up INSURANCE Kathryn A Hall PC Kathryn A Hall Attorney at Law PO Box 771 Hillsboro OR 97123 971 404 5296 khall pnwequinelaw com www pnwequinelaw com A full service equine law firm licensed to practice in Oregon Washington Horse sales leases breeding Boarding training riding instruction Risk assessment management Ownership registration Business entity formation governance taxation employment Veterinary malpractice negligence Liability for horse injuries Debt collection creditors rights Litigation appeals USEF USHJA USDF OHJA member QUALITY CONSISTENCY VARIETY PHOTOGRAPHY AND VIDEO Union Mills Feed 14822 S Union Mills Rd Mulino OR 97042 503 829 2386 umfeed molalla net www unionmillsfeed com English Western Tack Horse supplements supplies Western Gift items Custom feed made daily Friendly service custom orders In business since 1877 Excellence in Equine Insurance Est 1982 It s your way of life It s our business to protect it Mortality l Medical l Surgical l Colic Equine Liability l Care Custody Control BLUE BRIDLE INSURANCE AGENCY INC 800 526 1711 l 908 735 6362 For more info visit www bluebridle com EMO Agency Inc 400 Rosedale Court Warrenton VA 20186 1 800 347 3552 home office 540 347 5906 fax Daran Lockhart Agent 541 513 4776 www RideEMO com Insurance services for equine equine farm liability related products Red Pony Insurance Services Inc Premium Eastern Oregon Hay Delivered to Your Barn Year round delivery Test results for every cutting Volume discounts Call for prices and availability Maricle Land Livestock Frank Maricle 541 280 1054 Ecological Agricultural Consulting Claudia S Ingham PhD Salem OR 97306 503 341 0743 Eco Ag Consultation gmail com EquineEssentialsOregon com Pasture management for equestrian and small farms seeking to maintain animal health forage quality site stability Meet your farm goals with Claudia s comprehensive and practical approach developed through her knowledge as ARIA certified riding instructor and published ecologist December 2017 Eve Willett Equine Insurance Specialist 2637 12th Ct SW Olympia WA 98502 360 915 9574 fax 360 867 8834 ew redponyinsurance com Expertise Honesty Put Eve s 30 years experience to work for you LEGAL Equine Legal Solutions PC 24150 S Highland Crest Dr Beavercreek OR 97004 Toll free 866 385 2972 www equinelegalsolutions com A full service equine law firm licensed to practice in Oregon Washington California New York See our website for a wide variety of equine legal forms Leone Equestrian Law Jessica Choper and Armand Leone JR MD PC 175 Rock Road Glen Rock NJ 07452 201 444 6444 www equestriancounsel com armand equestriancounsel com Leone Equestrian Law LLC provides legal services and consultation for equestrian professionals ranging from riders and trainers to owners and show managers in the FEI disciplines on a wide variety of issues Services Directory Jana Peterson Photography Vancouver WA 310 804 4848 info janaphotography com www janapetersonphotography com Turning your memories into art Equine Human Photography Fine Art Mary Cornelius Photography Serving the Pacific NW beyond since 1980 Based in Portland OR 503 936 4503 mary marycornelius com www marycornelius com All things Equestrian Sport portraiture promotion equestrian product Fine Art Imager Select competitive events Movement conformation specialist Photo Sessions at your location Accredited international photojournalist Kristin Lee Photography specializes in equine sports action and portraiture She captures the beauty and soul of you and your horse in a timeless image you ll treasure forever Contact 805 428 3356 kristin kristinleephotography com REAL ESTATE Thoroughbred Real Estate Group Ryann Reinhofer 16365 Boones Ferry Rd Lake Oswego 97035 503 709 2370 ryann thoroughbredREGroup com www thoroughbredREGroup com Assisting all levels of Buyers and Sellers with Equestrian Property Expertise Residential Hobby Farms to Commercial Boarding Facilities and Everything in Between Serving the Portland Metro Areas and Beyond Home is Where the Hooves Are Page 123

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EQUESTRIAN SERVICES DIRECTORY Horsewears Specializing in equestrian farm properties serving North King Snohomish Counties Heidi Pace Davalos heidid johnlscott com 425 870 3334 Nancy Reilly nancyreilly johnlscott com 425 417 0024 Raquel Davalos RaquelD johnlscott com 425 760 8600 25053 S Pike Ave Oregon City OR 97045 www horsewears com 503 632 1550 info horsewears com Horsewears for what your horse wears In continuous business since 1994 Horse blanket laundry repair Pick up delivery minimums apply SADDLE SUPPLIERS AND FITTING Addiken Saddle Fitting LLC Kelsey Nicholls info addikensaddlefitting com 425 954 6559 www addikensaddlefitting com Independent Saddle Fitter trained by the Society of Master Saddlers serving the Pacific NW Specializing in English saddle fitting reflocking and repair services Retailer of Hastilow Kent Masters Fairfax and Thorowgood Saddles Consignments available Albion Saddles Paula Helm www HelmSaddles com 425 457 1105 I believe horse rider can be comfortable in their saddle Let my problem solving skills the full spectrum of Albion s options achieve that for you Kimberly Crouse Tenhulzen Tenhulzen Real Estate Equestrian Estate Property Specialist 206 409 0771 kimberly tenhulzenRE com www tenhulzenrealestate com Providing expertise in everything equestrian from estates to full working facilities KiamaLise Herres Kiama windermere com www EnchantingHomesandFarms com 11000 151st Ave NE Redmond Cell 206 679 5322 Office 425 462 8000 Windermere Stellar Realty Group Inc Casey Franklin 220 A Ave Ste 200 Lake Oswego OR 97034 503 539 7709 cfranklin windermere com www caseyfranklin withwre com LISTING BUYING REFERRALS Buying selling farm residential properties in the greater Portland Willamette Valley areas Providing trusted reliable real estate services for equestrian enthusiasts professionals REPAIRS AND BLANKET CLEANING Barb s Blankets Serving Clark County WA 360 904 3617 360 882 1469 widbarb msn com barbsblankets com Washing repairing waterproofing of horse blankets Serving Clark County WA Free pick up delivery at most barns Quality service reasonable rates Double D Blanket Cleaning Mending Hillsboro OR 503 781 3954 doubledblankets gmail com Pick up drop off at your barn 15 discount for volume orders 12 blankets sheets Fast turn around Page 124 Balanced Equine Saddle Fitting Services LLC Formarly Anderson Equine Saddle Fitting Services 23515 NE Novelty Hill Rd Suite B221 391 Redmond WA 98053 425 954 6559 www balancedequinesaddlefit com Offering the only independent SMS Qualified saddle fitter in the PNW Proud retailer of six brands of quality english made saddles For the love of the horse Custom Saddlery Anja Swenson 208 841 5730 Based in Monroe WA anja mysaddle com www mysaddle com Saddle fitting consultation re flocking tree adjustments billet straps replaced on most brands All work done on site NW rep for Custom Saddlery Dressage Jumping models to test ride Simply the best dressage saddles on the market Steffen Peters Rep for NSC Saddles Kendis Saddlery LLC N2 Saddles N2 Saddlery offers custom fittted dressage saddles designed for a perfect fit Linda Poetsch Northwest Contact for custom fitting and purchase 503 830 0337 Linda is located in Portland OR Northwest Saddles LLC Kari Wetherill WA OR State Agent for County Saddlery 360 771 3663 kari wetherill countysaddlery com www nwsaddles com www facebook com countypnw www countysaddlery com Providing a solution to all your saddle fitting needs Services include a full evaluation of your horse current saddle new saddle fittings saddle adjustments Schleese Saddlery Service Ltd 34 Centennial Ave Holland Landing ON L9N 1H2 800 225 2242 saddlesforwomen com At Schleese we make infinitely adjustable saddles specifically for female riders and their horses to deliver maximum comfort performance and prevent long term damage Custom designed for the physiology of women riders will experience truly life changing comfort and responsiveness Our craftsmanship is world class and our superior fitting practices are unparalleled in the industry TACK AND TACK STORES A Bit Less Consignment 165 NE Greenwood Ave Ste C Bend OR 97701 541 323 3262 Facebook A Bit Less 2 500 sf of gently used tack clothing stable supplies blankets boots saddles horse related gear English Western Absolute Horse Inc 2221 NE 3rd St Ste B Bend OR 97701 541 388 3855 AbsoluteHorse gmail com One of Central Oregon s largest tack stores for horse rider Products for show to everyday riding Amy Kendis 36408 NE Washougal River Rd Washougal WA 98671 Phone fax 360 835 5070 E mail amyk pacifier com Professional saddle fitting by Amy Kendis Complete evaluation measurement explanation of biomechanics of proper fit for horse rider Amy is certified in adjusting saddle trees in the fitting of Flair Air Panels Lemke Saddle Services Inc www LemkeSaddle com SDLsaddle com 925 286 1434 Sheryl Lemke SDL specializes in fitting New Used saddles for all riders horses since 1984 Exams Reflocking Consultation Clinics around the USA Meriwether Saddlery Service John Meriwether 425 785 2001 jmeriwet comcast net Throughout the Northwest Saddle fitting for the health of your horse s back Reflocking Re Structuring your saddle to optimize performance New Jeffries WOW Saddles quality used saddles Services Directory December 2017

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EQUESTRIAN SERVICES DIRECTORY Campf Transport Inc Gallops Saddlery Equine Sports Massage Therapy Jay Campf PO Box 293 Canby OR 97013 503 329 0412 503 651 1342 Fax campftransport yahoo com Local Long Distance hauling For show and pleasure mares foals Small trailer or semi trailer Jackie Paul certified E S M T 503 631 8457 cell 503 267 1045 jackie arabianvines com www arabianvines com Since 1993 Barn calls clinics shows Ease muscle spasm improve circulation enhance muscle tone boost athletic performance endurance through SPORTS MASSAGE Call today to help your horse achieve maximum potential 17937 SW McEwan Rd TIgard OR 97224 503 639 6347 www facebook com gallops www gallopssaddlery com Tack shop specializing in Eventing Hunter Jumper Dressage with experts on site for advice custom saddle fitting UPS shipments daily Hooks Leather and Tack 5605 146th St SW Edmonds WA 98026 425 743 6387 425 772 7665 cell tackmantoo gmail com www chuckhooks com Saddle tack repair hand crafting of leather Twenty two years in the same location All work guaranteed Olson s Tack Shop 2105 140th Ave NE Bellevue WA 98005 1 877 654 9453 www olsonstack com Olson s Tack Shop Saddle Fitting Specialist Courtney Dale has trained with Certified Master Saddlers as well as attended numerous horse anatomy training courses Contact Courtney to learn more about how to alter your existing saddle to better suit your needs or schedule a fitting for a custom saddle from Prestige Pessoa and Beval Visit Olson s Saddle Resource Guide at olsonstack com TRANSPORT TRAILERS East Meets West Light Star Horse Transportation 6100 Pacheco Pass P O Box 1589 Gilroy CA 95021 Rachel Pekala E S M T Portland and Corvallis OR 541 760 3747 Offering experienced multi modality equine massage services in the Portland tri county and Corvallis Eugene areas Serving all breeds and disciplines Find us on Facebook by searching Rachel Pekala ESMT Appointments can be scheduled via call or text www LightstarRanch com Light Star Horse Transportation has been safely and affordably transporting horses for more than thirty years Licensed by the US Department Of Transportation and the Interstate Commerce Commission this fully Insured Carrier can ship Local or Coast To Coast Custom semis and 5th wheels All drivers are horsemen Heart to Heart Healing One to Win Horse Liza Burney J D 503 502 5186 www heart to heart healing com In person remote healing for you your horse Experience the benefits of energy healing Personal appointments support physical as well as mental emotional health for people and horses Clinics classes so you can learn to maintain your horse s health well being reduce stress develop inner peace Transportation Portland area 888 663 3804 toll free 503 703 7703 cell Give Your Horse the Ultimate Ride Extra care at no extra cost Long distance local shows Priority service on every horse Layovers on long runs Over 20 years experience Referrals available High Point Equine Massage VETERINARY AND EQUINE HEALTH Jennifer Lovell certified LAMP 971 217 8131 www highpointequinewellness com Columbia Equine Hospital Serving Oregon since 2014 Massage bodywork and exercise plans tailored to your horse s needs whether they are a retired pleasure horse or an actively competing show horse 27841 SE Orient Dr Gresham OR 97080 503 663 1515 24 Hrs www columbiaequine com Experienced quality equine are in Portland SW WA We offer a full range of services including lameness evaluation pre purchase exams state of the art diagnostics dentistry surgery acupuncture reproduction preventative care EQUINE DENTISTRY Vision special 64 999 New Ford Transit Chassis Large tack changing room by Richard O Miller DVM NATIONWIDE DELIVERY OFFICE 949 233 0707 RICHDENT1 GMAIL COM State of the Art Mobile Clinic 541 806 6333 sales LandDTrailers com www LandDTrailers com December 2017 Equine Sports Massage Therapy Services 877 254 5112 Terry Konkle terry lightstarranch com Horsebox for 2 horses Trail Treka from 11 000 Easy to tow with a car Acupuncture Chiropractic Audrey Staton DVM 541 683 6373 www eastwestdvm com Certified in Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine Chiropractic www richdent com Services Directory Page 125

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EQUESTRIAN SERVICES DIRECTORY Pioneer Veterinary Services P C ADVANCED LAMENESS THERAPIES AND DIAGNOSTICS PRP IRAP STEM CELL THERAPY SHOCK WAVE THERAPY DIGITAL RADIOGRAPHY DIGITAL ULTRASONAGRAPHY REHABILITATION 541 689 0205 www deloeste vet Eugene OR horse Pacific Crest Sporthorse Matrix Therapy Products Deborah Powell 503 632 7187 www therapyproducts net info therapyproducts net Matrix Therapy Products is your source for therapy equipment Best Vet Microcurrent for locating soreness and injury recovery Infrasound Qi Gong Massagers VibraVM for COPD Laser LED Light Therapy Thermotex Infrared Blanket and more Courses available for bodyworkers and DIY therapy Free catalogs e mail newsletter sign up upon request Northwest Veterinary Acupuncture Megan Wickersham DVM CVA Mobile Services based out of Battle Ground WA Serving SW Washington NW Oregon 360 666 9501 www nwvetacupuncture com Mobile equine veterinary acupuncture Acupuncture can be used to ease pain promote healing allow your equine athlete perform to the best of its ability or lead a comfortable retirement Oakhurst EQUINE VETERINARY SERVICES Providing Excellence in Diagnostics and Comprehensive Veterinary Care of the Equine Athlete for over 20 Years 18175 NE Hwy 240 Newberg Oregon 97132 503 554 0227 Please visit us at www oakhurstequine com Oregon Equine Inc Janine Wilson DVM CAC 503 631 4100 www orequine com Ambulatory Practice Serving the Greater Portland Tri County Area Dr Wilson offers a personalized experienced approach to diagnosis treatment of your horse Her practice philosophy emphasizes client education treatment options open communication while practicing evidence based lameness medicine chiropractic care As a rider Dr Wilson understands the relationship between you your equine partner welcomes the opportunity to help you with your Page 126 Barb Crabbe DVM Jennifer Posey DVM 15056 S Spangler Rd Oregon City OR 97045 PO Box 526 Beavercreek OR 97004 503 632 6336 www pacificcrestsporthorse com Veterinary care for the performance horse including lameness diagnostics treatment dentistry preventative health plans emergency care We offer full reproductive services including breeding with fresh frozen semen foaling limited boarding for broodmares foals at our farm Now offering acupuncture Warmblood horses for sale Peak Performance Equine Sport Horse Veterinary Medicine Cierra Dedeker DVM 503 403 9617 Office Appointments 503 403 9617 Cell Emergencies DrCierra gmail com Mobile equine veterinary practice specializing in sports medicine Mobile digital radiology ultrasound available Everything your sport horse needs to perform at their peak Leave your trailer unhitched we will come to you Practice area includes Yamhill Washington Clackamas counties in Oregon Check out our website for more information Peakperformanceequinepllc com Pegasus Equine Rehabilitation 7620 260th Ave NE Redmond WA 98053 425 898 1060 office www pegasustrainingcenter com State of the art rehabilitation center for all breeds disciplines Featuring a hyperbaric oxygen chamber swimming pool underwater treadmill eurocizers more Great for post surgery recovery physical therapy conditioning Performance Horse Massage Therapy Kristi L Zimbelman LMP CCST LAMP 14325 200th Ave SE Renton WA 98059 425 922 3919 www performancehorsemassagetherapy com Treatment tailored to the horse s individual activity levels using deep tissue trigger point myofascial release to decrease muscle pain increase range of motion decrease recovery time promote overall well being Pilchuck Veterinary Hospital 360 568 3111 Equine Care 24 7 ER 11308 92nd St SE Snohomish WA 98290 www pilchuckvet com www facebook com pvhequine Founded in 1963 Pilchuck Veterinary Hospital offers comprehensive equine referral ambulatory services 24 7 emergency specialized care for the sport horse through the Equine Performance Sports Medicine Institute Services Directory Medicine Surgery of the Horse Since 1977 Steven M Haugen DVM 503 648 6472 33845 SW Tualatin Valley Hwy Hillsboro OR 97123 PioneerVet att net www pioneervetservices com Equine ambulatory veterinary practice providing quality personalized care practices preventative medicine We offer dentistry pre purchase exams lameness exams Cold Laser therapy for lameness eye tendon suspensory problems Rocky Bay Equine Veterinary Services 12604 189th Avenue KPN Gig Harbor WA 98329 253 858 4529 www rockybayequine com Quality compassionate veterinary care for the life of your animal companions Your trusted health care partners serving equine and small ruminant patients in Gig Harbor Key Peninsula Port Orchard Belfair Silverdale Poulsbo Saddlefit4Life Holland Landing ON saddlefit4life com info saddlefit4life com 1 800 225 2242 x30 SaddleFit4Life offers a unique philosophy that mirrors your own care and concern about horses health and the riding industry in general Our superior training and gender specific fitting techniques represent the only equine ergonomic centre that helps you deliver comfort health and safety not only for the horse but for the rider too S Moore Training Shelly Moore 33431 Nieblock Ln Creswell OR 97426 541 895 3196 wisdomhorse hotmail com Offering outstanding personalized care and training for both you and your horse New indoor arena Clinics consulting bodywork rehab lay up training and lessons Systematic Mindful Teaching TTouch TTeam Equine Touch Horseoneship Centered Riding Bio Scan Light Alpha Sonic Vitafloor Spinnaker Farm Equine Veterinary Clinic Heather J Wenzell DVM PO Box 3384 Lacey WA 98509 360 584 3964 Ambulatory equine practice serving WA OR Performance dentistry lameness reproduction preventative health care emergency services offered Comprehensive veterinary care for the performance equine utilizing power dentistry digital radiography ultrasound capabilities See our website for specifics experience www spinnakerfarmequine com West Winds Equine Massage Sabina Pariser 206 661 3263 Equine massage therapist that encourages an organic and intuitive therapeutic process with all of the horses in her care Sabina specializes in a wide variety of modalities including myofascial release stress point and trigger point therapy December 2017

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BARNS BARN APARTMENTS EQUINE GARAGES RIDING ARENAS RECREATIONAL FINANCING OPTIONS AVAILABLE Free Shipping within the continental US on most models with delivery in as little as 4 weeks 866 844 2276 www barnpros com Call Today Discuss your project and request a free catalog